Leaving seeds of kindness
With every step you take
Whenever you look back

You see the garden you create

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Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

#Haiku – Love is all around…


So much gratitude

For each lil act of kindness

I may see each day

Inspired by the kindness of our amazing community. Proud, happy, and thankful to be part of it!

Credits: boomsumo.com 

In Love and Light

Just a thought…


The latest happenings in Berlin dampened the Christmas atmosphere. I heard a lot of statements what a cruel world we are living in. Those statements made me think a lot. Yes, there are people with bad intentions in this world, filled with anger, hatred, resentments, driven by the revenge. And what they do mostly causes pain for a lot of people at once. But does that justify to say the world was bad in general? Read more ›

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