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Daily Kind Quote

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Daily Kind Quote

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Daily Kind Quote

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The Hard Way To Unconditionality

About ten days ago, I had a wonderful conversation about unconditional love with Mark of HealingFromWithin. I invite you to read his post about An Unconditional Dilemma. Often we meet people to whom we want to give ourselves completely. They may be in a bad place, desperate, lost, beaten by life. For some reason, there is a sudden connection, a strong attraction, and a deep need to help them heal their soul. Sometimes the encounters happen in such a magical way that you would give a movie a bad rating for being too unrealistic. However, from the first moment on, everything indicates that there must be a higher purpose behind it.

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Success & Fulfillment Have Your Name


Today, I want to share an as touching as insightful thought, inspired by a poem Colin, of MeAndRay, shared with me a few weeks ago.

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“If You Don’t Get a Miracle, You could Be a Miracle For Someone Else”


Colin of MeAndRay.com shared the video below with me that moved me to my deepest corner and inspired me for this post. If Nick’s example does not lead to more consciousness, self-awareness, and gratitude for who you are and for what you can make of who you are, then what can? If Nick’s story and journey are not convincing you that you can always be who you want to be, that there is always a way and a solution to be who you want to be, then what can?

I printed Nick Vujicic’s words that “If you don’t get a miracle you could be a miracle for someone else”. What an example of no matter who you are, how you look, or where you were born, you have your purpose. That purpose’s seed was planted in you by the moment you were born. However, you are composed it is exactly who you need to be in order to fulfill that purpose and become who you are meant to be. You only need to be willing to look at it and live it. Then life will expand and give you the miracles you are looking for… because you are the miracle.

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Born To Blossom

Love to look at my rose
Delicate petals unfold
Such delicate color
From a root that’s quite old

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Have you ever seen a bee
Following its purpose

Have you ever seen a tree
Doubting its strength and growth

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The Process of Progress


A good friend of mine opened her new store this morning. She has already been self-employed as an interior decorator and designer. But now she has a beautiful showroom tastefully decorated with perfectly matching items to welcome clients. This way, she has not only the possibility to inspire them and give an idea of what she can do, but she can also sit together with them right there and work out some first ideas. No more visiting them, then preparing drawings and offers at home, visiting them again, and only working with catalogs instead of a choice of samples. Of course, so much went wrong the closer the date of the opening came, but she is such a power-woman. Like a magician, she switched to alternatives that turned out as a much better option than the original idea or order.

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Me, Myself, and I


Often I notice emotions that don’t feel like they are supposed to be with me. My mind keeps reflexively talking me into tings which I actually know, I don’t even need to listen. However, since the emotions appear reflexive, I can only act once they are already there and provoke me to question their origin again. For some reason, I thought of a post I shared three years ago and felt like posting it again today:

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Truth, Purpose, Progress


What I share here, on my blog, in my books, at my talks, or with anyone I talk to, is my personal truth. It fits who I am, and it fits my progress. I am aware that truth is never final. Each truth is a small stepping stone that leads me to the next particle of truth. It may expand what I have already considered being the truth, or it may put a new face on it. I would never demand anyone believe it because who am I to say what is right or wrong since I believe that truth is subjective. The truth I like to share as part of my inner calling, is a truth that makes me feel good. It strengthens me, broadens my perspective, and keeps my mind curious about what triggers my heart to discover. By sharing it, I hope to trigger something similar in others.

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Dreams – The Mirror of Your Purpose


Oh, well, such big dreams but so many inner steps to take to realize them. Isn’t it crazy that what we want the most often also scares us the most? A dream I have is something that I don’t have in my life yet. What I have not had in my life yet, I have no experience with. It is not the dream itself that scares but the changes that may go along with, the possible sacrifices, the risks to fail and to deal with the consequences. The big unknown we cannot estimate. Again: to take responsibility for our actions with all of their consequences!

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With Colin’s permission!

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Do what is important to you.JPG

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Love is patient, Love is kind…


What is love? How can it be defined? I don’t know if we ever get its whole meaning or even an idea of it. But the 1 Corinthians, chapter 13 provides a profound insight into what love can be and how we recognize if it is love we feel or only an aspect of it. It gives a direction if we act out of love and if we live in a love that is life’s elixir and our origin. Love is all we really need. That’s why we do so much in order to receive love. We make sacrifices, fight, murder, die. Love is the basic need we all have in common. If we have love there is no need to compensate it with anything in the world. The real true pure of love makes every miracle possible. Then we have found the master-key to life. Read more ›

The Fear to Succeed

Bildergebnis für what if you realize how powerful you are

So often we don’t start a project because we are afraid of failing. We are afraid of being questioned even before we started or before a result is shown. We are afraid of being criticised about how we do it or even THAT we do it. We are afraid that people are making fun of us because we are doing something they might have never dared to do themselves. Or we are afraid because our project also means showing a part of us which we kept hidden for a long. But there comes a time when all those fears are not strong enough anymore to keep us from going for our dream. They cannot keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone anymore. We are full of excitement and enthusiasm and yes, we try it with all our heart and passion. And then it happens…. the door opens up! Read more ›

Dreams and Obligations

Bildergebnis für success Steve Jobs

We all have both of them. And much too often they seem to stand in opposition to each other.  Because what we do and what we would love to do sometimes appears like sitting in completely different corners. But why actually? Why should it be not possible to realize our dreams and fulfill our obligations or even make them our obligations at the same time? Read more ›

Don’t Excuse Your Purpose – Live It!


Do you know how healthy you are? No, that is not turning out as a post about healthy food. What I mean is, do you know how long you will be healthy, strong, able to approach your plans, visions, dreams? Do you know how much time you are given in this lifetime?
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Me, Myself, and I


Often we step back and think about ourselves “I should not take this so serious”, “I need to stand up for myself” or “I would like to but…”, and much more. Lately, I started pondering about it. Who is that one talking to me? I am I but still, I am talking to someone. Isn’t it interesting that we can observe ourselves although we are ourselves? Is there something inside of me watching that “I” who goes through its everyday life? Read more ›



The past weeks and months have not been easy. Not only for me but I noticed that there must have been a general change in the air affecting so many people around me. It appears like a big clearing to me. So many felt challenged in the way things developed, in decisions to make, in things falling apart, in happenings which opened up old gaps and let past memories and feelings rise again, in instantly changing life situations, and in much more. There were states of shock, desperations, breakdowns, and … the rise after the fall. Read more ›

#Haiku – Alive


The begin of life

Is not the day you were born

Give life a reason!


