Starting Fresh … For Manifesting Your Dreams!


This is not a title that came to my mind just so. I had no plan for what to write for today so I took my deck of Gateway Oracle Cards. I bought them for my seminars which are meant to lead the participants toward solutions and to connect with themselves and their inner wisdom. I picked a card but did not turn it around yet. Then I put the rest of the cards together and the card that showed up on the bottom was this one: 

Since it was the first card I saw I knew it was meant to be part of the story. For sure “Starting Fresh” has a lot to do with me too since there are dramatic changes happening in my private life right now. But anyway there was still that other card I did not know yet what it was about and I turned it around:


Now it all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

We all have dreams. Even those who say they don’t have dreams. Perhaps they have even more dreams than others. I think the more you try to give up on a dream the more you are thinking of it. Because you cannot erase what is part of your heart, of what is supposed to make you even more YOU! Too often we limit ourselves in denying who we actually are, who we are longing to become, or what waits to be achieved and experienced. Those dreams are flashbacks from a movie we saw before we came here and now we are supposed to experience it. Like seeing a film from a country we want to visit and one day we stand there and see it with our own eyes. That’s why we came here. We came to live, we came to feel, and we came to evolve! But we cannot evolve when we bar ourselves from life.

What actually is a dream that came true? It is something that adds desired content to our lives. Additional content in our lives means that the life we lived before needs to experience a change, right? Oh, this tiresome discussion about changes again! In order to go for a dream, we need to prepare the road for it or make room for it. Sometimes we don’t know how to accomplish a dream because we don’t have the finances yet or the knowledge or the right people at hand or whatever. Perhaps we even have all that is needed and but the courage lacks to take a step out of our comfort zone and risk something – perhaps even a lot. Very often we have no idea and no security about how something turns out. Oh yes, sometimes there is a lot of courage needed. But changing something or doing something that hasn’t been done before is the basic necessity for providing options to let circumstances reorder which leads toward the dream.

I don’t know for whom this post is meant to be read but I know that I picked those two cards exactly for you! You have this burning dream but please take the step and make that change whatever it needs. Making this dream come true may be the main reason you are here. Don’t be afraid of the change. Trust that with every little step, you take you will be guided, people will appear to support you, solutions will show up, and circumstances will naturally change in order to adjust to your changed attitude. But most of all keep your eyes on your outcome and feel the power you gain from it to keep going!

Support the manifestation of your dreams in starting fresh. You won’t regret it for sure!!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I couldn’t agree more, Janee! There is no law that tells us when to start something new, when to make a change, or when to make clear steps towards the realization of our visions and dreams! Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving such a valuable comment.


Great post, Erika! I think you picked these cards for me 🙂 I’m just trying to take it one day at a time. I try not to focus on how it will happen. It will happen one way or another. As long as there’s some action to what you want, it will happen somehow and someday. 🙂

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I am sure those cards are meant for you and I agree with your attitude. Stay in motion and things will get into order or you will be led to the curcial places or people. See it as a confirmation and that the manifestation may be close!!


Thank you, Erika 🙂 We should never turn our backs on our dreams, for our dreams will never turn their backs on us. Seeing your cards was further confirmation that I’m on the right track. I searched “inspiration” for like-minded people to connect with – my search was a success. Thank you.

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That is wonderful how you said that. So true, our dreams will never turn their back on us. Would you mind me to quote you once with this statement? And I am so happy that this post was what you were looking out for. I am humbled and confirmed about my feeling of writing it ☺

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Excellent! Thank you. You know, I wrote Happiness & Honey for all dreamers. It’s a small fable about a bee believing he can fly, set at a time when all the bees believed their wings were useless. It’s full of quotes, such as “Every dream is made possible by a dreamer. Every dreamer is made possible by love.” And… “Dreams cannot be forgotten, nor lost.” It really resonates with what you’ve been saying on your page 🙂

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Those are all very lovely quotes and indeed fitting the content of this post very well. Now that I read your email I would say this post confirms your start here and your blog purpose very well! I will reply soon, Gavin!

