#PeaceSongTuesday – 37

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#PeaceSongTuesday – 34

In Love and Light

#PoeticTuesday – 63

You’ve Come Here to Thrive

You’ve not come here to fight a war
To beg for love or deny what you adore

You’ve not come here to argue and scream
To doubt your worth or self-esteem

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#HitsByYears – 1985 #3

In 1985 I was in my last year of High School. The songs I am sharing today (and some other ones I scheduled for this week) remind me the most of our graduation trip. Who remembers these songs?

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It’s Not In Wanting But In Feeling

Lately, I read this quote on Instagram. There is often a big misunderstanding of how the Law of attraction works since it runs contrary to rational thought. It means that you can have, do or be anything you want if you only imagine it. But there is one small point that can make all the difference. You got to keep your head out of the process. Or rather, you need to control the thinker. Because as long as you want something, you feel like not having it.

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What actually needs to be let go?

Today I felt like picking one of my gateway oracle cards again. There was so much racing through my mind that I had to stop it by asking what it is that wants to be shared. Here goes:

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As long as the conditions in the current conflict in Eastern Europe do not change in favor of humanity, I would like to continue playing songs for peace and unity in this world.

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Let it be peace

The thought when results don’t meet expectations
The desire when you are longing for explanations
When people don’t cooperate
When you begin your life to contemplate
When plans are shattered or don’t work out
When you wish for things your wallet does not allow

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Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com


I’m thankful for my feelings, from happiness to pain.
I’m thankful that none of it I experience is in vain.

I’m thankful for nature, for the ocean’s endless wide range.
I’m thankful for each person that gives my view a change.

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Processing, Progressing, Blessing

There’s rain when we’re supposed
to get buried in mountains of snow
There are clouds and fog all-day
No sunny winter trails to go

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Early Admiration

The sound so sweet
The rhythm of my heart’s beat
A move that takes my breath away
That look that drove me completely crazy

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Love is Free

A cold and grey November day
The sun decides do hide
I’m looking out the window while
My heart goes on a ride  

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Daily Kind Quote

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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

In Love and Light

Congratulations USA 🎉


Congratulations to all Americans and to the world
on the new president
of the United States of America!

In Love and Light


It is a privilege to have children (in case that path was choosen).

It is a gift to watch them develop.

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#RomanticTuesday Song

Since I already posted a song from Katie Melua last week, I cannot hide that I like her songs. I do love the style, the lyrics, her voice, and the way she orchestrates the whole composition. Here we go with another one of her romantic song collection.

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#RomanticTuesday Song

Yay, it is Tuesday! Are you ready for some romantic vibes? Let’s go with one of the greatest and one of her greatest songs.

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Happy Week!

There are two awesome but also busy weekends lying behind me (one with a big birthday party and the last one I spent on excursions in the woods regarding my phytotherapy school). Unfortunately, that means that there was and no time for scheduling my regular posts for this week. For now, I leave you with a really cool instrumental song that is very popular over here these days. Have a great week!

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Daily Kind Quote

love creates clarity

With Syl’s permission!

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In Love and Light



Hi friends, I am happy to announce that my vacation week has finally come. That’s why I will take a full break from blogging. Perhaps dropping in from time to time but no posts for this week. Actually, I had planned to work in the garden and to make some day trips. But then life happened and I will be in Vienna for half of the time in order to support my sister.

Have a great week and take care, friends, see you next week!

In Love and Light

Hits by Years – 1972


For this #RomanticTuesday I am going with one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. Yes, Mariah, you did great, but in, to me, the original goes a lot deeper… Read more ›

#RomanticTuesday Song


When I wrote that poem I am posting today I had some tropical tunes in my head and thought of this song. Happy Tuesday, everybody! Read more ›

Monday Song


I am sorry that I wasn’t around on the weekend visiting and commenting. From Friday on I spent the weekend moving. That is also the reason I had to cancel my participation at the Blogger Bash in London on Saturday (again: Congratulations to the nominees and winners). I bought my ticket right when they were available but then life happened… I hope that next year I can finally make it and nothing comes in the way anymore. Read more ›



Forever Save


Missing the times, long ago

We let our dreams fly high

Memories of hearts on fire

When there was only you and I Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Sending the message of love.JPG

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In Love and Light

Rising to the Occasion – The Magic Happens Magazine April 2018

Please, check out the new edition of The-Magic-Happens-Magazine!

Open Waters


About 10 days ago I posted the quote above. The truth and wide message it holds went deep. Although I wrote some lines in Just A Thought… I feel like going a bit deeper into the subject. Read more ›

#Haiku – Your Wellbeing Matters


Shushing your feelings

While pressure is building up

It is not worth it!

