What do you see?


About a week ago I posted a haiku which showed clearly that depending on the perspective there are more things to see in the same picture. We basically know that the perspective defines what we see in a situation but anyway we are too often convinced that our perspective is the only one that really matters or even worse… that it is the truth.


As I mentioned in one of my former posts, truth is subjective and it depends on the way we look at a situation. This again depends on how much we know about a situation. The more we know the more complete the picture seems. Again, this can be dangerous when we believe to already see the whole picture because we can impossibly know if that is true.


Light is only seen when it gets reflected by an object. So the reflection is a result of the light that shone on it. Now the way something appears to us is a reflection of how we looked at it! We are all shaped by the way we’ve approached this life, by the things we’ve been taught and influenced, by the actions or reactions we have taken out of what we seemed to know, the experiences we’ve made of it all eventually and how we store it as our personal “truth” in our belief system. From there the whole thing starts anew with the new or confirmed was we look at the world.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Because the way I walk through this life, experience this life, and develop and expand my storage data I create my personal journey during this adventure. Whatever perspective I have on something makes me take exactly the step I need to do in order to arrive exactly where I am supposed to arrive and in the ideal pace. It is absolutely personal. That’s why we all have different journeys. We may meet at the same places like work, school, relationships but we get there from different places and even within that work, school, and relationships again we develop different things than our mates. Isn’t that simply amazing?


Now, what does that mean? We have 7 – 8 billion rays of light shining around on this planet. An object spotlighted with more than one of those rays makes it appear in a different light than the one I shone on it. So, the insight of seeing the object in its extended look can cause my light to shine in a different way from now on. Which means that those 7 – 8 billion rays of light are constantly changing their lights too. Wow, what a disco show we have down here!!


This is how we help each other permanently to widen our perspective or at least to realize that whatever I may see in a situation may fit for me but doesn’t need to be fitting for anyone else. That’s why we should not believe others when they say that something is not possible or reasonable to achieve. Perhaps it is not for them (their decision) but I have a different light inside of me, This light shines clearly on my personal path which should convince me that I can do it.  That for me it is the right thing to do. And it should also make me understand that whatever another person decides for them is not stupid, naive or unreasonable only because it appears that way to me. They are different, come from a different place, and have a different destination which requires different experiences to make.


I mention it every time that it doesn’t mean that we should not say anything when we recognize from a distance that they overlook something. I think we should for sure!! That way we can illuminate a bigger perspective too. But again, what that person sees can still differ from what I see and it is ok! Perspective is a free choice and therefore we should create our own instead of taking over the ones of others. It is my life and it is my responsibility whatever decision I make. So, if I make a decision out of doing something others say while my inner world is protesting, it is me anyway who has to deal with the consequences.


Have your perspective and grant everyone theirs. Shine your light and recognize the lights others add. But don’t take any light for a general truth because they are still in development and they like yours will shine even brighter tomorrow – fueled by a newly gained perspective.


In Love and Light






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