In Love and Light

The Staircase Shows Up Once You Take The First Step!


Lately, the older of my two sons graduated with really great success. My younger son wasn’t amused that he had to attend the celebration but there was a deeper meaning that we forced him to be there… although we did not know about it before.  Read more ›

You Are The Difference!


We are all born unique. Even a baby has not only a unique look but also a unique personality. But there is much more about it.  Something magical unseen and yet unknown already lies planted inside that little creature. Read more ›

The Adventure Of The Journey

maxresdefault (2).jpg

It happens more than we might recognize: We are starting something out of a certain reason. While dealing with it, we find more in that matter or activity or even something completely new. Without us noticing we are going for it with a different energy and intention although it is the same thing but has gotten a new meaning. Read more ›

Suffering Part 2 – What’s the Use?

Last week I posted Suffering Part 1 – The Torture In Our Head . I wrote that this kind of suffering has its origin in the way we think, that we interpret things in our own way, and hurt ourselves with truths which only exist in our heads. I also talked about the magic tool […]

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My Life – Your Life – Our Lives


From the moment we take our first breath, we are in constant development. A development that is attuned to the place we are heading to. I don’t think that anyone of us knows the highest grade of development they are meant to reach in this lifetime. Or that anyone understands what part a certain achievement plays in the greater context. We are heading from one insight to the next. Once we overcame something we often think that “we got it”! Until we arrive at the next hurdle and are frustrated because we think that we are at the same point again. NOT TRUE!


Even though we might face a similar situation again doesn’t mean that we did not get the lesson before. Perhaps we simply did not get the whole thing and need another kick. But each “kick” moves us towards the insight. Each insight absorbed from our consciousness is a step on the staircase of our development. We did achieve something wonderful and we made it closer to the end of the staircase…. but it is not the end yet. So, facing another step to make is not a setback but prepares for the next possibility to get closer to the end goal. What is important to know is that those steps are not meant to punish. Not at all! They are tools that force us to keep moving.


Before we arrived here we looked at the big plan. We set certain happenings and experiences. Sometimes it was set for a particular time sometimes it was something we planned to experience some day. All in between is meant to prepare us for those happenings and experiences. And all together shall lead to the big insight or purpose we planned to fulfill. We made that plan together with many of the people we are meeting down here. Those who impact our lives in a special way (no matter which way) are those who were sitting with us at the same table while planning their and our incarnations. Whatever happens in our lives is a perfectly planned sequence in which many destinies are connected. Whatever happens, impacts each life in a different way and all are taking something from it which pushes them further in the way they need it. If I had not written my book I would not be on WordPress writing this post and you would not be reading it… We all know how much only blogging influenced our lives and what all developed from that!


Many of us are going through such tough times others cannot even imagine. It is hard to think that they chose this life. Perhaps they did not choose it in particular but they needed limitations in order to keep the bigger plan alive. And life will always stick to the bigger plan and provide all that is needed to fulfill it. If we had to decide about our plan once we are here, of course, no one would want to live in poverty or illness. But before we arrive here we are free from physical thinking. We are love and life itself and we see the bigger meaning of the word “development”.


But we don’t only come for our own development but (as I touched it before) also for the development for others. We are having contracts with each other. Many of us are dedicating their lives to the development of another soul. A baby born with a disability may have been born to teach their surrounding compassion, humbleness, love, taking care of others. Victims of wars might not have chosen that for themselves but for the rest of the world to trigger the global love and sticking together again for each other. Even uncomfortable people in high (political) positions are meant to be there to bring the rest of the world closer together again. They don’t realize it down here and that is necessary in order that they are able to play their roles. I have to admit that I have a hard time accepting this too at times. But thinking of my own life it helps to detach myself from the thinking that they are mean. They are the way they are in order to fulfill the plan. How could we ever appreciate the sun if there was no night? How could we ever discover our potential and abilities if we were never forced to activate them?

As God said:322231-Neale-Donald-Walsch-Quote-I-have-sent-you-nothing-but-angels.jpg

We influence, help, and challenge each other and everything helps in its own special way. There is always someone who chases you up there and someone standing there and reaching out their hands. And sometimes you are the one and then again the other. No matter where we have gone through during the past years, we are here now. And it counts who we are now! I am thankful to be who I am today. I couldn’t be who I am without the support of everyone who ever crossed my way.

In Love and Light

I want what I get … and I will get what I want!


It is really interesting where this post went. I started with an idea in mind but at one point went a different road. I did not change anything because I don’t want the mind to destroy what spirit created through a natural flow of inspiration. Read more ›

God Did Not Mean To Solve Our Problems…



How often are we raising our hands and crying to God for help? But what do we do next? Are we waiting that Gods waves His magic wand and fixes everything just like a Genie “your wish is my demand”? Do we really think we realize the whole picture of the situation in which we might only play a tiny role? The situation might be part of a much bigger plan. Now if things do not change or dissolve as we desire we get the idea that God left us alone and is not interested in us. That is such a big misunderstanding. Read more ›

The Magic of Intuition

quote-intuition-is-the-supra-logic-that-cuts-out-all-the-routine-processes-of-thought-and-leaps-straight-robert-graves-328690Did this happen to you too once? You were about to go for something that objectively looked right but for no explanation, you had a confusing feeling and you decided to back off. Looking back you found out that it would have gotten you in big trouble.  Or also the other way around. You are planning something and just feel the way to achieve it without ever doing it before and it worked out! Intuition is something we cannot explain. It is that inner alarm system to keep us safe or which shines a light on the path we should take on our way. Read more ›

The Power and Meaning Of Dreams!

Follow your dreams, dream big, make your dreams come true, live your dreams… It may sound naive or thoughtless when you are struggling with the daily things . But there is such a big truth behind.

