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#PoeticTuesday – 76

What You Want To See Becomes Your Reality

Life is not always roses
There’s never been a promise
Through challenges and hurdles
We are to grow on these

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Daily Kind Quote – 5081

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#PoeticTuesday – 68

Zest For Life

Journey leads through nights
Feeling like the end of days
Hope is almost gone

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Daily Kind Quote – 5041

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#JustAThought… The Healing Power of Grief

When I asked what to write for today, this topic came to my mind. I am not an expert on grief at all, but just someone who got confronted with it in different ways. So whatever I write here is not psychological expertise but only my thoughts on it, plus what seems to come through while writing. Please keep this in mind while reading.

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Daily Kind Quote

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Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com


I’m thankful for my feelings, from happiness to pain.
I’m thankful that none of it I experience is in vain.

I’m thankful for nature, for the ocean’s endless wide range.
I’m thankful for each person that gives my view a change.

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Have You Ever Lived?

Have you ever really lived?
Have you smelled the flowers in winter
Or recognized the raindrops in a leaf

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Have you ever seen a bee
Following its purpose

Have you ever seen a tree
Doubting its strength and growth

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Fill Your Years With Life


We hear it so often that we should enjoy life, not put anything off, let our soul unfold and follow the call of the heart. There are commitments, yes, but not all of them are real commitments. Many we do out of habit, even though times and circumstances have changed and the reason we took them on no longer even exists. We sometimes need to stop and examine how we are actually filling life. Is it only filled or is it also felt?

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What If… I Had Only One Day Left?


It is interesting what thoughts lead to the next one and the next one, and how they take you to solutions or insights you would never expect them to tell from the first thought. Lately, I was helping someone move into a new apartment. They moved into our closer neighborhood. While I was driving to that apartment, I was thinking of how the area had changed only within the past 5 years. Many things came to my mind that changed in general during that time, and my thoughts went 20, 30 years back. I began to think of what my life impacted, what pushed me, what directed me, what guided me, and what I myself moved (with or without the influence from outside). Even though I often think that I got stuck when emotions are surfacing which I thought I had worked out when actually, I was only successfully pushing them back.

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Daily Kind Quote

Do what is important to you.JPG

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Dreams – Reminders Of Your Soul


It is not always easy to do that. Daily life, obligations, and responsibilities do have a legitimation in this too! But too often we are scared to even think about following that voice which creates such beautiful and alluring pictures in our heads. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

LIfe provides possibilities

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Daily Kind Quote


With Ryan’s permission!

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Daily Kind Quote

When you laugh you are alive

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Daily Kind Quote


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Love is patient, Love is kind…


What is love? How can it be defined? I don’t know if we ever get its whole meaning or even an idea of it. But the 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 provides a profound insight into what love can be and how we recognize if it is love we feel or only an aspect of it. It gives a direction if we act out of love and if we live in a love that is life’s elixir and our origin. Love is all we really need. That’s why we do so much in order to receive love. We make sacrifices, fight, murder, die. Love is the basic need we all have in common. If we have love there is no need to compensate it with anything in the world. The real true pure of love makes every miracle possible. Then we have found the master-key to life. Read more ›

That Moment…


That moment, when you naturally take a deep breath with a smile on your face. That moment when you see the struggles you are in right now and maybe also the challenges ahead but without feeling under pressure. That moment when you find yourself above the life you lead. That moment when you realize that life has so much more to offer than what it demands from you. Read more ›

I AM … Happiness

Bildergebnis für quotes about happy soul

When I saw this quote – as simple as it is – my mind started spinning because it holds so much meaning in so many different ways. Then again, it nails it all down to the fact that the natural state of who we are is happiness. Read more ›

Dreams and Obligations

Bildergebnis für success Steve Jobs

We all have both of them. And much too often they seem to stand in opposition to each other.  Because what we do and what we would love to do sometimes appears like sitting in completely different corners. But why actually? Why should it be not possible to realize our dreams and fulfill our obligations or even make them our obligations at the same time? Read more ›

Gratitude – The Power of Awareness


Imagine sitting on the top of a mountain and looking down into the valley. High up above, you see everything from a distance, the bigger picture. You see how streets are leading to each other, how small creeks are leading into a river, how the river flows into a lake. From up there, you understand how everything works together in order to make it all a complete and how necessary every little thing is. Read more ›

Don’t Excuse Your Purpose – Live It!


Do you know how healthy you are? No, that is not turning out as a post about healthy food. What I mean is, do you know how long you will be healthy, strong, able to approach your plans, visions, dreams? Do you know how much time you are given in this lifetime?
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Don’t Regret – Become A Better Person

Bildergebnis für benjamin zander quotes

Recently, Colin of MeAndRay.com shared a wonderful link with me. It is a Ted Talk with the conductor Benjamin Zander. He is talking about the transformative power of classical music. No, this won’t become a post about classical music. What went so deep were Zander’s profound insights about life and beyond which he incorporated in his talk.“I will never say anything that couldn’t stand as the last thing I ever say.” This was the vow of a woman who survived Auschwitz. Zander told the story of that woman at the end of his talk. It is the inspiration for this post. I will try keeping this post shorter than my usual Monday posts because I want you to listen to that talk. Something wonderful will happen inside of you. Read more ›

#Haiku – Cut off the cords


Leave the chains behind

Spread your wings and fly away

Land when you’re tired

In Love and Light


#Haiku – Alive


The begin of life

Is not the day you were born

Give life a reason!


In Love and Light

Be Authentic – Be You – Be Love!