In Love and Light


Letting Go – Take 2


And here comes a new one poem for participating at Neha’s Calling all Creative Minds/Poets/Artists to a Poetic Collaboration – “Letting Go”


Letting Go


What happened once is long ago

Regrets and guilt won’t change it though


And all the wounds, well, quite a lot

From all the bullets others shot


I think it’s time to let them heal

And stop to make it a big deal


Too long I kept the past alive

And cut myself with its sharp knife


Too long I carried it along

And kept myself from moving on


I look above and see the sky

Was it ever so blue and high?


There’s so much room to just be me

I’m letting go and flying free


Photo Credits: anetteinselberg.com

In Love and Light




What a sky today. Bluer than blue. It is what the Italian call “azzurro”. It reminds me of a song which is on my mind since we have come here. It is also one of my favorite Italian songs of one of my favorite Italian singers.  Read more ›

#Haiku – Two Sides

Life leads to edges

Sometimes because of struggles

Or because of light

In Love and Light

Unlimited and Unstoppable!

Today’s post was inspired by this post from Syl. When I read it I thought about how well it explains what I actually tried to convey in some of my posts but the quote he used said it all. We are developing in every single moment we exist. Whether we are awake or asleep or even in which form we do exist.

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Starting Fresh … For Manifesting Your Dreams!


This is not a title that came to my mind just so. I had no plan for what to write for today so I took my deck of Gateway Oracle Cards. I bought them for my seminars which are meant to lead the participants toward solutions and to connect with themselves and their inner wisdom. I picked a card but did not turn it around yet. Then I put the rest of the cards together and the card that showed up on the bottom was this one: 

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Irony: Being Negative Can Be So Much Fun!


It was a foggy day when I wrote this post. No rays of the sun and really cold. All frozen for days. Opening windows in the morning and letting some fresh air in had become a challenge for someone who is cold so quickly. I cannot stand the cold. I also cannot stand when it is dark in the morning. Then thinking of another day below that high fog without any ray of sun, … my thoughts seemed to enjoy going to all things that bothered me like the busy time ahead in that week and all those things that recently made my abdomen cramp, and much more.

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Daily Kind Inspirations


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In Love and Light

Daily Kind Inspirations


I am sorry for not being around a lot the past few days. Aside from many other activities, I am using each minute for designing products but not any products. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I want to provide an extended collection of my Love Line. Here are some examples:


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My Zazzle Store offers a wide range of products provided with a choice out of hundreds of my own inspirational quotes which I am posting daily on my blog. Visit my store for more… Daily Kind Inspirations

If there is a quote of your choice you would like to have designed on a particular item let me know. Here you can find all my quotes.

You can enter my store from any country domain. Just choose your country domain and add /erikakind in order to benefit from the lowest shipping costs.

In Love and Light

I want what I get … and I will get what I want!

It is really interesting where this post went. I started with an idea in mind but at one point went a different road. I did not change anything because I don’t want the mind to destroy what spirit created through a natural flow of inspiration.

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The Challenge of Growth!

Last week I wrote about the seeds we spread constantly through our thoughts, feelings, and actions. I told how they are responsible (consciously or not) for the miracles we are experiencing in life and that most of them are co-created when many put the same or similar convictions into their beliefs and convictions. After I had scheduled that post a friend of mine sent me the quote above. It is again about that little seed that carries a garden of wonders inside. But there is a different message behind it.

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The Visitor

Sitting lonely in my room
Looking out the window
Staring at the darkening sky
Not knowing where to go to

Pondering ‘bout shattered dreams
Of feeling such a pain
Of never gotten any chance
To finally win my game

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Feeling Powerful – The Art of Facing Life

When do we have the most power? When are we the most productive? When do we feel the most motivation to hang in, to start something new, to finally get projects done? It is always when we feel good.

No doubt, there are times in life when things are coming to an end, when plans don’t work out the way we hoped for and when all our effort seems not coming to fruition. Times when we are confused and when things around us fall apart or simply change in ways we have no control over….. times of change!

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Are You still Comfortable Or Already Living?

Yes, I borrowed that title from a commercial slogan of a famous furniture designer…. 😁

Last week I was a guest on Kimberly Rinaldi’s live radio show Lessons in Joyful Living. It was a fantastic interview and I enjoyed it from the first until the last minute. It was my 3rd live radio interview. Was I still nervous? Yes, I was; throughout the day! But sometime before the show started this nervousness changed into excitement and anticipation.