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The Fear to Succeed

So often we don’t start a project because we are afraid of failing. We are afraid of being questioned even before we started or before a result is shown. We are afraid of being criticised about how we do it or even THAT we do it. We are afraid that people are making fun of us because we are doing something they might have never dared to do. Or we are afraid because our project also means showing a part of our inner being, of the real person. But there comes a time when all these fears are not strong enough anymore to keep us from going for our dream. They cannot keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone anymore. We are full of excitement and enthusiasm and yes, we try it with all our heart and passion. And then it happens…. the door opens up!

open-door-sky1 (1)

Here is one example of my life that is one the most remarkable because it was one of the earliest of such experiences.

Many of you know that only 7 – 8 years back I would had never dared to talk in front of people, to share my own thoughts, to stand tall for what I believe in even when no one else believed in it. I would have never dared to say something at all without checking before if there are some who would agree with what I say. Otherwise, I said nothing at all. Then I had my breakthrough 7 years back. I only need to think of that moment and my eyes get watery because I will never forget that feeling of breaking down the walls of my prison.


Here I was, standing in my full light. That light made me see immediately where my path led and I started writing I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not. I did not know nor did I want to think too far ahead if that book would ever be published but deep inside I knew exactly that this was the journey I was on and the destination I headed towards. When I was done with the manuscript, had given it to others for proofreading, and worked over it again, I felt ready to try something that felt simply impossible to me only 2 years before. I dialed the number of a publisher in order to ask if I may send them some excerpts. They accepted…… and I was full of fear!

fb_import_intg_1372434921_11099.png(Ok, this one is not really in context with the next paragraph
but it was just too funny not to add…😄)

Was I afraid that they wouldn’t like it? No, I was terrified that they would love it! The light definitely illuminated my path. It showed me all the things that are now coming my way and I felt overwhelmed in both positive and fearful ways. Can I handle this all? I could be taken serious! But I was not used to it! I might have to speak about all the things I believe in and what I saw as blessings in life for everyone. But was I ready to do so? I have always dreamed about it but….. HELP…. it works out!!! I felt like losing control over the developments.


Thanks to my ego pride (yes, the ego can be very helpful) there was no way back… I had given myself a promise to never ever return to my old prison. And that means that I need to let my light shine in order to see the path… step by step! As you know, they accepted and my blog only exists because of the English version which was published two years after the release of the German book. Meanwhile, I have given several lectures, have written for newspapers and have even given 3 English live radio interviews. I accept right away because I never want to give my brain the time to block the plans of my soul. I feel where I have to go and I will never stop following that inner feeling. Did get used to my light? No, not at all! It feels as if I discovered it every day anew. It is a bit scary…. but much more wonderful to see that the world stands wide open to me!


Sometimes we go for something and don’t really consider it to work out. We do it in order to grant our soul its peace because then we can say that we tried it. Even bigger is the surprise (or the shock) when it works. And it scares a bit more because we feel mentally unprepared. Nothing stays the same anymore. But when things are going smoothly then it is the proof that it is your path and your time- whether your mind is believing it or not.


When we are not used to the bright shine of our light we can be shocked and scared by its immense creative power. The light that we are is pure creative energy. When we let our light shine and only then take action we are on our path and that path will always – all life long – lead to new places. Because we are meant to grow. We are meant to evolve. We are meant to LIVE! It is ok, to be irritated by your light because it is the most amazing power and it is even living within you. But never be scared of it. Trust, that it will always illuminate the path your soul chose way before it came into this body in order to fulfill its plan and give your life the sense and meaning you long for. Your soul is nothing else but a peace of the Almighty.

So when you let your light shine, God shines through you.
That is what the world needs so badly. 


In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

Don't give up

In Love and Light

Don’t Excuse Your Purpose – Live It!

Do you know how healthy you are? No, that is not turning out as a post about healthy food. I am the wrong one for that. That’s Colleen’s realm.What I mean is, do you know how long you will be healthy, strong, able to approach your plans, visions, dreams? Do you know how much time you are given in this particular lifetime?


There is this touching story about that man who caresses the beautiful silky nightgown of his wife which he just found in a drawer. She kept it untouched for special occasions to surprise him. In the end, she never wore them and he never saw it on her … We don’t know what happens in one year, heck, we don’t even know what happens in the next moment. That doesn’t mean that we need to panic and start hectically to accomplish everything at once. It shall simply say that we need to stop postponing things.

Yes, sometimes there are different priorities. But what I am talking about here are the things we could do but don’t. It is more convenient to find an excuse instead of making the effort to get something started. It can be out of a laziness. Very often it is out of a lack of self-esteem – the fear of failing, the fear of being questioned, the fear of being criticized. We use excuses like I am not smart enough, I am too old, I don’t have the time, I never did it before.


So what? If we never do something we never did before, then we never do anything! What is progress? It is evolving into something that wasn’t there before. We are here to evolve. That is the meaning of life. During life our bodies are developing, our minds are developing, our personalities are developing, and so shall develop the life we live!

We all have skills, talents, abilities, dreams. The combination of it all is what waits for you to be brought into the world or be developed within you. You are 70 and always dreamed of learning Mandarin? Do it!!! Don’t say, I am too old. What do you have to lose?


One of those excuses which make the least sense to me is to resign of something out of respectfulness of others. For example parents who cannot let go of their children: “I cannot travel the world for one year because it would break my mother’s heart when I am gone for so long.” “I cannot accept that job because I had to move to another city which would hurt my parents.” I can get mad when I hear something like that. No parents must make their children feel guilty when for living their own life. From day one on parents need to be aware of the fact that they raise their children in order to prepare them for life. A child has to be supported in finding its own way in this world. Of course, it is different when parents are sick and in need of help.

It is your life. Don’t wait until you look back and realize that you don’t need excuses anymore because the opportunities have already gone. It is the worst thing I can imagine I could do to myself. Because in the end there is no one to blame but I myself.


Don’t be afraid of leaving your comfort zone and breaking out of your old life. You can never fail. I repeat: YOU CAN NEVER FAIL!!! Because whatever you do today brings you further than you were yesterday. Every insight is a step on the stairs of your personal evolution.