Lately, I came across this topic several times and thought it would make sense to repost an article I wrote almost 2 years ago:

Life isn’t about being someone we think we should be only because it sounds good because others want us to be, or in order to fit into a certain image of society. A faked personality only confuses the people around you and yourself over time more and more because the real identity gets lost.

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When You Listen To Your Heart, Fear Loses Its Voice!

What is the greatest motivator you can imagine? The joy of making your life more than it is now. This has nothing to do with being discontented or even unhappy. It is actually the other way around. It is the knowledge that each step we take in life leads us to another platform. From there we see new things which trigger something which was lying dormant within us waiting for the moment when we are ready to wake it up.

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Don’t Let Their Discontentment Control Your Life!

As you may know, some weeks ago I translated for two English mediums at their sessions. It was insightful in many ways. I learned so much and got confirmed in many things I was already convinced about. One case touched me a lot. There was a woman who was involved in a bad accident some time ago. She was close to death but survived. The accident caused massive brain injuries and she still suffers from a limited way of understanding and comprehending. She is slower in thinking and moving, and the left side of her face is still a bit paralyzed. But she has come such a long way due to her strong willpower and she is still progressing. She even started an education on the internet in order to step back into life actively. Now what hurts her so much is that her husband has turned away from her. He is only complaining and blaming her for each and every little thing. She cannot do anything right and gets screamed at all the time. She desperately tries everything to be loved by him the way he did before the accident happened.

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I May Be Sad But Not Unhappy!

Even the happiest people are sad at times. Things go wrong, and disappointments and losses happen. If we have an open heart and feel love then we also feel pain. But that is not a bad thing. Feeling sad means that we are able to feel. If someone tells me to never be sad about something then I think that person either lies or ignores their own feelings which are only suppression of things they may be scared to look at. Never accepting being sad (here I am at this unhealthy way of positive thinking) will start growing inside like cancer and eating that person up.

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Why Feeling Lonely?

There can be times in life when we feel like aliens. Like there is no one on this planet who cares for us or who is interested in who we are. Many are interested in what we do but those are the ones who may turn away as the first ones when what we do doesn’t meet their expectations. Why do we get to that point? What can be the reason – or the reasons?

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You – The Candle In The Dark

I wrote this post while sitting on my patio with my laptop. I love working outside, enjoying the sounds of nature around me, smelling the scent of the coming fall, and feeling the warmth of the last warm days. I wouldn’t mind if it stayed like this until next spring…. haha. We had some very hot times this summer and I loved it. I mind the cold rather than the heat. But during the last few days when it got really cool in the mornings and evenings, I noticed something about me. I enjoyed the chilly feeling on my skin in some way. It made me think of taking a hot bath or cuddling in some cozy clothes again.

What I enjoy about it is the moment when getting from the cold into the warmth. That cozy moment when cuddling into a warm blanket. When you get inside and a cup of coffee or tea is waiting for you. I noticed that temperatures of 12 °C (55 °F) in the morning already give me chills after the 30 °C (90 °F) only a week before. During winter we will get down to freezing temperatures and 12 °C will appear very warm again. Funny, how subjective we experience this.

It all made me think of the duality we live in and from which we learn. How we notice the warmth so much more when it is getting cold and how relatively cold and warm can be. When we never lost something we might not be able to treasure all that we still have. Because when we had it all and lost it we will be so much more aware and thankful for all the new things that come towards us again. Nobody wants to live in darkness, most of all not the ones who experienced it. But aren’t the ones who did, those who know the real value of the light? Aren’t the ones who got ill the ones who know how precious health is? Aren’t the ones who got heavily tested and challenged by life the ones who are most compassionate?

The contrast makes us understanding, appreciative, thankful, wiser, and stronger. Through contrast, we learn what we want and what we don’t want (anymore). We need to experience both sides in order to understand both. Again, we need to feel the warmth and the cold in order to understand what warm and cold actually mean. And now there is something else: Even if I learned for myself about warm and cold somebody else can experience it completely differently.

The physical world makes it possible that everyone can experience themselves within the duality in their personal and unique way. This is amazing in many ways. First, there is room for each and every experience and second, there is not only one single truth regarding perceiving life. We are bringing our own light down here. We are coming from a place of light. It is a shining place. But when everything is so light, how can we recognize our own light? That is why we come down here. The seasons, day and night are a visible analogy to the changes we are going through. When it is getting dark outside we are switching on the lights or light candles. WE MAKE LIGHT – because we want/need to see! When we find ourselves surrounded by darkness figuratively the moment will come when we recognize our light again. Those are the enlightening moments. Each of those moments makes us remember our own light again.

Contrast is what we chose in order to evolve and to have the moments of awareness which are fueling us with more power and joy than any physical possession or achievement ever could. The gift of this physical life is the gift of awareness. We get chances and choices. It is up to us what to choose. We often know in advance that one choice may cause us to cross a dark valley before we are reaching the sunny side again. We might not take that choice and stay on that side of the valley. But sometimes we know exactly what is waiting behind the valley and we risk the journey. Once we have reached the other side we are not only treasuring that sun even more but we are also so much stronger. The contentment that we made and the experiences we gained on our journey are giving this new place that we chose an even deeper meaning!

There are dark episodes in our lives. But don’t be afraid of the dark. It is only temporary. This is not your real home just a place to discover yourself. You are coming from light and you are light. Each time you see the sun dawning again will remind you. You are the candle in your own night. This light is always with you. You cannot lose it because you cannot lose who you are. Let yourself shine. It not only connects you stronger to your origin but it also helps others to find their lights again.

In Love and Light

The Healing Power Within!

