Don’t Forget the Rooms of Power in Times of Struggle!

While I’m still deleting and revising older posts, from time to time, I came across this one. It is a simple one of my very early blogging days. But right that made me think about how many times I have fallen into this trap since I wrote it. Not only does it apply to how I handle my little world, but also to the difficulties the whole world has been facing for the past few years. Starting with climate change, to a pandemic, to the war in Ukraine. All this affects everyone in one way or another. But we must not lose ourselves in the crisis we are facing. Only by keeping in mind how many blessings we still are granted, do we gain the strength to make it through and bring about the change that this world so desperately needs.

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#JustAThought… The Healing Power of Grief

When I asked what to write for today, this topic came to my mind. I am not an expert on grief at all, but just someone who got confronted with it in different ways. So whatever I write here is not psychological expertise but only my thoughts on it, plus what seems to come through while writing. Please keep this in mind while reading.

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Thought Pattern – The Art Of Detachment

Ähnliches Foto

Recently, I talked to a neighbor, and she told me about her little daughter being diagnosed with diabetes. She said that she is working on solely thinking of her daughter as healthy, avoiding any negative thoughts, and believing that all will be well again while this is only a temporary condition. It reminded me of a post I published more than four years ago:

Your life is going well. You are not bothering too much with tasks of occasional challenges. You are easy-going that makes you face any task just as something that needs to be done. You are not in need to keep yourself positive because you simply are.

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Daily Kind Quote

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A Little Bit …

A little bit of light
Can make me see right through
A little bit of calm
Can help to change my view

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Be A Mender

I just stumbled over this post which I wrote a few years ago. This is still (or again) so timely when we look at the gender discussions, and the aggressions and separations we create due to COVID.

Our world is a collection of varieties. Too often, we look at them as reasons for separation. That’s human in some way since we always look at the world from our own perspective. There is basically nothing wrong with that. We need that to develop individually. But there is this other side we must not forget: We all develop individually, and therefore we need a variety that everyone gets served. It is neither right nor wrong. It simply is. And what is, exists for a reason.

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My Refuge

A sense of peace

Releasing all
That’s haunting me

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The Trinity In Us

We all know that body, mind, and spirit are one. One influences the other, and one can heal the other. For me, change and healing still begin within. An illness or even accidents are often manifestations of something that comes from an imbalance in our inner world. But can it be the other way around? I mean, can an imbalance be in the body first without there being an imbalance in the mind? We have the body we need, with all its subjective advantages and disadvantages – subjective because everything our body provides is a tool to bring us back to our(-)selves. So it keeps us in line with our destiny either by finding other ways due to its limitations OR by overcoming limitations or diseases.

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I wish for sunshine
Wish for joy
That no one needs
To feel a void

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Time Is An Illusion – But You Are Not!


The older I become the more it amazes me what influence time has on us and at the same time how irrelevant it is. It reminded me of a post I published about 4 years ago and thought it was the right time for a repost:
Lately, I went up the attic. I checked some furniture and came across items covered with layers of dust. Immediately I had the picture in my mind from the time those items were in use or just bought and now they looked like in a 100-year-sleep. Once favorite toys from the kids, now stored in plastic boxes. It feels peculiar to see them again that way and at the same time remember when they were in use. But they are still the same toys.

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Daily Kind Quote

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One Insight at a Time

Recently, I wrote a lot about how important it is for healing that we don’t turn away from painful feelings but face them. That, to not push them back again into a drawer but to take them out of that drawer and let them go. The reason they show up is that they are ready to leave, and the triggers in the outside world are only coming to support them surfacing.

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Allowing the Strength of Being Weak

For today I decided to pick a card from Dennis Linn’s Gateway Oracle Cards. I love those cards since they are like nailing messages to show the way out of a maze. The card I picked is “Accepting What Is”:

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Sequels and Progress

Lately, I am digging into working myself through karma. There is quite a lot in motion in my life that provokes me to look back in my incarnation history. It is so amazing how many links I can draw to relationships, my own attitudes or blockages, and the karmic laws. I know, this is something many are a bit scared of since they are afraid of what they could find when looking into one of the many previous lives. Yes, I was quite a bad guy but a blessing as well. As I wrote about two weeks ago, we are going through all kinds of roles in our different incarnations. We build up karma, and we solve it again. By going through hard times, suffering from repeated disappointments, humiliation, or resentments can be an indicator that we are about to resolve a not that nice part from a past life.

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Acceptance is the Way to Healing

Life is amazing. All life is amazing. All lives in all lives are amazing. Last week I touched on the great field of karma. It forces us to clean out the attic of our soul and leads us to the awareness of who we are. When we understand the principle of karma, it is not even that necessary to know the origin of blocking feelings within us or the burdening circumstances around us. Just perceiving what triggers the feelings over and over again is the clue that we may need to experience what we once did and what we need to balance and resolve by living through the emotions we once may have caused in others. Knowing this helps to accept. Acceptance removes the resistance. We allow the pain to surface, look at it, and then let it go.

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What Goes Around Comes Around

I don’t think there is anyone who has never faced challenges, whether they were self-imposed or triggered by something or someone outside – actually, they are always self-imposed, but we’ll get to that later. Also, a challenge to me does not equal a challenge to you. If I’ve ordered a meal and it’s only lukewarm when it’s served, I can make a big drama out of it, politely ask for it to be warmed up, or I can just think, “So what.” A problem is only a problem if I call it a problem. It’s subjective. So, when something is triggered in me to create the image of a problem, it always has to do with me.

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Daily Kind Quote

Daily Kind Quote

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The Art Of Not Taking Things Personally

A few weeks ago, I saw this quote on Carol Anne’s blog. It came at just the right time. I was questioning my emotional reaction to other people’s actions. I thought I was more detached already due to the awareness regarding the quote above. But life showed me that I still have certain expectations I have not worked out yet.


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What If… I Had Only One Day Left?

It is interesting what thoughts lead to the next one and the next one, and how they take you to solutions or insights you would never expect them to tell from the first thought. Lately, I was helping someone moving into a new apartment. They moved into our closer neighborhood. While I was driving to that apartment, I was thinking of how the area had changed only within the past 5 years. Many things came to my mind that changed in general during that time, and my thoughts went 20, 30 years back. I began to think of what my life impacted, what pushed me, what directed me, what guided me, and what I myself moved (with or without the influence from outside). Even though I often think that I got stuck when emotions are surfacing which I thought I had worked out when actually, I was only successfully pushing them back.

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Because You Matter

This is the website of my therapy practice. I am offering physical and energetic treatments, and I am also selling self-made all-natural skincare products. I would love you to take a look at my site.Even if you don’t speak German, you will get an idea.

