From Patience to Spirituality – and Back

For today, I randomly picked a quote from the internet to get inspiration for something that may be important to share. It is interesting what quote my curser was resting on when I opened my eyes. Again, it is that patience thing.

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Daily Kind Quote

With Annette’s permission!

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In Love and Light

Stardust And Spirit – Oneness In All That Is

“Humans are made up of more than 90 percent stardust. Most of the body’s atoms and molecules were once formed in stars.”

A few weeks ago, I heard this in a movie, and it intrigued me. As a result, I came across some interesting articles on the Internet, for example, one from the Stuttgarter Nachrichten. Here is a short excerpt:

The specific chemical composition turns stardust into a diamond, stone or a plant, a bacterium, insect or a “Homo sapiens”. The cells in our bodies, the oxygen we breathe, the carbon and nitrogen in our tissues, the calcium in our bones – all come from stardust produced many billions of years ago and continuing to be generated.

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Daily Kind Quote

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

On a sidenote: This quote was created before I wrote my post #JustAThought… The Moment of Enlightenment. I just thought it goes along with it so well. It is a journey to get closer to the idea of who we really are. But real understanding may only happen after the journey was concluded.

In Love, Light and Health

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?

Two years ago, I wrote a post series “You’ve Got Me All Wrong” that already addressed this topic. But the circumstances we are in these days makes the voices louder again. Why does God let violence, sadness, accidents happen? Why doesn’t God keep us from harm? Has He left us alone in those times? Why does He allow the current situation? Why does He punish us?

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You Are The Light

Light of Lights please shine
Your fire every day
Through and from our hearts

Repeat these three lines and see what happens. At first sight, it may appear you need to sit back and wait until something is done to you or someone needs to do something to you. But something different happens while reading or saying these words. You reflexively open up your heart which is all it needs to let your being fill your room.

God’s energy is nothing separated from us which we need to add. It is something that already exists inside of us. But we are so used to believe that all good things are coming from outside of us that we forget to look inside.

When you ask the light of lights to shine, YOU shine.
In opening your heart you only activate the flow.
Check it out!


In Love and Light

Unlimited and Unstoppable!


We are developing in every single moment we exist. Whether we are awake or asleep or even in which form we do exist. Development happens naturally through all we see, all we hear, all we smell, all we experience, a smile we receive makes something happen, a bad word makes something happen. We cannot help it nor can we stop it. We save all those impressions within instants and it feeds our inner system. We collect everything in our files. Where we store it and how we rate an experience is subjective and defines the direction we develop to. But one thing is for sure, we do save everything. Even when we consciously decide not to let something affect our inner world, we save it! Read more ›

Love is patient, Love is kind…


What is love? How can it be defined? I don’t know if we ever get its whole meaning or even an idea of it. But the 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 provides a profound insight into what love can be and how we recognize if it is love we feel or only an aspect of it. It gives a direction if we act out of love and if we live in a love that is life’s elixir and our origin. Love is all we really need. That’s why we do so much in order to receive love. We make sacrifices, fight, murder, die. Love is the basic need we all have in common. If we have love there is no need to compensate it with anything in the world. The real true pure of love makes every miracle possible. Then we have found the master-key to life. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Love is within you

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

In Love and Light

You’ve Got Me All Wrong” 5 – Love Is All There Is


A few weeks ago I picked up one of Walsch’s books and began to read the first pages. After I read the short list of the 25 core messages to explain the main message (in the title) I stopped reading. It was so inspiring and I my mind started spinning. Before I am reading on I want to share the flow of pictures and thoughts of some of those core messages which immediately filled me. Most of those core messages won’t appear new since we are talking about them over and over again. We all share them with our own words. Isn’t that an amazing proof that we are fully aware of God’s message? If you would like to read the previous parts, you can check out here part 1, part 2,  part 3 and part 4 Read more ›



A few weeks ago I picked up one of Walsch’s books and began to read the first pages. After I read the short list of the 25 core messages to explain the main message (in the title) I stopped reading. It was so inspiring and I my mind started spinning. Before I am reading on I want to share the flow of pictures and thoughts of some of those core messages which immediately filled me. If you would like to read the first two parts, you can check out here part 1 and part 2. Read more ›

