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Daily Kind Quote

Visit my  Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

In Love and Light

Daily Kind Quote

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

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Don't dim your light

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

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Daily Kind Quote

The chance in the challenge.PNG

Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

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The ‘Ten Positive Things’ Challenge


Our friend Rob of Robert M. Goldstein invited his readers to participate. A love the idea about this challenge. We are talking nicely about others and value a lot about them but when it comes to ourselves… So, if you have a few minutes then please write down 10 beautiful things about you.
In honor of the creator of this challenge I will use the original words: Read more ›

3 – 2 – 1 Quote me Challenge: Expression

fireworks-574739_960_720.jpgMy dear blog sister, Ritu of But I Smile Anyway, tagged me to take part in this wonderful challenge. Although, I have not even had time to go for my own regular posts this week, how could I resist a quote challenge? Most of all when invited by my sis. So thank you very much for tagging me, Ritu! Read more ›

The Challenging Point of No Return


Due to the current situation regarding my job, I want to reblog a post from a couple years ago. Sometimes you are chances offered and since you won’t let them pass you take them. You are supported and learn a lot but after a while, it can happen that it doesn’t turn out what you expected it to be. You don’t feel comfortable and actually, it becomes a pain in the neck more and more. Maybe you even get sick from the expectations you cannot fulfill since everything inside you starts rebelling against what you are supposed to do. Instead of getting better over time, it gets worse and worse. You know that a change is inevitable. The tricky point then is to disappoint those who gave you the chances and supported you. Can you let them behind only that you feel better? Can you be so selfish since you know how they rely on you? Sometimes we have to be selfish to move on. Isn’t it actually selfish, too to stay where you are only because you can avoid a conflict with others or with yourself? Perhaps we are taught to make everybody happy but we can’t because there is always this one person being left unhappy: You!


When we are going through life we can find ourselves in situations and circumstances which require our actions. It just happens due to the way we live and also in order to learn and develop from what we experience. Sometimes certain situations not only hold new elements but are simply new and scary all over. We are asked to decide whether staying in the old which we don’t want anymore for a long time already or taking that step into the new completely unknown which feels liberating and deeply scary at the same time. We are aware that we are standing in front of the point of no return.


It can likely happen that we give in again since feeling guilty and perhaps selfish and taking the responsibility for breaking down everything and affecting the lives of others with it can be overwhelming. It is the moment when we need to step aside and reflect. As long as we are in the midst of the emotional stream we will break down physically and mentally at one point. Maybe we really resign because we cannot take it anymore. But that is exactly that point we need to look closer: Do I want to look back and say “I already made it so far but I did not take that last step only because I was too afraid”?


We need to get into an observing and more objective position. We need to remember what brought us so close to that moment of changing our lives. Was it a mood? No, it was an inner conviction. We headed towards that point of no return because of a reason and we need to recall everything. If this recalling fills you again with determination and the knowing that the difficult way again/still feels as the right one then go! Life is more than what was! If we let us direct by our fears or insecurities we will always look at our dreams like at clouds which are blown away by the wind. If we want to live the life we feel as ours inside of us then we need to step up for it. Then we need to take the journey through the thorn bush and risk some scratches. The scratches will heal again but not going through will keep us from ever experiencing the side we already see in our hearts as the life we are supposed to experience.


When a change needs to be made it is normal and actually a good sign that we feel emotional because it shows that what was has a place in our hearts and will always have. Life is change. Life is risking something. If we never risk a change how shall we ever know how it feels to really live? What makes us grow is not the security of our comfort zone but the inspiring fresh air of the world that is waiting behind. Our comfort zone is a small limited space within a universe of possibilities. Yes, it needs a bit courage to step over the limit line but you feel it in your heart when it is time to do it. Reflect, remember why you got at this point and motivate yourself for not backing out again! You don’t need to explain it to anyone. It is enough when you feel it deep inside that it is time to leave for more!


Remember that all you do will lead you towards the destinations you are meant to arrive. The reason you are standing at a turning point is that you have either grown too big or that you learned what you needed and now can continue on the main street again. So, don’t be afraid and take action. Yes, we might disappoint others but as long as we don’t act in deliberately hurting others it is simply life. We are disappointed too and have to learn how to deal with it. Taking responsibility, making that step consciously, and following that path determined will empower you even more because you know that YOU did it. You stepped up for yourself and dared to take action!

In Love and Light

Would I do it again?


