Love to this World

I send out a thought of love
Its feet, so light yet big
That it creates a path to walk
For several to follow it

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Forever Young

The joy that a song can bring
When it reminds you of a time
That you enjoyed so much

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Fire of Truth

You may get stuck along the way
What felt so clear has become grey

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Journey to Self-Awareness

So long ago
It was all mine
Still in my heart
Hard to define

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The Miracle

We all want our place
We all want to succeed
We want approval and acceptance
For who we are for what we need

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Feel the Peace

Listen to the wind when it softly blows through the leaves,
See the flowers waving with its melody,
Feel the gentle touch on your skin…
Feel the peace.

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World Family

What do we need when flowers whither
Because there is no light, and no water fills the river

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Let it be peace

The thought when results don’t meet expectations
The desire when you are longing for explanations
When people don’t cooperate
When you begin your life to contemplate
When plans are shattered or don’t work out
When you wish for things your wallet does not allow

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Photo by David Bartus on Pexels.com


I’m thankful for my feelings, from happiness to pain.
I’m thankful that none of it I experience is in vain.

I’m thankful for nature, for the ocean’s endless wide range.
I’m thankful for each person that gives my view a change.

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Do You Really Think You Know?

It’s so easy to judge someone
From your restricted point of view
But there’s a hidden iceberg
Behind what you think is true

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You gave yourself
You gave your all
How can you now feel
Like hitting a wall

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Loving Life

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White Blessing

Hello, little Snowflake
Thanks for visiting me
Although you fell to death

You touched my nose with glee

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Guiding Force

Is love only a word
A feeling we explore
Does it subside over the years
What once was all and more

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It’s that time of year again
When hearts are a little more
Transparent and open
From and to their core

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In The Driver’s Seat

When I get insecure and lose
The ground beneath my feet
When the horizon turns from blue
To black, a scary wall to meet

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If I can observe
The attitudes of others
The freer I am

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My Sacred Place

When thoughts of love
Run through my heart
When my mind stops
Its thoughts-spinning art

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Wishes fulfilled

My wish for you is that
Your wishes get fulfilled.
To make this coming true,
Your doubts have to be killed.

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Success & Fulfillment Have Your Name


Today, I want to share an as touching as insightful thought, inspired by a poem Colin, of MeAndRay, shared with me a few weeks ago.

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Fly Away

Escaping reality
For just a few days
Recharging my batteries
Clearing my mind’s maze

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My Refuge

A sense of peace

Releasing all
That’s haunting me

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Liberation Lies In You

Forgiving can be hard
When things start to repeat
Intentions that things change
But seems, they never did

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The Power of Life

When I am a mill
Love is the water

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Born To Blossom

Love to look at my rose
Delicate petals unfold
Such delicate color
From a root that’s quite old

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Deep Inside

There are so many gifts surrounding us
We only have to open our eyes and see
There is so much beauty surrounding us
We only have to open our minds and feel

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Only in silence, our minds are getting clear –
The clearer the mind, the smaller the fear.

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Have you ever seen a bee
Following its purpose

Have you ever seen a tree
Doubting its strength and growth

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Infinite Consciousness

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I’ll Never Forget You

We knew each other for so long
For about forty years
How can it be with fifty-one
That you were meant to leave

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I wish for sunshine
Wish for joy
That no one needs
To feel a void

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Soul Recognition

I’m sitting in a meadow
Pondering about life
What really is important
What is the greatest prize

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Born to Thrive

A simple song
My heart wakes up
A smile spreads out
Monologues stop

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The glow that I see in your eyes
The burning fire in your heart
The smile that’s getting brighter when
You feel that spring’s about to start

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As you can see from the title, I have decided to expand the range of topics for poems on Tuesdays.For the most part, the poems remain romantic, but I am often inspired by other things that I would like to share. Since I can’t find the time to post more often, I choose this option. Ultimately though, it’s always about love anyway, just not always the romantic kind.

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Early Admiration

The sound so sweet
The rhythm of my heart’s beat
A move that takes my breath away
That look that drove me completely crazy

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Photo by Hernan Pauccara on Pexels.com


Love is a peculiar thing
You don’t know how it acts
Maybe it comes rushing in
Or it slowly expands

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A Dream Worth Dreaming

I’m longing for a love
Presenting Yin and Yang
A give and take complete
Two hearts that make them one

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The Universe – The Dating Agency

I’m feeling like the morning sun
So new and full of joy
Welcoming life and all  it brings
My heart’s a fireball, oh boy

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#RomanticTuesday – a bit different

Universal Ways

Is there one way 
or are there two?
Am I walking on my own
or am I doing it with you?

