Spring in My Heart


Spring has come and I sit here

Gazing at the sea

Thinking back of sunny days

When you were here with me Read more ›



Loving you means loving me


Loving you means loving me

Because I let you in

To touch my heart, to join my world

To reach under my skin


Can love be unconditional

When at the same time it

Fills me with a new energy

Which my heart newly lit


A healthy selfish way to love

Someone like I love you

For I’m so thankful for the gift

You give the way you do


I only hope that what I give

Does fill you the same way

That loving me means loving you

That you’ll forever stay


When love’s flame burns

It’s most of all, a blessing for the one

Who loves with all the heart and soul

But in the end, both won


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In Love and Light





I feel the need to tell you that

I never met a man

Who makes me feel so precious and

Who shows me who I am Read more ›



Sweet Definitions


Chocolate muffin, honey bum

There are so many names for you

Sweetheart, darling, cookie crumb

Because only one doesn’t do Read more ›



I will be there


If ever you asked me

If my love was true

I’d say, come on here

I show it to you Read more ›


white-rose-flower-hands-young-girl_3249-4082.jpgForever Valentine


This rose, it smells, just like the one

Which you once gave to me

I close my eyes, inhale its scent

Get lost in memories Read more ›



You Are There


The road was long

Bumpy and curved

Rather traveled

Than observed Read more ›



Head over Heels


I always wanted to know

How true love really feels

When I am caught off guard

Falling head over heels Read more ›



Divine Fate


When heaviness weighs down my heart

And all its light has faded

When I’m not able to still stand tall

And even the sun is shaded Read more ›


Bildergebnis für woman looking out window



Looking outside the window

Dreaming of memories to be

Longings which tear my heart apart

Confirm what burns inside of me


Sometimes I only have my dreams

I follow step by step

Keeping the goal close to my heart

To push through obstacles and thread


Maybe your eyes cannot see yet

What’s shown already in your heart

But that is where you write the script

And where the magic stories start


Looking outside the window 

And smiling at the sky

The memories of things to be

Will never cease to make me fly


In Love and Light

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