This is a story that moves me deeply not only because it happened in my closest circle of the family but most of all because it shows that we have powers within us that are greater than our bodies could ever be. Actually, those powers are the force to strengthen and heal the body. Yes, we can heal through the power of our spirits which is the power of love!

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The Power and Meaning Of Dreams!

Follow your dreams, dream big, make your dreams come true, and live your dreams… It may sound naive or thoughtless when you are struggling with daily things. But there is such a big truth behind it.

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Love – More Than Just A Feeling!

The first thing when we hear the word Love may be this most fulfilling relationship between two people, feeling butterflies, romance, holding hands, kissing, thinking about creating a life together and perhaps doing it, being there for each other no matter what, one mind, one heart, one soul… To me, this is still the highest level of love we can experience when two people are giving their all for each other. But there is so much more about love.

When I started writing this post I received a picture of a pyramid. We started at the peak with the “lovebirds” but that is not the base of what love is. There is something very very big far beneath which gives those lovebirds the necessary boost to fly. Let’s go down to the foundation in 5 more steps. For a better understanding: When I describe love in different relationships I am talking about the ideal/common way. I try to keep it short in order to not exceed your patience with reading. But I would love to write more about the different subjects if you would like me to.

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There is more than you might see!

Most of you know that I had the exciting opportunity to be at the Blogger Bash 2016 in London last weekend. But due to the fact that I lost a whole weekend and had some stressful days before I wasn’t able to write a new Monday Post. I decided to pick a fitting one from March 2015 and modified it a bit.
We are more than what we experience and in order to recognize and feel that, we need to pause. Please don’t miss to watch the inspiring slideshow at the end of this post. I watch it from time to time and it always has this amazing calming and centering effect.

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So Excited!!!

When have you been excited the last time? Did something turn out the way you wished for? Did you meet lovely people? Did you succeed in something you worked for hard? Did things you were waiting and longing for finally come true? How did it feel? Weren’t you filled with adrenaline? Weren’t you filled with a feeling of immense power? There was happiness, gratitude, and contentment in abundance, right? You saw that in the end things are well. You felt what happiness is about, what joy is about, and perhaps even what life is about. But most of all you felt so very deep in the most positive way. And yes, that is what life is about.

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Don’t Excuse Your Purpose – Live It!

Do you know how healthy you are? No, that is not turning out as a post about healthy food. I am the wrong one for that. That’s Colleen’s realm. What I mean is, do you know how long you will be healthy, strong, and able to approach your plans, visions, and dreams? Do you know how much time you are given in this particular lifetime?

There is this touching story about that man who caresses the beautiful silky nightgown of his wife which he just found in a drawer. She kept it untouched for special occasions to surprise him. In the end, she never wore them and he never saw them on her … We don’t know what happens in one year, heck, we don’t even know what happens in the next moment. That doesn’t mean that we need to panic and start hectically to accomplish everything at once. It shall simply say that we need to stop postponing things.

Yes, sometimes there are different priorities. But what I am talking about here are the things we could do but don’t. It is more convenient to find an excuse instead of making the effort to get something started. It can be out of laziness. Very often it is out of a lack of self-esteem – the fear of failing, the fear of being questioned, the fear of being criticized. We use excuses like I am not smart enough, I am too old, I don’t have the time, I never did it before.

So what? If we never do something we never did before, then we never do anything! What is progress? It is evolving into something that wasn’t there before. We are here to evolve. That is the meaning of life. During life our bodies are developing, our minds are developing, our personalities are developing, and so shall develop the life we live!

We all have skills, talents, abilities, and dreams. The combination of it all is what waits for you to be brought into the world or developed within you. You are 70 and always dreamed of learning Mandarin? Do it!!! Don’t say, I am too old. What do you have to lose?

One of those excuses which makes the least sense to me is to resign from something out of respect for others. For example, parents who cannot let go of their children: “I cannot travel the world for one year because it would break my mother’s heart when I am gone for so long.” “I cannot accept that job because I had to move to another city which would hurt my parents.” I can get mad when I hear something like that. No parents must make their children feel guilty when for living their own life. From day one on parents needs to be aware of the fact that they raise their children in order to prepare them for life. A child has to be supported in finding its own way in this world. Of course, it is different when parents are sick and in need of help.

It is your life. Don’t wait until you look back and realize that you don’t need excuses anymore because the opportunities have already gone. It is the worst thing I can imagine I could do to myself. Because in the end there is no one to blame but myself.

Don’t be afraid of leaving your comfort zone and breaking out of your old life. You can never fail. I repeat: YOU CAN NEVER FAIL!!! Because whatever you do today brings you further than you were yesterday. Every insight is a step up the stairs of your personal evolution.

Wear those silky nightgowns and enjoy them. Make others smile with who you are. Enjoy your life by filling it with who you are and expanding that person you are. You don’t know what the next day brings. Use the time you are given. Make this education, join this class, do something that you always wanted to do, and take the first steps towards it. Even if you don’t know how to accomplish it. There are people to ask, there are books to read, and there is the internet. Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is no deadline. You only need to start and move forward step by step. Some steps are happening faster and easier, and some need more time.

Entering this new world within your life will open up new options too. You will find even more fulfillment than you had ever imagined. All the new things you encounter leave something that inspires and shows you more things to explore. You will discover much more about yourself and you will feel as if life had just begun.

You have come into this world to live your purpose – in order to live a fulfilled life and in order to serve others with it at the same time. This life is a giving and receiving. Life is for a living! We only live when we feel ourselves. We feel ourselves the best when we dilate our inner world into the outer world.

Fill your life with meaning and start today! 