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Gratitude – The Power of Awareness

Imagine sitting on the top of a mountain and looking down into the valley. High up above, you see everything from a distance, the bigger picture. You see how streets are leading to each other, how small creeks are leading into a river, how the river flows into a lake. From up there you understand how everything works together in order to make it all a complete and how necessary every little thing is. Read more ›

Make me an instrument of thy peace!


During a chat with a friend here on  WordPress, I got reminded of one of my biggest inspirations regarding what I see as my purpose: The Saint Francis prayer

Only when reading it, something opens up within me. Like the dawning sun, there is this love rising up. This love has only one purpose: to spread love towards everybody’s heart in order to make them rise their inner sun too.

We are in a time of change. People run from dark places and try to find the light somewhere else. What we realize more and more these days is that only when we start acting from our heart – first towards ourselves and then towards everybody around us – we can end the pain, end war, and suffering. When we act from this place of love inside of us we feel a deep connection to everyone. Because love is the energy that created us, that we are, and that connects one another over the globe – regardless of any religious, cultural, racial, or political background. We are all loved and we want to feel loved. Isn’t it the most wonderful feeling to realize that someone feels deeply loved because you made that person feel loved? Because you showed that person that they are important, that they are precious, that they are beautiful, that they are perfect the way they are, just because they are as they are? Isn’t that the only technique to fill your heart with true and enduring love?

I remember back in 1984. I was 14, sitting in my classroom (bored by the subject) and pondering about life. I was thinking about what would give my life meaning, and fulfill me? And there was this thought coming up: “Make others feel good.” I don’t know where that came from. But it was there out of the blue. At the same moment, I got tears in my eyes because I felt a warmth in my chest expanding and rising up. A feeling that must have been of deep love. I remember it so clearly because it was a moment of awakening. From that moment on I tried to look deeper into my friends and other people. I wanted to understand them and through this spent encouragement and comfort.

Unfortunately, I lost that over the following years when I lost myself. But it always rose up between and for at least 6 years it is a companion wherever I walk.

It is my greatest joy to see others happy and it is my greatest fulfillment when I could make someone smile. Reading the Saint Francis Prayer again reminded me of this wonderful tool we have with us all the time. The tool that ceases sadness and suffering, that ceases anger and hatred, that ceases darkness and brings light. The tool of our origin, that divine spark within – LOVE

When we let love speak, we truly lose anything that is not love. We are dying to the old identification with us and are born into the eternal awareness of love and love itself. Love is life  – eternal life.

Our recently passed Wayne Dyer introduced me to the Saint Francis Prayer. He mentioned it in some of his books. When I joined my first lecture with him, he played a song by Cecilia. She is also called The Healing Voice. I bought one of her CDs and there was also the Saint Francis Prayer recorded. The song was exclusively written for her. It is very beautiful and I want to share this song with you too.

I won’t analyze too much about the prayer itself but ask you to simply open up to those lines and see what happens within you when you let the words touch your heart.

The Prayer of Saint Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek
To be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love;
For it is in giving that we receive;
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;
It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.

In Love and Light

I have to make a decision – and that scares me…

Vonita of Passion Through Poetry asked me to write about making decisions and the problem of indecisiveness. I am convinced that at times every one of us is in a place where we struggle with deciding which way to go, which door to close or to choose, and not knowing how it will turn out.

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Sweden – Linköping/Locks

The weather went down today. We were lucky that it was dry although pretty windy and cool in the morning. We drove to the locks of Berg. There are 10 locks altogether leading from the lake to the river (and the other way around of course).

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“Wrong” Decisions

How often do we think back and ponder if this or that decision was right? Or we look back and consider a decision as wrong. But was it that really?

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Miracles Are Not Depending On Heaven!

I just finished writing my latest book which is about miracles. I thought I write a little about this today. What is a miracle? How and why do miracles happen? We all wished for a miracle at times and I know that some of my friends are doing it right now.

What is the definition of a miracle? I’d say it is a surprising, unexpected, sometimes strongly wished occurring happening, turn, encounter, or “coincidence”.  Of course, we only talk about a miracle when it shows a positive result. If we experience a negative happening we talk about bad luck, karma… But in the end negative like positive has the same root with two different outcomes.

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Meet me at Lessons in Joyful Living Radio with Kimberly Rinaldi

Tomorrow is my live radio interview. It might last up to an hour. I am excited but also getting a little nervous. So I just ask you all to cross your fingers for me and wish me luck!

Tidbit Tuesday!!!

I just remembered a happening during my school time. Since it is Tuesday I thought I’d make it a tidbit.

