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Daily Kind Quote

Visit my  Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

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Daily Kind Quote

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Visit my Zazzle Shop and get inspired by lots of daily items or gift ideas designed with my quotes!

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Breakthrough: When Development Causes Pressure


Sometimes it is not difficult to simply present the core message of a post but it can be a challenge to start a post in order to get there. Very often I start in a similar way I did before but then go a different direction – sometimes deliberately and sometimes it just happens. Isn’t it interesting that we start from the same point but end up somewhere else?


We can observe this every day on ourselves. Although our bodies may do the same things daily or goe from home to work and from work back home daily the being inside that body makes experiences which lead to a different place of feelings or of awareness every single day. Things accumulate, new challenges appear, situations dissolve and give you a feeling of liberation, new people enter your life, others leave it. So much happens during each day. You get a further perspective. You may act slightly different which changes your inner direction. And that although it is always you. We are constantly changing and developing and therefore (mostly unnoticed) we already start from a different level than the day before.


When this goes unnoticed then changes which appear building up more and more around us are even more challenging and more difficult to understand. But they are only a symptom of who we have already become and now we need to make a step out of the old platform up to the new one where we already belong to.


Did I think I would ever go back into a job where I am bound to certain work hours? Never!! But things in my life happened, I developed from them, and here I am. After almost 1 1/2 years I am still working at the same company but meanwhile, my work changed and expanded. Now, I am working more or less full time (in addition to my therapy practice and all that comes with being a mom and with caring for a house and garden) in a field I never worked before and which is still a task to catch up with so much knowledge and taking more and more responsibility. A year before I had never imagined being at that point. I actually did not want a job with so much responsibility again. But I gained experience and self-esteem which let me to that point again. Still the same person but not inside, still the same workplace but not the work. I am still experiencing times when I think this all is too much for me. But when I lift myself above the situation I can clearly see that I am only resisting to go with the flow because of doubting myself. Once I step over this all works smoothly again and most of all my inner river flows calmly again.


Sometimes development is a smooth transition and then again it happens in little or bigger steps – breakthroughs. Very often a breakthrough happens due to a time of accumulating pressure. We cannot keep us from developing and if we are meant for a certain destination we will definitely arrive there. Sometimes we are resisting the development because we are too scared of a change or we have too many self-doubts. But the increasing pressure is actually the proof that we are meant for that change. The longer we wait, the more we try to resist, the more use all our power to lean against that door that is about to open, the bigger the pressure of what cannot be kept from becoming. And once the pressure gets too big to handle we break… perhaps first down and then through!


We are who we are. The core of our beings is eternal life energy. That core is the reason our physical bodies are alive. And although who we really are never changes the reason we come here does change in order to support the evolution of our soul. Even though the very beginning is a start from the same basic conditions, the journey and the destination are never the same ones. Our soul has a plan for this life and it wants that plan to be realized or it would have missed the purpose of its incarnation. So when you experience a period of increasing pressure then you might have resisted (consciously or unconsciously) going with a natural development. It might be a sign of an upcoming breakthrough. Don’t fear it, but rather look a little closer and you might get there sooner. But I know…. sometimes the pressure needs to become hard enough to take the steps we already know have to be taken!

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In Love and Light

Time Is An Illusion – But You Are Not!


Lately, I went up the attic. I checked some furniture and came across items covered with layers of dust. Immediately I had the picture in my mind from the time those items were in use or just bought and now they looked like in a 100-year-sleep. Once favorite toys from the kids, now stored in plastic boxes. It feels peculiar to see them again that way and at the same time remember when they were in use. But they are still the same toys.


It reminded me of our own lives, our growth, our changes, our developments. We are children, teenagers, young adults, more experienced adults, then aging, and one day dying. So many stages and once we find ourselves in a next stage, the ones before feel like a movie we once saw. It is hard to believe that we are already so far away from it. That’s when we often ask ourselves where the time has gone.


But although we feel different about the child or teenager we were, we still feel it within us. I think that is what makes reflecting so confusing and melancholic. We are still the same but the world around has changed. In our core we are connected with all the stages we ever went through and no development can disconnect us from them. It is the core of our being itself. It is the essence of who we are which incarnated in this growing and aging body. All that we ever experienced from day one is part of who we are today. We never lost the child, the teenager, the student, or young parent we were. It is still there. The soul of each of them is part of us. The caterpillar is the pre-condition for becoming a butterfly!


It is often said that we should make peace with our inner child. The one we tried to left behind. The one that was hurt and treated unfairly. It may have been that way. But very often the child saw things from a different perspective and now as a grown up, we see a bigger picture. We should call that child again and tell it that all is well. Many things were misunderstandings the child stored in a different way and from there, many things were perceived differently… it defined the path it walked on.