In Love and Light

Stop Judging and You Begin to Free Yourself

Bildergebnis für stop judging others quotes

We are talking a lot about unveiling the ego and letting go of its destructive grip. It is much easier said than done. For years, the ego has grown as part of our own development. Of course, it depends a lot on the inner steadfastness we had in our younger years and on how much influence we let happen. Also, it depends on how long we got influenced, and at the time, the ego has gotten to grow from us feeding it with our convictions and experiences which were created through the eyes of the ego again… a pretty vicious circle, isn’t it?

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In Love, Light and Health

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Awareness Of Oneness

There are so many wonderful peeps on this blogosphere who have always been big lights for me. These days their lights appear even brighter and bigger. Because they are those who share their strength with a grounded but at the same time, a higher perspective. They are understanding with those who do struggle during these extraordinary times. They refuse to let unnecessary negativity that others may spread influence their moods. That is the strength we need.

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In Love, Light, and Health

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Two years ago, I wrote a post series “You’ve Got Me All Wrong” that already addressed this topic. But the circumstances we are in these days makes the voices louder again. Why does God let violence, sadness, accidents happen? Why doesn’t God keep us from harm? Has He left us alone in those times? Why does He allow the current situation? Why does He punish us?

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GLOBAL MEDITATION – Saturday April 4th!

Will you join us? The more we are the stronger the energy and the effect. Let’s get together. Together, we’ll make it!

Writing and Music

Most of you who follow my blogs have seen me mention a Global Meditation that is to take place on April 4th and 5th, 2020.

I can tell you in my own words how I perceive the power of thousands of humans coming together at the same time with the same intention of raising the vibration of a planet that is in crisis, but what I want to do instead is share this link as I cannot say it any better than this.

Here is the link:

Please join in on the Global Meditation in whatever way it comfortable for you.

I will be lighting candles and incense and meditating at 9:45 PM CST on Saturday, April 4th.

We are all energy and we are all connected by an invisible thread, and together, we can banish this virus and help heal our beautiful planet! Thank you!

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When The Wolf Howls

As the years go by we are making so many experiences. Sometimes we don’t even notice how the experiences shape us unconsciously. Happenings in childhood, the way we were raised, the circle of our friends, opinions we create, decisions we make, and the consequences of it all which we put together individually in the mind… which actually forms how we experience what we experience and how we move on.

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When A Moment Completes The Picture

Everybody has their backpacks to carry. Some people are unpacking freely, every stumble, fall, burden, or point on their agenda while others don’t feel the need to bless the world with the details of their private lives. However, only because someone doesn’t invite the world into their living rooms doesn’t mean their backpack is empty. Not at all!

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The Journey of Healing – As Individual As You Are

I think there is no one who looks back at life and can say that there has never been a time when they were hurt by someone. Perhaps from the outside, it may have looked like a trifle but inside that particular person, it reached a very weak point. When more of such trifle episodes happen it becomes a wound growing wound which even becomes infected. Each tiny thing that adds to it can hurt so much more than if it had fallen on healthy ground. Even years or decades later, a single thought can trigger the memory and those hurtings can feel as if they just happened.

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Create instead of reacting.PNG

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It’s Only The Initial Situation – Not The Result!


When you receive a shocking diagnosis you are waiting for information about how serious everything is, about the level of the disease, about the probable treatment, and most of all about the chances of surviving and healing. Mostly there are two possible reactions: Either I fall in desperation and get worked up in fear regarding “what could happen” or I look at the chances and options to support “what could happen”. What I want to happen or what I expect to happen is an inner concept and how this inner concept looks like reveals in exceptional circumstances.

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What Really Matters…


Basically, when asked, everybody knows for themselves what really matters in their lives (most of all those who were already reminded through life). Taking a serious look at our lives we distance pretty soon from luxury problems which cause us to complain reflexively. Who cares about a closed gate or standing at a red light, a rainy day or a missed bus when you consciously think about the meaning. Those things are temporary “problems” which mostly don’t have a deeper impact on the future. Read more ›

Don’t Blame Yourself For What The Fool Did!


A lot of people came to my mind who gave their last for someone who took that all for granted or who used them deliberately. Read more ›

Rule Number 6


I want to start this post by sharing a story Wayne Dyer told in his book The Power of Intention. Read more ›

Transcending Hearts~ WE can make a difference!

Please head over to Sue’s blog for reading this post. She offers simple possibilities of how everybody can do something to help the area, for example, a powerful short meditation to calm down the area including the fires and support the healing.

Dreamwalker's Sanctuary

Lily~Fish Pond in the Garden

Feeling the rhythm as I sit on the swing

Allowing thoughts to drift, to see what they bring

Cloud watching the sky as butterflies’ flit

Pondering the beauty as in creation I sit


The Fish in their world swim beneath lily flowers

While frogs sunbathe too, no concept of hours

Each Petal, perfected in meticulous precision

As I sit and swing, enjoying this transition


We create in our hearts, with our thoughts and minds

For each it is different, our manifesting finds

For that which we think, the energy creates

So be mindful of thought, for it opens many gates


My heart it is peaceful, my mind it is still

We are ALL powerful, all subject to Will

Know we are Sovereign much more than we know

Don’t give away your power to the fear-based cabal


The time now is here…

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Who Is The Teacher? Who Is The Student?


At first glance, when someone comes across a person that needs help that someone seems to be in the stronger position, the wiser one, the more educated, or wealthier one. The person in need seems to be weak and poor or someone who has not enough knowledge to help themselves. But is it really that way? Read more ›

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We can heal the world.JPG

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In Love and Light

The Angle Can Make The Crucial Difference

Keep moving.JPG

A few weeks ago I was picking black currant from the two bushes in my garden. Branch by branch was done.  When I worked myself around that bush I noticed that there are still many berries on branches I thought I already emptied completely.  This happened quite a few times.  They were hidden behind leaves and I couldn’t see them from the angle I was standing at the moment I was picking them although I had checked under the leaves. Read more ›

I Would Definitely Apologize…



435971-Wayne-W-Dyer-Quote-You-can-sit-there-forever-lamenting-about-how.jpgA few days ago our dear Carol Anne of Therapy Bits asked in one of her posts: If you knew you had only 24 hours left to live, what would you do? Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Keep your heart positive.JPG

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In Love and Light

Just a Thought…


Keep shining…

Whatever bad things happen

I am not willing to focus on the bad

I am not willing to lose my faith

I am not willing to lose my love Read more ›

Love is patient, Love is kind…


What is love? How can it be defined? I don’t know if we ever get its whole meaning or even an idea of it. But the 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 provides a profound insight into what love can be and how we recognize if it is love we feel or only an aspect of it. It gives a direction if we act out of love and if we live in a love that is life’s elixir and our origin. Love is all we really need. That’s why we do so much in order to receive love. We make sacrifices, fight, murder, die. Love is the basic need we all have in common. If we have love there is no need to compensate it with anything in the world. The real true pure of love makes every miracle possible. Then we have found the master-key to life. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Manage the temptation

With Keith’s permission!

