Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Two years ago, I wrote a post series “You’ve Got Me All Wrong” that already addressed this topic. But the circumstances we are in these days makes the voices louder again. Why does God let violence, sadness, accidents happen? Why doesn’t God keep us from harm? Has He left us alone in those times? Why does He allow the current situation? Why does He punish us?


About 10 years ago, I read the book “The Shack – A Weekend With God”. Its messages are extremely insightful and healing. It is about “why does God let bad things happen” and about forgiving. Lately, I watched the movie and I would like to share 3 quotes which especially caught my attention:

When all you see is your pain, perhaps then you lose sight of me?

W.M. Paul Young

“Nobody knows what horrors I have saved the world from ‘cuz people can’t see what never happened. All evil flows from independence, and independence is your choice. If I were to simply revoke all the choices of independence, the world as you know it would cease to exist and love would have no meaning. This world is not a playground where I keep all my children free from evil. Evil is the chaos of this age that you brought to me, but it will not have the final say. Now it touches everyone that I love, those who follow me and those who don’t. If I take away the consequences of people’s choices, I destroy the possibilities of love. Love that is forced is no love at all.”

W.P Young

 As long as there is another will in this universe, free not to follow God, evil can find a way in.

W.P. Young

God is not here to punish, to judge, or to play with us when He feels like it. God loves each one of His children. He knows where each one comes from and why they may have lost their paths. He understands. He feels with them and He is there. His love is so big that He grants us our will. If He interfered then He would be a judging and controlling God. But He grants us the experiences we wanted to make long before we came down here. Because back then we knew about the greater context in their results for our development. How much more do we appreciate the warmth when we felt the cold? We chose to come here because of the opposites we are given as a tool for a growing awareness. The potential of insight lies in the opposite. The resurrection of love lies in the ruins of evil. 


If He “saved” us from sadness and desperation, He would control us and restrict our free will. It is the hardest for a parent to see their children struggling and hurting. But every parent may have already experienced that explanations often fail because the children are so caught in their perspective that they are not able or willing to understand. Only when we experience it – when we feel it – it can become a lesson learned. Maybe we need to go through it several times, but we are coming closer to reach the goal our higher Self set for this incarnation. God is by our side always. The more painful, the closer He is. He would never leave our side. But when we only see our pain, we have no eye left for Him.


Regarding the worldwide crisis, I have no idea if this was a collective plan we made before we incarnated, or why ever this had to happen. But what I know is that we mustn’t see the individual incarnation separated from the others. We are all connected which is the one big insight I see proved clearly. The deeds of one affects the reaction and the lives of others. When I bake a cake for my family, they will probably eat the cake. They will like it, enjoy it, or perhaps they cannot stand it. If I don’t bake it, they won’t eat it for sure. My action or non-action affects. If a company dismisses employees, it has not only consequences for the company but also for the employees, their families and further. They are looking for new jobs or their partners will look for jobs too. Personal developments and changes will happen. Ripples, ripples, ripples! And the virus we deal with is the best timely example of how ripples work. It has a lesson in for every single person on this whole planet in one or the other way. We can be assured that the individual lessons will fit the individual plans as well as the development of the collective consciousness.


Never forget one important thing: You are not your body, not your job, not your name, not your decisions, not even the thoughts you think. You are a powerful, beautiful, immortal, spiritual being living in a physical body to make this educative journey through this lifetime. If we want to cease evil we need to shower this planet with love (including compassion, forgiving, respect, selflessness, support).

We are not punished. We are developing due to a loving God.
In this awareness, we will never be distracted by our pain 
and will always feel Him by our side.

In Love, Light, and Health

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I agree with you Ma’am.
God respects our free will in this life.
Even after we say “Thy will be done” in the Lord’s prayer, yet He doesn’t have any forceful means of bringing you into His will.

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Hi, Salem! Yes, yes, and again yes! That’s the point. He granted us our free will and therefore to fully go through our experiences. It is us who forgot about it but he still knows and also knows that we forgot (which is important in the process). He will give us hints and guidance if we ask but it will always be according to the plan we chose. Thank you very much for this important comment!

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Many things are used to express Love, and for that reason, to say that forced Love is not love, and things as such, is to eliminate the understanding of why Love could seem to be those things and may not be, because forced to u, is not forced to all, and so on.

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That’s a good point. There is only love or no love. Love made this world so it cannot be compared to anything of this world. Therefore limiting love to something already shows that it cannot be love. Thank you for stopping by and leaving this interesting comment 😊


🙂🙂its what i live to do. Uhppreciate u tayking well to it. I dont know if Love made the world, but more confidently than that, i think i can that Love is the reason why we were made. If by world, u mean us, thiin i can officially uhgree that we might be on the same page when it cuhms to that idea..