In Defeating Fear I Am Releasing Me

81619-Michael-Jordan-Quote-Any-fear-is-an-illusion-You-think-something.jpgI dare to say that fear is the origin of most or even all of our problems and troubles. Fear is a blocking filter built by the mind and it keeps us from connecting with the source of power inside of us. Peace, understanding, development, happiness – to sum it up – love, comes from within. Only if we open up the pipeline to that source, which is the origin of our being, we are able to live the life we are supposed to. We need to identify fear as a lie. Fear is a thought, an imagination and nothing else. It never tells the truth and is a big cheater.  Read more ›

Who We Are Is Healing Power


Two weeks ago I shared a story about the memory function of the heart which Gregg Braden told in a workshop some years ago. While interacting with Judy I mentioned that in a different workshop he told another extremely touching story which explains that we all have natural healing powers.  Read more ›

Healing Yourself Starts With Aligning With Your Self


When the energy can flow freely through the body it provides every single fiber in our body from head to toe with all it needs to be strong, happy, and healthy. Then you are in balance, healthy, and in peace. Then you don’t worry but simply take every step that is necessary to take through this journey. Then your physical being is aligned with your spiritual being. But seriously, who of us is in that state constantly? Read more ›

Unlimited and Unstoppable!

Today’s post was inspired by this post from Syl. When I read it I thought about how well it explains what I actually tried to convey in some of my posts but the quote he used said it all. We are developing in every single moment we exist. Whether we are awake or asleep or even in which form we do exist.

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Be Authentic – Be You – Be Love!

Lately, I came across this topic several times and thought it would make sense to repost an article I wrote almost 2 years ago:

Life isn’t about being someone we think we should be only because it sounds good because others want us to be, or in order to fit into a certain image of society. A faked personality only confuses the people around you and yourself over time more and more because the real identity gets lost.

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The Magic of Connection

We are connecting with each other in various ways daily. More consciously in our jobs, with family or friends, and more unconsciously in the bus, in the supermarket,… But there is something that happens beyond a visible or physical connection. There is something we feel before the first word is said, often even before the first eye contact. It is the radiation we feel about each other. That first impression. It may not give us a clear picture – because how we perceive a person says more about ourselves than about them – but it is very important for the way that encounter continues. It is like extending invisible tentacles in order to scan the other person.

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God Did Not Mean To Solve Our Problems…


How often are we raising our hands and crying to God for help? But what do we do next? Are we waiting that God waves His magic wand and fix everything just like a Genie “your wish is my demand”? Do we really think we realize the whole picture of the situation in which we might only play a tiny role? The situation might be part of a much bigger plan. Now if things do not change or dissolve as we desire we get the idea that God left us alone and is not interested in us. That is such a big misunderstanding.

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You – The Candle In The Dark

I wrote this post while sitting on my patio with my laptop. I love working outside, enjoying the sounds of nature around me, smelling the scent of the coming fall, and feeling the warmth of the last warm days. I wouldn’t mind if it stayed like this until next spring…. haha. We had some very hot times this summer and I loved it. I mind the cold rather than the heat. But during the last few days when it got really cool in the mornings and evenings, I noticed something about me. I enjoyed the chilly feeling on my skin in some way. It made me think of taking a hot bath or cuddling in some cozy clothes again.

What I enjoy about it is the moment when getting from the cold into the warmth. That cozy moment when cuddling into a warm blanket. When you get inside and a cup of coffee or tea is waiting for you. I noticed that temperatures of 12 °C (55 °F) in the morning already give me chills after the 30 °C (90 °F) only a week before. During winter we will get down to freezing temperatures and 12 °C will appear very warm again. Funny, how subjective we experience this.

It all made me think of the duality we live in and from which we learn. How we notice the warmth so much more when it is getting cold and how relatively cold and warm can be. When we never lost something we might not be able to treasure all that we still have. Because when we had it all and lost it we will be so much more aware and thankful for all the new things that come towards us again. Nobody wants to live in darkness, most of all not the ones who experienced it. But aren’t the ones who did, those who know the real value of the light? Aren’t the ones who got ill the ones who know how precious health is? Aren’t the ones who got heavily tested and challenged by life the ones who are most compassionate?

The contrast makes us understanding, appreciative, thankful, wiser, and stronger. Through contrast, we learn what we want and what we don’t want (anymore). We need to experience both sides in order to understand both. Again, we need to feel the warmth and the cold in order to understand what warm and cold actually mean. And now there is something else: Even if I learned for myself about warm and cold somebody else can experience it completely differently.