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In Love and Light

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In Love and Light

Be A Mender

mikhail-gorbachev-37941.jpgOur world is a collection of varieties. Too often we look at them as reasons for separation. That’s human in some way since we always look at the world from our own perspective. There is basically nothing wrong with that. We need that in order to develop individually. But there is this other side we must not forget: We all develop individually and therefore we need the variety in order that everyone gets served. It is neither right nor wrong, it simply is. And what is, exists for a reason. Read more ›

May There Always Be a Spring


Over here it feels like life is pulsing through each and every fiber of nature lately. Spring is visiting and the flow of energy is clearly sensible. The mood is lifted and the whole system gets a power boost. When I was on a walk today I saw the first storks arriving at their homes. What a feeling since they are one of the clearest signs of spring to me. Read more ›

Health & Beauty – Hair Mask


This Monday post will be a little different from the usual ones. Many of you know that I am an aromatherapist and that I am running an aromatherapy practice (next to my job as a compliance officer). That means I am working with essential oils in different kinds of ways. Here you can find a post where I explain the different ways essential oils can be used. Read more ›

Get Into Power and Your Channel Will Clear Up

Bildergebnis für cleared mind solution  quotes

Lately, I was talking to one of my best friends on the phone. We live about 6000 miles apart but that doesn’t matter since we are friends for 37 years. We haven’t talked to each other for at least 2 1/2 years and only barely texted since both of our lives have become crazily busy. But what is most important in this world? What do we need if we lose everything? Friends! That’s what we both realized when we had some days off over the change of the year. We managed to have a 3 1/2 hour talk. But it was necessary since so much happened in both of our lives and we both needed to update each other.

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You Live Your Life Perfectly – Keep It Up!

Bildergebnis für constant growth quotes

This post went in a different direction than I thought when I started writing it. But as we all know, there is a reason and I will let it be as it was written in its natural flow. I am sure it will reach the people or hearts it is meant for. 

On the last day of 2018, I shared some thoughts about the connection of how everything that happens leads us to the place we are today. That also means that no matter how we may feel about our lives, we have never been more experienced than we are today. We are the best versions of ourselves in this very moment.

Bildergebnis für Life is a constant growth quotes

There are setbacks, of course. We start something with enthusiasm and passion. Or something beautiful seems to open up for us. And it is demotivating to see this all falling apart although we put so much lifeblood and effort into it. But that doesn’t mean you failed. Yes, sometimes situations can repeat. Sometimes they repeat because we did not get the whole meaning. Sometimes we need to take a detour to pack something in our backpack which we need in order to continue our journey on the main street.

Bildergebnis für healing the world quotes

What I want to say with this: Whatever you do, whatever step you take, whatever decision you make, how you act or react, it brings you further but never back! Every experience leaves an insight. So never let anyone tell you that you failed. It is your way, not their way. Life will help you to repeat or to go deeper. It is not a punishment it is to support our growth. Even if we cannot understand the meaning or see the greater context when we are in the middle of difficult times – and perhaps we never will – there is always a greater reason behind everything that happens. And the more we follow our inner compass the faster we will get past it and will reach the end of the valley.

Believe in yourself, believe in wise guidance, and believe that in the end, all will be fine. Looking back you will be proud to look down that mountain you just climbed and see that it was worth all the effort. Every little or bigger obstacle you faced and overcame will make the joy of the view bigger.

Bildergebnis für healing the world quotes Michael Jackson

If this year throws stones at you build beautiful castles from it or solid stepstones. From the ruins of broken dreams or relationships build bridges. Nothing that exists gets lost. It only needs to be placed together in a new way. And this world is in a deep need for a new architecture assembled from our own inner healing flames of love and the desire of making it one peaceful paradise for everyone. We are created from love and our natural being is love. Let’s let our true selves shine. The change is already happening. Let’s not get discouraged by any seeming setbacks. Let’s take each other by the hand, follow the light our hearts shine and we can never fail.

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In Love and Light

You’ve Got Me All Wrong 4 – There Is No Such Thing as Space and Time


A few weeks ago I picked up one of Walsch’s books and began to read the first pages. After I read the short list of the 25 core messages to explain the main message (in the title) I stopped reading. It was so inspiring and I my mind started spinning. Before I am reading on I want to share the flow of pictures and thoughts of some of those core messages which immediately filled me. Most of those core messages won’t appear new since we are talking about them over and over again. We all share them with our own words. Isn’t that an amazing proof that we are fully aware of God’s message? If you would like to read the previous parts, you can check out here part 1, part 2, and part 3. Read more ›

Stop Judging and You Begin to See

Bildergebnis für stop judging others quotes

We are talking a lot about unveiling the ego and letting go of its destructive grip. It is much easier said than done. The ego has grown over years as part of our own development. Of course, it depends a lot on the inner steadfastness we had in our younger years and on how much influence we let happen. Also, it depends on how long we got influenced and on the time the ego has had to grow from us feeding it with our convictions and experiences which were created through the eyes of the ego again… a pretty vicious circle, isn’t it? Read more ›

Gratitude – The Power of Awareness


Imagine sitting on the top of a mountain and looking down into the valley. High up above, you see everything from a distance, the bigger picture. You see how streets are leading to each other, how small creeks are leading into a river, how the river flows into a lake. From up there, you understand how everything works together in order to make it all a complete and how necessary every little thing is. Read more ›

Who We Are Is Healing Power


Two weeks ago I shared a story about the memory function of the heart which Gregg Braden told in a workshop some years ago. While interacting with Judy I mentioned that in a different workshop he told another extremely touching story which explains that we all have natural healing powers.  Read more ›

Don’t Regret – Become A Better Person

Bildergebnis für benjamin zander quotes

Recently, Colin of shared a wonderful link with me. It is a Ted Talk with the conductor Benjamin Zander. He is talking about the transformative power of classical music. No, this won’t become a post about classical music. What went so deep were Zander’s profound insights about life and beyond which he incorporated in his talk.“I will never say anything that couldn’t stand as the last thing I ever say.” This was the vow of a woman who survived Auschwitz. Zander told the story of that woman at the end of his talk. It is the inspiration for this post. I will try keeping this post shorter than my usual Monday posts because I want you to listen to that talk. Something wonderful will happen inside of you. Read more ›

You Are Stronger Than Your Ego



104803-Marianne-Williamson-Quote-Ego-says-Once-everything-falls-into.jpgI believe that the ego is not only the bad guy who needs to be fought. I rather think that it is a very helpful part we created over time. On one hand, it can support the path of the soul with its strong will. On the other hand, the ego can help to find out who you are and who you are not. It is a creation of the mind – your mind and your creation. That means that you have the power and can create it in each moment. It is created by thoughts and can, therefore, be controlled by the choice of your thoughts. The further away we are drifting from the true self the more power the ego has. It can show up unexpectedly although we think we already know that guy and its tricks. But in a certain situation, it appears reflexively before we even notice that we are already in its claws again. It is then to step back and see where we would end up if following its direction and what if we chose the direction of the self.  Read more ›

Just A Thought…


Who you are is light.
That light lingers in your deepest, truest core.
The amazing thing about light is,
it illuminates everything in its surrounding.