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Endless Expanses

I lose myself
In the ocean of your eyes
I fall into a depth
But at the same time I rise

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Karmic Revelation

Only one embrace
Lasted a little too long
Energies merged

Memories and feelings return
Feels like coming home

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Look Behind You

A heart that’s holding so much love
Love that wants to be shared
But what to do when the vessel
To pour the love in is not there?

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Love Doesn’t Ask Why

But when it catches you
You cannot escape

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Forever feelings

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Part of Me

What means a sunset
With its orange hues
What means the ocean
So deep and blue

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Free to Love

Love was big and then dissolved
I’ve seen it fade in pain
All that was left was just my hope
That I’ll be seen again 

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One Day

A new year starts
What will it bring?
So many options
An endless string

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The Gift

I sit under the Christmas tree
Enchanted, mesmerized
A little package looks at me
I haven’t seen it, I’m surprised

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Even though my body’s here
My heart is way ahead
It doesn’t matter what life says
It’s traveling instead

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Unlimited Dreams

The sun goes down
The sky turns dark
But in my heart
A light does spark

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Love is Free

A cold and grey November day
The sun decides do hide
I’m looking out the window while
My heart goes on a ride  

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I would…

I’d stretch each ray of sun
To lighten up your day
To make you feel embraced
And chase the cold away

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Leaves From The Heart

The leaves are falling from the trees
So colorful and bright
Like sending a message that’s like
I will be back ‘though out of sight

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Time may pass and time may last
Still, nothing stays the same
Life is progress through its change
But one thing will remain

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Your Love

When your love is the wind
It is blowing beneath my wing
Taking me higher

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My Land of Liberty

Whatever thought comes to my mind
Whatever word I say
They all form pictures in my heart
And take me far away

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Loving Heart

Feelings of a loving heart
Linger in my soul
Causing smiles
Causing tears
Causing longings
Causing fears

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The waves of the sea
Are taking me on a ride
Far across the globe
Following the low tide

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Feeling lonely, feeling blue
Feeling powerful and new
Feeling like I have grown wings
With each flap my whole heart swings

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Views Change…

With every day
With every encounter
With every moment I think
With every moment I feel

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#Haiku – Eternal Moments

time loses power
when memories fill the heart
love lasts forever

In Love and Light


My Heart’s Treasure Box

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Unstoppable Love

Sitting at my little brook
Watching the glittering water flow
How it washes over the sharpest rocks
And softens them over time

How it finds its way
Through the tiniest gaps
Reaching the deepest grounds
Cannot be stopped

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When I think of you…

My mind goes on a ride
While my heart has already arrived
A journey of a thousand miles
Happens in an instant
The seas I cross

are the streams of your love
The air I breathe
Is the scent of your hair
The wind I feel
Are your fingers caressing my face
The raindrops
Are your kisses covering my cheeks
The warming sun
Is your embrace

When I think of you…
You are with me

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Forever And Ever

As long as every spring
the birds do sing their song
As long as roses bloom
Under the summer sun

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A Single Moment

A fireball, a shooting star
Tsunami of emotions
A crumbling wall, a clearing view
Deep feelings of devotion

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The Thing That Doesn’t Change

Life goes on, the earth revolves
People come and go
Flowers die and bloom again
Years like rivers flow

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A Heart So Free

Here is my heart
Fully open and vulnerable

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Lost and Found

It was like searching Easter eggs
I think I hid it well
Too long ago I cared for it
I cannot even tell

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You Take Me As I Am

I think the most wonderful way
To be just who I am
Is how you do believe in me
And show me that I can

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Higher Grounds

The harder the times the closer we are
If one needs a shoulder the other’s not far

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The Power Of A Yearning Heart

The yearning in my heart
Is pushing me all-day
It keeps me hanging on
Since you’re so far away

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Taste of Love

When life slows down
There is more time for dreaming

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#JustAThought… The Shift

A virus teaches
People to slow down and breathe
Nature gets a break

A virus changes all
Losing people, money, time
Daily exhaustion

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Dreaming Into Being

Anticipation flows
My thoughts flying ahead
Can see what’s ‘bout to come
Love’s vibes vividly spread

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Angel of Mine

Someone to hold you
Someone to lean on
Someone to talk to
Not feeling alone

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You Are The Reason

I can’t imagine life without
Your presence anymore
I cannot even understand
How I could live before

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#Haiku – Heavenly

Yin and Yang in love
A rock solid bond of souls
Divine connection

Happy Valentine’s Day, everybody!