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The subject of dreams has come up three or four times in this past week.. must be a universal theme!

I especially appreciated this: ” Those dreams are flashbacks from a movie we saw before we came here and now we are supposed to experience it. “

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Hi, Lisa! Thank you for this lovely comment. It must mean something when it comes up so often. I am glad you noticed that sentence. It is something I believe strongly. I think that’s why those dreams feel so like a part of ourselves and why we dream them at all. Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a beautiful comment. Have a lovely day 💖


years and years ago during a highly-stressful moment, a not-often-felt emotion of anger had me boiling… as i stood there trembling, i suddenly had a flash of imagination where i was in ‘pre-earth’ mode and standing with a circle of ‘soul mates’.. we were in a pre-game conference sort of, and i was selecting my team players. two of those are people who have given me my greatest challenges. in this imagined world, one stated, ‘you’re all but going to want to kill me before i am finished with you.’ and i smiled and said, ‘yes, but you won’t get the best of me…’ and the other echoed the same challenge… i then flash forward to ‘end of game’ when we were all comparing stories/reflecting, and they said, ‘we almost got the best of you…’ and i said, ‘yes, but you didn’t!’

since then, it’s usually very easy to think of all challenges as ones that are part of my growth, and later we’ll reminisce and reflect on how we handled the good as well as the not so pretty.

thanks for listening!

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Wow! Lisa, you have me sitting here with wide open mouth and eyes. This is amazing! The process of creating the program for our incarnation, gathering and selecting the souls for playing their roles in your life and vice versa. You told this so great that I saw myself in that situation and it also reminded me of my biggest challenger down here. This came at just the right time, Lisa. You have no idea what an important reminder you left here for me to be my best and let her be who she is…. because it is about the challenger not about the challenged. Thank you so much, my dear friend! 💖


ha! your reaction surprised me, and i am glad to have followed through with the lengthy story. i forgot to add that at the end of my ‘vision’ which lasted maybe five seconds as it was a ‘spacial’ event, every cell of anger evaporated. whoosh! gone! i found myself with a whimsical smile, and the young legal assistant that had witnessed my struggle was standing there watching me transform from wrath to bliss… i had just stated, ‘i don’t even want to talk to him right now. i’ll say something i will regret…’

for sure i think that a higher power planted that ‘vision’ in my mind, and it works…. that and the ram dass quote, ‘treat everybody you meet like God in drag.’ — that one makes me smile every time.. i find myself looking at everyone as i say to myself, ‘god in drag.. god in drag.. god in drag.. ‘ God is having a great time!

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That’s exactly how it felt while reading your words and thought of my challenger. The anger is gone and what expands is a serenity and contentment. Detached! All is well the way it is. That’s a great point you mentioned here: See the God in everything and all will appear as guidance and loving hints. You are amazing, Lisa! Thank you so much for sharing this all here 💖


Lovely and inspirational post, Erika 😀
I don’t know why, but I have always been attracted to the unknown or not tried before. Sometimes I need a mentally kick to go on, which might be because I didn’t see, why those changes was needed.
You do know a part of my plans and I have thought about, how I could manifest these to the real world. I started one of the ideas in the weekend to start from scratch and see, where this will go with my jewelry sale. I have lots of other ideas and plans, but they need more work and preparing, before I can go on with them. Again more time and mentally abundance are needed 🙂

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Yes, I know about some of your plans and together with what you write here this sounds even more exciting!! I think I understand what you mean. Sometimes we have so many ideas and perhaps even see the endgoal but we need patience and move on step by step until we are ready to start with the real project.
Thank you so much for sharing this here. I can relate to it so well!!

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Oh yes, absolutely! Working on ourselves, learning new things…. I am in a similar situation with my new job. We must think from the end and see what it needs to get there… definitely challenging our patients and testing how convinced we are about our plans!!

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