Wear those silky nightgowns and enjoy them. Make others smile with who you are. Enjoy your life in filling it with who you are and in expanding that person you are. You don’t know what the next day brings. Use the time you are given. Make this education, join this class, do something that you always wanted to do and take first steps towards it. Even if you don’t know how to accomplish it. There are people to ask, there are books to read, there is the internet. Rome wasn’t built in a day. There is no deadline. You only need to start and move forward step by step. Some steps are happening faster and easier, some need more time.


Entering this new world within your life will open up new options too. You will find even more fulfillment than you had ever imagined. All the new things you encounter leave something that inspires and shows you more things to explore. You will discover much more about yourself and you will feel as if life had just begun.

You have come into this world to live your purpose – in order to live a fulfilled life and in order to serve others with it at the same time. This life is a giving and receiving. Life is for living! We only live when we feel ourselves. We feel ourselves the best when we dilate our inner world into the outer world.

Fill your life with meaning and start today! 

In Love and Light

Choices – Fate- Destiny

Did you ever watch the movie Matrix Reloaded? I watched it twice. But I did not get the meaning both times. Lately, it came up on television again. Next to talking to my son, him explaining me some things around our world history (he is amazing in that), checking my phone for some comments, and other things around, I was not very focused on the movie… until Neo met the oracle.  Read more ›

The Blessing Of The Rabbit Hole

This post is inspired by a discussion I had going with Carisa of Sometimes Silver Linings Are Blue about the rabbit hole. Actually, it was more about the positive effects of that rabbit hole experience. Carisa thought it would make a topic for a post. I always love to discuss things with her. Carisa is a treasure box of experience and I honor and appreciate her a lot. Read more ›

Mind And Soul – Buddies For A Lifetime

Lately I read a post of Amanda’s. She wrote a letter to a close friend who is distancing from her while in serious struggles. Amanda reached a point where she needed to let her friend just go her way which is a big insight to accept. At times we simply have to let others find their way even when we see that they are hitting the wall again and again. What are words of use when they are not heard? And what are heard words of use when they are not felt? Read more ›

With God All Things Are Possible!

Sometimes we find ourselves in front of a mountain. We know that we have to pass it. Walking back is no option. We are clear that once we made it behind that mountain a world is waiting in which  the sun is shining. Read more ›

Are You still Comfortable Or Already Living?

Yes, I borrowed that title from a commercial slogan of a famous furniture designer…. 😁

Last week I was guest on Kimberly Rinaldi’s live radio show Lessons in Joyful Living. It was a fantastic interview and I enjoyed it from the first until the last minute. It was my 3rd live radio interview. Was I still nervous? Yes, I was; throughout the day! But some time before the show started this nervousness changed into an excitement and anticipation.
Read more ›

The Magic Glasses Of Love!

There is a Buddhist Temple I visit every time I am in California. A beautiful huge facility. Even only entering the main temple I immediately feel an energy of calmness and peace. Whenever I go there something is on my mind and every time I gain insights. This time was special. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote


In Love and Light

Reincarnation and Karma

Whenever people talk about karma they usually mean something bad, that follows and bothers them. If someone has to suffer from a bad disease, is bad lucky all the time or even “struck by fate” some people explain it with “bad karma”. They see it like a punishment of something caused in a former life and now the person has to face it again and again. Some also talk about “good karma” which means you get rewarded for the good things you did in a former life. Read more ›

Reincarnation: What is the reason we incarnate?

Due to my absence I want to share a 2 part series about reincarnation with you which I published last year in November. I hope you like it:

November in Central Europe is the month we remember our deceased loved ones. November 1st therefore is a holiday. According to it the season changes: the nights are getting longer, the trees are mostly loosing their last leaves, it is getting colder and we have a lot of fog over here. I thought this would be a fitting time for such a post in order to bring a little light into this season.

Reincarnation is a very wide ranged topic and of course I don’t know all the answers. But there are segments which not only feel true to me but which are even like a knowing or kind of memory. This subject is also most present throughout my book I’m Free .

26_Fallen Angel_unknown

Some people say that we are reincarnating in order to get enlightened, since we are the fallen angels that have to find their way back to God. Once enlightened, they say, we don’t need to incarnate anymore. Others say, whatever we are struggling with in this life is a consequence of a former life. Another statement is, that we have to incarnate in every life form (mineral, plant, animal) before we were ready for a human experience. And also there is the statement that we have to experience everything ourselves before we don’t need to incarnate anymore. This would include being a murder, a victim, a mother, a father, a boss, a slave, suffering, bathing in money,… simply everything that can be experienced – and that’s a lot! The Buddhists say that if you behaved in a certain bad way, you have to incarnate in a lower level the next time. It means, you will be one of the poor people,  born in a harder environment, or even get back to the animal state. If you behaved well then you will reach a higher level until you end Samsara (the never-ending circle of birth and death) and enter Nirvana.


I want to tell you, how I feel about reincarnation and I try to keep it simple. The reason we incarnate first and foremost is to experience our spiritual existence in a different way. We want to feel, who we are, see, who we are, and share, who we are. But most of all we want to remember who we really are. As long as we live in the non-physical realm we know about our light, we feel the love and the inexhaustible never ending energy we are. But after a while only knowing this  is not sufficient anymore. We know it in theory but want to feel it. Neale Donald Walsch put it great in a workshop I joined. He said: “What is all the knowledge of sex of a use, if you cannot try it out and feel how it really is?” Arriving in this body we forget, who we really are. And throughout our physical life time we make experience over experience which gives us hints and insights. Getting such an Aha is like growing out of your shell and feeling like new-born. You think that life has just begun because you found out that what you believed before about life and yourself was a big misunderstanding. When I found out that I don’t need to accept what others want me to do, I was walking on clouds for a week.


