Classical Music

Oh du, die Wonne (The Messias, Haendel)
Ave Maria, Franz Schubert


My, thank you, Jill. I am so happy you liked it that much. Singing is half of my life and I am singing more or less all my life. I started in a children’s choir and got even recoreded on vinyl with a solo Part. When I was 16 I started taking singing lessons.

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Wow, is all I can say! Being partly deaf since birth, I was never musically inclined at all. My mother enrolled me in piano lessons when I was young, and by the second week, the teacher asked her not to bring me again!

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Oh, that must have been very frustrating for you. But then again, I can imagine that you did not enjoy it a lot. Maybe something like drums would have made more sense… feeling the beat!

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Wow, this is beautiful dear lady, you can hear it calling to you. Now I do see the love of your life (besides your family 😂), and it is a lovely sound. Thank you for sharing your heart here, it is a chorus all its own 😀 ❤️ 🙏🏼 🦋

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OH. MY. GOD. You are blowing my mind! Your voice is wondrous, glorious! I don’t think I can sing classical. Fooling around yeah, but seriously? I don’t think so. Years ago when I had the range (high soprano) yes I can see me singing classical. Now however? Age in progress here ….. LOVED this song, Erika! I was so taken away…. I even put headphones on!! BRAVA!!!!

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Wow, my, thank you, Amy 😊That was recorded live in a church during a concert. I am a mezzo soprano but I am having a wide range both up and down. This one is basically an alto part. Unfortunately I don’t have more records of good quality from classical performances. I love singing both ways but the classical way is where I can lay everything in and I have much more power in that technique. So happy, you liked it, Amy. I am sure you are still able to sing beautifully. Only a little practice and you are back … like riding a bike, hehe. 💖

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