I want what I get … and I will get what I want!

It is really interesting where this post went. I started with an idea in mind but at one point went a different road. I did not change anything because I don’t want the mind to destroy what spirit created through a natural flow of inspiration.

Isn’t it most normal that we strive for things we don’t have? We want to develop, move ahead, grow on experience and achievements, and therefore we need to go for things we don’t have yet. That is a good thing so far because we should not stop having dreams and going for them to expand ourselves more and more in all that we are and in all we brought here unfold.

But there is a little trap that can make this whole growing thing unhealthy and can lead to more and more dissatisfaction instead of fulfillment. Most of all in our modern society we are too often taught that it is important to be more than others or have more than others. We are taught that this shows that we are better, more successful, smarter and that we are more respected. But who is here at work? Not the soul but the ego. As soon as achievement turns into a competition we are not acting from that place in our soul where our dreams are stored but from a general opinion of how we find happiness.

It always depends on what we are striving for. Is it for following an inner call and living the joy we feel inside? Or is it only to impress others and mix up collecting possessions with finding happiness? It is wonderful to afford some luxury in our lives whatever luxury means for the individual. The difference is the awareness that possessions are only borrowed. They are of temporary joy to add some spice to our lives or to make them more comfortable. But they can be gone as fast as they came into our lives. Life is of constant change. That’s why it is so dangerous to make our happiness and self-worth depend on anything that comes from outside. Because in case we lose it, we lost ourselves. Of course, we don’t but we feel so as long as we believe that we are what we have. Btw. that is mostly the reason why some people lose it all in order to understand what they really have and build up their life from there new again.

The secret of contentment, happiness, and motivation lies in the appreciation of what we have right now. Being aware of all the things we already do have, like a roof over our head, something to eat every day, people who appreciate and love us, eyes to see the beauty of this planet, a heart that is able to feel, give and receive love, or at least the gift of being here and the recognition that we have the chance to create our lives every day anew, and so much more… This all can change the energy we feel inside from frustration of what we don’t have to appreciation and gratitude for what we do have. Whatever comes to your mind is more than many others may have. The perspective changes and the mind opens up and loses its dogged focus on a path the crowd goes. Where the crowd goes is never the path for the unique being and never leads to a fulfilled life.

That’s why it is so important to step back, look at your life and see what you really want. Too often we are a product of our habits and don’t even notice that we are still walking a path that doesn’t fit anymore. Sometimes it even only is a change in our mind, a change in how we look at a situation or circumstances. We don’t need to believe what we believed yesterday or what others say. We are individuals and only in being individuals we all together can achieve great things with our combined powers and skills.

It doesn’t make sense if everyone walks in the same direction or goes for the exact same goals only because other successful people did. We all have our place and our purpose here and when we start being aware of what we have that feeling of gratitude and contentment will lead us deeper inside of ourselves where the flame of the power and program of our own path and purpose burns. Going from there and flowing with the stream of our soul’s energy will not only fill you with an unknown power but also brings those possessions and success into your life that is really meant for you. And this way you will appreciate and treasure all that comes to you more than ever before! May it be material things or certain people you attract with your changed energy.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I noticed that this post got so many views lately. It must have been an automatic suggestion that came up with one of my latest posts. I am glad you found it and that you liked it so much, Robert 😊

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