Look at this picture: It is summer and noon time. You stand outside in the hot sun and you lighten up a candle. It is nice, yes, but the effect is pretty poor. Now think of a dark and cold winter’s night when lightning up the candle. Do you recognize the difference? Do you FEEL the difference? You are a candle and in order to remember your light, you have to see yourself surrounded by darkness. That’s the only way to experience your powerful source! That’s why we have to go through hard times in order to feel our strength and develop abilities or attitudes that are lying dormant within us.  What it is you want to discover was set by you before the incarnation. (Now you get an idea why we all have different goals and purposes.) Once you have discovered a part of your light, you will never drift back to the old misunderstanding. You have not only grown happier but also a lot stronger and wiser. That’s why older people often get quiet, more tolerant, and a lot more satisfied with the small wonders in life. They see the light in themselves and in everything, they get back to the basics, and what really matters in life.


Also in a physical body we can make things visible and touchable. We ourselves can touch, smell, taste, enjoy physical comfort. We also can feel emotions like anger, greed, jealousy, rage, hate, bondage, frustration. And of course the opposite like happiness, optimism, curiosity, freedom, health, tolerance, love,, compassion, helpfulness, gratitude. And this is the reason why we choose earth. Here we are in a world of opposites. We learn out of opposites what we want and what we don’t want. We need to know what’s cold in order to appreciate the warmth. And as I said: We need to know darkness in order to cherish our own light. Duality is the important tool down her in order to learn the lessons, collect wisdom, and make the experiences we wished for,before we came into this body.

In my next post about reincarnation I will write about the mystic word “karma” which is so misused!

In Love and Light!

Make me an instrument of thy peace!


During a chat with a friend here on  WordPress I got reminded of one of my biggest inspirations regarding what I see as my purpose: The Saint Francis prayer

Only when reading it, something opens up within me. Like the dawning sun, there is this love rising up. This love that has only one purpose: to spread love towards everybody’s heart in order to make them rise their inner sun too.


We are in a time of change. People run from dark places and try to find the light somewhere else. What we realize more and more during these days is that only when we start acting from our heart – first towards ourselves and then towards everybody around us – we can end pain, end war, and suffering. When we act from this place of love inside of us we feel the deep connection to everyone. Because love is the energy that created us, that we are, and that connects one another over the globe – regardless of any religious, cultural, racial, political backgrounds. We are all love and we want to feel loved. Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to realize that someone feels deeply loved because you made that person feel loved? Because you showed that person that they are important, that they are precious, that they are beautiful, that they are perfect the way the are, just because they are as they are? Isn’t that the only technique to fill your heart with true and enduring love?


I remember back in 1984. I was 14, sitting in my classroom (bored by the subject) and pondering about life. I was thinking about what would give my life meaning, fulfill me? And there was this thought coming up: “Make others feel good.” I don’t know where that came from. But it was there out of the blue. In the same moment, I got tears in my eyes because I felt a warmth in my chest expanding and rising up. A feeling that must have been of deep love. I remember it so clearly because it was a moment of awakening. From that moment on I tried to look deeper into my friends and other people. I wanted to understand them and through this spend encouragement and comfort.

Unfortunately, I lost that over the following years when I lost myself. But it always rose up between and for at least 6 years it is a companion wherever I walk.

It is my greatest joy to see others happy and it is my greatest fulfillment when I could make someone smile. Reading the Saint Francis Prayer again reminded me of this wonderful tool we have with us all the time. The tool that ceases sadness and suffering, that ceases anger and hatred, that ceases darkness and brings light. The tool of our origin, that divine spark within – LOVE


When we let love speak, we truly lose anything that is not love. We are dying to the old identification with us and are born into the eternal awareness of love and to love itself. Love is life  – eternal life.

Our recently passed Wayne Dyer introduced me to the Saint Francis Prayer. He mentioned it in some of his books. When I joined my first lecture with him, he played a song of Cecilia. She is also called The Healing Voice. I bought one of her CDs and there was also the Saint Francis Prayer recorded. The song was exclusively written for her. It is very beautiful and I want to share this song with you too.

I won’t analyze too much about the prayer itself but ask you to simply open up to those lines and see what happens within you  when you let the words touch your heart.


The Prayer of Saint Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.


In Love and Light

What is connecting each other and of what use are differences?

The topic to this post was given by Keith of btg5885. I thank you very much, Keith, for dropping me your questions. It is one of my favorite topics to write about.  Here are Keith’s questions:

What are the common attributes in people who connect us? And, what are the differences that make life fun and interesting and make us better than who we are by experiencing them? Read more ›

We Are The Seeds Of Love

The song I posted last Wednesday as my Song of the Day inspired me to this post. It made me think of the need of tolerance, of acceptance, of compassion, respect, and empathy.  When I prepared that post I did not expect the wonderful developments here in Europe. Read more ›

Dreams Are My Reality


Everybody has dreams. There is no one who doesn’t dream about anything. May it be a different way of living, a different job, a new car, a vacation, an achievement, a project, an education, the love of a lifetime, different neighbors (LOL)… there is so much we can dream of. Read more ›

How To Live A Successful Life

Last year during the Summer break I wrote a series called How to live a succesful life. I am sure that 98 percent of you don’t know about it. Therefore I want to reblog the series for the following 5 Mondays. Here is an introduction with 5 successful inspirations I wrote for a magazine last year. It was the inspiration to do the series: Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Ready for the next step

In Love and Light!

“Wrong” Decisions

How often do we think back and ponder if this or that decision was right. Or we look back and consider a decision as wrong. But was it that really? Read more ›

The Purpose Of My Life – A Challenge of A Momma’s View

A Momma’s View did a great post about The Purpose Of My Life. Mom asked me and 5 more bloggers what we think about this topic. I love to hang in here. Read more ›

Miracles Are Not Depending On Heaven!

I just finished writing on my latest book which is about miracles. I thought I write a little about this today. What is a miracle? How and why do miracles happen? We all wished for a miracle at times and I know that some of my friends are doing it right now.

What is the definition of miracle? I’d say it is a surprising, unexpected, sometimes strongly wished occurring happening, turn, encounter, or “coincidence”.  Of course we only talk about a miracle when it shows a positive result. If we experience a negative happening we talk about bad luck, karma… But in the end negative like positive has the same root with two different outcomes. Read more ›

Suffering Part 2 – What’s the Use?

Last week I posted Suffering Part 1 – The Torture In Our Head . I wrote that this kind of suffering has its origin in the way we think, that we interpret things in our own way, and hurt ourselves with truths which only exist in our heads. I also talked about the magic tool of getting still, listening to the wisdom of our hearts, and then align our thoughts with this inner knowing.

