Have You Ever Lived?

Have you ever really lived?
Have you smelled the flowers in winter
Or recognized the raindrops in a leaf

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Sometimes we are focused on a particular way to reach a goal. Or we think we know the perfect solution to a problem. Maybe we even believe that there is no solution to a problem. However, the constructs of the mind may take us on an odyssey because we become blind to the many possibilities meant for us.

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What do you see: Chance or Obstacle?


Do you know that? Either out of the blue or in a steady development new opportunities open up. You are getting offers for a new job or a better position, you see something that makes you think of taking new steps, of learning something new or of going bigger in business. An idea, a vision forms, and is ignited by the enthusiasm it brings. In your excitement, you are talking to a close person and… you only hear reasons why things won’t work out or get counted all the obstacles that “may” occur. Read more ›

#Haiku – Don’t Give Up!


Yes, it’s meant for you!

Rays of sun parting the clouds

Give life one more try


In Love and Light

The Adventure Of The Journey

It happens more than we might recognize: We are starting something out for a certain reason. While dealing with it, we find more in that matter or activity or even something completely new. Without us noticing we are going for it with a different energy and intention although it is the same thing but has gotten a new meaning.

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What do you see: Chance or Obstacle?

It looks like this is becoming the next sequel of a series of posts that seems to be chapters of a bigger post. This is what I replied to one of the comments to last week’s post What if … it works out?: We only need to change the second part of the question and the obstacle turns into a chance!

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What if… it works out?

It looks like this post turned out to be another sequel to my posts Back and Forth and The Necessary Eye Of The Storm. It seems to be an important subject right now.

I was talking about the comfort zone, about making decisions of going towards a new direction or going back, and about those decisions within a bigger decision process. I was talking about that in the end, every decision teaches us something necessary which makes detours or “trips” so important! 

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