In Love and Light


Two for One

How can a touch suffice
How can a life be enough
How can words say it all
When a heart’s full of love

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You Are The Light

Light of Lights please shine
Your fire every day
Through and from our hearts

Repeat these three lines and see what happens. At first sight, it may appear you need to sit back and wait until something is done to you or someone needs to do something to you. But something different happens while reading or saying these words. You reflexively open up your heart which is all it needs to let your being fill your room.

God’s energy is nothing separated from us which we need to add. It is something that already exists inside of us. But we are so used to believe that all good things are coming from outside of us that we forget to look inside.

When you ask the light of lights to shine, YOU shine.
In opening your heart you only activate the flow.
Check it out!

Credits: QuoteMaster.org

In Love and Light


Beyond Any Measure

Diving into a deep blue sea
Amazed by such a treasure
The greatness of the world below
Is beyond any measure

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Love’s Plan

Can it be that love has been
Around me all the time?

That what I searched for in my dreams
Has already been mine?

Can this be the reason that
Love at first sight is true?
Because the first time that we met
I knew that it is you

How long before I held your hand
And looked into your eyes
Have we decided that we’ll share
The greatest gift in life?

Although the search was long and hard
The dream that finally came true
Felt like the biggest miracle
That love can have for two

In Love and Light


Sunny Kisses

I envy the sun
It visits you each day
From good morning to good night
It’s shining on your way

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#Haiku – Never Apart

Happy to see you
Many times during the day
When I close my eyes

In Love and Light


The Sound of Love

A song, saved in my heart
Opens a window to the past
Memories surrounding me
A blessing that still lasts

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The year is coming to an end
My heart is still the same
It’s pounding strongly for my love
I’m blessed it’s not in vain

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Enhanced Love

I may not see you but you’re here
I may not touch you but you’re near

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A single moment during the day
Can chase the darkest cloud away

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Thanksgiving of Love

Whatever word you say to me
Is collected in a bowl
With each word you add to it
It feeds my hungry soul

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Photo Credits: wallup.net

Once Love, Always Love

Although distance can be

A challenge for two hearts

There is always a way

To share love ‘though apart

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The One Who’s Meant For Me


There was a time I did not know

The man who holds my hand

When I resigned to find a love

And thought that it’s not meant Read more ›

Haiku – Home

My face in your palm

Everything is alright

Finally, I’m home

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Warming Love


November’s cold

But warm inside

Outside so dark

But here’s a light Read more ›



Magical Moments


What is this?

Nature prepares for its annual break

With golden light

Letting its colors shine for one more time Read more ›





There is nothing I love more

Than dreaming of my love

Losing myself in memories

While rising like a dove Read more ›



Vision of Love


The first time when we met

I knew there must be more

Immediately felt

Like we had met before Read more ›



Free Prisoner


The look of your eyes

The touch of your hand

The sound of your voice

How can I withstand Read more ›





A sunset orange, red and blue

We standing arm in arm

Time’s standing still for a while

Makes us drunk with natural charm Read more ›



Sky Traveler


I love the sky in summer

Watching the clouds drift by

I think, “Hey, take the chance”

I jump on one and fly Read more ›

#Haiku – In Good and Bad


Life goes up and down Read more ›



How to handle so much love


A bucket full of sunshine

I carry with me all-day

My heart is on a swing

Takes me up and away Read more ›



Love over time


Time has passed us by

But look at us today

We have not resigned

We continued our way Read more ›



Was it your voice calling my name?

Or are my ears playing a game? Read more ›

#RomanticTuesday – Haiku


No Day Without You

Read more ›



Egyptian Dreams


As I buried my toes

In Egyptian sand

The wind in my hair

On my back lies your hand Read more ›



Ever Growing


Have I ever told you

How much you mean to me

That the look into your eyes

Chases all fears away Read more ›



How could I miss an RT? Most of all since my vacation was pretty inspiring. Read more ›



Your Heart – My Shore


The temps outside are cooling down

But not my yearning heart

It only makes me more aware

That we are far apart Read more ›



Timeless Love


I can’t remember when

I told you the last time

How much you mean to me

How glad I’m that you’re mine Read more ›



Tell Me A Poem


Thank you for all the words you find

For all the love you share

For all the thoughtful things you do

And for the way you care Read more ›



My Greatest Miracle


Your voice is like the sweetest sound

A healing melody

Caressing both my heart and soul

The perfect remedy Read more ›



Doubtlessly True

Clasped hands

Clasped hearts

Every day

In every moment Read more ›



Everlasting Oneness


There’s something in my chest

A bright and golden light

It keeps me going strong

Its beat’s pulsating life


It warms me when I’m cold

It wipes away my tears

And when I lose my path

Chases away my fears


It wasn’t always there

First, it was in your chest

You put it in my hand

And asked: Build it a nest!