Actually as children we were used to listen to our hearts first and our thoughts did not really play an important role in that game. We perceived without judging anything and stored it in our mind. But when time went on we were taught HOW we had to perceive things, persons, happenings, ourselves, our life, our future. We were taught to be this or that, behave this or that way, what is good or bad, and even what we prefer or dislike! But would have been within us already. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

The purpose of life lies in remembering who we are

In Love and Light!

Daily Kind Quote

New Experience

In Love and Light!

Live your dreams!

Live your dreams

In Love and Light!

How to overcome limits?

How to overcome our limits

In Love and Light!

Holes in the Sky

After watching Insurgent yesterday I want to share a beautiful and touching title of the soundtrack as my Song of the Day. I still think about the movie and recommend watching it.
Here are some quotes from the movie:

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I Am…!

I recently posted a quote titled Who Am I? It said: Realizing who you are not means finding out who you are!

We mostly notice that at times we are feeling something in certain situations which is not for our benefit. That can be anger, jealousy, greed, frustration, resistance. And we don’t even know why we feel it. It is coming up like a reflex when a certain person calls or when we are confronted with repeating issues or happenings. Then these emotions show up and take over instantly and we feel helpless doing anything against it. But we know exactly that we don’t want it, that it is in our way, and that it would make our life so much easier without them. But how to get there? Read more ›

Song of the Day!

It is Easter Sunday, Spring is showing up more and more on the northern part of the globe, and our feelings are starting to bloom according to nature. Today I was looking for a song that meets this expression of a new beginning, of feeling ourselves in a new way, of a breakthrough within ourselves… A song that says THIS IS ME  and I am perfect the way I am. From now on there is no hiding of my light but shining it out into the world. I am who I am! That’s my power, that’s my gift and whoever wants a piece: feel free to take it. Read more ›

You get what you give!

Spread love

In Love and Light!

You don’t need to fly alone

So many dreams within your heart,
So much you’re yearning for.
You’re hoping and believing that
One day you’ll see that door. Read more ›

I am speechless… happens rarely!

I need to share this spontaneously. Listen to this 9-year-old girl. I am taught in classic singing and I thought I was good. I even won both contests I participated. But when I hear this girl singing… She is mind-blowing!!! Read more ›

Fear is only a thought!

Fear keeps from everything

In Love and Light!

Follow your dreams

Last week I had an amazing live interview with Kimberly Rinaldy at Lessons in Joyful Living. We were talking about my book, my motivation to start it, my challenges, how I reached my breakthrough, and much more. Since there is so much more to say, Kimberly even invited me for another interview. I will keep you posted for the date.

We touched one topic that is most important to me. Because it is one with which many of us are fighting during their life times. I too did, because I thought I wasn’t meant for a purposeful life. I simply misunderstood that I am always fulfilling my purpose. But only when I rediscovered my value I started going for my dreams consciously. It was the time when I promised myself: “I will never ever look back and say that I had the chance, but didn’t take it because I was scared. And now it is too late.” Never! Read more ›

Song of the Day!

Since I am in Germany today giving a lecture I am not able to post the song I heard first today. But in order to not interrupt the sequence prepared a post in advance with a song I love a lot. I love the music, the style, the lyrics, and holy joy I love the guitars. Read more ›

Meditation is freedom!

Meditation is freedom

In Love and Light!

Every day a door opens…

My door opens today!

In Love and Light!

Song of the Day!

The first song I heard today: Read more ›

Our thoughts create our world!

Our thoughts create our world

In Love and Light!

I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!

My dear friends!

Since I am blessed with so many new followers I would love to introduce my book I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!  to you. Read more ›

The darker the night, the brighter the day!

the harder the lesson the bigger the growth

In Love and Light!

We Need Difference!

We need difference

In Love and Light!

How do you think about death?

How do you think about death

In Love and Light!

Life supports creating!

Life supports creating

In Love and Light!

Choose your Option!

Chose your life

In Love and Light!

Difference is not meant to separate but to unite!

During the past weeks I read more and more posts and comments in which people write about their struggles with feeling different. Whatever different means. That can be because of a certain look,  body shape, a medical condition, a point of view, the way they live, mental issues, their visions, … There is so much we can call difference. Read more ›

Real Love is a Condition not an Emotion!

When I start writing my weekly post I can’t do it as long as I am not in a state of love. This state of love enables me to dig deep inside myself and to expand into my inner cores. When I reach that place a feeling surrounds me that I am not able to describe but I try: It is a warmth and an all-embracing comfort that emerges, fills and surrounds my whole being. It is a feeling of happiness and commitment. When I am feeling it I am so full of love that I am almost bursting. Every time I am in this state it is like the excursion to another world – a world of lightness, of being carried with strong invisible arms, a world in which we all are not only accepted for what we are and how we play our roles in life but even cherished for it. Yes, this state in which I dive in when I am writing is what I identify as divine love. It doesn’t judge but perceive. It doesn’t mourn about what was once but thank for it. It doesn’t call for justice since there is interaction which teaches us and keeps us in motion and development. It is a state of pure consciousness and simple being.

I planned to write about something totally different. When I sat down, and closed the door to my room (which says to everyone: Please, do not disturb!) I first went to this place of love in order to feel into the story which I wanted to write about. But – as often – it turns out differently. I love to write because I love to be in that state. I love to meditate because I love to be in that state. I love to love because I love to be in that state.

If ever possible I walk through life looking through eyes of love. When you look through the eyes of love you perceive everything in a completely different way. You see a bee as divine creation which flies around all day long to just fulfill its purpose and we benefit from its purpose. This little bee serves us. A meadow of flowers in the spring makes our heart jump and every single flower and piece of grass does serve us for that feeling. Everything around us serves us. Like every person serves us. When you see everything through the eyes of love you get distanced from physical needs and problems. You see the behavior of others towards you as struggles they have to deal with. You will be able to see their problems, their sorrows, or their burdens, or you will simply perceive that they might have those problems. Looking through the eyes of love will make you compassionate in a supportive but not in a pitying way which never helps. Acting now from this place of perception will lift you in a state of higher awareness and people can feel that. They will change their behaviors over time or even leave since they can’t deal with your new and higher vibration. People will just connect with you because they feel this love and love is all we need in the end. When it comes to the basics we don’t need a good advice we only need love and everything else gets into a new order.

