#Haiku – Young Woman Or Old Lady?


We define meanings

Perspective is a free choice

Don’t take it, make it

Source: http://www.sehtestbilder.de

In Love and Light

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I like it because it lets me know what you look like right now but it also lets me know what you’ll look like eventually, like I like it because it’s you now and you later in the same drawing, maybe while you’re young and still have it together go ahead and buy your old woman outfits now the shit with the cooky feathers and shit now, and then you’ll have your wardrobe when you’re that age too.

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Hi, Nicholas. That’s a good view you are sharing here. Yes, I think too it shows a person during her lifetime in one picture. It holds a life story. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!


That’s right. I pondered what exactly the deeper meaning of the picture is and what it actually says about the beholder. In the end, whatever we see is a reflection of what we believe. And we look at something defines what we will see. That way we can always check back where we stand… lol!

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In the end, how I react to someone/something says much more about me than about the other one/situation because perception is subjective. Thank you, Chuck!!


In my mind I’m 28. Chronologically I’m 58. Some days trying to get out of bed I feel like I’m 98! LOL!! Ha! Ha! 🙂 😀

I could not find any specific October songs but here is the Autumn part of The Four seasons by Vivaldi.

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Haha… sounds like you feel like representing that picture… but then again I like that thought a lot. Wisdom and a young heart… blessed the ones who combine that!
Oh, I love classic and this piece of music is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing here, Deborah 💖

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Erika, I like the clever phrasing. Sometimes, you need to close your eyes, take a deep breath and look again and ask why? We have this issue here of pro football players kneeling during the national anthem to protest the lack of civil rights for African-Americans. More people need to ask why would they risk so much by making such a calm civil protest in a storm.

The best answer to the question came from a third generation soldier. He commented as so many were saying these players were insulting our military. He said my grandfather, my father and I all fought against those who could not civilly protest in their countries or they would be killed or arrested. The right for a citizen to civilly protest is an essential civil right. To deny that is to deny what the flag and anthem stand for.


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Wow, that’s a powerful motivation behind and makes complete sense to me. I honor them for doing that. They are heard and seen and their protest can truly have a much deeper impact to make people think and provoke a change!!
Thank you so much for sharing this. It is even more interesting for us non-American citizens!

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Erika, thanks. The man in the White House is trying to make this a patriotic issue, but these guys are protesting lack of civil rights. You may recall the 1968 Olympics when John Carlos and Tommie Smith did Black Power fist raises on the medal stand. Many commented how unAmerican that was. Yet, the context is many African-Americans boycotted the 1968 Olympics. These guys were there and won. Protest is supposed to make people think and these two and the current NFL players are making them think. Keith

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Since I was born two years later I don’t have that much memories on that. Also I cannot remember that I ever heard of it later. So, thank you very much for sharing this moving and important part of American history, Keith. It is so important that we always stand tall for each other. We all have the same needs and feel the same pain. Wonderful what brothers and sisters are willing to risk for each other!!


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