How To Let Go?

Every other week, I am publishing an audio meditation on my website Usually, I am doing group meditations in person, but due to the Corona situation, I switch to the audio option. However, the topic of this week is bringing clarity, balance, and steadfastness into life. To achieve that, we need to let go of illusions or self-imposed pressure due to the requirements we set ourselves.

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You Are Stronger Than Your Ego



104803-Marianne-Williamson-Quote-Ego-says-Once-everything-falls-into.jpgI believe that the ego is not only the bad guy who needs to be fought. I rather think that it is a very helpful part we created over time. On one hand, it can support the path of the soul with its strong will. On the other hand, the ego can help to find out who you are and who you are not. It is a creation of the mind – your mind and your creation. That means that you have the power and can create it in each moment. It is created by thoughts and can, therefore, be controlled by the choice of your thoughts. The further away we are drifting from the true self the more power the ego has. It can show up unexpectedly although we think we already know that guy and its tricks. But in a certain situation, it appears reflexively before we even notice that we are already in its claws again. It is then to step back and see where we would end up if following its direction and what if we chose the direction of the self.  Read more ›

Is That What YOU Want?


Flow………… take a deep breath………… flow…………… whatever you have in mind please let it flow for a moment. Just flow. If you are not able to do that then stop reading and get back later. Take a break and breathe ………… Read more ›

Look Beyond!

Whatever I write about are basically situations from the life we all experience in our own ways. I take them and try to look beyond and around them. Finding out more about backgrounds, contexts, and consequences, and seeing more in a situation than only how it may appear at first sight. Understanding that there is a reason behind all that happens may not solve the problem but it can lead to a solution or give important insights which make us see it all from a different perspective and helps to deal with what happens in a more constructive way.

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You Need To Feel It!

Due to some really busy days, I hope you don’t mind that I repost something from August last year. I know that a huge number of my followers don’t know this post yet and perhaps it is a nice reminder for the ones you did read it already. 

Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what you are in the process of becoming – Abraham/Ester Hicks

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101 KIND Quotes – New Release!


I cannot believe how fast it finally happened.

Book #5 has been published on March 1st, 2016.

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Awakening – The Power Of Saying No!

Recently I read a great post from Sue of Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary. She wrote about how our own awakening inspires others, how she discovered her inner child and how she was able to embrace it. Please read her post here. I got stuck with the subject of Awakening.

To me, we have continuous awakenings throughout our lives. Every day gives us another piece of a picture. Every completed picture is an awakening. But every completed picture is again only a piece of another bigger picture. Awakening is a process. Awakening to one aspect can solve lots of misunderstandings at the same time. One of the most impactful kinds of awakening is learning to say NO! When that is learned lots of issues disappear automatically. In the following example, I talk about how I learned it 13 years ago.

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Is That What YOU Want?

Flow………… take a deep breath………… flow…………… whatever you have in mind please let it flow for a moment. Just flow. If you are not able to do that then stop reading and get back later. Take a break and breath …………

Sometimes we are caught between appointments, obligations, and routines. We simply function. We don’t even think about why we are doing what we do, we just do it. OK, at times it is better not to think about some things we need to do or we would freak out… lol!!! But it is more this unconscious and stereotypical acting in order to simply get everything done.  I don’t say skip things – sometimes simply everything accumulates. But if you can skip things!

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A Great Man Has Left This World

I just got to know that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer died on August 29. The cause of his death seems unclear.

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You Need To Feel It!

Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what you are in the process of becoming – Abraham/Ester Hicks

This sentence was hanging on my kitchen cupboard for the last 6 years. It made me aware of the fact that what I encounter in my life as positive or negative is not something that is sent to me from a higher force but is a reflection of how I encounter life.

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How to live a successful life! Part 5

130706 - 130726 KALIFORNIEN mit Bruno,Rikki,Vanessa,Jason,Joe 331

This is the last part of the success series. In this part I want you to encourage to faithfully follow your dream no matter if you have to face some struggles on the way, no matter if you already know about the whole plan, no matter how long it might take, and no matter whether someone did it before or not.

Follow YOUR dream!
Life is in constant motion even when we are standing still. The circumstances in our lives are moving which means that we are pushed to move. Therefore standing still is impossible. Don’t wait till you are pushed to be somewhere or someone you don’t want to be only because you are not willing to create your own footsteps. Living other people’s dreams has never brought success but frustration, depression, and diseases. It weakens you since it is not your dream and not your potential and therefore nothing you could give yourSelf. And as Wayne Dyer says: You can’t give away what you don’t have! To be pushed in a direction you don’t feel comfortable with shows you mercilessly that it won’t work since it is not your dream and therefore not meant for you to be.

