The Adventure Of The Journey

It happens more than we might recognize: We are starting something out for a certain reason. While dealing with it, we find more in that matter or activity or even something completely new. Without us noticing we are going for it with a different energy and intention although it is the same thing but has gotten a new meaning.

This happened regarding my job. When I started looking for a job 1 1/2 years ago the intention behind was to be more independent and have a frequent income. I wasn’t interested in making a big career. I just wanted to have a little job where I know what to do, no surprises, no stress, and no pressure. That was the theory. Then one year ago I signed a contract as a secretary and receptionist in a business center. It looked like exactly what I wanted to find. But after a few months, it was clear that there is much more to it. My boss has been happy with the job I am doing and also with my attitude, loyalty, seriousness, and openness for more. I have been consulted for different work regarding the actual business purpose. This all made me even more passionate about my job. I liked this all and the trust that was set into me pushed my self-esteem and belief in myself.

This year I will make seminars in order to support my boss in the business of the company which will bring me further away from the reception desk and more into a new field of work. My ambition has awakened and today I don’t have that job in order to have a monthly salary on my account but because I love working on a goal together with others. I find myself in a field I never thought could be interesting for me nor me able to understand the matter. Yes, I want to work more in order to earn more money but that is a nice side-effect. I want to do it because I love it because it fulfills me because I prove to myself that I can be more than I considered myself to be. It fulfills me, even more, when I hear how appreciated it is what I am doing. It increases my enthusiasm and openness which again raises my abilities and the quality of what I am doing. I am still working at the same place doing the same things and more but the intention and energy behind my work have changed.

Sometimes we need to start walking a path for whatever reason. Looking back it was only important to start walking. Often the intention behind stays the same but sometimes over time things around us change automatically towards the direction we are meant to move towards. Whatever you do or whyever you do something, keep moving. You will be led towards the destination or towards the main street. You can never go wrong with the divine GPS of your soul. It knows your plan for this life. It knows your dreams and longings. Just don’t stand still and good things will happen in miraculous ways.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I so agree with you Erika.. When our Love of something overtakes, money is only the end product.. It is not the reason for doing what you do..
I can so relate.. Understanding that when we get that feeling of something is right.. It gels within us and we come home feeling fulfilled.. Knowing we have helped others.. Its also wonderful when our job of work is appreciated..
Going on from our previous comments about saying No.. We can also get that love of a job knocked out of us.. This also happened to me.. As I climbed my ladder.. People left, I was given their job roles.. I was probably doing 4 peoples work loads..
In the end along with personal probs, I had a total nervous breakdown..
I left after 13 yrs..
And started at the bottom again to build to go out as training manager to Sri Lanka for another firm.. The work then went overseas after another 5 yrs of not saying NO..
It was then my body kicked in.. with FMS.. and I changed Career paths.. To support work..
I wish I had done this before.. for the feelings I had that felt right when I was sewing were nothing compared to helping others.. even with challenging behaviours.. For you made a difference in their lives and to make these individuals with down syndrome Autism etc.. Made it all worth while..

So what you have said here makes perfect sense to me. and you summed it all up in your last sentence..
“Without us noticing we are going for it with a different energy and intention although it is the same thing but has gotten a new meaning.”,,, So true.. we put the same effort in.. But all of a sudden it has new meaning.. because its no longer about ME, us, its about helping others..

Love and Light dear Erika.. xxx ❤ ❤ ❤

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Wow, Sue! Now you have given this post a new and deeper meaning. Thank you for this detailed comment which describes so perfectly how we get taught until we understand.
It is really interesting. Sometimes you need to start a journey only to find out where you actually want to arrive! I need to admit that my job situation has heavily improved already. I will not only get a higher percentage of employment and much more responsibility but will also become part of the management. I can’t believe it. My gratitude know no end and I love my job even more!! I started just looking for a job where I am doing my little thing, not thinking at all of making a career. But when it is meant then it will happen! Awesome!!
Again, thank you so much for sharing your story as a such a valuable and appreciated add to the post, Sue 💖

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