So, when you shine your light
you fill yourself and then gift everyone around you.

Be a beacon for your own sake and the sake of everyone.

Happy Weekend!

In Love and Light

Healing Yourself Starts With Aligning With Your Self


When the energy can flow freely through the body it provides every single fiber in our body from head to toe with all it needs to be strong, happy, and healthy. Then you are in balance, healthy, and in peace. Then you don’t worry but simply take every step that is necessary to take through this journey. Then your physical being is aligned with your spiritual being. But seriously, who of us is in that state constantly? Read more ›

Then Send Love…


Don’t worry, this is not going to be a post in which I ask everyone to have their heads up in the clouds and blindly love everything and everyone whether you feel like it or not. Perhaps it would prevent a lot of conflicts but I am not that type of person who offers the right cheek when I was just slapped on the left one.  Read more ›



The past weeks and months have not been easy. Not only for me but I noticed that there must have been a general change in the air affecting so many people around me. It appears like a big clearing to me. So many felt challenged in the way things developed, in decisions to make, in things falling apart, in happenings which opened up old gaps and let past memories and feelings rise again, in instantly changing life situations, and in much more. There were states of shock, desperations, breakdowns, and … the rise after the fall. Read more ›

Breakthrough: When Development Causes Pressure


Sometimes it is not difficult to simply present the core message of a post but it can be a challenge to start a post in order to get there. Very often I start in a similar way I did before but then go a different direction – sometimes deliberately and sometimes it just happens. Isn’t it interesting that we start from the same point but end up somewhere else?


We can observe this every day on ourselves. Although our bodies may do the same things daily or goe from home to work and from work back home daily the being inside that body makes experiences which lead to a different place of feelings or of awareness every single day. Things accumulate, new challenges appear, situations dissolve and give you a feeling of liberation, new people enter your life, others leave it. So much happens during each day. You get a further perspective. You may act slightly different which changes your inner direction. And that although it is always you. We are constantly changing and developing and therefore (mostly unnoticed) we already start from a different level than the day before.


When this goes unnoticed then changes which appear building up more and more around us are even more challenging and more difficult to understand. But they are only a symptom of who we have already become and now we need to make a step out of the old platform up to the new one where we already belong to.


Did I think I would ever go back into a job where I am bound to certain work hours? Never!! But things in my life happened, I developed from them, and here I am. After almost 1 1/2 years I am still working at the same company but meanwhile, my work changed and expanded. Now, I am working more or less full time (in addition to my therapy practice and all that comes with being a mom and with caring for a house and garden) in a field I never worked before and which is still a task to catch up with so much knowledge and taking more and more responsibility. A year before I had never imagined being at that point. I actually did not want a job with so much responsibility again. But I gained experience and self-esteem which let me to that point again. Still the same person but not inside, still the same workplace but not the work. I am still experiencing times when I think this all is too much for me. But when I lift myself above the situation I can clearly see that I am only resisting to go with the flow because of doubting myself. Once I step over this all works smoothly again and most of all my inner river flows calmly again.


Sometimes development is a smooth transition and then again it happens in little or bigger steps – breakthroughs. Very often a breakthrough happens due to a time of accumulating pressure. We cannot keep us from developing and if we are meant for a certain destination we will definitely arrive there. Sometimes we are resisting the development because we are too scared of a change or we have too many self-doubts. But the increasing pressure is actually the proof that we are meant for that change. The longer we wait, the more we try to resist, the more use all our power to lean against that door that is about to open, the bigger the pressure of what cannot be kept from becoming. And once the pressure gets too big to handle we break… perhaps first down and then through!


We are who we are. The core of our beings is eternal life energy. That core is the reason our physical bodies are alive. And although who we really are never changes the reason we come here does change in order to support the evolution of our soul. Even though the very beginning is a start from the same basic conditions, the journey and the destination are never the same ones. Our soul has a plan for this life and it wants that plan to be realized or it would have missed the purpose of its incarnation. So when you experience a period of increasing pressure then you might have resisted (consciously or unconsciously) going with a natural development. It might be a sign of an upcoming breakthrough. Don’t fear it, but rather look a little closer and you might get there sooner. But I know…. sometimes the pressure needs to become hard enough to take the steps we already know have to be taken!

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In Love and Light



Do you remember Chiara? In August 2016 I wrote The Healing Power Within about her overcoming anorexia. Chiara is my son’s girlfriend which gives me lots of opportunities to talk to her. She is often to find in newspapers talking about her story or sharing healthy recipes. Lately, she has been invited to talk at TEDx (Europe) about “choices” later this year. Isn’t that amazing? You can imagine that I got highly inspired and this post is a result of it. Read more ›

#Haiku – Don’t Give Up!


Yes, it’s meant for you!

Rays of sun parting the clouds

Give life one more try


In Love and Light

Communication: Challenge and Solution

maxresdefault (1).jpg

For today I did not have a particular topic in mind and again I took some inspiration from my Gateway Oracle Cards.  Thank you, guidance. These are the cards I picked: Read more ›

Letting Go – My Take


Yesterday I shared Neha’s new collaboration invitation:
Calling all Creative Minds/Poets/Artists to a Poetic Collaboration – “Letting Go”

When I saw the topic I thought immediately of an older post in which I shared a poem about Letting Go. Letting Go is not only releasing something that weighed heavily and kept you from living. The process itself is a progress in your own development and growth. It means you have already grown bigger than the suffocating cocoon. That’s why you are ready to break its shell. Letting Go is a process of becoming!  Read more ›

Be What You Want To See!


“How can a person overcome the horrible things that often happen in our world?”

This question was asked by my friend Nicodemas, of NicodemasPlus ThreeHe asked the question in a comment to my post IGNORANCE – WEAPON AND SURVIVAL TOOL: FEAR. I don’t know if I met your expectations, Nicodemas, but this is what happened to be written:


Every day, many tragedies happen: accidents, diseases are diagnosed, children die, parents die, attacks destroy innocent lives, natural disasters take lives and possessions, child abuse, torture, and much more… a lot of heartbreaking happenings. And with good cause we ask, why does this need to happen or how can people be so cruel? I already wrote a lot about everything happening for a reason and that many good souls play the role of the victim and the offender in order to teach each other and the grieving people. It is important to know that in order to be able to step back and look at the whole situation from a higher perspective. Although it is not the topic today it is part of it.