In Love and Light

The Magic of Christmas 💖

I guess you all agree that Christmas is the time of year when we are more receptive to sharing love and compassion, lending hands, and being more tolerant than at any other time of the year. Although the hectic of finding our way through overcrowded stores and getting the last Christmas gifts just in time can be very stressful. But let’s leave that out for a moment and just concentrate on the meaning of Christmas.

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Control is an Illusion!

Life happens while we are making other plans.

I like this quote a lot. We are making plans for our nearer or further future, scheduling our days and then things happen which can change everything in an instant. The weather changes, someone gets sick, the job gets lost, accidents happen, or even more life-impacting things.  We have no control over what happens around us. This is something we can be scared of or something that can even give us relief because we can let go of the pressure to keep everything under control.

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Are You still Comfortable Or Already Living?

Yes, I borrowed that title from a commercial slogan of a famous furniture designer…. 😁

Last week I was a guest on Kimberly Rinaldi’s live radio show Lessons in Joyful Living. It was a fantastic interview and I enjoyed it from the first until the last minute. It was my 3rd live radio interview. Was I still nervous? Yes, I was; throughout the day! But sometime before the show started this nervousness changed into excitement and anticipation.

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The Magic Glasses Of Love!

There is a Buddhist Temple I visit every time I am in California. A beautiful huge facility. Even only entering the main temple I immediately feel an energy of calmness and peace. Whenever I go there something is on my mind and every time I gain insights. This time was special.

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Gratitude – The Power of Awareness

Imagine sitting on the top of a mountain and looking down into the valley. High up above, you see everything from a distance, the bigger picture. You see how streets are leading to each other, how small creeks are leading into a river, how the river flows into a lake. From up there you understand how everything works together in order to make it all a complete and how necessary every little thing is. Read more ›

The Power of Fate

The waves, they come and go

My view touches the horizon

My thoughts fly far beyond

Memories of sacred moments

And visions of upcoming times

I let them go and let them pass

I let them come and grab their ………… insights (lol)

I see him smile

The Buddha inside

To strengthen my faith

To confirm my belief

To encourage my journey

What lies behind 

Is like a trail of feathers

Confirming  the direction I have chosen

In order to sit here 

And watch the waves come and go

With beautiful memories of sacred moments

And visions of upcoming times

In Love and Light

Make me an instrument of thy peace!


During a chat with a friend here on  WordPress, I got reminded of one of my biggest inspirations regarding what I see as my purpose: The Saint Francis prayer

Only when reading it, something opens up within me. Like the dawning sun, there is this love rising up. This love has only one purpose: to spread love towards everybody’s heart in order to make them rise their inner sun too.

We are in a time of change. People run from dark places and try to find the light somewhere else. What we realize more and more these days is that only when we start acting from our heart – first towards ourselves and then towards everybody around us – we can end the pain, end war, and suffering. When we act from this place of love inside of us we feel a deep connection to everyone. Because love is the energy that created us, that we are, and that connects one another over the globe – regardless of any religious, cultural, racial, or political background. We are all loved and we want to feel loved. Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to realize that someone feels deeply loved because you made that person feel loved? Because you showed that person that they are important, that they are precious, that they are beautiful, that they are perfect the way they are, just because they are as they are? Isn’t that the only technique to fill your heart with true and enduring love?

I remember back in 1984. I was 14, sitting in my classroom (bored by the subject) and pondering about life. I was thinking about what would give my life meaning, and fulfill me? And there was this thought coming up: “Make others feel good.” I don’t know where that came from. But it was there out of the blue. At the same moment, I got tears in my eyes because I felt a warmth in my chest expanding and rising up. A feeling that must have been of deep love. I remember it so clearly because it was a moment of awakening. From that moment on I tried to look deeper into my friends and other people. I wanted to understand them and through this spent encouragement and comfort.

Unfortunately, I lost that over the following years when I lost myself. But it always rose up between and for at least 6 years it is a companion wherever I walk.

It is my greatest joy to see others happy and it is my greatest fulfillment when I could make someone smile. Reading the Saint Francis Prayer again reminded me of this wonderful tool we have with us all the time. The tool that ceases sadness and suffering, that ceases anger and hatred, that ceases darkness and brings light. The tool of our origin, that divine spark within – LOVE

When we let love speak, we truly lose anything that is not love. We are dying to the old identification with us and are born into the eternal awareness of love and love itself. Love is life  – eternal life.

Our recently passed Wayne Dyer introduced me to the Saint Francis Prayer. He mentioned it in some of his books. When I joined my first lecture with him, he played a song by Cecilia. She is also called The Healing Voice. I bought one of her CDs and there was also the Saint Francis Prayer recorded. The song was exclusively written for her. It is very beautiful and I want to share this song with you too.

I won’t analyze too much about the prayer itself but ask you to simply open up to those lines and see what happens within you when you let the words touch your heart.

The Prayer of Saint Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.

In Love and Light



So dark and so lonely

My heart was for years

Ruled by my self-doubts

Controlled by my fears

For far too long

I thought there must be

A change in the world

or a savior for me

But nothing did happen

No one understood

No one did care

If only I could…

Being who I am

Or who I wanna be

Not caring if others

Did understand me

All of a sudden

I thought: Why not I?

No one can judge me

Cause no one is I

I started to rise

Started living my dream

Not afraid anymore

That someone could be mean

I respect and I love me –

The person I am

Enabled me greatly

To love everyone

The smile that I’m wearing

Is no fake anymore

It shines from my heart

As the light of my core

Today I am content

No more fears, I am free

With me, the world changed

And the savior has been me!

In Love and Light

Be Authentic – Be You – Be Love!

