The past weeks and months have not been easy. Not only for me but I noticed that there must have been a general change in the air affecting so many people around me. It appears like a big clearing to me. So many felt challenged in the way things developed, in decisions to make, in things falling apart, in happenings which opened up old gaps and let past memories and feelings rise again, in instantly changing life situations, and in much more. There were states of shock, desperations, breakdowns, and … the rise after the fall.


I truly think that we are called to more awareness these days. To open up our minds, our eyes, our ears, our hearts. Not in order to be more tolerant with each other but to be more tolerant with ourselves in the first place!! For so long we are standing tall dealing with painful experiences, deep disappointments, tough life situations. And we made it to come over it… seemingly. But we only found a way to lay it all at rest for a while in order to move on with our lives. Then when we have ground beneath our feet again and gained more knowledge and strength the time has come for the final confrontation.


Whatever it is that triggers the old memory and all of a sudden makes it so scary present is as individual as the person themselves. It can be the most peaceful sunset or it can be the most stressful hour that brings it up. We are caught off guard and may be overwhelmed by the load of confusion that washes over us. For some reason, it seems impossible to calm it down the way we successfully managed by then and we are really called to work it out for good. We are drawn into it deeper and deeper until we touch the deepest ground.


It is the moment when you are totally within you. Did you notice how intensely the signs, the hints, the messages are accumulating up to that last little impulse which eventually makes the bubble burst and all lies in front of you as clear as can be? It is not only an insight, it is a deep clarity about the root. What even makes it all more profound is the awareness that this is the root to many other weeds which grew from it. In finding that root you eliminated so many misunderstandings about yourself which made YOU making your life so difficult in many areas.


If we want to find the root we need to dive deep. But even though we want to dive deep deliberately it can never bring us as deep down as a real breakdown can do. What we are doing by then is only weeding but as we know, if you don’t catch the weed by the root it grows again and that is why we are confronted with the same things over and over again until we are finally led to the root. The moment to get there is a perfectly organized plan and that is why it feels like a thousand fireworks when it happens. It is indefinable how it feels when we hold that root in hands, hold it high with tears of liberation, and see it falling apart for good. We deleted a bug and reset our system. The power and strength arising inside of us are indescribable.


In case you find yourself surrounded by the ghosts of your dark corners right now try to be open for them in order to let the breakthrough happen faster. For a while, we can still push it back again but it detracts all our energy and in the end only leads to the breakdown anyway. It only happens because it is time for you to let go of something that is not even you, of something that only holds you back from living. You are ready to break the lock, expand yourself into the outside world, and let your new powerful self happen!

Yes, I believe we are called to be more acceptive, loving, and tolerant with ourselves and that will automatically change our acceptance, compassion, and tolerance for each other. I believe it is a global appearance, a change in the energy, a time of renewal.

And again, it all starts inside the individual!
It needs pureness in the core in order to build a stable and solid foundation for a new world.

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In Love and Light


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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


So enjoyed reading your indepth post dear Erika.. I always look forward to your philosophy of life.
And yes there is a distinct feeling that people are confused, jaded and while wanting change, they still seem unable to free themselves from the ruts they have placed themselves in..
And it is taking huge events in there upheavals in showing us all, how in a blink all can be taken, changed and altered..
And when those events happen, we are also being shown how we can turn to one another for help and comfort when all else is gone..

I smiled at your quote about us not realising we were in Prison.. So true.. Yet this is what we do, we hold ourselves prisoners within the perceptions we perceive out world to be

I think the World at large now especially our Earth Mother with her fury of storms and fire, is showing us how we have held ourselves prisoner to the material trappings, forgetting our Spiritual Natures and what is most important.. These are her true treasures and ours.. For without oxygen and clean water, our jobs and no amount of money would make any difference.

I know only too well how a ‘Real Breakdown’ feels it plunges one from being top of your game in control and feeling in charge.. To becoming a lump of jelly that wobbles and jitters, screams and cries.. And who curls up in a corner wanting to disappear into oblivion.
But it took that break down to wake me up.. For the only way was UP after that..

And I feel in part that the world is going the same way.. It may appear to be breaking down. But in doing so it is waking more up to themselves and doing so, we are rising our vibration in Unity and starting to care .

I love Echhart Tolle .. And have several of his books, such wisdom in his words..

And so endorse your last sentence

“And again, it all starts inside the individual!
It needs pureness in the core in order to build a stable and solid foundation for a new world.”

Love and Blessings dear Erika.. Beautiful read xx ❤

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And I appreciate your deep and detailed comments so very much, Sue. Thank you from my heart for taking the time for reading and commenting.
Yes, I believe the same. The world seems to collapse in violence and natural disasters. But I genuinely feel that this is only the transformation process due to a rise in the energy field. We are reaching a higher level of consciousness and therefore such “confusions” are a result during the transformation. As we all experienced it in our own little lives that after we passed the hurdle things are better than before. And so it will be with our planet and every being on it. At least I wholeheartedly believe this.
Again, thank you so very much for leaving such insightful words for everyone, Sue💖

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