The physical world makes it possible that everyone can experience themselves within the duality in their personal and unique way. This is amazing in many ways. First, there is room for each and every experience and second, there is not only one single truth regarding perceiving life. We are bringing our own light down here. We are coming from a place of light. It is a shining place. But when everything is so light, how can we recognize our own light? That is why we come down here. The seasons, day and night are a visible analogy to the changes we are going through. When it is getting dark outside we are switching on the lights or light candles. WE MAKE LIGHT – because we want/need to see! When we find ourselves surrounded by darkness figuratively the moment will come when we recognize our light again. Those are the enlightening moments. Each of those moments makes us remember our own light again.

Contrast is what we chose in order to evolve and to have the moments of awareness which are fueling us with more power and joy than any physical possession or achievement ever could. The gift of this physical life is the gift of awareness. We get chances and choices. It is up to us what to choose. We often know in advance that one choice may cause us to cross a dark valley before we are reaching the sunny side again. We might not take that choice and stay on that side of the valley. But sometimes we know exactly what is waiting behind the valley and we risk the journey. Once we have reached the other side we are not only treasuring that sun even more but we are also so much stronger. The contentment that we made and the experiences we gained on our journey are giving this new place that we chose an even deeper meaning!

There are dark episodes in our lives. But don’t be afraid of the dark. It is only temporary. This is not your real home just a place to discover yourself. You are coming from light and you are light. Each time you see the sun dawning again will remind you. You are the candle in your own night. This light is always with you. You cannot lose it because you cannot lose who you are. Let yourself shine. It not only connects you stronger to your origin but it also helps others to find their lights again.

In Love and Light

Happiness Fair in Radolfzell, Germany

Hi friends, I wasn’t around today because in the morning I took off to Radolfzell. I was one of the speakers at the so-called Happiness Fair. A friend of mine, who did the setup and cover for my German I’m Free and who helped me with the translation of the English edition, had a booth at that fair. After I had given my lecture I helped her out at the booth when she gave her lecture. 

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Thoughts About The Soul

Do I really know what the soul is? No. I have a feeling, a strong feeling. I have a belief, a strong belief. But when I think back, that belief and feeling about what a soul is has changed or at least, has become a bigger picture over the years. I don’t know if I will ever get the whole picture. I may only see it once I get rid of my body and merge again with my source. I want to share some thoughts about the soul with you and I don’t know yet where I will end up.

I love to talk about the soul. Talking about the soul already makes me feel powerful and peaceful at the same time. There is a saying that strength lies in serenity and it is definitely true. The soul doesn’t need to prove anything. It knows it all. It doesn’t need to convince the ego that the ego is not slightly half as wise as the soul is. It makes no sense because the ego doesn’t even want to understand.

Wait…. the ego, the soul…. and I? That makes me think: Are there three? Because when I can decide between listening to the ego or the wisdom of my soul then “I” would be a third party. Yes, I believe that the “I” is an aspect of that huge formation called the soul. It is that aspect that was sent down to earth in order to experience itself and in order to remember who it is.

There are many aspects of the soul incarnating at the same time – our soul mates! And if our soul’s plan has it written in our incarnation contract, then we are even granted to meet our twin soul. I believe that twin souls or twin flames are literally two halves of this soul’s aspect. That’s why they feel more familiar with each other than with anyone else. They understand each other without words and they recognize each other immediately. They have everything in common for a solid base but each of them has exactly the perfect things to add in order to make both feel whole.

When I consciously align with my soul then I feel security and strength coming up within me. I feel surrounded and fulfilled by light. It is a feeling of knowing that all is well – no matter how it is. Because otherwise, it wouldn’t be as it is. It is a feeling of being guided and watched over me. A feeling of love and serenity but also the inner motivation to go for what I feel is my purpose, my dream, my order! And whatever I feel it might be, gives sense to my life. Then I feel where I belong in this life – I feel my place in this world. Is there anything for enhancing than feeling on track with who you are?