Now how to deal with the tragedies in the world? We mostly cannot do a lot or even nothing when sad things happen. And this is the crucial point that makes us feel so helpless. But you know what? We can do something! Everything in this world is directed by energy. When something bad happened we can feel like paralyzed, aggressions against injustice can come up, or we feel resentments against the cause of the tragedy. But in aligning with the same energy that caused the tragedy we even strengthen something we don’t want. Thoughts of hatred and revenge cause strong feelings which have an amazingly powerful creative energy. On one hand, it is separating instead of uniting and it causes a counterforce on the other hand.


If we don’t want bad things to happen we need to go into the direction of good things, think good thoughts, act in kind ways, share compassion. When we fight terror with war it causes, even more, acts of violence and terror. We can only break that circle in incorporating the opposite energy. Energies of hatred and revenge nurture hatred and cause more revenge. What we need to create is balance. Again, I am coming to ignoring what I don’t want. We need to ignore the need to fight back and instead turn around and look into the direction where peace and compassion reigns. When sending love instead of hatred the fuel is taken out of the bad energy and the sails are set towards a different direction. The more people stop reacting to the game of terror and retaliation but instead care for the victims, pray for them, or do something good as a balancing act, I swear, we can change and heal the world.


And now here I am:  “How can a person overcome the horrible things that often happen in our world?”

  • Share compassion
    But don’t mix it up with pity. Feeling pity weakens. Feeling compassion strengthens. There is an easy way to approach compassion instead of pity:
  • Refuse to Judge 
    When you don’t judge you are focused on what can be done and not on what was done!
  • Ask yourself: What can I do to raise the energy?
    It doesn’t matter if you cannot do something which is directly related to the current happening. You can share food, help out a neighbor, make an anonymous gift, donate clothes or money, join a charity, or simply send out love and light. Any act of kindness raises the collective energy.


We cannot change what happened but WE CAN be part of a change. This gives our lives meaning and it unites! There may always be horrible things happening caused by individuals or groups. But nevertheless, we mustn’t be discouraged but keep up the loving attitude with our eyes towards the benefit for those in need. The worse things happen the more important it is. And everyone can do that in their own little world or even in the big world. It is easier to deal with tragedies when we do something that brings balance and which shows the victims and their families that they are not alone.


We have an order to live this life the best way we can and we have to do it for ourselves as well as for everyone else. Be what you want to see and you will have the power to heal yourself and bring healing! We are on a mission!

In Love and Light

#Haiku – Alive


The begin of life

Is not the day you were born

Give life a reason!


In Love and Light

The Power of Silliness!


It is clear to me that being serious is important to stay focused on your target and to not losing concentration most of all in difficult situations. But it has also become clear to me for many years that this can be exhausting and draw all your energy from you when it lasts too long. Most of all when it is not about temporary situations but for a period of difficult times.


Giving room to your silliness doesn’t mean that you don’t take circumstances serious. It means that you are opening an outlet to let go of the pressure some situations can cause It means to take a break from the “task” or challenge for some moments. When you keep your humor and see the irony in situations you stop being the problem. When you are laughing you relax the muscles in your whole body and what is important: When you are laughing you are also breathing deeply and fill your whole system with oxygen and therefore energy! It is like an energy shot.silliness.jpgMy boss and I can really tell stories about hectic and stressful times since we experience them for quite a while. But we never lost our silliness and making fun of the situation. We are laughing at ourselves and really can be so silly. Most of all now that I am in charge for so much more since my colleague won’t be coming back to work anymore and we don’t have something new yet, it is a task at times regarding stepping into fields I have never been before and learning quickly how to deal with them. But when you still can laugh about it, you are like a ventilation system. The pressure and stress get blown out and fresh air clears the cells.


It is also one of the tactics of not running the risk of becoming burned out or depressive through some happenings in life or some temporary situations. Keeping your humor means keeping your head above it. I don’t mean to ignore how things are but to see them from a distance in order to have the power to deal with them. Don’t forget that you are not what you are dealing with. You are not your problems. You are what makes you feel well. Because feeling well is your natural state of being. That’s why all things that make you feel good are empowering and all things that make you feel bad are exhausting.


We have to deal with difficult situations throughout our lives. Some can lead us to our limits. But they are there to make us develop because every task asks for something more or something new we need to activate within us. It is not something we need to invent. No, it is already there but was asleep until the moment arrived to wake it up. All we need for this lifetime is already within us. Therefore we need to connect with the being within that body through raising our energy frequency for making them match. The fastest way and the most effective tool is feeling good.


Being silly is not silly at all! It refreshes your body, clears your mind, detaches from who you are not, and that way keeps you healthy and empowers you to face your daily tasks!

In Love and Light


When Demons Leave!

380102-Caroline-Myss-Quote-The-soul-always-knows-what-to-do-to-heal (1).jpg

When I posted a quote about forgiving two weeks ago there was a suggestion to write a post about it because the subject is really big! I knew I already had posted about it. Since I am pretty consumed by life at the moment, I thought why not reposting one? It also makes a nice sequel to last week’s Monday post:

Were you ever in a great and happy mood and then out of the blue you were flushed by feelings that caused a deep sadness? And you don’t even know why? That happened to me last Friday. We had great weather, I was happy and cheerful and all of a sudden I had a song in mind which I did not hear for years. I love that song a lot but while I started singing it a heavy desperation kicked in and I didn’t know why. Read more ›

Time Is An Illusion – But You Are Not!


Lately, I went up the attic. I checked some furniture and came across items covered with layers of dust. Immediately I had the picture in my mind from the time those items were in use or just bought and now they looked like in a 100-year-sleep. Once favorite toys from the kids, now stored in plastic boxes. It feels peculiar to see them again that way and at the same time remember when they were in use. But they are still the same toys.


It reminded me of our own lives, our growth, our changes, our developments. We are children, teenagers, young adults, more experienced adults, then aging, and one day dying. So many stages and once we find ourselves in a next stage, the ones before feel like a movie we once saw. It is hard to believe that we are already so far away from it. That’s when we often ask ourselves where the time has gone.


But although we feel different about the child or teenager we were, we still feel it within us. I think that is what makes reflecting so confusing and melancholic. We are still the same but the world around has changed. In our core we are connected with all the stages we ever went through and no development can disconnect us from them. It is the core of our being itself. It is the essence of who we are which incarnated in this growing and aging body. All that we ever experienced from day one is part of who we are today. We never lost the child, the teenager, the student, or young parent we were. It is still there. The soul of each of them is part of us. The caterpillar is the pre-condition for becoming a butterfly!