Take the first step, have faith in yourSelf, keep up a happy knowing that your dreams are supposed to come true since they have grown out of you, watch the first signs of unfolding, and take the next step in faith again. Following your dreams shows your gratitude for what you were provided with to go through this life in your own certain way. If you don’t do it, no one does it!
Believe in you!

Believe in your dreams,
Believe your inner voice.
Believe that you always
Will have your own choice.

Believe in your strength,
Believe you’re unique.
Believe that your power
Is enough to succeed.

Just believe in yourself
Only half as I do
And I give you my promise –
It’s all coming true!

– Erika Kind

Looking back on your own life, what would you say was your biggest success? It was the time when you expanded yourSelf into the outside world.

You will never ever lose your path as long as you believe in yourself, be authentic, love what you do, have an open mind, and follow your dreams steadfastly. Your dreams are part of your life’s purpose. Living your purpose creates your heaven on earth. Never forget the greatest power you always have at hand: the divine energy, that you are, called love! Whatever you do with love in your heart will make everything you do a gift to the world.

Success is only a wonderful symptom that occurs out of your authentic way of living in love – flowing through all of your actions.

In Love and Light!

See the previous chapter Part 4 Don’t doubt but open up your mind!

How to live a successful life! Part 4


In Part 4 of the successful series (see part 3 Love what you do) I am talking about banishing your doubts while working on your project or personal development. Instead open up for insights, tools, and signs which are coming up in the process of walking toward your goals.

Don’t doubt but open up your mind!
Success is to live your purpose! Your purpose can change depending on your age, your family situation, and your personal evolution! We have so many purposes in life. And one lived purpose gives you the necessary experiences that lead you to the next one. You don’t need to know what your purpose will be in 10 years. You simply have to live what seems right and important for you now. The next step will unfold right out of that at the perfect time.

When you start walking a new path doubts are likely to appear. You are taking a new direction which you have no experience with. You have to get familiar with the abilities you need to develop or improve. You are encountering new spheres and new kinds of people, and most of all you get introduced to parts of yourself that you have never known before. That irritates me in the beginning. But don’t worry that’s normal – it is simply new! And being confused about all of this is the best proof that things reorder and that you are about to change your world according to the change of your consciousness. Your intention to expand yourSelf, to improve yourSelf, and to simply evolve your life with yourSelf is the fuel for success in whatever you do!

Success is to keep an open mind for whatever you want to accomplish, for whatever dream you want to realize. Believe that this dream or vision only exists because you brought it into this world. It is a reminder of your soul and says: Don’t forget what you wanted to do. I remind you because it is meant to be. Come on, it’s time now!

There are so many things lying dormant within us to call us when the time has come to go for this new adventure. When you feel to go about a new project then start to take the first step in that direction. You don’t need to know the whole plan. Just start somewhere. Now keep your eyes, ears, and heart open. Watch the signs of the beginning development and grab them. They lead you to more ideas and after a while, you will see more and more of the whole picture. People will appear in your life, you will see headlines in magazines and newspapers, or you will hear someone talking which gives you right the catchwords you needed.

An open mind that looks into the direction of fulfillment is focused on manifestation and nothing else. Its intention is clear and strong. Then doubts are not weakening but even helping to stabilize the progress.

In Love and Light!

How To Live A Successful Life

Last year during the Summer break I wrote a series called How to live a successful life. I am sure that 98 percent of you don’t know about it. Therefore I want to reblog the series for the following 5 Mondays. Here is an introduction with 5 successful inspirations I wrote for a magazine last year. It was the inspiration to do the series:

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Miracles Are Not Depending On Heaven!

I just finished writing my latest book which is about miracles. I thought I write a little about this today. What is a miracle? How and why do miracles happen? We all wished for a miracle at times and I know that some of my friends are doing it right now.

What is the definition of a miracle? I’d say it is a surprising, unexpected, sometimes strongly wished occurring happening, turn, encounter, or “coincidence”.  Of course, we only talk about a miracle when it shows a positive result. If we experience a negative happening we talk about bad luck, karma… But in the end negative like positive has the same root with two different outcomes.

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My Magic Hill


My magic place

This is the place where I sit still,
Where I find peace and time to heal.

This is the place that made me find
Important answers when I was blind.

This is the place that makes me hope
to get a second chance to cope.

This is the place of growth and change
Which came down like an avalanche.

Is it important what has been?
Is it important what’s not yet seen?

No explanations more of need.
I see so clearly what I did.

Now I stand tall and feel the grace
While tears of joy run down my face.

With love in my heart, I look at the scene
And say goodbye to the one I’ve been.

In Love and Light!

The Wonder of the Sunset

I am off this weekend for module 4 of my Emmett-Technique class. Learning more about this wonderful tool for muscle relaxation, pain relief, and regaining mobility.

For now, I love to share a poem that I recently wrote.

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Life isn’t about controlling but about unfolding!

