Divine Fate


When heaviness weighs down my heart

And all its light has faded

When I’m not able to still stand tall

And even the sun is shaded Read more ›


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Looking outside the window

Dreaming of memories to be

Longings which tear my heart apart

Confirm what burns inside of me


Sometimes I only have my dreams

I follow step by step

Keeping the goal close to my heart

To push through obstacles and thread


Maybe your eyes cannot see yet

What’s shown already in your heart

But that is where you write the script

And where the magic stories start


Looking outside the window 

And smiling at the sky

The memories of things to be

Will never cease to make me fly


In Love and Light

#Haiku – Those Rare Moments


Time can be so rare

Making room for what you love

Gives it more meaning


In Love and Light


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New Beginnings


A new year has begun

And here we stand

Looking into each other’s eyes

Eyes like windows to a new future

We don’t hear the noise around us

Fireworks reflecting in our smiles

An outlook of what we feel about the new year

No words needed

We are writing with invisible inks

The first page just opened up

But we already sign the last one

Because we know

That we will fill the pages together

And here we will stand again

Hand in hand

Thankful for what was

Excited about what is to be

Love knows no time

Love is


Credits: healthbreakingnews.net

In Love and Light


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Christmas Surprise


would love to surprise you on Christmas Day

I’d say, this year, I cannot come your way

Unfortunately, I have to stay Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

Christmas is a place in our hearts.JPG

Merry Christmas
Blessings and Peace
To you and your loved ones

May the Spirit of Christmas 
Shine from you 
And reach everybody’s heart
You encounter

May the Spirit of Christmas
Break the walls 
Of hatred, ignorance, and selfishness
May borders disappear
And the world become one colorful country

May the Spirit of Christmas
Stay with us
Not only for this day
But forever

In Love and Light



This is not going to be the usual romantic poetry I am sharing on a Tuesday. Also, my song choice for today has more the meaning of love in general and its healing and uniting effect. Therefore I want to share a poem I wrote some weeks ago. That love that we are and which connects us to the highest meaning of love which we can never lose. That love that makes sure that we can never really get lost because even in the darkest night it shines a ray on us. The only thing we need to do is looking at it and following it. Read more ›


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Hand in Hand


Your love is way beyond belief

It built a window to my heart

Through it, I could release my pain

Which almost made me break apart Read more ›



Ever Growing


Have I ever told you

How much you mean to me

That the look of your eyes

Chases away my fear Read more ›


Natur, Tierwelt, Weißer Bengal Tiger, Tiger, Raubtier

The Voice Of Love


After a day full of hectic and stress

When life’s business calms down

My mind is getting silent

And my thoughts start wandering around Read more ›

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