I don’t know, but I believe that the soul I belong to is part of the source. Eventually, we all together are the source – the incarnated aspects of a soul, all souls as part of the source. In my book I’m Free I explain that with a cake. All the ingredients you need are mixed together thoroughly. Whatever piece you cut out has the same composition. Even a crumb has that same composition. We all carry that divine spark within. That’s why we are all the same at our core. We have the same origin, we all enter a body, and we all are destined to leave it again. We all are exploring this physical life at different ages. We all have something to give. We all find limitations. We all are meant to overcome them in a unique way. We all have unique stories. We all are breathing the same air, and need food and water to nurture our bodies. We all are walking on the same road but moving differently. We are all – one energy. It cannot be separated, it only comes in different forms. But we are one energy and that’s what mankind needs to understand. We all have this creative power within but only when we consciously unite it we can create great things for everyone. Then we are having a world honoring the things we have in common and even more what the individual has to give in its uniqueness.

Then everybody will be free to fulfill their purpose which again we basically have in common: Experiencing this physical life in its fullness for the sake of everyone!

In Love and Light

God Is Spotless and So Are You!

We all carry our backpacks. We filled it with a variety of things. From all that we experience, we take something along and put it in our backpacks. When we are in a situation that feels like something we already experienced, we check our backpacks and take out the insight we once gained in order to deal with that situation in a better way.

Sadly we collect so many painful memories, bitterness, and resentments in that backpack. That is what makes it heavy and what makes us walk slower under its weight. Often we cannot move the way we want because the weight of the backpack limits our mobility. It can even cause physical disorders like back pain, muscle tension, short breath, joint issues, and much more.

When we look at it that way we see how little use it is to carry around pain or disappointments from the past. It doesn’t change the past but therefore, it destroys the present. Easier said than done, right? Really?

Who you really are is a divine being born into a human body in order to experience your existence with more senses. Only in that physical body, you can touch, breathe, smell, and feel a variety of emotions. It is like the suit of Iron Man. It has more functions than the person who directs that iron suit. And so it is with your spirit who needs a body to have more possibilities to experience itself. But the suit is not the person and the spirit is not the body. That iron suit can become a prison instead of a tool if we don’t see the misunderstanding. Who you really are is that spirit who simply identifies so doubtless with its body. Over time, it believes that it is the body, the pain it experienced, and the emotions it feels. But who you are is not the suit that houses you.

Being aware that you are nothing that is part of this physical world makes it so clear that all the pain you experience and the heavy weight you carry around is only an illusion you started to build up in your mind. You are spirit, you are divine, you are pure wisdom. But you want to remember that you are all that. That is the reason why you came into this world. You want to remember your light.

When you realize that your experiences, insights, and also scars are part of your backpack but not of yourself then you can simply take this backpack off your shoulders. Open it up and look into it. Throw out the heavy load or take the backpack completely off. You cannot accidentally throw away a beautiful memory. The insights learned lessons, and joyful experiences are never in a backpack. They have the same energy as your divine being. All the beautiful things which cause feelings of joy and enthusiasm are of the same energy as you are. That is, why it feels so good. It is like you. That’s why they simply strike a chord within you but they don’t burden you. Such experiences merge with you and make you stronger. You gain energy. What is a pain for? Actually only to show you the darkness in order to see your light even better.

You are not what you carry along. You are not, what you experience, you are not what you think, and most of all you are not what you see. But what you experience, think, and see is the blessing you are gifted with in order to feel alive and in order to fulfill your purpose. You are a shining being full of love and perfect in its composition. Because you have the same composition as the source that created you. You are part of that source, a drop of the ocean we call God. God is spotless – and so are you!

In Love and Light

101 KIND Quotes – New Release!


I cannot believe how fast it finally happened.

Book #5 has been published on March 1st, 2016.

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Reincarnation: What is the reason we incarnate?

Due to my absence I want to share a 2 part series about reincarnation with you which I published last year in November. I hope you like it:

November in Central Europe is the month we remember our deceased loved ones. November 1st therefore is a holiday. According to it the season changes: the nights are getting longer, the trees are mostly losing their last leaves, it is getting colder and we have a lot of fog over here. I thought this would be a fitting time for such a post in order to bring a little light into this season.

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Soul Mates – More Than Just The Love Of A Lifetime

The soul mate topic is always present. Through modern technology,  the internet, and our social media networks it is so much easier today to connect with the whole world. And it is even more stunning to connect with people we might have never seen before but who feel so very familiar. I found many friends here on WordPress who for sure I consider my soul mates. This is what I believe about soul mates:

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Be Authentic – Be You – Be Love!