When we feel loved, we feel love. Out of that we gain power, motivation, visions, courage, strength. I am again at the point where I say: All we need is love!

I had a wonderful experience with a homeless person (actually there were two but I want to tell you from the first one). It was two years ago when I went to Pasadena for Wayne Dyers lecture. The lecture was scheduled in the evening but I was there already around 10 am. I strolled around, felt the warm Californian sun and just enjoyed the me-time. While looking at some shop-windows someone started talking to me. I turned around and saw a young-looking woman. She was dressed very simple. Her clothes looked old and used but tidy. She almost did not dare to look me in the eyes and felt guilty for talking to me. She said God bless you several times before she asked me for some money. When I saw her eyes I saw such a sadness lying in them and the embarrassment to be in this situation. She said, she was pregnant and is all by herself and that she doesn’t know how to help herself but asking for some money. I am always very careful when it comes to those situations most of all when I am by myself. But this was different. When I looked in the eyes of that woman something happened. The world around us seemed to dissolve. There was only she and I within a bubble. I felt save and looked into my purse. I only had a one-dollar-note and a twenty-dollar-note. After a second of course I pulled out the twenty-dollar-note. When I gave it to her, her eyes filled with tears. She couldn’t stop thanking me. I couldn’t help it and hugged her strongly and long. I wished her all the blessings in the world. This woman gifted me with the greatest gift ever. She served me in activating the most wonderful feeling: the feeling of love. She seemed like an angel to me sent from above to make me see. I gave her money and she showed me something within myself I had never felt before.

I felt so much love for this woman I never met before – or did I? She felt so very close. And when at night Wayne Dyer was talking about divine love I knew that what I felt was the pure connection from soul to soul – the purest, deepest and most primary connection possible. And yes, that way we met before…

In Love and Light!

Don’t fear, just love!

Do you know that? You want something so hard that your thoughts are only circling around that one thing. May it be a certain outcome of a project, or of a decision someone else makes, a job you want, showing up something you want in your life, winning the jackpot, … If something you have dreamed of for a long time is coming closer and closer but has not manifested yet, you could go crazy because you fear to lose it before you even had. There is still excitement about the fulfilling of that dream but the fear of a possible failure is growing more and more. Why? Read more ›

Love is patient, Love is kind…

All of you may know that I do have a deep faith that has nothing to do with any religion. Nevertheless, I love the Bible stories and their messages. Today I want to share a very famous excerpt, which is known in all parts of the world: The 1 Corinthians, chapter 13. It provides the core of what love is and how we recognize if we feel love, acts out of love, and live in a love that is life’s elixir and our origin. If we had no love… we had nothing. Love is all we really need. That’s why we do so much in order to receive love. We make sacrifices fight, murder, and die. Love is the basic need we all have in common. If we have love – if we really have, feel, and give love  – there is no need to compensate it with anything in the world. As soon as we are one with the real true pure love that makes every miracle possible we have found the master key to life.

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Thinking Positive – is that the solution?


Recently I said to a good friend of mine: “You cannot dig in the mud and expect yourself coming out clean!” His life has gotten more and more difficult and tough over the past 3 years in his private life but also in his job. Also his ex-wife is bothering him more than ever before regarding their children. Meanwhile he says: “How can I think positive when I only see problems eating me up?”

The real problem is that thinking positive is only the first part. Thinking positive but not believing what you think is of no use.  You can think what you want. As long as you don’t believe it, nothing will change. The real power comes from our feeling. Feelings of fear for example have an enormous power and keep us from believing what we actually wish for. In fear we are so weak that we are not able to trust in our own power. We can transform our lives but only if we believe that we can.

If you want to lose weight and you stand in front of the mirror and say: “I am thin, I am so very thin, oh my god do I look thin.”, only makes sense when you believe it. Which is hard, while you stand in front of the mirror and watch your whole body, the five pounds on your left side, the five on our right side. What you really think is: “Oh no, nothing will ever change!” Throw that bloody mirror out of the room. You cannot start convincing your system and your body that you are thin when you show them the opposite at the same time. You can reprogram your thinking pattern and your whole belief system. That is what I did and how I changed my whole life.


Trust that there are more options in life than what you see at the moment: We believe a lot easier what we see. If what we see is tragedy than we likely believe that this might be the only truth. But it is only one possible outcome of a countless number. Whatever you pay attention to will show up. It is up to you what you focus at.

Create conditions in order to believe what you want to have as a result in your life. If you want to write a book, simply start writing without knowing how to publish it. Just start writing and feel the joy of starting your adventure.

Break it down in little steps: Start doing things that make it easier to convince yourself that the change is already about to happen. Start doing things that give you a sense of achievement in order to motivate you to move on and to strengthen the belief in the result.

Don’t give up: Your system was trained for years with specific thinking pattern. So give it time to reprogram. Even if you can’t believe a certain thought right away, keep repeating it again and again. That’s the power of affirmation. Thinking a single thought often enough affects the thinking pattern. Following those patterns forms a belief. And hanging on to a belief long enough will become a part of your belief system. Right there lies the power of creation.

Very important! Don’t tell anybody: We are creatures of habit. And if someone does something he never did before it might be questioned or criticized. Whatever you are planning to do, don’t tell anybody before you completely are what you do.

If you want to change your life, your situation or do something new there is no choice but to break out of your old circle thinking.  You can choose those thoughts, which are in alignment with your result. But very important, you need to be one with those thoughts in order to fill yourself with conviction. The feelings you send out are your connector and you will always be connected in the outside world to what has been vibrating in your inside world in first place.

Even in the darkest coldest night it is possible to lighten a candle. I don’t say it was easy to change your point of view and your whole belief system when you are in the middle of turmoil. But only then you find out that you are in the wrong movie. You don’t feel the need to change anything when you are happy. It is always the challenging situations in life that show us what we want and where obviously our mind is not in alignment with our heart.