Sharing a post from two years ago today:

I am at a point in my life where I find myself at the best place I have ever been. But that is not everything. I find myself at a place where I see that what I believed about life, what I felt for decades in my heart is about to manifest. I perceive myself as a wanderer who lost the compass, then after a while found her direction, and is now standing in front of that path again she recognizes as the path she knew all her life. Read more ›

That Moment…


That moment, when you naturally take a deep breath with a smile on your face. That moment when you see the struggles you are in right now and maybe also the challenges ahead but without feeling under pressure. That moment when you find yourself above the life you lead. That moment when you realize that life has so much more to offer than what it demands from you. Read more ›

The Magic of a Changed Perspective!


A few years back, while mowing the lawn all of a sudden the engine of the mower started to sputter. I stopped and after seconds, it died. Great! I stand in the midst of the lawn not even done with half of it and my mower refuses to work. Now, what to do? Trying to start it again failed. What can be the problem? Perhaps the spark plug. That was always the first thing I checked at my moped. I was used to cleaning or exchanging it and had no problem doing it by myself. OK, so I left the spot behind the mower and walked to the front seeing that the spark plug hung down loosely. No wonder, that the mower did not work and it was an easy task to simply plug it in. All worked properly again! Read more ›

Just A Thought…

Bildergebnis für Inner Balance quote

Life can fall out of balance which can be challenging. This happens when something changes. Things need to fall out of balance in order to rebalance in a different way. Like magnetic blocks. You can throw them apart but they will be pulled together again when even in a different formation. Read more ›

Wrap Your Fears In Love… And The Miracle Starts To Happen!


A couple weeks ago, a friend replied to one of my tweets with “Wrap Your Fears In Love”. I know, I already mentioned this and posted a haiku about it. But the effect of embracing our fears with love is so life-changing that I want to write a Monday post about it. Read more ›

#Haiku – Life is Action and Reaction




Not the stronger wins

But the one who knows the game

Act unexpected!

In Love and Light


#Haiku – Your Wellbeing Matters


Shushing your feelings

While pressure is building up

It is not worth it!

In Love and Light


Breakthrough: When Development Causes Pressure


Sometimes it is not difficult to simply present the core message of a post but it can be a challenge to start a post in order to get there. Very often I start in a similar way I did before but then go a different direction – sometimes deliberately and sometimes it just happens. Isn’t it interesting that we start from the same point but end up somewhere else?


We can observe this every day on ourselves. Although our bodies may do the same things daily or goe from home to work and from work back home daily the being inside that body makes experiences which lead to a different place of feelings or of awareness every single day. Things accumulate, new challenges appear, situations dissolve and give you a feeling of liberation, new people enter your life, others leave it. So much happens during each day. You get a further perspective. You may act slightly different which changes your inner direction. And that although it is always you. We are constantly changing and developing and therefore (mostly unnoticed) we already start from a different level than the day before.


When this goes unnoticed then changes which appear building up more and more around us are even more challenging and more difficult to understand. But they are only a symptom of who we have already become and now we need to make a step out of the old platform up to the new one where we already belong to.


Did I think I would ever go back into a job where I am bound to certain work hours? Never!! But things in my life happened, I developed from them, and here I am. After almost 1 1/2 years I am still working at the same company but meanwhile, my work changed and expanded. Now, I am working more or less full time (in addition to my therapy practice and all that comes with being a mom and with caring for a house and garden) in a field I never worked before and which is still a task to catch up with so much knowledge and taking more and more responsibility. A year before I had never imagined being at that point. I actually did not want a job with so much responsibility again. But I gained experience and self-esteem which let me to that point again. Still the same person but not inside, still the same workplace but not the work. I am still experiencing times when I think this all is too much for me. But when I lift myself above the situation I can clearly see that I am only resisting to go with the flow because of doubting myself. Once I step over this all works smoothly again and most of all my inner river flows calmly again.


Sometimes development is a smooth transition and then again it happens in little or bigger steps – breakthroughs. Very often a breakthrough happens due to a time of accumulating pressure. We cannot keep us from developing and if we are meant for a certain destination we will definitely arrive there. Sometimes we are resisting the development because we are too scared of a change or we have too many self-doubts. But the increasing pressure is actually the proof that we are meant for that change. The longer we wait, the more we try to resist, the more use all our power to lean against that door that is about to open, the bigger the pressure of what cannot be kept from becoming. And once the pressure gets too big to handle we break… perhaps first down and then through!


