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The latest happenings in Berlin dampened the Christmas atmosphere. I heard a lot of statements what a cruel world we are living in. Those statements made me think a lot. Yes, there are people with bad intentions in this world, filled with anger, hatred, resentments, driven by the revenge. And what they do mostly causes pain for a lot of people at once. But does that justify to say the world was bad in general?

For sure, such actions make my heart heavy and I won’t ever understand how someone is able to do something like that to any being. It is always terrible and appears even more terrible during this time of the year! But isn’t it unfair to state the whole world as a bad place? Unfair towards everybody who tries to bring some light into this world? Unfair to everyone who works voluntary or for little money to make the life of other’s better? Unfair, regarding all the efforts that are made by organizations and institutions to bring a change? Unfair, regarding the many found raisings now and throughout the year? Unfair, towards everybody who risks their lives for the safety of others?

We must not allow that evil actions count more than acts of kindness and love. We must not allow becoming blind for the love and kindness that is around us all the time when one or some individuals are causing pain. Yes, there are bad things happening and the concerned people need even more attention and love during this time! It doesn’t help to turn away and call the world bad. It only helps when we stay strong for those in need, keep up doing our good work, and prove that in the end there is more love in this world than hate!

Just a thought…

In Love and Light

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