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The full moon

Big and bright

Embracing us Read more ›





Deep in my heart, there was this feeling

Of someone who will bring me healing


Of someone who makes up the pain

To see my faith was not in vain


Whenever I lost hope in life

This feeling kept me up to thrive


Because in thriving I found you

The blossom after a deep blue


You, standing there, arms open wide

I asked myself, where did you hide?


It always knew and now I see

You truly were waiting for me


Credits: http://www.weddingpronews.com

In Love and Light



Lesson Learned


Thank you for the roses and

For the fancy dress

Thank you for the diamond ring

It’s 2 carats, I guess


Thank you for the time you spent

With me when it fit in

And thank you for the note you left

That I knew, it wasn’t just a dream


Thank you for the flowers which

You sent every week

Instead of you at least they left

A lovely smell, so sweet


Yes, thank you for the promises

And for the empty words

But meanwhile, instead of listening,

I rather feed the birds


Your attitude has helped me that

I quickly knew you well

I’m thankful that I learned it soon

T’was you, who rang the bell!


Photo credit: http://www.rebloomflowers.ca

In Love and Light



Love Needs No Reason


Love is not only just falling

Love is so much more

Love is something deep inside

Coming from my core Read more ›



Forever Save


Missing the times, long ago

We let our dreams fly high

Memories of hearts on fire

When there was only you and I Read more ›



Quenchless Craving


Love at first sight

I’m sure this is

A feeling that’s

Simply bare bliss Read more ›





Sweet breeze of spring, petals of pink

A scent of sprouting life

Triggering something in me

Something that makes me thrive Read more ›


marguerite-74886_960_720.jpgSpring Love


Spring is here, lifting my heart

All of my troubles seem to fall apart


Love is arising, filling me up

From head to toe, overflowing cup


I think of you and the future ahead

Of what may be waiting without any dread


Gone are the days of struggle and pain

When finally I am in your arms again


Is spring able to set my heart free?

Is there a new life waiting for me?


In Love and Light



Spring in My Heart


Spring has come and I sit here

Gazing at the sea

Thinking back of sunny days

When you were here with me Read more ›



Loving you means loving me


Loving you means loving me

Because I let you in

To touch my heart, to join my world

To reach under my skin


Can love be unconditional

When at the same time it

Fills me with a new energy

Which my heart newly lit


A healthy selfish way to love

Someone like I love you

For I’m so thankful for the gift

You give the way you do


I only hope that what I give

Does fill you the same way

That loving me means loving you

That you’ll forever stay


When love’s flame burns

It’s most of all, a blessing for the one

Who loves with all the heart and soul

But in the end, both won


Credit: Pinterest

In Love and Light

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