The One Who’s Meant For Me


There was a time I did not know

The man who holds my hand

When I resigned to find a love

And thought that it’s not meant Read more ›

Haiku – Home

My face in your palm

Everything is alright

Finally, I’m home

Read more ›



Warming Love


November’s cold

But warm inside

Outside so dark

But here’s a light Read more ›



Magical Moments


What is this?

Nature prepares for its annual break

With golden light

Letting its colors shine for one more time Read more ›





There is nothing I love more

Than dreaming of my love

Losing myself in memories

While rising like a dove Read more ›



Vision of Love


The first time when we met

I knew there must be more

Immediately felt

Like we had met before Read more ›



Free Prisoner


The look of your eyes

The touch of your hand

The sound of your voice

How can I withstand Read more ›





A sunset orange, red and blue

We standing arm in arm

Time’s standing still for a while

Makes us drunk with natural charm Read more ›



Sky Traveler


I love the sky in summer

Watching the clouds drift by

I think, “Hey, take the chance”

I jump on one and fly Read more ›

#Haiku – In Good and Bad


Life goes up and down Read more ›

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