Actually, I planned to post another article according to a request of a blogger friend for this Monday.  I hope you don’t mind that I changed my mind. A lot of things happened during the past few days and it made me spontaneously write this post:

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You Need To Feel It!

Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what you are in the process of becoming – Abraham/Ester Hicks

This sentence was hanging on my kitchen cupboard for the last 6 years. It made me aware of the fact that what I encounter in my life as positive or negative is not something that is sent to me from a higher force but is a reflection of how I encounter life.

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Divine Connection

Divine Connection

Created of one
And the same energy.
Separated in bodies
To make a separate history.

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The (very short) Story of Kathy Caterpillar!

While looking through my documents I found this little story. I was helping my friend test his website and thought why not having fun while testing and wrote the story as part of the content. It may sound like a kid’s story but it is on the ironic side – kind of ironic spirituality. I hope you have fun!

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Feelings and Emotions – Make them fit!

Did you ever think about if there is a difference between feelings and emotions? Feeling here is meant as a mental note as a physical perception. Feelings like emotions are affecting our actions in the end. Both are expressions from within. 

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The Flow of Life

Not driftwood nor can rocks
get stuck in the water’s flow.
It always finds a way right through
or over it to go.

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Follow your dreams

Last week I had an amazing live interview with Kimberly Rinaldy at Lessons in Joyful Living. We were talking about my book, my motivation to start it, my challenges, how I reached my breakthrough, and much more. Since there is so much more to say, Kimberly even invited me for another interview. I will keep you posted on the date.

We touched on one topic that is most important to me. Because it is one with which many of us are fighting during our lifetimes. I too did, because I thought I wasn’t meant for a purposeful life. I simply misunderstood that I am always fulfilling my purpose. But only when I rediscovered my value I started going for my dreams consciously. It was the time when I promised myself: “I will never ever look back and say that I had the chance, but didn’t take it because I was scared. And now it is too late.” Never!

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Footprints in the Sand by Mary Stevenson

While emailing Michelle Marie from we talked about the misunderstanding between so many people and God. That reminded me of a beautiful, touching, and comforting poem I would like to share with you. It still gives me goosebumps reading it:

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The Miracle of Liberation!

How do you define miracles? I’d say that usually, we mean an unexpected happening of luck, right? But my personal definition is: Miracles are happenings, encounters, twists, or coincidences which we cause by the way we think, and act and by how we apply our experiences to our lives.

Yesterday I experienced such a miracle. The miracle of breaking free.  Those are my favorite miracles. An experience I already had many times in my life. I was completely under the weather. I was thrown off the track!  Yes, even Mrs. Positive has breakdowns at times. But they are OK. They always come when I am about to shake off an old chain.

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Soul Mates

Recently I found this topic in a few posts. It inspired me to write a post about it. I truly think there is a big misunderstanding regarding the general meaning of soul mates. Just a few thoughts:

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“They are feeling the feeling as if…”

Just before I started writing this post I got a Twitter message in which I was invited to watch a fantastic video of the great Gregg Braden. I saw him at a workshop in Pasadena last October and was completely caught by his presence and his message. He explained perfectly how the heart has memory cells just like the brain. Therefore it has a brain of its own (actually each organ has but the heart has the most). This made me understand in a very physical explanation why the heart and mind are often pulling in different directions but also why they have so much power when aligned. Things we actually already perceive as inner knowing.

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Real Love is a Condition not an Emotion!

When I start writing my weekly post I can’t do it as long as I am not in a state of love. This state of love enables me to dig deep inside myself and expand into my inner cores. When I reach that place a feeling surrounds me that I am not able to describe but I try: It is a warmth and an all-embracing comfort that emerges, fills, and surrounds my whole being. It is a feeling of happiness and commitment. When I am feeling it I am so full of love that I am almost bursting. Every time I am in this state it is like an excursion to another world – a world of lightness, of being carried with strong invisible arms, a world in which we all are not only accepted for what we are and how we play our roles in life but even cherished for it. Yes, this state in which I dive in when I am writing is what I identify as divine love. It doesn’t judge but perceives. It doesn’t mourn about what was once but thanks for it. It doesn’t call for justice since there is an interaction that teaches us and keeps us in motion and development. It is a state of pure consciousness and a simple being.