We are who we are. The core of our beings is eternal life energy. That core is the reason our physical bodies are alive. And although who we really are never changes the reason we come here does change in order to support the evolution of our soul. Even though the very beginning is a start from the same basic conditions, the journey and the destination are never the same ones. Our soul has a plan for this life and it wants that plan to be realized or it would have missed the purpose of its incarnation. So when you experience a period of increasing pressure then you might have resisted (consciously or unconsciously) going with a natural development. It might be a sign of an upcoming breakthrough. Don’t fear it, but rather look a little closer and you might get there sooner. But I know…. sometimes the pressure needs to become hard enough to take the steps we already know have to be taken!

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In Love and Light

The Power of Silliness!

It is clear to me that being serious is important to stay focused on your target and not lose concentration most of all in difficult situations. But it has also become clear to me for many years that this can be exhausting and draw all your energy from you when it lasts too long. Most of all when it is not about temporary situations but for a period of difficult times.

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The Adventure Of The Journey

It happens more than we might recognize: We are starting something out for a certain reason. While dealing with it, we find more in that matter or activity or even something completely new. Without us noticing we are going for it with a different energy and intention although it is the same thing but has gotten a new meaning.

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The Necessary Eye Of The Storm

After I was done writing this post I noticed that it turned out to be a sequel to last week’s post Forth or Back? 

A sunny Sunday noon. My view goes out towards the mountains. My willow is in full bloom. The birds are singing and life comes back to me. There is a lot of turmoil behind me already and a lot is still in front of me. But at the moment I feel like in the eye of the hurricane. I am content, patient, and full of pictures for a new future. At the moment, the heaviness of the past weeks and months is falling off. I feel light and like moving towards a door that has been already opened and only waiting for me to get there. 

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The Challenging Point of No Return

It is really funny! Sunday is usually the day when I prepare my Monday post (not the one for the next day but for the following week later 😁). So on that Sunday when I was pondering what I could write about nothing was already on my mind. Hmm… so I was sitting there staring at my laptop, fingers on the keyboard, and ready to type but…

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The Pressure of Making Decisions!

I wrote a few times about making decisions. Basically, I believe that whatever decision we make will lead us toward the place in our life we are meant to arrive. It is like using the GPS system in your car. You put in the address but there are several options to reach your destination. We also have this inner GPS which already knows the address. We simply choose the kind of road we walk towards it. Every step and pit stop on that road will give us energy and insights to continue our journey or lead us to shortcuts.

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Would I do it again?

I am at a point in my life where I find myself in the best place I have ever been. But that is not everything. I find myself at a place where I see that what I believed about life, what I felt for decades in my heart is about to manifest. I perceive myself as a wanderer who lost the compass, then after a while found her direction, and is now standing in front of that path again she recognizes as the path she knew all her life.

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The Challenge of Challenging People!

The topic for today’s post developed from a conversation with Ann of Grubbs n Critters. We were talking about how it can be that other people are able to annoy us even with things that have nothing to do with ourselves. It took me some time before I wrote that post because it is a big topic. There are so many origins, reasons, and causes which are merging. I touched some and hope I could bring it all into context. That would definitely be food for a book!

Let’s start with the soul – what a complex thing. I won’t ever grasp it completely. I hope this is understandable: There is a pool of soul aspects. When an incarnation comes up the soul takes a scoop of itself with more aspects of this and less of that. At the same time, many scoops with different aspects can incarnate. Those scoops feel the connection of the soul family – soul mates. That is when you meet someone and they feel familiar or you feel a connection and cannot explain it. Don’t mix that up with that one true love. A soul mate is not necessarily the love of your life. Soul mates are there to support each other in their development. Often times that support is not on the funny side. The goal is the development and the soul mates have it in their plans to stick to that goal. They can be your worst enemy but of course also your best friends and even the love of your life. How the support will happen was agreed upon before the incarnation.

The reason we want to incarnate is first and foremost in order to feel and experience things we cannot feel and experience without a physical body. The insight is so much more profound. There is not only so much to experience for us but there are also numberless ways of experiencing the same feeling. There are new things to experience or issues to dissolve (what we call karma). We cannot experience it all in one incarnation. Therefore too we select particular lessons, encounters, and happenings before we come here. Some things are meant for a specific time, and some are when we are ready. But all is well coordinated and linked with the life plans of others. Each life plan affects another one. What a gigantic organization!! That’s why there can be so many causes for the things we experience here. But that is only the way to the event. In the end, it is about the resulting challenge. That’s why at some point we need to stop finding an explanation and learn to trust that it happened for a reason. When something or someone challenges us then we can be sure that it is meant for us to look closer. There is something in it for us – not because we did something wrong but to learn something!

