It is a privilege to have children (in case that path was choosen).

It is a gift to watch them develop.

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#RomanticTuesday Song

Since I already posted a song from Katie Melua last week, I cannot hide that I like her songs. I do love the style, the lyrics, her voice, and the way she orchestrates the whole composition. Here we go with another one of her romantic song collection.

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#RomanticTuesday Song

Yay, it is Tuesday! Are you ready for some romantic vibes? Let’s go with one of the greatest and one of her greatest songs.

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Happy Week!

There are two awesome but also busy weekends lying behind me (one with a big birthday party and the last one I spent on excursions in the woods regarding my phytotherapy school). Unfortunately, that means that there was and no time for scheduling my regular posts for this week. For now, I leave you with a really cool instrumental song that is very popular over here these days. Have a great week!

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Daily Kind Quote

love creates clarity

With Syl’s permission!

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In Love and Light



Hi friends, I am happy to announce that my vacation week has finally come. That’s why I will take a full break from blogging. Perhaps dropping in from time to time but no posts for this week. Actually, I had planned to work in the garden and to make some day trips. But then life happened and I will be in Vienna for half of the time in order to support my sister.

Have a great week and take care, friends, see you next week!

In Love and Light

Hits by Years – 1972


For this #RomanticTuesday I am going with one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. Yes, Mariah, you did great, but in, to me, the original goes a lot deeper… Read more ›

#RomanticTuesday Song


When I wrote that poem I am posting today I had some tropical tunes in my head and thought of this song. Happy Tuesday, everybody! Read more ›

Monday Song


I am sorry that I wasn’t around on the weekend visiting and commenting. From Friday on I spent the weekend moving. That is also the reason I had to cancel my participation at the Blogger Bash in London on Saturday (again: Congratulations to the nominees and winners). I bought my ticket right when they were available but then life happened… I hope that next year I can finally make it and nothing comes in the way anymore. Read more ›



Forever Save


Missing the times, long ago

We let our dreams fly high

Memories of hearts on fire

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