I was 15 and the darling of one of our teachers. Whenever the class wanted something they pushed me to convince him which mostly worked out. I did not feel well because I never wanted to abuse others… but when it served the purpose and nobody got hurt… 😉

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Guest-Post: Dealing With Negative Feelings – Make A Change!

Heena, one of my favorite bloggers, honored me in asking me to do a guest-post on her blog. Heena is a beautiful young and very experienced woman. I appreciate her a lot and I am so glad that we found each other on WordPress! Take a look at her blog. She is writig amazing book reviews and has lots of great blog ideas.


Hi guys! Please welcome today’s Guest-Blogger, Erika Kind: The author of I’m Free and several other amazing books, she also has a practice for aromatherapy and self-development.

Erika is the sweetest and the most inspiring person I’ve ever known. She’s a great friend and an even better guide! I love reading her motivating posts on her amazing blog and always look forward to have a word or two with her whenever possible. She is an endless source of positivity and I can’t thank her enough for agreeing to write a post for this blog! Erika, you are the best ❤

Visit her blog, Author Erika Kind, to know more about her.

Presenting Erika Kind…

I am so happy to be asked for a guest-post by my dear friend Heena. What do I love most about her blog? Her fresh and light way of writing, and inspiring. To me she is a young woman with…

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Beautiful and Totally Turquoise Turkey

Today Jessica from http://turquoisecompass.com published my guest post! She put it beautifully! A big thank you to Jessica! You need to go to her blog and take a look at her travel posts. She describes in her unique exciting and passionate way all the beautiful places she has been all around the world. Since I read her post of Mexico it is on my bucket list!

Cycling through Santa Barbara

When I looked out of the window this morning I hardly could believe that one week ago I was sweating under a cloudless blue sky. Winter has shown its first signs and everything was covered with snow – thank God not the streets. However, everything is already melting away and the temperatures are supposed to rise again.

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Chained Hands!


Do you know this? Someone dear, a relative, or a close friend is about to head into disaster. You can literally see and feel it. But you can’t do anything but watch him suffer. I experienced this a few years ago.

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Happy Weekend with Book Promotion

ImFree_Cover Vorderseite

What an amazing weekend lies behind me! Three days of being around the beautiful people of my publisher, talking to people at the booth, signing books, and holding two lectures about what I love most: the beauty, power, and love we carry inside!

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Freedom means feeling good!


Freedom means feeling good no matter whether others like it or not! – Erika Kind I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!  Take a look at the preview when clicking on the link above!

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When you stop judging you liberate your heart!


From early childhood on we are told what is right or wrong. We are punished or rewarded for our behavior. We observe how other people declare what they like or don’t like, what they think is beautiful or ugly, what they think is good or bad. As a little child we already learn to divide things in categories and we learn to judge. We learn it in a way that over the years we are convinced that everything has to be categorized and so we automatically judge whatever we see, hear and experience.

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Trip to the Big Apple – Impressions

While we have been to Manhattan we visited so many places like wall street, made a city tour, walked through the Battery Park, shopped at Macy’s, sucked up the pulse on times square and broadway and so much more. Our two days in NYC were truly filled whith a lot of impressive memories and the weather supported everything! My last post about Manhattan shall give you some impressions over the city itself.  Although I would not want to live here it is a great adventure that has everything you could wish for. NYC is not America but it is one of my favorite cities to travel to!

Now enjoy a bunch of photos showing parts of the Big Apple!

The following two pics were taken from the roof top of our hotel:


20140717_100034This used to be Macy’s first location…!


I am looking forward to posting about the Buffalo area the next time!!!

In Love and Light!

Our Challenges are Always a Seed of Personal Growth!

Me, after I made it through one point on my bucket list: The Jurrassik Ride (freefall in the end)

We are unique beings, with a unique history, unique skills and abilities, unique in liking or disliking things, unique in the subjects, targets, and several destinations we have chosen for this lifetime – we are a sum of unique aspects which make us so individual. This individuality is the cause of our worldview. It is responsible for what we think of life, our surroundings, the people around us, and of course of ourselves. Whatever we heard, experienced, touched, or encountered made us the person we are today.

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Member of IG Wort – author association Liechtenstein

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As a member of IG Wort I have the support of more promotion for my book and options to present it to the public through the association’s connections and possibillities of publications.

IG Wort was founded August 9, 2013 to support the development of authors in Liechtenstein. It assists their activities and concerns and campaigns for best frame conditions. The association gets involved with the propagation of the authors’ works.


Book cover I'm Free by Erika KindWelcome to my new blog! Are you yearning for the fulfillment of your dreams and wishes?  I want to share my story with you to help you accomplish your goals.  My new book shall be a light through the jungle of distortion and illusion to realign with your true self.


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