Breakthrough: When Development Causes Pressure


Sometimes it is not difficult to simply present the core message of a post but it can be a challenge to start a post in order to get there. Very often I start in a similar way I did before but then go a different direction – sometimes deliberately and sometimes it just happens. Isn’t it interesting that we start from the same point but end up somewhere else?


We can observe this every day on ourselves. Although our bodies may do the same things daily or goe from home to work and from work back home daily the being inside that body makes experiences which lead to a different place of feelings or of awareness every single day. Things accumulate, new challenges appear, situations dissolve and give you a feeling of liberation, new people enter your life, others leave it. So much happens during each day. You get a further perspective. You may act slightly different which changes your inner direction. And that although it is always you. We are constantly changing and developing and therefore (mostly unnoticed) we already start from a different level than the day before.


When this goes unnoticed then changes which appear building up more and more around us are even more challenging and more difficult to understand. But they are only a symptom of who we have already become and now we need to make a step out of the old platform up to the new one where we already belong to.


Did I think I would ever go back into a job where I am bound to certain work hours? Never!! But things in my life happened, I developed from them, and here I am. After almost 1 1/2 years I am still working at the same company but meanwhile, my work changed and expanded. Now, I am working more or less full time (in addition to my therapy practice and all that comes with being a mom and with caring for a house and garden) in a field I never worked before and which is still a task to catch up with so much knowledge and taking more and more responsibility. A year before I had never imagined being at that point. I actually did not want a job with so much responsibility again. But I gained experience and self-esteem which let me to that point again. Still the same person but not inside, still the same workplace but not the work. I am still experiencing times when I think this all is too much for me. But when I lift myself above the situation I can clearly see that I am only resisting to go with the flow because of doubting myself. Once I step over this all works smoothly again and most of all my inner river flows calmly again.


Sometimes development is a smooth transition and then again it happens in little or bigger steps – breakthroughs. Very often a breakthrough happens due to a time of accumulating pressure. We cannot keep us from developing and if we are meant for a certain destination we will definitely arrive there. Sometimes we are resisting the development because we are too scared of a change or we have too many self-doubts. But the increasing pressure is actually the proof that we are meant for that change. The longer we wait, the more we try to resist, the more use all our power to lean against that door that is about to open, the bigger the pressure of what cannot be kept from becoming. And once the pressure gets too big to handle we break… perhaps first down and then through!


We are who we are. The core of our beings is eternal life energy. That core is the reason our physical bodies are alive. And although who we really are never changes the reason we come here does change in order to support the evolution of our soul. Even though the very beginning is a start from the same basic conditions, the journey and the destination are never the same ones. Our soul has a plan for this life and it wants that plan to be realized or it would have missed the purpose of its incarnation. So when you experience a period of increasing pressure then you might have resisted (consciously or unconsciously) going with a natural development. It might be a sign of an upcoming breakthrough. Don’t fear it, but rather look a little closer and you might get there sooner. But I know…. sometimes the pressure needs to become hard enough to take the steps we already know have to be taken!

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Thank you so much for digging into my older posts. I am happy when I can inspire in a way that the reader finds something helpful. That’s all this blog is there for. That’s why I am even more thankful for your comment, dear friend 😊

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Its not always I can read long articles. One is they have to be relevant to me the other is sometimes I get stressed reading very long ones. So when I am relaxed and have the time, is the time I go around and catch up with the other blogs and see what is going on. Yes it’s nice as when ever anyone wants the articles are there in the blogs to read. Much Love and Light from me 🙂 ❤

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That’s true! And I also believe that when you have the peace for reading it will be the perfect time anyway and you get to read exactly what you need to! Again, thank you very much, dear!💖

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This is such an important post Erika, and I wish I had read it way way back when I allowed myself to come under such pressure.. I did not heed the signs or heed the tears that would surface at no reason, other than I felt like crying.. I did not heed all the warnings until I did breakdown.. But it was in its own way a breakthrough, For change I did.. And in doing so I learnt alot about myself.. I grew even stronger, but not until I had learnt that long climb back to full health..
Learning to listen, see the Signs.. I think you are examining right now.. We are not invincible.. And sometimes its the straw that breaks the camels back..
Knowing our own inner strengths.. Listening to our Inner chatter, what makes us tick.. And rising to our challenges.. For me I rose often to those challenges, overcoming, achieving and succeeding in all I did..
What I failed to remember was that while I rose, and took on more and more pressure, rising through the ranks of my own success… I failed to listen to my body… Its fatigue, its weariness, Its aches and pains, that I would push to one side.. It was telling me moderation in all things.. It was telling me to treat it well, to rest, to sleep more.. to worry less..
I did not listen.. So it made its self heard loud and clear with FMS..
I know you trust your inner voice dear Erika… And I am sure you will follow through within its flow to the Signs it points in your direction my friend..
Just please remember there is only One YOU… and you are precious.. and you also are so worthy and need nurturing also.
Listen to your inner guidance.. And I know all will develop as it should..

Love and Blessings dear friend.. Take care of YOU xx ❤

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You are amazing, Sue! Not only what you learned through your experience but also what you are able to look beneath the surface.
It is right, sometimes it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back. That was what happened yesterday for example when you gave me the link to the spider totem. It was the perfect moment to read it and … understand suddenly and profoundly. Simply mind-blowing!
Yes, I can hear my voice but still there are situations when reflexive habits take over… but they are discovered more and more.
We have a lot in common …. unbelievable!! Thank you so much for your insightful comments, Sue! You are a gift 💖

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So pleased to have helped a little.. Sometimes our energy is needed as pointers, as we guide others to what they already know.. I just follow my inner guidance as I tune in perhaps a little deeper. and follow instincts.. Its reinforced when it jumps out at us, and makes us take a deeper look… Then it clicks into place what we need to do, alter or choose.. I hope that as I flit around WP here and there, my little snippets help others also see the beauty of themselves is always there, and its at times our human past conditioning that often kicks in and gets in the way of clarity.. ( Been there done that scenario lol ) And was given a recent reminder to look deeper at myself..
So I was so happy the Sign of the spider helped.. 🙂 Love to you Erika.. ❤

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Believe me, you are an amazing inspiration with all of your insightful thoughts and words. That’s right, I think those “set backs” only give us the last cut to make sure we are rooting our gained wisdom for good! It is amazing how a learned lesson feels. And we do feel when it is really learned!! Thank you for being here and dedicating your time to us, Sue 💖

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Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and congratulating for your new developtment.
Yes, we often have to trust in our inner voice and also take a step without knowing what will happen. If we always believe we can’t do it, we never ever will achieved new levels.

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