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Are you looking for a present? Or does someone need a lift? Do you want to encourage or motivate someone? Or do you want to express your love for a very special person? Or do you simply want to surround yourself with some positive thoughts? Daily Kind Inspirations offers a wide range of products provided with a choice out of hundreds of my own inspirational quotes which I am posting daily on my blog Those quotes lead deeper into the beauty and power of ourselves. Putting the messages and affirmations on daily items the motivating and empowering effect gets intensified!

Meanwhile, you can find over 200 items in my store Daily Kind Inspirations. Here are a few examples:

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If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. I love to create products on request.Find all of my quotes here! 

It is my intention to keep the designs as simple as possible in order to let the quote speak! But I leave it up to you if you want to customize your designs and change colors, fonts or the add some ornaments. I only ask you to leave my logo in place!

In Love and Light


Hi, Erika; I was so amazed, to see all of your gifts, and products, and books; I will most diffidently, check out ordering a book or two, I love poetry; and I am not yet a member; of zazzle, I must ask how do I sign up under you? If I got the right web site? Its been awhile since I have been online on word; Stay in touch; my friend; Deb V


I am feeling a bit dumb because I can’t figure out where to order stuff 😦 Some of your goodies are AMAZING!!! I might gift myself something 😉
Can you tell me how to customize things or place orders?

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Oh my, Aishwarya, you are so kind. Thank you for taking the time and checking my shop out. For customizing and purchasing you need to click on the desired item. Then a new page opens up and you can customize (right side). On top of the same page there is the shopping cart symbol. Simply click on it and the item is added to the things you consider to purchase. Once again thank you so very much. You don’t know how much I appreciate it. If you have more questions just ask me 💖

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Thank you so much Erika for explaining such a simple thing to me. I’m sorry I had to bother you with something so ridiculously trivial! But I have to say that I checked your goodies out and they are fantastic!! The bags are beautiful and I love the phone covers too. Vonita said to me that the silver necklaces are amazing but I haven’t looked at those yet. Those will only add to my already high levels on confusion about what to order, but something will be bought soon 🙂
One more simple question though, I love in Scotland. Will you be able to ship it to me here?

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Aishwarya, don’t worry a second. It is not ridiculous at all. We cannot know everything and I am glad you asked. Really, I appreciate your kindness so very much. I am actually very moved that you like so many things you found that much.
The shipping and everything happens through Zazzle. They will ship it to you definitely!
Try to enter the store over the UK page: Perhaps you benefit from lower shipping costs!


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