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From the moment we take our first breath, we are in constant development. A development that is attuned to the place we are heading to. I don’t think that anyone of us knows the highest grade of development we are meant to reach in this lifetime. Or that anyone understands what part a certain achievement plays in the greater context. We are heading from one insight to the next. Once we overcame something we often think that “we got it”! Until we arrive at the next hurdle and are frustrated because we think that we are at the same point again. NOT TRUE!

Even though we might face a similar situation again doesn’t mean that we did not get the lesson before. Perhaps we simply did not get the whole thing and need another kick. But each “kick” moves us towards the insight. Each insight absorbed from our consciousness is a step on the staircase of our development. We did achieve something wonderful and we made it closer to the end of the staircase…. but it is not the end yet. So, facing another step to make is not a setback but prepares for the next possibility to get closer to the end goal. What is important to know is that those steps are not meant to punish. Not at all! They are tools that force us to keep moving.

Before we arrived here we looked at the big plan. We set certain happenings and experiences. Sometimes it was set for a particular time sometimes it was something we planned to experience someday. All in between is meant to prepare us for those happenings and experiences. And all together shall lead to the big insight or purpose we planned to fulfill. We made that plan together with many of the people we are meeting down here. Those who impact our lives in a special way (no matter which way) are those who were sitting with us at the same table while planning their and our incarnations. Whatever happens in our lives is a perfectly planned sequence in which many destinies are connected. Whatever happens, impacts each life in a different way and all are taking something from it which pushes them further in the way they need it. If I had not written my book I would not be on WordPress writing this post and you would not be reading it… We all know how much only blogging influenced our lives and what all developed from that!

Many of us are going through such tough times others cannot even imagine. It is hard to think that they chose this life. Perhaps they did not choose it in particular but they needed limitations in order to keep the bigger plan alive. And life will always stick to the bigger plan and provide all that is needed to fulfill it. If we had to decide about our plan once we are here, of course, no one would want to live in poverty or illness. But before we arrive here we are free from physical thinking. We are love and life itself and we see the bigger meaning of the word “development”.

But we don’t only come for our own development but (as I touched before) also for the development of others. We are having contracts with each other. Many of us are dedicating our lives to the development of another soul. A baby born with a disability may have been born to teach their surroundings compassion, humbleness, love, and taking care of others. Victims of wars might not have chosen that for themselves but for the rest of the world to trigger global love and stick together again for each other. Even uncomfortable people in high (political) positions are meant to be there to bring the rest of the world closer together again. They don’t realize it down here and that is necessary in order that they can play their roles. I have to admit that I have a hard time accepting this too at times. But thinking of my own life it helps to detach myself from the thinking that they are mean. They are the way they are in order to fulfill the plan. How could we ever appreciate the sun if there was no night? How could we ever discover our potential and abilities if we were never forced to activate them?

As God said:

We influence, help, and challenge each other and everything helps in its own special way. There is always someone who chases you up there and someone standing there and reaching out their hands. And sometimes you are the one and then again the other. No matter what we have gone through during the past years, we are here now. And it counts who we are now! I am thankful to be who I am today. I couldn’t be who I am without the support of everyone who ever crossed my way.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I just took another look at the last quote about sending angels. Don’t think my Exe- fit into that category. That man was surely a demon straight from the pits of hell. However I will say that through prayer God delivered me from an extremely abusive situation. I’m alive to tell the tale.

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I am sorry for where you went through, Deborah! Sometimes seeing it as you stated helps a lot more to detach from an abusive situation. You made it and that’s what really matters in the end! Perhaps you treasure other things more since then.

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That’s why I love blogging. You can come across another person that can take the negative and make it postive or give you the motivation needed to work through things. Thanks again for being awesome, Erika.

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Wow, I am thankful you feel that way, Anthony. And I can only fully agree about blogging! There is mostly something in it for everyone they just needed right then!! Thank you for that nice comment!!

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I made the decision to walk away from my writing blog at least for the 40 days of Lent because it became a duty rather than pleasure. Also my life is filled with responsibilities and priorities that take precedence over attempting to write a book that probably nobody will read. Some folks have that desire. I don’t. Sure I have talents and gifts in writing but not the “fire in the belly.”

Rather than publish my poetry I just put my writings in notebooks and resist the pressure from other published authors to write the so-called “Great American Novel.” For the 40 days of Lent my decision was to walk away from pressure, stress and expectations.

There is way too much emphasis on success, doing and mindless activity in our modern society. I’d rather just be. If whatever dreams, goals or plans come true then that is up to God not me. For the previous 2 months prior to the start of Lent I found myself getting worked up and exasperated to the point of chest pains, anxiety and panic attacks. Once I made the decision to stop, let go and quit I began to feel more relaxed. Having been hospitalized for a stroke in November 2008 and having spent two weeks in the hospital March 2015 for extreme emotional and mental exhaustion sometimes it is better to let go of your plans, dreams and hopes rather than ending up in the psych ward which is a place worse than hell. As the saying goes, Man proposes and God disposes.

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Sometimes we truly need to walk a different direction and I am glad for you that you follow that inner voice. What a liberating feeling it must be for you to make that decision and let a lot of the pressure just fall off. I will miss you but I am glad to know that you will be fine!!


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