Actually, I planned to post another article according to a request of a blogger friend for this Monday.  I hope you don’t mind that I changed my mind. A lot of things happened during the past few days and it made me spontaneously write this post:

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What is connecting each other and of what use are differences?

The topic for this post was given by Keith of btg5885. I thank you very much, Keith, for dropping me your questions. It is one of my favorite topics to write about.  Here are Keith’s questions:

What are the common attributes in people who connect us? And, what are the differences that make life fun and interesting and make us better than who we are by experiencing them?

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We Are The Seeds Of Love

The song I posted last Wednesday as my Song of the Day inspired me to this post. It made me think of the need for tolerance, acceptance, of compassion, respect, and empathy.  When I prepared that post I did not expect the wonderful developments here in Europe.

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Dreams Are My Reality

Everybody has dreams. There is no one who doesn’t dream about anything. May it be a different way of living, a different job, a new car, a vacation, an achievement, a project, an education, the love of a lifetime, or different neighbors (LOL)… there is so much we can dream of.

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Dreaming on a Sunny Afternoon

A sunny summer afternoon
The wind is blowing through the trees
The scent of fresh-cut grass and flowers fills the air
From afar the church bells are ringing at half past 3
I sit and look across the mountains
My thoughts are traveling beyond them where the ocean lies
And then I drift into memories of the past
Oh what a year of rise and fall
Of going down and standing tall
One of my best years ever, I think
So much I picked up, sowed, and let grow
I turn my head and here it flies
A butterfly so white
Bringing me back to the present moment
I see the fruits I already could reap
The fruits of life’s unfolding make me stand in awe
Causing gratitude for every bow I needed to take to sow a seed
For the garden of my life
My life is a garden of white roses now
Again the butterfly continues its journey
I follow its lighthearted flight
Into a future where I will be able
To reap the fruits of the seeds I sow today
The seeds of the fruits I already hold in my hands
Seeds of happiness
Seeds of thankfulness
Seeds of love
All is well, I think
All is simply well
On this sunny summer afternoon

In Love and Light

You Need To Feel It!

Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what you are in the process of becoming – Abraham/Ester Hicks

This sentence was hanging on my kitchen cupboard for the last 6 years. It made me aware of the fact that what I encounter in my life as positive or negative is not something that is sent to me from a higher force but is a reflection of how I encounter life.

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Energy of Change

You’re like a fresh new summer breeze,
Like the shade on a hot day.
You’re like a river I am soaring on
Which carries me away.

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Love is the Cause, the Key, and the Result!

Last week I experienced, received, and felt so much love which makes me write about love again. I am most grateful for what we all experience here with each other. It is a constant giving and receiving. We all show an example that differences are not a reason to separate but to unite.

I don’t know how you feel about it. But often times I am so filled with love and gratitude that I don’t know where to put it. Sometimes I know where it comes from and sometimes I don’t.

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Self-Love: The Art Of Accepting Compliments!

This post was inspired by a post of a friend I read last week. It was about the problem of accepting compliments. I had a lot of problems accepting compliments until I was 39. I was convinced I wasn’t worth nice words. Yes, everybody is worth nice words… but not me.

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No More Excuses – The World Is Yours!

Within my important breakthrough year, I printed the 18 excuses from Wayne Dyer’s book Excuses BeGone we mostly use instead of just going for what we feel inside. In turns, I hung 6 of them which spoke most to me into my kitchen. I went for each of them and made enormous steps in growing myself.

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I Am…!

I recently posted a quote titled Who Am I? It said: Realizing who you are, does not mean finding out who you are!

We mostly notice that at times we are feeling something in certain situations which is not for our benefit. That can be anger, jealousy, greed, frustration, or resistance. And we don’t even know why we feel it. It is coming up like a reflex when a certain person calls or when we are confronted with repeating issues or happenings. Then these emotions show up and take over instantly and we feel helpless doing anything against them. But we know exactly that we don’t want it, that it is in our way, and that it would make our life so much easier without them. But how to get there?

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Feelings and Emotions – Make them fit!

Did you ever think about if there is a difference between feelings and emotions? Feeling here is meant as a mental note as a physical perception. Feelings like emotions are affecting our actions in the end. Both are expressions from within. 

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Once I Wished for a Magic Wand…

Once I wished for a magic wand…
when I was looking at my broken dreams and fixing my wounded heart.
when I looked at myself as the greatest failure.
when I cried about my helplessness.
when I wished to change what caused sadness and pain by my own actions.
when I wanted to see people as they are in order to not be disappointed by them later.

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You don’t need to fly alone

So many dreams within your heart,
So much you’re yearning for.
You’re hoping and believing that
One day you’ll see that door.

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Healing Flame

When you did come from deep despair
recognizing your bright light,
things are changing all around
and banish every night.

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The Flow of Life

Not driftwood nor can rocks
get stuck in the water’s flow.
It always finds a way right through
or over it to go.

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Life isn’t about controlling but about unfolding!

During the past weeks, I often posted, read, and experienced what a blessing and relief it is to stop controlling life. Some things we can but some things just happen. The most beautiful things in life only unfold when we stop forcing and controlling out of fear it wouldn’t turn out the way we want or out of fear we could lose something. But that’s not true. Things that are about to unfold are meant to unfold. But in believing, we might keep control over the unfolding and the way how things are supposed to unfold we simply scrunch the fragile flower that just started to open up.

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The Colors of the Rainbow

When I see a rainbow
my heart is getting light.
It shows that heaven’s guidance
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Follow your dreams

Last week I had an amazing live interview with Kimberly Rinaldy at Lessons in Joyful Living. We were talking about my book, my motivation to start it, my challenges, how I reached my breakthrough, and much more. Since there is so much more to say, Kimberly even invited me for another interview. I will keep you posted on the date.