Let’s get to another point: Why is it that one person can get terribly annoyed about something which someone else doesn’t even notice? Or the other way around: I don’t care but others go nuts. It can also be annoying that some get annoyed about things others don’t care…. lol! If something is not part of our incarnation program then we don’t care or we are having a natural way of dealing with such things. It can also be that we are not at the place yet to deal with certain issues and that’s why we don’t “hear” it because it has not our frequency.  But when it has then we hear it loud and clear.  Whether it is a soul mate, someone else, circumstances, or a particular situation, if we feel reflected in it then it has always something to do with us too. People can mirror something which we don’t like about ourselves. Or we are provoked to step out of our comfort zone in order to progress our evolution. Whatever it is – it is time to work ourselves through the next lesson (fate). Only when we notice that something feels not right do we even consider a closer look. That’s why lessons to learn can be so painful. We can pull back and turn away but the issue will only be solved when we faced it. We will get confronted with it over and over again. Each time gives us another gaze on the subject and helps working it out.

In the end, it is always about how I deal with what comes to me. Sometimes there are people whose intention is to bother me. Perhaps I mirror something they don’t like about themselves. Some people are not able to deal with what is going on inside of them. They need that illusion to throw it on others. The problem is that this doesn’t work. At one point we need to understand that it is not about us but about ourselves. A huge and liberating lesson to learn because it is not our responsibility. It is something they need to dissolve. That insight can give so much strength that we are gaining the power and nerves to even deal with them on a daily base (which is important when it is about family or work). It is not going deeper anymore because we realize that it is not our war. Whatever may strike a chord within you look inside yourself first. If you cannot find something right now then the lesson for you may be to not let others make you something you are not. Send them love but it is not up to you to join them in their fight. If you don’t align with their energy they have no grip. Either they will leave you alone or they may change their attitude toward you. What defines your life is not what others do to you but how you react to what they do.

In Love and Light

The Line From Communicating To Justifying

The past two weeks were most inspiring regarding this topic. I encountered several examples both in my private and in my work life in many ways.

There is a natural need within us that we want to be understood. We want to feel accepted for who we are and that means that people need to be able to see who we are. Oh, how can we be misunderstood when we are doing something out of a reflex due to our experiences of our past? As we ourselves do, others look out of their own eyes too with their own experiences in their mind storage. What they see, they put in relation to their own mindset. If a particular person means a lot to us or they play an important role in our lives, of course, we should let them know in order that misunderstandings cannot build a wall. If there is one misunderstanding that is not clarified many others can accumulate until one day that wall separates both totally.

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The Freedom to be Me

When I had my blogging break after Christmas, I used the time too for going through old posts and “renovate” them. I came across this one I posted in 2016. When I went through it, I got that feeling that it needs to be shared again. I hope the person(s) it is meant for will find some inspiration:

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The Magic of a Changed Perspective!

Lately, while mowing the lawn all of a sudden the engine of the mower started to sputter. I stopped and after seconds, it died. Great! I stand in the midst of the lawn not even done with half of it and my mower refuses to work. Now what to do, I am not an engineer. Trying to start it again failed. What could it be? Perhaps the spark plug. That was always the first thing I checked on my moped. I was used to cleaning or exchanging it and had no problem doing it by myself. OK, so I left the spot behind the mower and walked to the front seeing that the spark plug hung down loosely. No wonder, that the mower did not work and it was an easy task to simply plug it in. All worked perfectly again!

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God Is Spotless and So Are You!

We all carry our backpacks. We filled it with a variety of things. From all that we experience, we take something along and put it in our backpacks. When we are in a situation that feels like something we already experienced, we check our backpacks and take out the insight we once gained in order to deal with that situation in a better way.

Sadly we collect so many painful memories, bitterness, and resentments in that backpack. That is what makes it heavy and what makes us walk slower under its weight. Often we cannot move the way we want because the weight of the backpack limits our mobility. It can even cause physical disorders like back pain, muscle tension, short breath, joint issues, and much more.

When we look at it that way we see how little use it is to carry around pain or disappointments from the past. It doesn’t change the past but therefore, it destroys the present. Easier said than done, right? Really?

Who you really are is a divine being born into a human body in order to experience your existence with more senses. Only in that physical body, you can touch, breathe, smell, and feel a variety of emotions. It is like the suit of Iron Man. It has more functions than the person who directs that iron suit. And so it is with your spirit who needs a body to have more possibilities to experience itself. But the suit is not the person and the spirit is not the body. That iron suit can become a prison instead of a tool if we don’t see the misunderstanding. Who you really are is that spirit who simply identifies so doubtless with its body. Over time, it believes that it is the body, the pain it experienced, and the emotions it feels. But who you are is not the suit that houses you.