I did my best and searched

To find the perfect place

A heart so full of love

A gift of divine grace


I hoped you wouldn’t mind

And put it to my heart

Now it is safe and sound

And we’re never apart


In Love and Light



Connecting Element


The full moon

Big and bright

Embracing us Read more ›





Deep in my heart, there was this feeling

Of someone who will bring me healing


Of someone who makes up the pain

To see my faith was not in vain


Whenever I lost hope in life

This feeling kept me up to thrive


Because in thriving I found you

The blossom after a deep blue


You, standing there, arms open wide

I asked myself, where did you hide?


It always knew and now I see

You truly were waiting for me


Credits: http://www.weddingpronews.com

In Love and Light



Lesson Learned


Thank you for the roses and

For the fancy dress

Thank you for the diamond ring

It’s 2 carats, I guess


Thank you for the time you spent

With me when it fit in

And thank you for the note you left

That I knew, it wasn’t just a dream


Thank you for the flowers which

You sent every week

Instead of you at least they left

A lovely smell, so sweet


Yes, thank you for the promises

And for the empty words

But meanwhile, instead of listening,

I rather feed the birds


Your attitude has helped me that

I quickly knew you well

I’m thankful that I learned it soon

T’was you, who rang the bell!


Photo credit: http://www.rebloomflowers.ca

In Love and Light



Love Needs No Reason


Love is not only just falling

Love is so much more

Love is something deep inside

Coming from my core Read more ›



Forever Save


Missing the times, long ago

We let our dreams fly high

Memories of hearts on fire

When there was only you and I Read more ›



Quenchless Craving


Love at first sight

I’m sure this is

A feeling that’s

Simply bare bliss Read more ›





Sweet breeze of spring, petals of pink

A scent of sprouting life

Triggering something in me

Something that makes me thrive Read more ›


marguerite-74886_960_720.jpgSpring Love


Spring is here, lifting my heart

All of my troubles seem to fall apart


Love is arising, filling me up

From head to toe, overflowing cup


I think of you and the future ahead

Of what may be waiting without any dread


Gone are the days of struggle and pain

When finally I am in your arms again


Is spring able to set my heart free?

Is there a new life waiting for me?


