Living spiritually doesn’t mean becoming a saint!

scheinheiliger engel

Actually I wanted to write a post about something totally different. But today while I was doing my household (I always get the best ideas during vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, or mowing the lawn – my head must be pretty empty then…), I started thinking about this subject.

I am pretty aware of who I am and of the reason why I am here. But instead of constantly being patient and polite and full of forgiveness, I just live my life with all its emotions. And I do it right because I am aware of the reason why I am here. How does that come?

Being spiritual doesn’t mean that we have to become spotless people. Uargh,… no way! That doesn’t work at all – at least not with me. I am having a hot temper and can be stubborn, jealous, angry, moody, and sooooo impatient (just to show a few examples) – I am simply living the life of a human being and I love it! At the moment living leaving like a saint felt too boring to me. This life has too much in store for me to be explored and felt in all its depth. Being spiritual means being aware of this and at the same time that you are a blissful, precious being, and being loved at all times of your existence. You only exist right because you are loved. Love is the origin of your existence. It is the existence of everything and all! Everything we see, encounter, feel, and touch is part of all that exists – whether physically or non-physically! What you are is pure spiritual energy (spotless energy).

But when we are such holy beings, why do we come to earth and be so mean, fight, compete, and have fears? Why do we do that to ourselves? Because we want to experience (not only know) who we are. We want to be reminded of it by everything that comes our way and pushes us more and more in the direction of awareness and awakening. As soon as we start to recognize our origin and why we are here, we see life in a totally different way. We understand that we are here to use our spiritual power combined with the physical possibilities to feel ourselves to the deepest and to extend ourselves into this physical world with everything we brought along.

Since everybody brings something different along and has different goals and ways to achieve things, many people are often misunderstood. That’s why many people are not taken seriously and are laughed at for their visions that others cannot understand – until they start to step up the ladder of manifesting what they believe in.

Spirituality doesn’t mean changing your personality, playing the role of a holy person, but taking responsibility for your behavior. However, you act or react is your decision! Being spiritual means being aware of who you are and of the reason why you have come to earth. When you are aware of who you are then you automatically know AND FEEL the connection with all that is, and with this certain love which you will never find in the physical world since it is far beneath it. You will consciously feel the constant flow of power and energy of your Source you are connected to endlessly. You will probably change your attitude and your point of view since you are aware of it all, and this will change your life dramatically. The reason is: You don’t have a reason anymore to fear anything. You not only understand your existence but also come to understand the existence of everybody else. And this again makes you develop a natural distance to taking things personally. You will feel more love and understanding. But you also will start to live this life to the fullest. You will follow your dreams since you know that you have come here to do it. You will be happy in a way you never knew it before – not happy as an emotion because of nice circumstances but happy as a basic condition of yourSelf!

Being aware of your spiritual core doesn’t mean becoming a saint but to reconnect with who you are. And who you are is sacred – however you live it.

Be aware of the spirit you are. Feel it and embed it into life. But also feel yourself deep with all the emotions your personality carries. You need certain characteristics to walk your own personal path through this lifetime.

Wherever you are today…… you will be propelled to places you have never dreamed of in your wildest dreams! Enjoy your life! You deserve it!!!

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Hi Erika!
This reminds me of the old saying, “Before Enlightenment, I chop wood and carry water. After Enlightenment, I chop wood and carry water.”
Thanks for all you do, Erika!


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Thank you, Joey! I love the saying. We have to live a life down here, which we chose long before we sliped into this body. So let’s chop wood and carry water and be happy about it…. that’s all we wanted to do…. 🙂


Yes it is. Sometimes I believed that spirituality was in conflict with desire and love, but I find it to be the opposite now. I am enlightened.

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