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Whatever I write about are basically situations from the life we all experience in our own ways. I take them and try to look beyond and around them. Finding out more about backgrounds, contexts, and consequences, and seeing more in a situation than only how it may appear at first sight. Understanding that there is a reason behind all that happens may not solve the problem but it can lead to a solution or give important insights which make us see it all from a different perspective and helps to deal with what happens in a more constructive way.

This reminds me of a wonderful friend here on WordPress. She and her children got tyrannized by her husband for more than a decade. Back at that time and still after taking the step out of that nightmare, she did not see an amazing strength that made her survive this all. She was taught to think that something was wrong with her because his voice was the only one she heard all the time telling her who she was and what she was doing wrong all the time. She kept going and found ways to not break down although fear was her constant companion. She managed a big household and family in a foreign culture and tried everything to please her husband in order to have back the happy life they used to have in the beginning. But it did not work out! She doubted herself but could not figure out what she did wrong since she did all he wanted. She was able to conform to his needs, to a foreign country, manage her big family, and even serve her neighborhood in order to support her husband. But that was exactly the problem.

He was frustrated and could not manage his own inner world. He was unhappy with his life and that even back in his own country happiness did not come back. He did not realize that he needed to change something within. Instead, he tried to throw his frustration onto his wife. In the belief that he would feel better if she felt worse, it would help. But she was so full of love and later full of fear that she stayed strong. He must have felt under pressure for some reason and she was the only one he could dominate. Whatever he did to her and what she desperately tried to please him, did not solve his problem. It only made it worse because she mirrored something he wasn’t – strong, loyal, hopeful, and loving!

Perhaps I am going a bit far here. But this is what I felt immediately when I read her posts. I saw her strength and him biting out his teeth on her powerful core. For far too long she believed it was all about her. I hope that she finally knows clearly that this has never been that way. He could terrorize her, scare her, humiliate her. But he couldn’t break here. Because in the end, she only grew from all she went through. It was she who pulled the plug and made that important step out of his broken world into building a new one for her and her children.

Her story shows that however things may appear on the surface they can be completely different once we look beneath the veil. Not she was weak, he was. It doesn’t change the past – and perhaps her ex-husband might still want to look at it his way because it would scare him to no end to see the truth but it is an insight that helps her to detach from a lie she was told to live. Not only that! Seeing that she was so strong to survive all the abuses and how far she has come after breaking out of his claws sets an unknown power free. The last lock was broken to breathe freely again.

When I started writing this post I had not expected me ending up talking about her story. I don’t believe in coincidences – it was meant to be that I got here. I am very impressed and she truly is an example to me that even the last little piece of courage is enough to make a change. She did not know how everything would turn out. It was a decision in the blue. She only knew that it cannot go on like this and she took the risk. I hope that she reads it and sees herself through the eyes of so many people here who are looking at her in admiration and deep respect.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


This is a great post Erika you said so many truths and yes we never know what there is behind someone smile, Every situations is different and has many angles and ups and down, you know in a way I can relate with this. Surviving a situation will make you discover strengths inside you, that you didn’t even know you had, and you have to make important choices and decisions especially if there is a child. You are the only one that you can count on, for your child and for yourself especially if you are “not” in your country, lots of sacrifices. But you also can make or turn things for the better. This is a great post Erika and I wish Lynn all the best for her future in the hope that she will be able to find herself again and be happy! ❤

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You nailed this totally, Carolina! Yes, you can tell from experience too! Not only about what happens during the challenging time but also after! It is not easy to deal with the demons of the past. They can be like glue and hard to wash off. One stain at a time. Those dirty spots are only realized when out of the mud. But then we need to keep reminding that it is only residues and not the situation anymore. She has come so far and she will come even further. Thanky you for sharing your own experience, Carolina. That was very encouraging!


We never know what one is experiencing behind closed doors or behind the face they choose to show. Great post, Erika! Some story are meant to be told at a certain moment for a purpose. Thank you for sharing her story!

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Thank you very much, Nicodemas! I couldn’t agree more! Nobody has the right to tell us who we are supposed to be! The ones who are trying are mostly those who are doubting a lot about themselves and need others to join their convicition in order for them to feel strengthened! In this example it was the frustration of one who got even more frustrated when finding out that trowing his frustration on her didn’t help. Thank you very much, Nicodemas! I couldn’t agree more!

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