We touched on one topic that is most important to me. Because it is one with which many of us are fighting during our lifetimes. I too did, because I thought I wasn’t meant for a purposeful life. I simply misunderstood that I am always fulfilling my purpose. But only when I rediscovered my value I started going for my dreams consciously. It was the time when I promised myself: “I will never ever look back and say that I had the chance, but didn’t take it because I was scared. And now it is too late.” Never!

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There is more than you might see!

There are times, we feel left alone by all the world and his brother. We feel harried, disappointed and under massive pressure from all sides. Some people seem to have it in for giving us a hard time. There are problems in the job or it is a time of big stress. Perhaps your private life has reached a point and you question where your relationship shall lead to. Maybe your worry about someone you love or someone who said goodbye. Sometimes you come to a point when you ask yourself: Was that it? Was that my life? Is there nothing waiting for me anymore?

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Meet me at Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi

I will have a  live radio interview with Kimberly Rinaldi

on Tuesday, March 3rd at 10 AM PST.

It would be fantastic if you shared these live moments with me.  Since it is a live stream you can even call in and ask me questions. That way we could talk to each other after we read so much from another.

You can listen to the show: http://lijlnetwork.com/shows/lessonsinjoyfulliving

You can call in: 866-404-6519 or go to http://www.LIJLradio.com/chat

Not able to listen LIVE? You can listen on iTunes ANYTIME http://bit.ly/LIJLiTunes

Hope to meet you, my friends!

In Love and Light!

The Journey of a Miracle!

I so often think back on how things have come together in order to unfold the way I find them in my life today. It is an exciting journey of exploring. It helps to understand the universal laws, gives lots of profound insights, and therefore strengthens my faith.

My most impressive string of unfolding in order to come to new unfolding is the story of how I came to write my book I’m Free and so much that followed. It is a huge story. When you read my book then you find lots of examples in it from my own life of how to break free. I am currently writing a new book which is about miracles. The story I want to tell you today is mentioned in that book and it is still a miracle to me. But at the same time, it is only a part of a far bigger miracle that still seems to unfold.

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The Miracle of Liberation!

How do you define miracles? I’d say that usually, we mean an unexpected happening of luck, right? But my personal definition is: Miracles are happenings, encounters, twists, or coincidences which we cause by the way we think, and act and by how we apply our experiences to our lives.

Yesterday I experienced such a miracle. The miracle of breaking free.  Those are my favorite miracles. An experience I already had many times in my life. I was completely under the weather. I was thrown off the track!  Yes, even Mrs. Positive has breakdowns at times. But they are OK. They always come when I am about to shake off an old chain.

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Real Love is a Condition not an Emotion!

When I start writing my weekly post I can’t do it as long as I am not in a state of love. This state of love enables me to dig deep inside myself and expand into my inner cores. When I reach that place a feeling surrounds me that I am not able to describe but I try: It is a warmth and an all-embracing comfort that emerges, fills, and surrounds my whole being. It is a feeling of happiness and commitment. When I am feeling it I am so full of love that I am almost bursting. Every time I am in this state it is like an excursion to another world – a world of lightness, of being carried with strong invisible arms, a world in which we all are not only accepted for what we are and how we play our roles in life but even cherished for it. Yes, this state in which I dive in when I am writing is what I identify as divine love. It doesn’t judge but perceives. It doesn’t mourn about what was once but thanks for it. It doesn’t call for justice since there is an interaction that teaches us and keeps us in motion and development. It is a state of pure consciousness and a simple being.

I planned to write about something totally different. When I sat down and closed the door to my room (which says to everyone: Please, do not disturb!) I first went to this place of love in order to feel into the story which I wanted to write about. But – as often – it turns out differently. I love to write because I love to be in that state. I love to meditate because I love to be in that state. I love to love because I love to be in that state.

If ever possible I walk through life looking through the eyes of love. When you look through the eyes of love you perceive everything in a completely different way. You see a bee as divine creation which flies around all day long to just fulfill its purpose and we benefit from its purpose. This little bee serves us. A meadow of flowers in the spring makes our hearts jump and every single flower and piece of grass does serve us for that feeling. Everything around us serves us. Like every person serves us. When you see everything through the eyes of love you get distanced from physical needs and problems. You see the behavior of others towards you as struggles they have to deal with. You will be able to see their problems, their sorrows, or their burdens, or you will simply perceive that they might have those problems. Looking through the eyes of love will make you compassionate in a supportive but not in a pitying way which never helps. Acting now from this place of perception will lift you into a state of higher awareness and people can feel that. They will change their behaviors over time or even leave since they can’t deal with your new and higher vibration. People will just connect with you because they feel this love and love is all we need in the end. When it comes to the basics we don’t need good advice we only need love and everything else gets into a new order.

When we feel loved, we feel love. Out of that, we gain power, motivation, visions, courage, and strength. I am again at the point where I say: All we need is love!

I had a wonderful experience with a homeless person (actually there were two but I want to tell you about the first one). It was two years ago when I went to Pasadena for Wayne Dyer’s lecture. The lecture was scheduled for the evening but I was there already around 10 am. I strolled around, felt the warm Californian sun, and just enjoyed the me-time. While looking at some shop windows someone started talking to me. I turned around and saw a young-looking woman. She was dressed very simply. Her clothes looked old and used but tidy. She almost did not dare to look me in the eyes and felt guilty for talking to me. She said God bless you several times before she asked me for some money. When I saw her eyes I saw such sadness lying in them and the embarrassment to be in this situation. She said, she was pregnant and is all by herself and that she doesn’t know how to help herself but asked for some money. I am always very careful when it comes to those situations most of all when I am by myself. But this was different. When I looked into the eyes of that woman something happened. The world around us seemed to dissolve. There was only she and I within a bubble. I felt safe and looked into my purse. I only had a one-dollar-note and a twenty-dollar-note. After a second of course I pulled out the twenty-dollar note. When I gave it to her, her eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t stop thanking me. I couldn’t help it and hugged her strongly and long. I wished her all the blessings in the world. This woman gifted me with the greatest gift ever. She served me in activating the most wonderful feeling: the feeling of love. She seemed like an angel to me sent from above to make me see. I gave her money and she showed me something within myself I had never felt before.

