Dreams and Obligations

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We all have both of them. And much too often they seem to stand in opposition to each other.  Because what we do and what we would love to do sometimes appears like sitting in completely different corners. But why actually? Why should it be not possible to realize our dreams and fulfill our obligations or even make them our obligations at the same time?

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Of course, becoming an artist, actor, singer, producer, author, … doesn’t pay the bills or is not possible to connect with the current life situation. Who of us is free at any moment to simply choose what they want to do? I don’t think anyone can raise a hand right now. We have a job to do, make a living, take care of our children or other relatives, finish school or an education, feed mouths. So many reasons which don’t let us do what burns in our hearts. But then again why locking those dreams away only because it may not be possible to go for them right now?

Bildergebnis für dreams quotes

Even though we cannot go for our dreams fully in leaving everything behind and only focus on its success we can still plant seeds. Seeds which can develop parallel while we are still bound to other things too. Or we can already let them blossom in a way which helps to shift more and more towards that realization. Like many found a company parallel to them working in their day jobs. Some are going to evening schools or take lessons over the internet. How many of us are making a living from being authors? I don’t but that doesn’t keep me from living my passion. It has been my dream to share profound insights which give a different perspective on life in order to inspire others to improve their lives. It wasn’t always easy but I made it happen to write and publish a  book in two languages, have spoken on many occasions about its topics, and was even able to have a book signing at an even where the greatest of the greatest held lectures. Although I would love to only write and travel the world to spread the magic I found ways to do it next to my so-called obligations. I have this blog to reach so many every single day and the inner flame to publish my next book is growing a lot lately. I have a therapy practice and the appointments are happening in the evening after work or on the weekends.

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Yes, it needs a lot of efforts and at times you want to throw it all away because it feels overwhelming. But always remember that it was not your mind who gave birth to a dream. It was you (your most inner you) who brought that dream to your mind. It comes from deep inside of you and you feel the power of that dream. It gives you the strength to hang in and move forward. It is the light that keeps your head above the water because you can see it clearly in front of you! The question is not “if” but only “when”. As long as you keep moving towards the light of your dream everything you need to realize it will show up in its perfect time – tools, support, ideas, inspiration, knowledge. Just move one foot in front of the other.

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But is there really an opposition between dreams and obligations? Since I realized that it is not about what we do but who we are I know it is not! Your dream appeared from who you are and who you are is a unique summary of abilities, skills, and characteristics. Your dream is an aspect of you yourself. So, the more authentic you are in life the more your true light and your true colors shine through you, onto everything you encounter, and into each thought, word, and action. The more you are you the more naturally the seeds are spread by themselves and the more naturally you will recognize and follow each step on the way to fulfillment.

Ad the flavor of what fills your heart with power and joy to all you do
and you can reply to Steve Jobs’ quote with a clear “YES”.

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In Love and Light



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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Beautiful post Erika and yes, we are not always able to live our dreams, but at least we may focus at the most important to be able to grow and get closer to live our dreams.
As usual a thoughtful and great post 😀
Much love to you ❤

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Another great inspirational write dear Erika.. and yes our dreams all of them can be realised,it often comes down to our ‘Intention’ and how much power of our energy we focus upon those Dreams.. I know from my own perspective so often we set ourselves up for failure, thinking perhaps we can not succeed, that we are not good enough.. And often our fear then prevents us from taking those initial steps to set those dreams into motion.. For deep down in our makeup we would sooner not try than be seen to try and fail.. Human minds with human conditioning have a lot to answer for when we open up and dare to dream.

Letting go of conditioning thought patterns is hard to adjust to.. But Not IMpossible.. and as your wonderful Quote says.. I’MPossible… shows us exactly the play upon words..
Learning to BElieve in ones Dreams is another way.. If we dare not believe in our dreams, they will always be just that.. Wisps of a dream we keep at the back of our minds,
It takes courage to step out and Dare to Focus, and those we see in life have Dared to BElieve in themselves, And have TRUSTED their hearts to follow their Dreams.. Focusing their intention on success not failure.. These are the way showers, They are no more special than ourselves, they hold no more magic or creative abilities.. But their Belief systems allows their focus to project their dreams into reality..

We all of us have this power.. When we learn to trust, focus and Believe.. And when we send out such energy, the universe responds.. And creates it into BEing..

Wonderful read my friend.. And a delight to read your wonderful thoughts once again..

Hugs and Blessings Erika.. ❤ Sue xx

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Wow, Sue, this comment would was so inspiring and added so many wonderful and important views. It would make a post of its own.
It is a good point when you mentioned that we need to dare to believe in our dreams. Or they will be nothing more than dust that’s blown away, as you said. That is what makes the big difference if a dream can be realized or not – the way how serious we take them.
Aweseome comment, as always. Thank you so much. I still have marked your latest post to read. Sorry, that I could not get to it yet… but I will… one day… lol!
Lots of love to you, dear Sue!!

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Brilliant.. Never do.. Now I seriously need to answer my comments today.. I spent nearly all day in my reader yesterday and wandered here and there and never got chance to moderate my own site.. Today Its being put as first priority. Then visiting later..
Love and Mega HUGS.. Enjoy your day Erika.. Take care my friend. ❤

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Hehe… that can be so challenging. Reading posts and leaving comments causes new comments to reply to. But that’s what makes blogging so special😊


In answer to Steve Jobs question – No. But what you say is just the point, if we are to live and function we need to do the things we have to do and try and keep moving towards the things we want to do.
I guess that’s why many of us blog…

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Is there really an opposition between dreams and obligations?

From my point of view the main point is that we love what we do or must do. I’m sure obligations are not meant just as parts we don’t like. Depending on the situation in our life we have more or less obligations – however, we need to find some time for our dreams as well. There must be a balance between our dreams and obligations.

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As I said, it is both. Sometimes there is no difference which means we are living our dream. But if there is we should look closer. As I replied somewhere. If our obligations appear like a gap between us and our dreams we should create a bridge to either combine them or to get from one to the other.

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You’re really “on a roll” this week aren’t you Erika! Love this Post. I remember a parallel thought from a long time ago in the context of organizing ones life and, in the context of “things you feel you really have to do”. You ask yourself the question “Which of those things will make a major impact on my life?” There is an excellent chance that the answer will be “None!”, which then provides the opportunity to focus on more important things! 🙂

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That’s a super way to check on the priority and importance of certain things we spend (or waste) our time with. What a profound insight the answer leaves. Very cool, Colin, thank you!
It is funny how this all fits in its energy indeed. I have to say that I wrote and scheduled this post a week ago. I created the quote many weeks ago and picked it randomly for today. Not looking at what was scheduled for today I picked the song yesterday. It is exciting to see how well it all fits together at times.

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