Call the child you were and start playing with it. Tell it how much it is loved and that it is an inseparable and so important part of you because it laid the foundation of who you are today. No one will ever be able to understand your inner child the way you do because it is part of your being. We may have experienced difficulties, sadness, loneliness, injustice, and more. But consider that the experiences of the child gave us the necessary ground to make it through them. If our childhood was bad maybe we treasure even more what we have today. But nevertheless, the childhood was important and however we developed started there.


Embrace who you are today completely. That way you embrace all you have ever been. You are an amazing collection of wisdom and achievements, a source of experience, a teacher and student. You are development in action. Nothing that ever was is forlorn. Dust off your attic and celebrate who you are. Time is an illusion – but you are not!

In Love and Light



My Life – Your Life – Our Lives


From the moment we take our first breath, we are in constant development. A development that is attuned to the place we are heading to. I don’t think that anyone of us knows the highest grade of development they are meant to reach in this lifetime. Or that anyone understands what part a certain achievement plays in the greater context. We are heading from one insight to the next. Once we overcame something we often think that “we got it”! Until we arrive at the next hurdle and are frustrated because we think that we are at the same point again. NOT TRUE!


Even though we might face a similar situation again doesn’t mean that we did not get the lesson before. Perhaps we simply did not get the whole thing and need another kick. But each “kick” moves us towards the insight. Each insight absorbed from our consciousness is a step on the staircase of our development. We did achieve something wonderful and we made it closer to the end of the staircase…. but it is not the end yet. So, facing another step to make is not a setback but prepares for the next possibility to get closer to the end goal. What is important to know is that those steps are not meant to punish. Not at all! They are tools that force us to keep moving.


Before we arrived here we looked at the big plan. We set certain happenings and experiences. Sometimes it was set for a particular time sometimes it was something we planned to experience some day. All in between is meant to prepare us for those happenings and experiences. And all together shall lead to the big insight or purpose we planned to fulfill. We made that plan together with many of the people we are meeting down here. Those who impact our lives in a special way (no matter which way) are those who were sitting with us at the same table while planning their and our incarnations. Whatever happens in our lives is a perfectly planned sequence in which many destinies are connected. Whatever happens, impacts each life in a different way and all are taking something from it which pushes them further in the way they need it. If I had not written my book I would not be on WordPress writing this post and you would not be reading it… We all know how much only blogging influenced our lives and what all developed from that!


Many of us are going through such tough times others cannot even imagine. It is hard to think that they chose this life. Perhaps they did not choose it in particular but they needed limitations in order to keep the bigger plan alive. And life will always stick to the bigger plan and provide all that is needed to fulfill it. If we had to decide about our plan once we are here, of course, no one would want to live in poverty or illness. But before we arrive here we are free from physical thinking. We are love and life itself and we see the bigger meaning of the word “development”.


But we don’t only come for our own development but (as I touched it before) also for the development for others. We are having contracts with each other. Many of us are dedicating their lives to the development of another soul. A baby born with a disability may have been born to teach their surrounding compassion, humbleness, love, taking care of others. Victims of wars might not have chosen that for themselves but for the rest of the world to trigger the global love and sticking together again for each other. Even uncomfortable people in high (political) positions are meant to be there to bring the rest of the world closer together again. They don’t realize it down here and that is necessary in order that they are able to play their roles. I have to admit that I have a hard time accepting this too at times. But thinking of my own life it helps to detach myself from the thinking that they are mean. They are the way they are in order to fulfill the plan. How could we ever appreciate the sun if there was no night? How could we ever discover our potential and abilities if we were never forced to activate them?

As God said:322231-Neale-Donald-Walsch-Quote-I-have-sent-you-nothing-but-angels.jpg

We influence, help, and challenge each other and everything helps in its own special way. There is always someone who chases you up there and someone standing there and reaching out their hands. And sometimes you are the one and then again the other. No matter where we have gone through during the past years, we are here now. And it counts who we are now! I am thankful to be who I am today. I couldn’t be who I am without the support of everyone who ever crossed my way.

In Love and Light

Unlimited Time – Blessing Or Curse?


Lately at night in the bathroom, I looked into the mirror and welcomed the new wrinkles which joined me secretly during the day. While brushing my teeth I started pondering … uhm… yes, while brushing my teeth I am often pondering about a lot of things. There is not a lot you can do in those two to three minutes and so my thoughts start traveling and boy, they can get far in that short time…!!! But back to the topic! Read more ›

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