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We Can Change!


We all are products of our habits and our thoughts. Over the years we have come into routines in our lives. Experiences which we stored in our minds have become labeled and whenever a similar experience shows up we open the folder with the fitting label and add it to our collection. We are acting more and more like robots instead of human beings. Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

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I suppose… and My Life Gets Complicated

5731600-Miguel-Ruiz-Quote-Don-t-make-assumptions-Find-the-courage-to-ask.jpgWe don’t know how other people feel about certain circumstances. Even if we do it for the best we can still be completely wrong. The way I experience something is unique and no matter how challenging it is for me can be handled even easier by others. Feeling sorry for someone who goes through a time which seems difficult for me can cause me to suppose it is difficult for the other one too. But is it really? And if it is, is it the same difficult? If I believe so then I make that other person’s problem my problem and I may care in a way which can become uncomfortable for them. Perhaps that difficult situation that person is in was caused by a decision I made and feeling guilty about it makes me overcaring. I may try to make something up which is not even desired.  Read more ›

The Fear to Succeed

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So often we don’t start a project because we are afraid of failing. We are afraid of being questioned even before we started or before a result is shown. We are afraid of being criticised about how we do it or even THAT we do it. We are afraid that people are making fun of us because we are doing something they might have never dared to do themselves. Or we are afraid because our project also means showing a part of us which we kept hidden for a long. But there comes a time when all those fears are not strong enough anymore to keep us from going for our dream. They cannot keep us from stepping out of our comfort zone anymore. We are full of excitement and enthusiasm and yes, we try it with all our heart and passion. And then it happens…. the door opens up! Read more ›

Daily Kind Quote

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Gratitude – The Power of Awareness


Imagine sitting on the top of a mountain and looking down into the valley. High up above, you see everything from a distance, the bigger picture. You see how streets are leading to each other, how small creeks are leading into a river, how the river flows into a lake. From up there, you understand how everything works together in order to make it all a complete and how necessary every little thing is. Read more ›

Choices – Chiara on TEDx


I know I announced a break due to my move and other events which keep me so busy over the coming weeks but a great news makes me find time to share something with you, I am very proud of! Read more ›

Just A Thought…

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The most common reason why we don’t try something new is that we are afraid of failing. And why? Because we don’t want to appear weak, incompetent, dumb, clumsy, … Successful people have not become successful because they had no fear but because they tried it anyway. They may have stumbled and fallen in the beginning but they did not accept it as a failure but as a journey to find out how to become who they wanted to be! Read more ›


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The first time when I saw you

My heart did skip a beat

Because my soul remembered that

The time had come to meet Read more ›

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