#PoeticTuesday – 66

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Trace of a Heart

There are a lot of things each day
A phrase, an image, a song
They trigger memories in me
Still vividly alive and strong

Ways are crossing when its time
There are no accidents
What once was, was meant to be
The guiding force of heaven’s hands

Reality or just a movie
For us, it was all real
Or was it just a lovely dream
That helped our hearts to heal?

Not our time, not our world
Yet we shaped time and space
Whether departure or arrival
We walked together through a maze

However, what a heart once held
It won’t ever let go
So, may it be what it may be
It was all real – there’s still its glow

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


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As Sue and others added so many more thoughts and meaning to what I felt while writing is amazing. These lines hold a lot more truth in general than I thought and it seems it speaks to everyone who reads them in a very personal way. Thank you very much, dear Mark!

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Loved the poem and image… A journey of discovery each individual of choices of destination and yet all meant to follow a flight path of it’s own..
A somewhat poignant poem Erika reminding us there is a time for our arrival and a time for our departing… Just like that aircraft in the sky…
Also your last verse tells us… What we carry is all held within our hearts.. For we take no luggage with us on that final destination..
A thought provoking poem Erika..
Thank you ❤

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I love your interpretation so very much, Sue. Now, reading the poem again, I see so many more aspects and syncronicities in life than when I wrote. You summed up the really important parts. We come, we live, we go. We don’t always have an explanation but we always take something along, not physically but in our souls. And only that matters.
Your words always add light, Sue, thank you 💖

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It so is! Even the same person can read something again that they wrote and see a completely different meaning in the message. Happened to me with my own book. It is stunning!

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Not our time, not our world
Yet we shaped time and space
Whether departure or arrival
We walked together through a maze

These words just jumped out at me, Erika. They are exactly how I have felt all my life. This poem is exquisite. Thank. you!

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Sometimes we don’t know if we have landed at the right planet or at the right time. However, what we go through feels real an unreal at the same time. And we go along and add our colors.
I am amazed how you went along with these lines. When I wrote them I felt it in so many different ways. I am happy how they spoke to you, dear Amy 💖

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I felt them in so many ways as well, Erika. Hard to explain how I’ve been walking a planet knowing this is not HOME and persistently creating as my Guidance urges me to do. Amazing actually!


You were led to make something out of what you have. Not an easy job depending on the degree of not feeling at home at all. But your journey shows clearly that we are our own creators in everything. Thank you for that, Amy!

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There are some experiences that touch our lives to the deepest part of us that we never say goodbye to, only always open and welcoming. Extremely lovely words, beautifully expressed, Erika. 🌞

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Thank you very much, Sylvester. Yes, some experiences and memories stay with us and leave their magic forever. It is a gift and privilege to hold those moments close to the heart. What once was cannot be erased anymore.

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