It is often said that we should make peace with our inner child. The one we tried to left behind. The one that was hurt and treated unfairly. It may have been that way. But very often the child saw things from a different perspective and now as a grown up, we see a bigger picture. We should call that child again and tell it that all is well. Many things were misunderstandings the child stored in a different way and from there, many things were perceived differently… it defined the path it walked on.


Call the child you were and start playing with it. Tell it how much it is loved and that it is an inseparable and so important part of you because it laid the foundation of who you are today. No one will ever be able to understand your inner child the way you do because it is part of your being. We may have experienced difficulties, sadness, loneliness, injustice, and more. But consider that the experiences of the child gave us the necessary ground to make it through them. If our childhood was bad maybe we treasure even more what we have today. But nevertheless, the childhood was important and however we developed started there.


Embrace who you are today completely. That way you embrace all you have ever been. You are an amazing collection of wisdom and achievements, a source of experience, a teacher and student. You are development in action. Nothing that ever was is forlorn. Dust off your attic and celebrate who you are. Time is an illusion – but you are not!

In Love and Light





This post was inspired by a person I got to know during my 9 months at work who is suffering from being neglected, used, oppressed, or simply unappreciated by her own parents. I think it is difficult to imagine how it must feel when you see your sister or brother supported in any possible way and you even have to hang in and support them too because it is expected and demanded. At the same time, you never got that support or attention but it was taken for granted that you co-operate and stand back.  Read more ›

Why Feeling Lonely?


There can be times in life when we feel like aliens. Like there is no one on this planet who cares for us or who is interested in who we are. Many are interested in what we do but those are the ones who may turn away as the first ones when what we do doesn’t meet their expectations. Why do we get to that point? What can be the reason – or the reasons? Read more ›

You Need To Feel It!


Due to some really busy days, I hope you don’t mind that I repost something from August last year. I know that a huge number of my followers don’t know this post yet and perhaps it is a nice reminder for the ones you did read it already. 

Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what you are in the process of becoming – Abraham/Ester Hicks

This sentence was hanging on my kitchen cupboard for the last 6 years. It made me aware of the fact that what I encounter in my live as positive or negative is not something that is sent to me from a higher force but is a reflection of how I encounter life.


Thoughts have a strong impact and influence on the way we look at life. They shape our belief system and control our emotions. Emotions are responsible for our reactions. The more often we think a thought, the more we believe it. May it be through repeated experiences we have built up an opinion, through the words we have heard of others, or even a combination of both.  And one day it is part of that belief system.

The belief system lies even deeper anchored within ourselves. From here we receive our reflexive directions. When familiar situations happen – even if the last time was years ago – the belief system opens up the file and sends the stored message. What lies in the belief system defines our feelings. And here we go.

I recall the quote above: Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what you are in the process of becoming. What we feel is what we believe in. We don’t even think about it anymore. That is our personal truth. And we are living accordingly to this personal truth. This truth again directs our thoughts reflexively. We see the world from that truth, we act from that truth, we talk from that truth, we think from that truth. And we will see the consequences from this all unfolding in our life again. We can tell a lot (not everything) from the way our life is unfolding from what we believed about it in first place.


Now when we want to become something different from what we see showing up now, we need to change the feelings. The feelings are the powerful wave which connects with the same energy in the outside world. But how to change feelings which are based on an automatic belief system? Just the same way like the belief system was programmed. We simply need to feed that belief system with different thoughts first. We cannot simply delete what we don’t want to think anymore. We must nullify the negative thought pattern with positive thoughts and then make a set up with the thoughts we want to create our feelings (actually, continue thinking the positive thoughts). Sounds more difficult than it is.

It definitely takes a lot of discipline, because the reflex of our belief system is strong. But once aware that it is in our hands what we decide to think makes it easier. We need to shift our thoughts from where they are to where we want them to be. Think from the end. Be what you want to find in your life. What do you want to find in your life? Look out and you will find it. Whenever the old view comes back, pause and look out again for what you actually want. Practice it again and again. It won’t take long – perhaps only days – and you have already reprogrammed a file in your belief system. Do that with every attitude you want to unfold differently in life. You will see within a very short time that something starts to change. You will perceive people differently and they will notice something  is different about you. You radiate differently and that activates different reactions in your surrounding. Change in progress! Now see what happens. You will love it.4

As long as you don’t believe/feel what you think, your thoughts will fade away into the air without any result. Your feeling tells you what you really believe. That’s why the feeling as the strongest creative power has to be aligned with your needs.

That way I changed my life dramatically within half a year. I am very aware of what happens around me. Change means that some things fall apart in order to let new things appear. I don’t resist upcoming challenges and struggles. They always show me that something new is on the way and conditions need to get into a new order to make it happen. Right then, I am even more tempted to remain in a faithful state of mind in order to let my feelings work for happy unfolding.

For some years now I am running up a stairway to heaven. Sometimes I stop to catch my breath and it can happen that I get a little dizzy when I look down. But not for long and my view goes up again to take the next step.

You can make it! And you can start right now!

In Love and Light


You – The Candle In The Dark


I wrote this post while sitting on my patio with my laptop. I love working outside, enjoying the sounds of nature around me, smelling the scent of the coming fall, feeling the warmth of the last warm days. I wouldn’t mind if it stayed like this until next spring…. haha. We had some very hot times during this summer and I loved it. I mind the cold rather than the heat. But during the last few days when it got really cool in the mornings and evenings, I noticed something about me. I enjoyed the chilly feeling on my skin in some way. It made me think of taking a hot bath or cuddling in some cozy clothes again.

20160925_183746What I enjoy about it is the moment when getting from the cold into the warmth. That cozy moment when cuddling into a warm blanket. When you get inside and a cup of coffee or tea is waiting for you. I noticed that temperatures of 12 °C (55 °F) in the morning already gives me chills after the 30 °C (90 °F) only a week before. During winter we will get down to freezing temperatures and 12 °C will appear very warm again. Funny, how subjective we experience this.qs_322716e6477946fb95dbc200d50ae64f

It all made me think of the duality we live in and from which we learn. How we notice the warmth so much more when it is getting cold and how relative cold and warm can be. When we never lost something we might not be able to treasure all that we still have. Because when we had it all and lost it we will be so much more aware and thankful for all the new things that come towards us again. Nobody wants to live in darkness, most of all not the ones who experienced it. But aren’t the ones who did, those who know the real value of the light? Aren’t the ones who got ill the ones who know how precious health is? Aren’t the ones who got heavily tested and challenged by life the ones who are most compassionate?

