The Magical Effect Of Changed Thoughts!


When you are used to putting your glass of water at the same spot on your dinner table you can reach out blindly and will definitely grab it time and time again. You don’t even need to think about it anymore. It has become a habit and reflex. You may not even be aware of the fact that it is a habit and soon it appears a fact that your glass of water is found at that same place. It has always been that way and there is no consideration that it could or should be changed.


This is a simple example how our thoughts work. Many parts of our lives become habits. Life situations become habits. Over time we are so used to them that they feel like part of our existence. This is also happening with repeating experiences. We don’t mind if we are fine and content with it all. But it can become a problem when we are feeling uncomfortable, sad, frustrated, angry, unhappy, and perhaps even depressed about what is. Sometimes it is a slow process that situations or experiences are becoming uncomfortable and that is when we are likely to believe it is our destiny. The conviction that what we have is unchangeable because “it has always been that way” doesn’t help a lot.


We basically know that we can change our lives. But the tricky point is that therefore we need to change something within ourselves which is not easy when we have to work against our thinking pattern. It needs an awareness of the ability that we can change the way we think. That means we need to realize that we are able to take that glass and put it to the left side instead to the right side because it is standing there right now. Our belief system is nothing but a collection of repeated thoughts – thinking habits. We don’t think about what we think. We let our collection of thoughts direct our lives. But what we forget is that it is us who feed that collection and if we don’t add new ones how can we expect to think differently?


When we put our glass to the left side we might still reach out to the right reflexively but we won’t find something over there anymore. We might also forget that we put it to the left and perhaps throw it off the table. But right those two experiences make us act differently. We find more new thoughts due to the new experiences of not finding something there but having to clean up on the other side. The process of change. It forces us to be in the now and to think more consciously. It will help us to sharpen our awareness which leads to more awareness. When we clean up the water of the dropped glass from the floor and collect the shards we may see things from that perspective we have never seen before – and if it is only to find more and deeper things to be cleaned up and cleared out! A change in our awareness is also a process of clearing-out!


So, let’s put it in a nutshell:

  1. Become aware that you can change the way you think.
  2. Observe what you think and if this is actually fitting the life you want to live.
  3. Shift your thoughts towards the direction you want to head.
  4. See the new perspectives and the new ways and options which were invisible by then.
  5. Go with the changes and open a gate of inexhaustible possibilities.
  6. Realize that not life changes for you to change but that you can change for your life to change.
  7. Make a mental note: I am the director of my thoughts and the architect of my life.

It is how the Law of Attraction works. You send out your thoughts in a deep belief and awareness of the realization. Because of the feelings that come with those thoughts you connect with the same energy around you. You can compare it with changing the channel of a radio station. It is all about the frequency and you will get what you are tuned in to. When you are in the mode of seeking the good in everything you will find the good in everything. That means you will always find things to feel good about, find ways and solutions, AND more of the good things will come your way. And of course, since well-being is the natural state of the soul you fill yourself with healing and healthy energy. The experience of this all will nurture the conviction that all things are possible. But most of all it will clarify that it is you who can make all things possible! What about creating such a belief system?


Start with something little and simply change the position of the glass and see what happens. What do you have to lose?


I am the director of my thoughts and the architect of my life…
… in every single moment.

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In Love and Light

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