In Love and Light!

In Aging we show our True Colors!


Over here fall slowly turns to winter regarding the rare brown and dry leaves left on the trees. A few weeks ago I took that picture above in a theme park where we spent a day with two of our kids. It was a warm and sunny day. Although it was almost mid-October we wore t-shirts most of the time. It was a beautiful day.

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Reincarnation: What is the reason we incarnate?


November in Central Europe is the month we remember our deceased loved ones. November 1st, therefore, is a holiday. According to it the season changes: the nights are getting longer, the trees are mostly losing their last leaves, it is getting colder and we have a lot of fog over here. I thought this would be a fitting time for such a post in order to bring a little light into this season.

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Another big step on the ladder of realized dreams!


My dear friends. I am still in Pasadena and can’t wait to share this wonderful weekend with you after the completion of my book signing.

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On my way to Pasadena!


I am so excited! Today is the day and I am gonna leave for Pasadena! Two years ago I went to the I CAN DO IT! event as a visitor to join Wayne Dyer’s lecture. This time I not only can meet all the amazing authors but most of all be an official and promoted part of the event. A small step compared to what others already made but a huge one for me!

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Guest blog on “Spirit and Place”


During the marketing campaign for my book, I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You are not I was invited to write a guest blog on http://www.spiritandplace.wordpress.com. Yesterday my article has been published. I would love you to take a look and read the article My Journey and of course, check out the blog!

In Love and Light!

Happy Weekend with Book Promotion

ImFree_Cover Vorderseite

What an amazing weekend lies behind me! Three days of being around the beautiful people of my publisher, talking to people at the booth, signing books, and holding two lectures about what I love most: the beauty, power, and love we carry inside!

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If you can imagine it, you can be it!


I am always amazed when I look at an invention we use every day without even thinking about it. It is normal; it has been always there – for us! But at times I stop and think, what was before! What was before the telephone (or the telegraph) was invented? And I am not talking about cell phones but the real beginning. What was before we had electricity? And how did someone get the idea of inventing it? What happened to make someone think of inventing electric light? How did someone get the idea of taking photos? I mean how do you get the idea of something no one knows or has seen or heard of before?

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The Risk to Become a Slave of Your Purpose!


All the people who know me and my books, know that I say: Follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, and live your dream! I just remembered an episode in my life which made me think about the phrases above. I still believe in them and I still live them, but they are holding a risk when you lose contact with yourSelf. If you start following your dreams only because you think: “I bring to an end what I began” then you could make yourSelf a slave of your vision.

When I was a teenager I saw myself sitting in a TV show being interviewed by someone. I also wanted to be a famous pop singer. Also when I was 14 years of age I felt a big empathy I wanted to help others to activate their happiness and potential. In my mid-thirties, when my youngest child was 2 years old, I felt a flame glowing,  saying: The time has come to follow a new purpose. I knew it wasn’t a new purpose but something that by then had already spread its roots. But what was there lying inside of me? Somehow I was afraid to look too deep into it. Because when I found out, I might have to do things I never did before. And that scared me. I still was full of self-doubt and the opinion of others about my person had more weight than what I felt about myself. Deep down I knew who I am. But that did not correspond with the comments of other important people in my life.  Since I did not dare to stand behind myself and my opinion that was totally confusing. I was afraid, that if I followed my inner call which started to get louder, I might get criticized or even laughed at.

The flame grew bigger and I started to take a little first step. I did research and found lots of interesting education like Homoeopathy, Kinesiology, Aromatherapy, Metamorphose, Reincarnationtherapy, and lots more. So where to start…? I also had to keep in mind that I still have a family of five to take care of (at that time my kids were 2, 5, and 9) a house, and a big garden. Some educations were very expensive and took several years of intense work. That was too much! I was overwhelmed.

Was I only too scared of doing something new or was it simply not time yet for a big project? I was so confused: on one hand, I felt a new task waiting for me, combined with my pride of wanting to show others my flexibility and abilities,  and on the other hand the fear and also the stress I felt crawling up my chest and taking my breath.

Although at that moment I did not know anything about any spiritual laws, I stopped and got still for a moment. In a natural reflex, I asked mySelf: What shall I do, what feels good to me? All of a sudden I fell in a state of total inner peace and I knew that I wouldn’t take this new path now. I realized that again I was about to do something for the approval of my surrounding. Yes, I had this dream, this yearning but I didn’t feel ready at all to go for it with all its consequences. First of all, I wanted to be a mother and take the time for my kids, make a nest for my family and care for them. I did not want them to be with babysitters or me to be too busy to be with them. I truly knew that this time it wasn’t an escape but a knowing that at the moment it is not yet my purpose to go big. When I realized that I made a decision for mySelf and for my surrounding I felt so strong, so liberated and so clear about myself.

But nevertheless, I did start … in a different way. Since I already had a name as a singer, I started to force that which was in perfect harmony with my husband’s schedule. Within the following 2 to 3 years I joined some weekend seminars, made the 1st and 2nd grade of Reiki, and became a Spiritual Healer. I went to lectures and read tons of books about self-development and spirituality.

Today, another 6 years later, I have a practice for Aromatherapy and Self-development, wrote 4 books, work on my first CD, speak in front of audiences, and had interviews on radios and on television. I am realizing my teenage visions! Without knowing I was listening to my soul. I did not question if I should follow my dream (as I used to), but which way I shall do it. I did it my way, according to the way it fits into my life and with the speed I wanted.

It was important to always check back with my soul, which step to take and how fast I shall move on. The journey I had to go through first was the important part to lose my fear and my self-doubt. It was important to collect information, experience, and knowledge. All the little steps prepared me to fill my backpack with all the tools I needed.

It is not (always) about the destination but first and foremost about the path you choose to walk towards a destination. And it is important to walk it your way, no matter how many u-turns or stops you make. It all is part of your personal journey to your personal evolution. Your life is your creation. What techniques do you use and how much time do you need or want is exactly matching with who you are. No one but you can judge it.

Yes, follow your heart, listen to your inner voice, and live your dream! But always in alignment with yourSelf! I promise: This way you will succeed in perfection!

In Love and Light

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