I felt so much love for this woman I never met before – or did I? She felt so very close. And when at night Wayne Dyer was talking about divine love I knew that what I felt was the pure connection from soul to soul – the purest, deepest, and most primary connection possible. And yes, that way we met before…

In Love and Light!

Gratitude Friday!

What are you grateful for

What are you grateful for? Perhaps just add some points you are grateful for in your post today and have the happiest weekend!

In Love and Light!

The small steps are the important ones!

Throughout December we read a lot more posts about sadness, problems within the family, violence, hunger, frustration, poverty, and broken hearts,… I guess like all of you it really moves and while we are reading those stories we wish to just hug those people and tell them that they are not alone although it seems for them.
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Don’t fear, just love!

Do you know that? You want something so hard that your thoughts are only circling around that one thing. May it be a certain outcome of a project, or of a decision someone else makes, a job you want, showing up something you want in your life, winning the jackpot, … If something you have dreamed of for a long time is coming closer and closer but has not manifested yet, you could go crazy because you fear to lose it before you even had. There is still excitement about the fulfilling of that dream but the fear of a possible failure is growing more and more. Why? Read more ›

Love is patient, Love is kind…

All of you may know that I do have a deep faith that has nothing to do with any religion. Nevertheless, I love the Bible stories and their messages. Today I want to share a very famous excerpt, which is known in all parts of the world: The 1 Corinthians, chapter 13. It provides the core of what love is and how we recognize if we feel love, acts out of love, and live in a love that is life’s elixir and our origin. If we had no love… we had nothing. Love is all we really need. That’s why we do so much in order to receive love. We make sacrifices fight, murder, and die. Love is the basic need we all have in common. If we have love – if we really have, feel, and give love  – there is no need to compensate it with anything in the world. As soon as we are one with the real true pure love that makes every miracle possible we have found the master key to life.

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In Aging we show our True Colors!


Over here fall slowly turns to winter regarding the rare brown and dry leaves left on the trees. A few weeks ago I took that picture above in a theme park where we spent a day with two of our kids. It was a warm and sunny day. Although it was almost mid-October we wore t-shirts most of the time. It was a beautiful day.

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You are light!

Give hope

The doormat syndrom!


Isn’t it wonderful to have your friends and family, being needed, go out and have fun, have listeners and supporters when we are in trouble and be a listener and supporters for others? Yes, wonderful to be part of such a net.

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Another big step on the ladder of realized dreams!


My dear friends. I am still in Pasadena and can’t wait to share this wonderful weekend with you after the completion of my book signing.

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Make it like a Dandelion!


Imagine a dandelion. I guess every child that lives in an area where this flower grows has blown away the little umbrellas it develops after its blooming period. It is amazing to see these fluffy seeds drifting away with the wind and gently landing somewhere in order to become a new dandelion. Although gardeners are not happy having them in their gardens dandelions show in a very clear picture how to spread a part of themselves in order to secure the survival of their kind.

What is our purpose in life? A question I asked myself to no end, until I found out that I don’t have to search for it. The answer lies within me. I am here to manifest myself in the outside world – first with my body, than with my actions and further with what I leave for others. The way I walk through life leaves something wherever I put my foot on. Isn’t it the greatest wish of all of us, to leave something in this world in order to make ourselves an important or unforgettable part? Isn’t it the greatest fulfillment to complement the world with something only the individual hast to give?

Therefore it is so important not to be someone others want you to be. Because if you try to give something that is not part of yourself, you will get frustrated, disappointed by yourself and feel failing because you don’t meet the expectations of what you think is asked from you. You could never get it done, since you can only give away what you have. But there is not only something, there is so much you have to give – so much only you have to give. Think of musicians. Music is something that accompanies us all the time; in our happy days, at sad times, when we celebrate something. When we hear a certain song we remember episodes or chapters in our lives. Music and the people who deliver this music do a great job for us. And although there are so many musicians in the world, every single one of them has a certain style or way of making music.

It doesn’t matter what you brought into this world, whether it is the wish to heal, to build houses, to invent things, to raise kids, to save the environment, create furniture, fly an airplane, or whatever. It contains a part of you, which makes it unique and incomparable although others might also fly a plane, raise kids, heal, or build houses. Whatever you give as something you brought into this world has your unique touch and leaves your footprint in this world. If you don’t do it, it will be missing.

Show us what you carry inside. Share your abilities and passion with us. Be a role model for others and unfold your being. You not only will experience the greatest fulfillment but you will also succeed. Because you only carry inside what you are meant to give away. You intended to make yourself visible, that’s your purpose. Do it your way! In doing it your way you set something very important free: Enthusiasm, joy, passion, love. You will experience deep satisfaction and happiness combined with a peaceful mind. Because in giving your gift you let it flow on a stream of who you are. And who you are is pure love including happiness, enthusiasm, joy, passion.

Make it like a dandelion and spread your seeds. Take a deep breath and blow your spirit into the world. We live forever. And in leaving a part of our creative and loving power we can even become kind of immortal in this world of change.