I planned to write about something totally different. When I sat down and closed the door to my room (which says to everyone: Please, do not disturb!) I first went to this place of love in order to feel into the story which I wanted to write about. But – as often – it turns out differently. I love to write because I love to be in that state. I love to meditate because I love to be in that state. I love to love because I love to be in that state.

If ever possible I walk through life looking through the eyes of love. When you look through the eyes of love you perceive everything in a completely different way. You see a bee as divine creation which flies around all day long to just fulfill its purpose and we benefit from its purpose. This little bee serves us. A meadow of flowers in the spring makes our hearts jump and every single flower and piece of grass does serve us for that feeling. Everything around us serves us. Like every person serves us. When you see everything through the eyes of love you get distanced from physical needs and problems. You see the behavior of others towards you as struggles they have to deal with. You will be able to see their problems, their sorrows, or their burdens, or you will simply perceive that they might have those problems. Looking through the eyes of love will make you compassionate in a supportive but not in a pitying way which never helps. Acting now from this place of perception will lift you into a state of higher awareness and people can feel that. They will change their behaviors over time or even leave since they can’t deal with your new and higher vibration. People will just connect with you because they feel this love and love is all we need in the end. When it comes to the basics we don’t need good advice we only need love and everything else gets into a new order.

When we feel loved, we feel love. Out of that, we gain power, motivation, visions, courage, and strength. I am again at the point where I say: All we need is love!

I had a wonderful experience with a homeless person (actually there were two but I want to tell you about the first one). It was two years ago when I went to Pasadena for Wayne Dyer’s lecture. The lecture was scheduled for the evening but I was there already around 10 am. I strolled around, felt the warm Californian sun, and just enjoyed the me-time. While looking at some shop windows someone started talking to me. I turned around and saw a young-looking woman. She was dressed very simply. Her clothes looked old and used but tidy. She almost did not dare to look me in the eyes and felt guilty for talking to me. She said God bless you several times before she asked me for some money. When I saw her eyes I saw such sadness lying in them and the embarrassment to be in this situation. She said, she was pregnant and is all by herself and that she doesn’t know how to help herself but asked for some money. I am always very careful when it comes to those situations most of all when I am by myself. But this was different. When I looked into the eyes of that woman something happened. The world around us seemed to dissolve. There was only she and I within a bubble. I felt safe and looked into my purse. I only had a one-dollar-note and a twenty-dollar-note. After a second of course I pulled out the twenty-dollar note. When I gave it to her, her eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t stop thanking me. I couldn’t help it and hugged her strongly and long. I wished her all the blessings in the world. This woman gifted me with the greatest gift ever. She served me in activating the most wonderful feeling: the feeling of love. She seemed like an angel to me sent from above to make me see. I gave her money and she showed me something within myself I had never felt before.

I felt so much love for this woman I never met before – or did I? She felt so very close. And when at night Wayne Dyer was talking about divine love I knew that what I felt was the pure connection from soul to soul – the purest, deepest, and most primary connection possible. And yes, that way we met before…

In Love and Light!

Enjoy Life!

Most of you know about my two English books. But some of my friends are new to my community and I’d love to introduce my poem book Enjoy Life! to you. Read more ›

Love is patient, Love is kind…

All of you may know that I do have a deep faith that has nothing to do with any religion. Nevertheless, I love the Bible stories and their messages. Today I want to share a very famous excerpt, which is known in all parts of the world: The 1 Corinthians, chapter 13. It provides the core of what love is and how we recognize if we feel love, acts out of love, and live in a love that is life’s elixir and our origin. If we had no love… we had nothing. Love is all we really need. That’s why we do so much in order to receive love. We make sacrifices fight, murder, and die. Love is the basic need we all have in common. If we have love – if we really have, feel, and give love  – there is no need to compensate it with anything in the world. As soon as we are one with the real true pure love that makes every miracle possible we have found the master key to life.

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Guest blog on “Spirit and Place”


During the marketing campaign for my book, I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You are not I was invited to write a guest blog on Yesterday my article has been published. I would love you to take a look and read the article My Journey and of course, check out the blog!

In Love and Light!

Living spiritually doesn’t mean becoming a saint!

scheinheiliger engel

Actually I wanted to write a post about something totally different. But today while I was doing my household (I always get the best ideas during vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, or mowing the lawn – my head must be pretty empty then…), I started thinking about this subject.

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