Being aware that you are nothing that is part of this physical world makes it so clear that all the pain you experience and the heavy weight you carry around is only an illusion you started to build up in your mind. You are spirit, you are divine, you are pure wisdom. But you want to remember that you are all that. That is the reason why you came into this world. You want to remember your light.

When you realize that your experiences, insights, and also scars are part of your backpack but not of yourself then you can simply take this backpack off your shoulders. Open it up and look into it. Throw out the heavy load or take the backpack completely off. You cannot accidentally throw away a beautiful memory. The insights learned lessons, and joyful experiences are never in a backpack. They have the same energy as your divine being. All the beautiful things which cause feelings of joy and enthusiasm are of the same energy as you are. That is, why it feels so good. It is like you. That’s why they simply strike a chord within you but they don’t burden you. Such experiences merge with you and make you stronger. You gain energy. What is a pain for? Actually only to show you the darkness in order to see your light even better.

You are not what you carry along. You are not, what you experience, you are not what you think, and most of all you are not what you see. But what you experience, think, and see is the blessing you are gifted with in order to feel alive and in order to fulfill your purpose. You are a shining being full of love and perfect in its composition. Because you have the same composition as the source that created you. You are part of that source, a drop of the ocean we call God. God is spotless – and so are you!

In Love and Light

The Visitor

Sitting lonely in my room
Looking out the window
Staring at the darkening sky
Not knowing where to go to

Pondering ‘bout shattered dreams
Of feeling such a pain
Of never gotten any chance
To finally win my game

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You Will Heal

Last week a read a beautiful poem on Belinda’s blog Reach for the light. When I came to that one line “You will heal” a story started spinning in my mind. What is it about that healing? It is said often and sounds so simple that time will heal you. Does it? Can time really heal?

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Feeling Powerful – The Art of Facing Life

When do we have the most power? When are we the most productive? When do we feel the most motivation to hang in, to start something new, to finally get projects done? It is always when we feel good.

No doubt, there are times in life when things are coming to an end, when plans don’t work out the way we hoped for and when all our effort seems not coming to fruition. Times when we are confused and when things around us fall apart or simply change in ways we have no control over….. times of change!

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With God All Things Are Possible!


Sometimes we find ourselves in front of a mountain. We know that we have to pass it. Walking back is no option. We are clear that once we made it behind that mountain a world is waiting in which the sun is shining.

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Control is an Illusion!

Life happens while we are making other plans.

I like this quote a lot. We are making plans for our nearer or further future, scheduling our days and then things happen which can change everything in an instant. The weather changes, someone gets sick, the job gets lost, accidents happen, or even more life-impacting things.  We have no control over what happens around us. This is something we can be scared of or something that can even give us relief because we can let go of the pressure to keep everything under control.

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Are You still Comfortable Or Already Living?

Yes, I borrowed that title from a commercial slogan of a famous furniture designer…. 😁

Last week I was a guest on Kimberly Rinaldi’s live radio show Lessons in Joyful Living. It was a fantastic interview and I enjoyed it from the first until the last minute. It was my 3rd live radio interview. Was I still nervous? Yes, I was; throughout the day! But sometime before the show started this nervousness changed into excitement and anticipation.

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Soul Mates – More Than Just The Love Of A Lifetime

The soul mate topic is always present. Through modern technology,  the internet, and our social media networks it is so much easier today to connect with the whole world. And it is even more stunning to connect with people we might have never seen before but who feel so very familiar. I found many friends here on WordPress who for sure I consider my soul mates. This is what I believe about soul mates:

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Hope vs. Desperation


On Wednesday mornings I always prepare my Monday post. Sometimes I just sit and think: “Hmmm, and now what???” Like at this very moment. Of course, I make notes when I have ideas for posts. But often there is nothing coming up that would align with my notes. So I simply start writing and hope that something will be coming up.

Hope! That’s the crucial word I just reflected on. What is hope? Can’t we interpret hope in many ways?

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Your Life – Your Thoughts – Your Choice – Change!

Your thoughts are an amazing tool to navigate your life. They are responsible for the way you perceive life, for your convictions, and the actions you take as a result. Your thoughts decide about peace or war, empathy or ignorance, about willingness or resistance. But the wonderful thing about thoughts is, that they are not self-acting. They are not independent personality that does what it wants. They are a part of your system and the ruler of that system are you! We are thinking thousands of thoughts every day. They come and go. They simply appear as a reflex.

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You don’t need to fly alone

So many dreams within your heart,
So much you’re yearning for.
You’re hoping and believing that
One day you’ll see that door.

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