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101 KIND Quotes
Daily Inspirations
(March 2016)


This book provides 101 inspiring quotes regarding encounters, situations, and challenges in life. It shall help make the reader find back to the inner strength and gaining the necessary power and insights to move on. Life is meant to be experienced as a fulfilling adventure. We are the creators of our stories, not the observers. Your life is yours!

Available as soft cover and e-book on or on CreateSpace


I’m Free
Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!
(February 2014)
Book cover I'm Free by Erika Kind

“In my opinion, this book is a must for anyone who is interested in spirituality and also for those that have lost their way or are looking for their reason for being here in this incarnation. A great book well worth the reading.”

– Chris Gaydon, Medium and Healer

Watch the book clip

For more information or for ordering the book please klick here.


Enjoy Life!
(April 2014)


Enjoy Life! is a collection of 24 English poems referring to a variety of situations we might face during our lives. The poems show that we all have to deal with similar topics – some wanted and some unwanted. But also in the unwanted things we can always find a door out of the struggle or pain into a world not being discovered without the challenge.

Enjoy Life! is available on Amazon as an ebook and you can download it on your Kindle.


I’m Free
Erkenne, wer Du bist,
indem Du ablegst, was Du nicht bist!
(May 2012)

ImFree_Cover Vorderseite

Ein Buch zur Selbstfindung durch Befreiung von Ängsten und Prägungen.

German Book Clip

This is the German version of my  book I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not. It was published in May 2012 and is available at your preferred bookstore on Amazon or directly at my publisher.


Wie das Leben schreibt…
(February 2010)


German and English poems about the stories that life creates.

Available on or directly from me.

Attention: This book is not produced anymore! Only few copies available!


Hi Erika, I just searched for your book I’m free to buy this as an ebook. I found Balbao Press, but they don’t mention, which application I can use for reading your book. Can you help?
Usually I buy ebooks through Amazon and use their Reader or read at my PC.
Thank you ❤

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