Your Heart – My Shore


The temps outside are cooling down

But not my yearning heart

It only makes me more aware

That we are far apart Read more ›



Timeless Love


I can’t remember when

I told you the last time

How much you mean to me

How glad I’m that you’re mine Read more ›



Tell Me A Poem


Thank you for all the words you find

For all the love you share

For all the thoughtful things you do

And for the way you care Read more ›



My Greatest Miracle


Your voice is like the sweetest sound

A healing melody

Caressing both my heart and soul

The perfect remedy Read more ›



Doubtlessly True

Clasped hands

Clasped hearts

Every day

In every moment Read more ›



Everlasting Oneness


There’s something in my chest

A bright and golden light

It keeps me going strong

Its beat’s pulsating life


It warms me when I’m cold

It wipes away my tears

And when I lose my path

Chases away my fears


It wasn’t always there

First, it was in your chest

You put it in my hand

And asked: Build it a nest!


I did my best and searched

To find the perfect place

A heart so full of love

A gift of divine grace


I hoped you wouldn’t mind

And put it to my heart

Now it is safe and sound

And we’re never apart


In Love and Light



Connecting Element


The full moon

Big and bright

Embracing us Read more ›

Just a Thought…

Keep shining…

Whatever bad things happen

I am not willing to focus on the bad

I am not willing to lose my faith

I am not willing to lose my love Read more ›





Deep in my heart, there was this feeling

Of someone who will bring me healing


Of someone who makes up the pain

To see my faith was not in vain


Whenever I lost hope in life

This feeling kept me up to thrive


Because in thriving I found you

The blossom after a deep blue


You, standing there, arms open wide

I asked myself, where did you hide?


It always knew and now I see

You truly were waiting for me


Credits: http://www.weddingpronews.com

In Love and Light



Lesson Learned


Thank you for the roses and

For the fancy dress

Thank you for the diamond ring

It’s 2 carats, I guess


Thank you for the time you spent

With me when it fit in

And thank you for the note you left

That I knew, it wasn’t just a dream


Thank you for the flowers which

You sent every week

Instead of you at least they left

A lovely smell, so sweet


Yes, thank you for the promises

And for the empty words

But meanwhile, instead of listening,

I rather feed the birds


Your attitude has helped me that

I quickly knew you well

I’m thankful that I learned it soon

T’was you, who rang the bell!


Photo credit: http://www.rebloomflowers.ca

In Love and Light

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