In Love and Light!

Guest blog on “Spirit and Place”


During the marketing campaign for my book, I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You are not I was invited to write a guest blog on http://www.spiritandplace.wordpress.com. Yesterday my article has been published. I would love you to take a look and read the article My Journey and of course, check out the blog!

In Love and Light!

Have Faith – everything else falls into place!


The way I lived my life was strongly influenced by control – self-control.  Self-control is not necessarily a bad thing. But since I tried to be someone I wasn’t in order to please my surrounding, get their approval, and avoid conflicts or criticism, I was trying hard to keep myself under control. I controlled my words and my behavior in the direction I thought others wanted me to talk or to act. When I had to face unknown situations I totally lost ground. It scared me to know when I did not know how things might turn out. That’s why I was too afraid to try something new. I always needed someone could hand over the problem since I felt too overwhelmed with it. I always needed security and clarity about the outcome of my steps. And as we all know: This is not possible! You can never try anything new, without entering an area you haven’t entered before.

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Happy Weekend with Book Promotion

ImFree_Cover Vorderseite

What an amazing weekend lies behind me! Three days of being around the beautiful people of my publisher, talking to people at the booth, signing books, and holding two lectures about what I love most: the beauty, power, and love we carry inside!

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As I began to love myself…


I just stumbled again over these beautiful words. Charles Chaplin delivered this speech on his 70th birthday. Probably you all know it already. But every time I read it, it moves me! It goes so deep and leaves me with wet eyes all the time. So much wisdom and experience are lying in these words, reminding us that we can lift the curtain of illusion in order to find the beauty, love, and all the answers we have been looking for.

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Living spiritually doesn’t mean becoming a saint!

scheinheiliger engel

Actually I wanted to write a post about something totally different. But today while I was doing my household (I always get the best ideas during vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, or mowing the lawn – my head must be pretty empty then…), I started thinking about this subject.

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Freedom means feeling good!


Freedom means feeling good no matter whether others like it or not! – Erika Kind I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!  Take a look at the preview when clicking on the link above!

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If you can imagine it, you can be it!


I am always amazed when I look at an invention we use every day without even thinking about it. It is normal; it has been always there – for us! But at times I stop and think, what was before! What was before the telephone (or the telegraph) was invented? And I am not talking about cell phones but the real beginning. What was before we had electricity? And how did someone get the idea of inventing it? What happened to make someone think of inventing electric light? How did someone get the idea of taking photos? I mean how do you get the idea of something no one knows or has seen or heard of before?

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Eternal Love


Today I feel like sharing one of my poems with you. It is one of the first poems I wrote after I dared to express my hidden Self again. Therefore it is full of forgotten and long-suppressed feelings that finally found their outlet again. This poem is also part of my book Enjoy Life! If you like this poem or know someone you’d like to share it with…. please do it!

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Ignorance – a helpful Characteristic!


During my workout, I heard the song Naughty Boy – Lalala. It reminded me of a chapter of my book The Principle of Duality – The Duality within different Characteristics. In this chapter, I write amongst others about ignorance and other characteristics which have a negative touch. Hearing that word most people might think of negative intolerant behavior. Actually, it simply is a characteristic that too often appears in a negative way.

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How other people treat me is their path…

… but how I react is mine! – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


I have to admit that I was raised very strictly and I was supposed to fulfill certain expectations. Also, I was bullied when I was 9 until the age of 11. I did not understand why others were treating me that way and why who I am was not sufficient. Behind my wall, I felt secure … but also lonely!

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I would do it again!

In addition to my blog post from Monday I want to share a very fitting poem of my collection with you.

The following poem is part of my poem book Enjoy Life! The content is kind of my story – from darkness to light, from hiding to breaking free – from fear to conquering life! This poem also contains the basic lyrics of my song I would do it again!, which I performed at my book presentation of the German version of I’m Free.

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Trip to the Big Apple – Central Park

Today I want to share some photos with you we took from Central Park. It is amazing how you dive into a different world as soon as you enter this green belt. Numberless paths are leading through and around it and make you discover every corner. The city around you is omnipresent. But right that makes it even more special. It is impressive what was created in the middle of Manhattan. Enjoy!

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Trip to the Big Apple!

In July my husband, my two older kids, and I spent 2 weeks in the United States. We spent time in New York City, went to Alex Grey’s Chapel of Sacred Mirrors, took a few days for visiting our friends and former home in the Buffalo area, and took the chance to see Boston again after 15 years.

We had a great time and I want to share it through some pics with you! I start with our trip to Manhattan where our vacation began!


The most touching moment for me was visiting Ground Zero. We went to that place 15 years ago, when my son was 3 months old. We took pictures with him within the WTC. 2 years later it came to the catastrophe. Seeing the memorial made me sad but also spreads hope and power that every breakdown leads to a new rise – when we only stick together and change our point of view! Let’s take every crisis as a chance of evolution!

20140717_104415Ground Zero today!

20140717_1053469/11 Memorial – Platform of the former North Tower. The names of the victims are engraved around both platforms.

20140717_105823Platform of the former South Tower!

IMG_3791The new one: One World Trade Center (as they call it)



IMG_3794It is even taller than the former Twin Towers. Amazing architecture!

I truly hope, that mankind will learn soon, that you can only achieve something when you use the weapons which correspond to the result. War can never bring peace but activates hatred and more fighting! We have to send out peace in order to calm everything down. We have to be tolerant in order to get respect. We have to be empathetic in order to be understood and accepted the way everybody is. We can make this world to our heaven. We’d only have to behave like it!

In Love and Light!

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