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Oh, yes, I absolutely think we are talking of the same. Love is the basis of life itself. I think that sums it up. What do you think?


Everything i think on is is posted in the Autobiographical World page of 2we1ve.com. if u every finish reading the Message of Love, and agree, please contact me quickly😉. I need help🙂🙂

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I just hopped over but I saw that this is going to be a very long read. If you have some patience, I will come over as soon as I can dedicate some more time to your writing.

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This reminds me of many religions talking about the fear of God destroys all our fears. No matter what faith we come from, we can find rest and peace with the higher power. To Sue Dreamwalker’s point on the simplicity of living, I find this also includes the simplicity of understanding we all have different paths in life for the same reason: living in peace. No matter if you are a Muslim boy, a Sikh girl, a bird in the sky or a fish in the sea, we all are here today to live in peace.

Thank you for the wonderful post!

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Hi Papa, thank you so much for stopping by. You said this so well. In the end, we all have the same needs, and the same goal: we want to live our lives in peace. And the wonder of the individual is its unique path to reach that goal in being granted to make their personal experiences on the way.
We all have so much in common, like the need for food, water, air, love, sunlight,… regardless of how we look like or where we come from. We all are human. And we all have in common that we have differences in our beings and look. Yes, we all are one. But only the many differences can make this oneness happen.
Thank you very much for your wonderful comment 😊

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Wonderful post dearest Erika… We really have to change the way we think about our relationships to ourselves and our jobs and each other…. We are shown in various ways via our experiences … Our experience is the result of us creating our direct experience… Each thought each Action each deed creates those ripples…
And the ripples we are now experiencing are the ripples we have collectively sent out.. Our outer world reflects back like a mirror our inner world…
The story we all think we are in is hard to explain to those who only see their physical self and their material life and world…
The values we see today are what we have been taught… And we continue to think we are are separate, and we judge and put labels on everything…

So the virus of mankind can only change, in the hatred and jealousies and greed, can only begin to change when we start to co-operate….And Unify… If anything I am seeing that this virus is showing us the things we have taken for granted.. It is showing people to appreciate nature…
( More and more people are taking up allotment plots around our own which is wonderful ) more people are speaking to each other.. Neighbours are helping each other whom have never known each other other than wave a passing hi…
I believe we have forgotten the simplicity of living… And while some are not coping, others I know are so enjoying their free time just to be and have time to be with family….
It is all about perspective and we all have to remember to be responsible for our thinking our actions for that ripple effect will make it’s way right back to us…

Love and Hugs my friend.. a lovely insightful piece as all your deep thoughts are ❤ ❤ ❤

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“The simplicity of living” I think that hits the nail on the head, Sue. In that simplicity we see the big value in the things we have taken for granted. We see the blessings in the things we have. We see the miracles in what we have become blind for. It is that simplicity that brings union and conentment and the insight that we all are connected by who we are, by where we come from, and by all our deeds.
I like what you said about experience. We need to learn or recognize again that our experiences are our creations and from there we can tell what we need to change.
Thank you, Sue. Your comment brought so much light again 💖

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Hi, Mark, it is a pleasure to meet you. Thank you for stopping by. I agree, it is very inspiring and every time I read it or when I saw the movie later, it revealed more insights or contexts for me.
I am very happy you liked the post, Mark 😊

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What a wonderfully, an deeply beautiful post! I think this is one of your best my friend. I saw the movie too, and even though it took alot of heat from the far right, it is an excellent and remarkable movie! I especially liked the Holy Spirit part. It was all wonderful though. And I love how you framed it here and your words.

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Thank you so very much, dear Nico. I am humbled by the words of a soulful being like you. This movie or actually what it conveyed triggered such warmth and love and happiness actually, so much beautiful energy which wanted to be put in words.
I loved how the three parts shared their message and how they did it. Those wonderful metaphors they used, so full of love and clarity.
Be blessed, dear friend, and thank you again!

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Hi, John, so nice to meet you! Thank you very much for coming over from Jan’s 😊
I have not thought of it but what you said feels familiar to me too. Deep inside there lies a truth and it is with us regardless of how much our mind tries to filter with its rational thinking. Thank you very much for your comment and for taking the time and reading. Have a lovely day, John!

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Thank you, Erica, for this beautiful post. We all need reminders – and nudges. Life is a gift, every moment, every tear. Sometimes we forget, we lose sight of the miracle, and then tragedy brings us home to deep truths and profound loves. We’re collectively at that moment. ♥

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You are so right. It may appear like a paradox but it is in tragedy which unfolds the most beautiful blessings and insights – the truth of life and about love, as you said. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment, Gwen. I appreciate it a lot 💖

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