Do you remember Chiara? In August 2016 I wrote The Healing Power Within about her overcoming anorexia. Chiara is my son’s girlfriend which gives me lots of opportunities to talk to her. She is often to find in newspapers talking about her story or sharing healthy recipes. Lately, she has been invited to talk at TEDx (Europe) about “choices” later this year. Isn’t that amazing? You can imagine that I got highly inspired and this post is a result of it.

1240094_654209597936665_1430592501_n.jpgChiara with 16 (4 years ago)

Chiara was close to death when she weighed only 25 kg (about 50 pounds) at her lowest point when she was 16. It was the time when a voice inside her said that it was time to make a decision. She could either let things happen or make things happen! It was her choice. Her inner core, where life can never be extinguished, was able to flicker a bit higher which persuaded her to make THE most important decision in her life. She chose to live and although physically she was at the weakest her spirit was wide awake and ready to approach a big change. Strength doesn’t come from the body in the first place but from the inner concept you make. Everything else follows. You need conviction, endurance, and the clear intention to not let go until you have reached your goal. Yes, you need some kind of stubbornness to put yourself, your well-being first. It is a choice.


Making the choice to live – and here I mean to open yourself to life in all that life means like feeling love for yourself, seeing the gift in yourself and in all that is given to you in order to expand that gift – lets choices come your way you might have never dreamed of. That way you look eastwards and see the sun dawn instead of westwards where it only goes down. Life presents itself in different colors and provides different options to choose from. Options not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of everyone your being touches.


Let’s get back to Chiara’s example. Her resurrection towards life and the immense change which has come along with it is such a proof that you can overcome almost everything you set your mind to. No medication, no talk helped until she herself decided to live … and the miracle happened and has not stopped yet to grow. Now she uses her story to ignite the fire of life, the insight that everyone is their own master, the zest for life in others. She may be a small lady but her will and golden heart are amazing!


The choice to live opened up choices to make her life even more enjoyable, to create her life and take action for what she wants. Taking this one choice made her see that there are endless choices for us to make and that we are never helplessly lost. That one choice made her choose to go out with her story, to choose giving interviews, writing articles, and now she has even gotten an invitation for a worldwide speech to reach even more people. Her choice did not only change her life but has the potential to change so many lives in this world.


Now, what about you? Your choice to live life in a way that makes you feel alive may not only be your entry into a world of opportunities and choices for more life but may also be the necessary impulse for so many more people to stand up and choose to live. Wouldn’t it be worth the try? It’s your choice!

My son, Jason, and Chiara this July at their graduation.

You can contact Chiara here:
@chiaravive on Instagram or
Chiara Schober on Facebook

In Love and Light

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Hi, MoJo! First of all thank you very much for coming over and taking the time for reading the story of this amazing young lady. I feel blessed that I am able to share it and spread her important message to never give up but instead make a decision for what you want!! Thank you very much again!

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Dear Erika, Please pass along my deepest joy and appreciation to Chiara for her decision, her choice and the courage and conviction that it took to make. More importantly let her know what a stunning light she is and will be for others struggling with the demons which she overcame. She has walked through the fire and can help show others how to make “The Choice” for themselves. This is a fantastic true life story that will be an inspiration to the world.

And Erika, your post here was also so amazing and eloquent! It was so wonderful to read! It is great that you have been there to watch Chiara bloom and blossom and no doubt be a truly positive influence on her too.

You have left me way too many seeds of inspiration in the words of your post and the graphics/quotes to find and glean in only one reading. This will take several re-reads with a notepad. Bellissimo Erika, Bellissimo!!

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Wow, Chuck! Thanks for the awesome comment. I did not know about Chiara’s story when we met two years ago and so I was even deeper impressed! She is a great example for others. She made a profound decision in such a young age and the experience she will carry throughout her life now!
I am thankful that you liked what you read on my blog so far. I am really happy to read how you feel about it. Thank you, Chuck!


Hi, Ka! Thank you very much for coming over to read her story. She is a gift in many ways. Her tough years and her decision to live is not only an amazing proof to herself that her conviction can change her life but also an example that we are our own master and that we can reach everything we set our mind to!! Thank you very much for you wonderful comment, Ka!!

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Great post Erika! Chiara is an inspiration – many people take decades to come to the awareness that she did. Hats off!

I especially liked this – “Inner core, where life can never be extinguished, was able to flicker a bit”. It really is important to hold on to this spark.

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Thank you for your amazing words! I am always happy when her story strikes a chord. You are so right, that spark is what can generate the greatest power from the weakest place. And it is there in everyone! Thank you so much, Prajakta!!

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Chiara did make the most beautiful decision that we can all make in this life Erika…to choose ourselves.
A very brave lady to take that step and accept a love more profound than anything else in this world.
And as Lisa said, it now glows in the smile in her eyes ❤

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Hi, Mark! I and in behalf of Chiara I thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. She was already strong in order to choose life but that decision actually made her the strong person she is. You are so right, there is a huge difference in her look. My sister said too: She has smiling eyes.
Again, thank you very much , Mark!!

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Thank you very much, Lisa. Yes, I agree. When you look at here you can see that she has an important purpose here about inspiring and encouraging others to let go of destructive beliefs which limit your zest for life and life itself!
I will definitely share the Ted Talk with you 👍

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