An example how important contrast is for example in photography.

Contrast makes us understanding, appreciative, thankful, wiser, stronger. Through contrast, we learn what we want and what we don’t want (anymore). We need to experience both sides in order to understand both. Again, we need to feel the warmth and the cold in order to understand what warm and cold actually means. And now there is something else: Even if I learned for myself about warm and cold somebody else can experience it completely differently.


The physical world makes it possible that everyone can experience themselves within the duality in their personal and unique way. This is amazing in many ways. First there is room for each and every experience and second, there is not only one single truth regarding perceiving life. We are bringing our own light down here. We are coming from a place of light. It is a shining place. But when everything is so light, how can we recognize our own light? That is why we come down here. The seasons, day and night are a visible analogy to the changes we are going through. When it is getting dark outside we are switching on the lights or lightening candles. WE MAKE LIGHT – because we want/need to see! When we find ourselves surrounded by darkness figuratively the moment will come when we recognize our light again. Those are the enlightening moments. Each of those moments makes us remember our own light again.


Contrast is what we chose in order to evolve and to have the moments of awareness which are fueling us with more power and joy than any physical possession or achievement ever could. The gift of this physical life is the gift of awareness. We get chances and choices. It is up to us what to choose. We often know in advance that one choice may cause us crossing a dark valley before we are reaching the sunny side again. We might not take that choice and stay on that side of the valley. But sometimes we know exactly what is waiting behind the valley and we risk the journey. Once we have reached the other side we are not only treasuring that sun even more but we are also so much stronger. The contentment that we made it and the experiences we gained on our journey are giving this new place that we chose an even deeper meaning!


There are dark episodes in our lives. But don’t be afraid of the dark. It is only temporary. This is not your real home just a place to discover yourself. You are coming from light and you are light. Each time you see the sun dawning again will remind you. You are the candle in your own night. This light is always with you. You cannot lose it because you cannot lose who you are. Let yourself shine. It not only connects you stronger to your origin but it also helps others to find their lights again.

In Love and Light

Chiara’s Story


The wonderful people behind WhyMeQuest have shared my post about Chiara’s amazing story and the important message behind. Read more ›

The Healing Power Within!


This is a story that moves me deeply not only because it happened in my closest circle of the family but most of all because it shows that we have powers within us that are greater than our body could ever be. Actually, those powers are the force to strengthen and heal the body. Yes, we can heal through the power of our spirits which is the power of love! Read more ›

Forgiving Is For The Forgiver!


August 13th was the fourth day of death of my father. That day was not only the day of my father’s death but also my grandpa’s birthday. No, this is not going to be a memorial post. But it reminded me of something very important regarding living in peace after someone left. Read more ›

I’m Sorry, It Wasn’t About You!

I remembered an incident that happened quite some time back in my life. When it came to my mind I thought I may not be the only one who is endlessly thankful for someone who puts their ego aside and only helps us healing the wounds which still affect our lives at times.

ca198b4d60c99b394332f361b53696d1 (1)

Read more ›

There is more than you might see!

Most of you know that I had the exciting opportunity to be at the Blogger Bash 2016 in London last weekend. But due to the fact that I lost a whole weekend and had some stressful days before I wasn’t able to write a new Monday Post. I decided to pick a fitting one from March 2015 and modified it a bit.
We are more than what we experience and in order to recognize and to feel that, we need to pause. Please don’t miss to watch the inspiring slideshow at the end of this post. I watch it from time to time and it always has this amazing calming and centering effect. Read more ›

Don’t Let Them Control Your Life!

This post is was inspired by a moving discussion with Merryn of Humble Heart Scribbles and her post Miss You.


It might have happened to many of you that there were/are people who all of a sudden behave peculiar, turn away from you or even start to act against you. We don’t care a lot if it is about anyone. But what when it about friends you had for years? Close friends, friends you share so many memories with, friends for whom you were there and looked over their issues because they meant more than opinions? Sometimes we know the reason. It might have been something we have done or said, consciously or unconsciously. Sometimes we don’t know and only assume what the reason could have been. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

With Sylvester’s permission:

Put life in the moment

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

The art of understanding

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

With Mikey’s permission:

Energy is the source

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

With Sue’s permission:

Say YES to yourself

In Love and Light

God Is Spotless and So Are You!

We all carry our backpack. We filled it with a variety of things. From all that we experience, we take something along and put it in our backpack. When we are in a situation that feels like something we already experienced, we check our backpack and take out the insight we once gained in order to deal with that situation in a better way.


Sadly we collect so many painful memories, bitterness, resentments in that backpack. That is what makes it heavy and what makes us walk slower under its weight. Often we cannot move the way we want because the weight of the backpack limits our mobility. It can even cause physical disorders like back pain, muscle tensions, short breath, joint issues, and much more.

When we look at it that way we see of how little use it is to carry around pain or disappointments from the past. It doesn’t change the past but therefore, it destroys the present. Easier said than done, right? Really?


Who you really are is a divine being born into a human body in order to experience your existence with more senses. Only in that physical body, you can touch, breathe, smell, and feel all the variety of emotions. It is like the suit of Iron Man. It has more functions than the person within who directs that iron suit. And so it is with your spirit who needs a body to have more possibilities to experience itself. But the suit is not the person and the spirit is not the body. That iron suit can become a prison instead of a tool if we don’t see the misunderstanding. Who you really are is that spirit who simply identifies so doubtless with its body. Over time, it believes that it is the body, the pain it experienced, and the emotions it feels. But who you are is not the suit that houses you.


Being aware that you are nothing that is part of this physical world makes it so clear that all the pain you experience and the heavy weight you carry around is only an illusion you started to build up through your mind. You are spirit, you are divine, you are pure wisdom. But you want to remember that you are all that. That is the reason why you came into this world. You want to remember your light.


When you realize that your experiences, insights, and also scars are part of your backpack but not of yourself then you can simply take this backpack off your shoulders. Open it up and look into it. Throw out the heavy load or take the backpack completely off. You cannot accidentally throw away a beautiful memory.The insights learned lessons, and joyful experiences are never in a backpack. They have the same energy as your divine being has. All the beautiful things which cause feelings of joy and enthusiasm are of the same energy as you are. That is, why it feels so good. It is like you. That’s why they simply strike a chord within you but they don’t burden. Such experiences merge with you and make you stronger. You gain energy. What is pain for? Actually only to show you the darkness in order to see your light even better.


You are not what you carry along. You are not, what you experience, you are not what you think, and most of all you are not what you see. But what you experience, think, and see is the blessing you are gifted with in order to feel alive and in order to fulfill your purpose. You are a shining being full of love and perfect in its composition. Because you have the same composition as the source that created you. You are part of that source, a drop of the ocean we call God. God is spotless – and so are you!