In Love and Light



Spring in My Heart


Spring has come and I sit here

Gazing at the sea

Thinking back of sunny days

When you were here with me Read more ›



Loving you means loving me


Loving you means loving me

Because I let you in

To touch my heart, to join my world

To reach under my skin


Can love be unconditional

When at the same time it

Fills me with a new energy

Which my heart newly lit


A healthy selfish way to love

Someone like I love you

For I’m so thankful for the gift

You give the way you do


I only hope that what I give

Does fill you the same way

That loving me means loving you

That you’ll forever stay


When love’s flame burns

It’s most of all, a blessing for the one

Who loves with all the heart and soul

But in the end, both won


Credit: Pinterest

In Love and Light





I feel the need to tell you that

I never met a man

Who makes me feel so precious and

Who shows me who I am Read more ›



Sweet Definitions


Chocolate muffin, honey bum

There are so many names for you

Sweetheart, darling, cookie crumb

Because only one doesn’t do Read more ›



I will be there


If ever you asked me

If my love was true

I’d say, come on here

I show it to you Read more ›


white-rose-flower-hands-young-girl_3249-4082.jpgForever Valentine


This rose, it smells, just like the one

Which you once gave to me

I close my eyes, inhale its scent

Get lost in memories Read more ›



You Are There


The road was long

Bumpy and curved

Rather traveled

Than observed Read more ›



Head over Heels


I always wanted to know

How true love really feels

When I am caught off guard

Falling head over heels Read more ›



Divine Fate


When heaviness weighs down my heart

And all its light has faded

When I’m not able to still stand tall

And even the sun is shaded Read more ›


Bildergebnis für woman looking out window



Looking outside the window

Dreaming of memories to be

Longings which tear my heart apart

Confirm what burns inside of me


Sometimes I only have my dreams

I follow step by step

Keeping the goal close to my heart

To push through obstacles and thread


Maybe your eyes cannot see yet

What’s shown already in your heart

But that is where you write the script

And where the magic stories start


Looking outside the window 

And smiling at the sky

The memories of things to be

Will never cease to make me fly


In Love and Light

#Haiku – Those Rare Moments


Time can be so rare

Making room for what you love

Gives it more meaning


In Love and Light


Bildergebnis für couple fireworks

New Beginnings


A new year has begun

And here we stand

Looking into each other’s eyes

Eyes like windows to a new future

We don’t hear the noise around us

Fireworks reflecting in our smiles

An outlook of what we feel about the new year

No words needed

We are writing with invisible inks

The first page just opened up

But we already sign the last one

Because we know

That we will fill the pages together

And here we will stand again

Hand in hand

Thankful for what was

Excited about what is to be

Love knows no time

Love is


Credits: healthbreakingnews.net

In Love and Light


Bildergebnis für heart on christmas tree

Christmas Surprise


would love to surprise you on Christmas Day

I’d say, this year, I cannot come your way

Unfortunately, I have to stay Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Christmas is a place in our hearts.JPG

Merry Christmas
Blessings and Peace
To you and your loved ones

May the Spirit of Christmas 
Shine from you 
And reach everybody’s heart
You encounter

May the Spirit of Christmas
Break the walls 
Of hatred, ignorance, and selfishness
May borders disappear
And the world become one colorful country

May the Spirit of Christmas
Stay with us
Not only for this day
But forever

In Love and Light



This is not going to be the usual romantic poetry I am sharing on a Tuesday. Also, my song choice for today has more the meaning of love in general and its healing and uniting effect. Therefore I want to share a poem I wrote some weeks ago. That love that we are and which connects us to the highest meaning of love which we can never lose. That love that makes sure that we can never really get lost because even in the darkest night it shines a ray on us. The only thing we need to do is looking at it and following it. Read more ›


Bildergebnis für holding hands

Hand in Hand


Your love is way beyond belief

It built a window to my heart

Through it, I could release my pain

Which almost made me break apart Read more ›



Ever Growing


Have I ever told you

How much you mean to me

That the look of your eyes

Chases away my fear Read more ›


Natur, Tierwelt, Weißer Bengal Tiger, Tiger, Raubtier

The Voice Of Love


After a day full of hectic and stress

When life’s business calms down

My mind is getting silent

And my thoughts start wandering around Read more ›


Bildergebnis für LOVE OF MY LIFE freddie and mary

The Love of Your Life


The love of your life is not always

What surrounds you during your day

It may seem to be so close

And still, it can be far away Read more ›


Bildergebnis für love potion, witch

Love Potion


A little witch is sitting on

A hill on Halloween

The night is scary dark and cold

No soul is to be seen

Read more ›



Witnessing True Love


When love is true you need no proof

No thinking about reason

The heart knows long before the mind

Love definitely has no season


Love is like water, finds its way

Into each tiny crack

The smallest spark a huge barn fire

When even you did not expect


It happens when the moment’s right

When the conditions fit

When even she needs longer to

Find out she’s in love’s grip.


When love is true the other one

Won’t stop until he can

Make her believe that she’s his dream

And he her perfect man


A love so true that further thoughts

Of convictions are falling

A whole new world has opened up

Shown by a sun constantly dawning


When vows are not romantic lines

but touch everyone’s souls

Then you witnessed that kind of love

That makes two people whole


True love does never need a proof

True love is a condition

Caused by merging vibes of both

With different colors but one vision


Inspired by the true love which sparkles through, between, and from my daughter and her husband.

In Love and Light


Bildergebnis für love across time and space



It doesn’t matter

How much time passes

Or what happens in or outside of my world


It doesn’t matter

What you do or what you don’t do

Or what unfulfilled dreams may still linger in our hearts


It doesn’t matter

Where I am and where you are

Or whether life sends us on separate or shared paths


It simply doesn’t matter


Time has no meaning

Deeds cannot condition

Seas and mountains cannot separate

When love is the connecting link


That’s why nothing’s ever able to

Change my love for you


In Love and Light


Architektur, Reise, Menschen, Gebäude, Wand, Fantasie

From Fairy Tales to Reality


Long ago a princess dreamed

Herself outside her castle’s tower

She dreamed about a handsome prince

And love’s strong growing power Read more ›


Bildergebnis für woman, sun, power, love photography

The Spell of Love


Sometimes my life can be a mess

When struggles put me down

When disappointments break my heart

When the road looks so very long Read more ›


Bildergebnis für woman looking at star gif

When words are all there is…


Do you know

How much a single word from you

Means to me? Read more ›


Bildergebnis für unconditional love photography



Your share my smiles I throw at you

And dry the tears when I feel blue Read more ›