The Healing Power Within!

This is a story that moves me deeply not only because it happened in my closest circle of the family but most of all because it shows that we have powers within us that are greater than our bodies could ever be. Actually, those powers are the force to strengthen and heal the body. Yes, we can heal through the power of our spirits which is the power of love!

When she appears at my front door the sun rises. There is ALWAYS a bright smile on her face and her eyes are twinkling like stars. My sister once said, she has smiling eyes! Her face is shining and she is such a loving and warm-hearted young woman. I am talking about my son’s girlfriend, Chiara. She is a gem and I feel blessed that I feel like having another daughter. When you see her today, no one would ever guess what she went through for 6 – 7 years.

Chiara suffered from anorexia. It started when she was 12 years old. For some reason her body refused food. It was not her who stopped eating. It was her body rebelling. Chronic stomach issues and the death of her grandmother some years later made everything worse. When she was 16 she spent 9 months in the hospital with a weight of only 25 kilos (55 pounds). She was on the edge of death! But during her stay, the penny dropped at some point. As she said in an interview, she realized that SHE had to change something. And she did! She was released from the hospital with already 40 kilos (88 pounds) only last summer. Still, a way to go but her zest for life was back! She needed to repeat a whole year in Gymnasium due to her absence from school. That’s when she met my son and some months later they became a couple. They are together now for 8 months and I can tell how she has blossomed since I saw her the first time. It is a joy to see her.

Was she healed by my son’s love? She says that Jason’s love was healing. Love is THE healing power for sure. But his love alone would have been of no use if she wasn’t open and ready to release her own powerful energy into her body in the first place. It was the love within herself that got activated and filled her body with life again. Whatever made her body rebel it was a change within her that was necessary to make step out of that vicious circle of getting weaker and eating less. She needed to look at the situation from the outside in order to see and understand. Then it was her strong mind, the power of her thoughts, which aligned with the power of her soul. Once she started, everything else and all support she needed fell into place.

Our wonderful girl made it. She changed her concept and was open to embracing the world. Today she is giving interviews and sharing her story – not afraid of sharing photos when she was at her lowest point (which I won’t share here). She is most thankful for where she is today and wants to motivate and encourage others that it is possible to change their lives, no matter where they are today! I am so thankful that my son is the one she invited into her new world and I am proud of him too how he hung in and supported her in a way only love can do!

What I want to show with this amazing example is that everybody has this unbelievable power inside. You are not born with this power. You ARE this power. It was born into your body. This power – your soul – is the reason that the body can exist. This power is able to move mountains. And this power is nothing else than the deepest and purest form of love. We are what we come from. We are the power of love itself – unlimited creative power. The only thing that can limit it is the mind that says it is limited. How can the body-bound mind ever understand the force that created it? How can the creation ever define the creator?

There can be many reasons why a body gets sick but one reason for sure is when the connection to our life’s energy is seemingly cut off. It never is but it is enough to believe that love is missing. It often happens unconsciously or due to negative experiences, traumas, or thought patterns which were taken over. Some beliefs are so deeply hidden that we don’t even notice that there is something hidden. But a disease like anorexia and many others shows that body and soul are obviously not working together. It is a signpost and path at once to find back to the connection again. Chiara’s example shows it. When she was at her lowest point she was deep enough down to feel and hear her soul again. She connected and the power, the will, her zest for life, … it all came back. And her soul is shining through her eyes. I barely met a young woman at her age who is so steadfast, so clear, so loving, so compassionate but also so full of self-esteem. When the soul speaks the body is filled with its breath.

In the western world, we are suffering more from mental hunger than from physical hunger. The effect is the same. We not only need food for our bodies, but we also need food for our hearts or we get ill. Of course, it starts with the inner concept. But sometimes a person is not able to see that and needs help from outside to reconnect with their inner being, their spirit, their power, and life’s energy. Don’t look away! It does not always need to be a deep serious talk. Sometimes people don’t even want that (in the beginning). But already a smile can create miracles. All we need to do is care for one another – the How will follow naturally! Just give others the feeling that they matter. Because everyone matters! We may be different in our outer appearance. But even when we look similar we have different opinions, personalities, and histories. We are all different! But once we go only a little bit deeper we are getting to what we all have in common: the same color of blood, the same needs to keep our bodies healthy and alive, breathing the same air, the indispensable need for food: The food for our bodies and the food for our souls – love!

Wherever you were yesterday is not defining where you can be tomorrow. But your attitude and willingness define where you take a step today. You have the power within you to move your mountain. You are the power. You are healing energy. Whatever you set your mind to, you can make it happen. Believe in the possibility. Whatever you wish to change, start today! When a teenager has the power to make that change, so have you!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


You never let us down. You always come through with the most amazing and inspirational posts, Erika. Thank your for this and I can see this beautiful young woman’s sparkle! All the best to her and you all 🙂

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Thank you so much! I am amazed by Chiara. She is a walking sunshine. I admire her for how far she has come and that she is now spreading her story in order to help others! I am getting goosebumps again writing this! Thank you so much, Sandra!

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