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

Hear yourself

In Love and Light

The Visitor

Sitting lonely in my room
Looking out the window
Staring at the darkening sky
Not knowing where to go to

Pondering ‘bout shattered dreams
Of feeling such a pain
Of never gotten any chance
To finally win my game Read more ›

You Will Heal

Last week a read a beautiful poem on Belinda’s blog Reach for the light. When I came to that one line “You will heal” a story started spinning in my mind. What is it about that healing? It is said often and sounds so simple that time will heal you. Does it? Can time really heal? Read more ›

The Blessing Of The Rabbit Hole

This post is inspired by a discussion I had going with Carisa of Sometimes Silver Linings Are Blue about the rabbit hole. Actually, it was more about the positive effects of that rabbit hole experience. Carisa thought it would make a topic for a post. I always love to discuss things with her. Carisa is a treasure box of experience and I honor and appreciate her a lot. Read more ›

With God All Things Are Possible!

Sometimes we find ourselves in front of a mountain. We know that we have to pass it. Walking back is no option. We are clear that once we made it behind that mountain a world is waiting in which  the sun is shining. Read more ›

The Magic of Christmas 💖

I guess you all agree that Christmas is the time of year when we are more receptive for sharing love and compassion, for lending hands and being more tolerant than at any other time of the year. Although  the hectic of finding our way through overcrowded stores and getting the last Christmas gifts just in time can be very stressful. But let’s leave that out for a moment and just concentrate on the meaning of Christmas. Read more ›

Control is an Illusion!

Life happens while we are making other plans.

I like this quote a lot. We are making plans for our nearer or further future, scheduling our days and then things happen which can change everything in an instant. The weather changes, someone gets sick, the job gets lost, accidents happen, or even more life impacting things.  We have no control about what happens around us. This is something we can be scared of or something that can even give us a relief because we can let go of the pressure to keep everything under control. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Love heals

In Love and Light

The Magic Glasses Of Love!

There is a Buddhist Temple I visit every time I am in California. A beautiful huge facility. Even only entering the main temple I immediately feel an energy of calmness and peace. Whenever I go there something is on my mind and every time I gain insights. This time was special. Read more ›

Gratitude – The Power of Awareness

Imagine sitting on the top of a mountain and looking down into the valley. High up above, you see everything from a distance, the bigger picture. You see how streets are leading to each other, how small creeks are leading into a river, how the river flows into a lake. From up there you understand how everything works together in order to make it all a complete and how necessary every little thing is. Read more ›

Make me an instrument of thy peace!


During a chat with a friend here on  WordPress I got reminded of one of my biggest inspirations regarding what I see as my purpose: The Saint Francis prayer

Only when reading it, something opens up within me. Like the dawning sun, there is this love rising up. This love that has only one purpose: to spread love towards everybody’s heart in order to make them rise their inner sun too.


We are in a time of change. People run from dark places and try to find the light somewhere else. What we realize more and more during these days is that only when we start acting from our heart – first towards ourselves and then towards everybody around us – we can end pain, end war, and suffering. When we act from this place of love inside of us we feel the deep connection to everyone. Because love is the energy that created us, that we are, and that connects one another over the globe – regardless of any religious, cultural, racial, political backgrounds. We are all love and we want to feel loved. Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to realize that someone feels deeply loved because you made that person feel loved? Because you showed that person that they are important, that they are precious, that they are beautiful, that they are perfect the way the are, just because they are as they are? Isn’t that the only technique to fill your heart with true and enduring love?


I remember back in 1984. I was 14, sitting in my classroom (bored by the subject) and pondering about life. I was thinking about what would give my life meaning, fulfill me? And there was this thought coming up: “Make others feel good.” I don’t know where that came from. But it was there out of the blue. In the same moment, I got tears in my eyes because I felt a warmth in my chest expanding and rising up. A feeling that must have been of deep love. I remember it so clearly because it was a moment of awakening. From that moment on I tried to look deeper into my friends and other people. I wanted to understand them and through this spend encouragement and comfort.

Unfortunately, I lost that over the following years when I lost myself. But it always rose up between and for at least 6 years it is a companion wherever I walk.

It is my greatest joy to see others happy and it is my greatest fulfillment when I could make someone smile. Reading the Saint Francis Prayer again reminded me of this wonderful tool we have with us all the time. The tool that ceases sadness and suffering, that ceases anger and hatred, that ceases darkness and brings light. The tool of our origin, that divine spark within – LOVE


When we let love speak, we truly lose anything that is not love. We are dying to the old identification with us and are born into the eternal awareness of love and to love itself. Love is life  – eternal life.

Our recently passed Wayne Dyer introduced me to the Saint Francis Prayer. He mentioned it in some of his books. When I joined my first lecture with him, he played a song of Cecilia. She is also called The Healing Voice. I bought one of her CDs and there was also the Saint Francis Prayer recorded. The song was exclusively written for her. It is very beautiful and I want to share this song with you too.

I won’t analyze too much about the prayer itself but ask you to simply open up to those lines and see what happens within you  when you let the words touch your heart.


The Prayer of Saint Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.


In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

changes show we are ready

In Love and Light

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There is always a story behind

In Love and Light

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With Jade’s permission!

be the candlelight

In Love and Light

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What if.

In Love and Light


(I am sorry, for some reason I cannot put paragraphs into the poem. Tried it for an hour and eventually gave up!)

So dark and so lonely

My heart was for years

Ruled by my self-doubts

Controlled by my fears

For far too long

I thought there must be

A change in the world

or a savior for me

But nothing did happen

No one understood

No one did care

If only I could…

Being who I am

Or who I wanna be

Not caring if others

Did understand me

All of a sudden

I thought: Why not I?

No one can judge me

Cause no one is I

I started to rise

Started living my dream

Not afraid anymore

That someone could be mean

I respect and I love me –

The person I am

Enabled me greatly

To love everyone

The smile that I’m wearing

Is no fake anymore

It shines from my heart

As the light of my core

Today I am content

No more fears, I am free

With me the world changed

And the savior has been me!

For Zee: This is the poem I was talking about 🙂

In Love and Light

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Believe in you

In Love and Light

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Embrace your demons

In Love and Light

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Smile and ignite

In Love and Light

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Turn your face towards the light

In Love and Light

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Sow he seeds of the fruits you want to reapThis is my daughter at the age of 3 when we visited a pumpkin farm in suburban Buffalo.

In Love and Light

We Are The Seeds Of Love

The song I posted last Wednesday as my Song of the Day inspired me to this post. It made me think of the need of tolerance, of acceptance, of compassion, respect, and empathy.  When I prepared that post I did not expect the wonderful developments here in Europe. Read more ›

Dreams Are My Reality