I Wonder …

Last week I featured an ABBA week. While searching for songs I came across so many wonderful ones I have never heard before. One of them was I Wonder. It inspired and touched me deeply and I decided to use it for my Monday post.

Life is a string of happenings. Smaller and bigger ones. Some are more impactful than others but all are meaningful and progressive for our development and growth. Some of the more impactful happenings can lead us to a point where we have to make the decision to either go left or right or to simply make a dramatic step and start something new.

Some of those decisions mean that either a door in front us or one behind us will close. We know that we won’t be able to ever compare the decisions and that once the path is chosen we need to walk it. As the song says perhaps you have to leave the place you knew all our life and settle somewhere else. Or you need to end something in your life in order to start something new because both is not possible. But what is better? To stick with the old or to risk the step into an unknown territory?

Of course, we will wonder at times, what might have been if we had taken the other road. I believe that the decision we make is always the right one. I wrote about it in I have to make a decision and it scares me… Basically, I believe this because why should we even consider a certain path if not something within us tells us about this option? Or why are we led to such an opportunity? Or why do we even notice that new door? We have come here with a plan. There are things we want to experience, discover, feel, manifest, create, learn… And the way we are in all we are and all we have become leads us to those places and stations in life where we get chances to experience it or to get prepared for experiencing it. That’s why we arrive at certain crossroads and that’s why we feel drawn to certain decisions even though they might not be the easy path to choose  – but the right one.

We are all unique beings with unique ways to walk. Each way is new and will never be traveled again in its uniqueness. That’s why we will never know how a decision might turn out but we feel in our heart an urge. Even if we are a bit scared the urge is there. It is normal to be scared because of the missing experience. But that is progress. Progress doesn’t come from staying in our gray spot but from moving towards a new color mixture. Every step we make leads us somewhere, shows us new places, and brings new encounters. It all affects us in some way, makes us discover something new and therefore adds a new color to the human experience we make here. We are  walking paintings which again makes us so unique.

When there are chances given and new doors open up then don’t turn away only because you are afraid. Even if something doesn’t work out, don’t judge it as a failure. You gained something for sure even if you cannot see what it is for or what it is at all. But you will encounter a situation and realize that what happened before prepared you for it.

Once you made the decision, don’t look back in doubt. Move forward and whatever happens, trust that it is what you are supposed to experience in order to get where you wanted to be. Whatever happens during your journey is only supporting your growth. You cannot fail, you can only gain, learn, evolve! Looking back, things will make so much more sense. One thing is for sure! If you never tried it, you will never know! But instead, the question What If might spin in your head for the rest of your life! Life is there to be lived not to be watched.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Thank you very much, Lynn! We can ponder us to pieces but at one point we simply need to stand tall for our decision and move on with it in order to make something of it and keep on living! I could imagine that you pondered about the right decision at times. But you did not even turn around and now you know how right it was!

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