During the past weeks, I often posted, read, and experienced what a blessing and relief it is to stop controlling life. Some things we can but some things just happen. The most beautiful things in life only unfold when we stop forcing and controlling out of fear it wouldn’t turn out the way we want or out of fear we could lose something. But that’s not true. Things that are about to unfold are meant to unfold. But in believing, we might keep control over the unfolding and the way how things are supposed to unfold we simply scrunch the fragile flower that just started to open up.

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The Colors of the Rainbow

When I see a rainbow
my heart is getting light.
It shows that heaven’s guidance
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The Journey of a Miracle!

I so often think back on how things have come together in order to unfold the way I find them in my life today. It is an exciting journey of exploring. It helps to understand the universal laws, gives lots of profound insights, and therefore strengthens my faith.

My most impressive string of unfolding in order to come to new unfolding is the story of how I came to write my book I’m Free and so much that followed. It is a huge story. When you read my book then you find lots of examples in it from my own life of how to break free. I am currently writing a new book which is about miracles. The story I want to tell you today is mentioned in that book and it is still a miracle to me. But at the same time, it is only a part of a far bigger miracle that still seems to unfold.

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I have to confess that when patience was distributed I definitely must have missed the event. When I have an idea I want to start it right away and I stick with it until it is done to my satisfaction. This impatience is part of my success, of my journey, and of the way I walk through my life. It is actually part of my zest for life. I live life to the fullest and I walk through it with an open heart. I am like a sponge soaking up all the inspirations I can get in order to expand myself. But life taught me also that in certain situations I am able to completely surrender to patience. That’s when something is of particular importance to me.

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The Miracle of Liberation!

How do you define miracles? I’d say that usually, we mean an unexpected happening of luck, right? But my personal definition is: Miracles are happenings, encounters, twists, or coincidences which we cause by the way we think, and act and by how we apply our experiences to our lives.

Yesterday I experienced such a miracle. The miracle of breaking free.  Those are my favorite miracles. An experience I already had many times in my life. I was completely under the weather. I was thrown off the track!  Yes, even Mrs. Positive has breakdowns at times. But they are OK. They always come when I am about to shake off an old chain.

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Love is everything

When I looked into Dyan’s post I thought he was so right! We mustn’t lose out of sight that love is not something that only happens between two people, between family members, or among friends. Love is the feeling when the sun rises in the morning and when it shows its beautiful colors when setting in the evening. Love is the never-ending circle of life we can rely on. Love is the helping hand in times of trouble. Love is what we are created of. Love is the cause of life. Love is the magic link that makes us co-create the most beautiful things and miracles which has evolved the world. Love makes us move on, look forward, and see more in this life than we might have seen before.

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Difference is not meant to separate but to unite!

During the past weeks I read more and more posts and comments in which people write about their struggles with feeling different. Whatever different means. That can be because of a certain look,  body shape, a medical condition, a point of view, the way they live, mental issues, their visions, … There is so much we can call difference. Read more ›

Enjoy Life!

Most of you know about my two English books. But some of my friends are new to my community and I’d love to introduce my poem book Enjoy Life! to you. Read more ›

The small steps are the important ones!

Throughout December we read a lot more posts about sadness, problems within the family, violence, hunger, frustration, poverty, and broken hearts,… I guess like all of you it really moves and while we are reading those stories we wish to just hug those people and tell them that they are not alone although it seems for them.
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Don’t fear, just love!

Do you know that? You want something so hard that your thoughts are only circling around that one thing. May it be a certain outcome of a project, or of a decision someone else makes, a job you want, showing up something you want in your life, winning the jackpot, … If something you have dreamed of for a long time is coming closer and closer but has not manifested yet, you could go crazy because you fear to lose it before you even had. There is still excitement about the fulfilling of that dream but the fear of a possible failure is growing more and more. Why? Read more ›

The doormat syndrom!


Isn’t it wonderful to have your friends and family, being needed, go out and have fun, have listeners and supporters when we are in trouble and be a listener and supporters for others? Yes, wonderful to be part of such a net.

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Another big step on the ladder of realized dreams!


My dear friends. I am still in Pasadena and can’t wait to share this wonderful weekend with you after the completion of my book signing.

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Make it like a Dandelion!


Imagine a dandelion. I guess every child that lives in an area where this flower grows has blown away the little umbrellas it develops after its blooming period. It is amazing to see these fluffy seeds drifting away with the wind and gently landing somewhere in order to become a new dandelion. Although gardeners are not happy having them in their gardens dandelions show in a very clear picture how to spread a part of themselves in order to secure the survival of their kind.

What is our purpose in life? A question I asked myself to no end, until I found out that I don’t have to search for it. The answer lies within me. I am here to manifest myself in the outside world – first with my body, than with my actions and further with what I leave for others. The way I walk through life leaves something wherever I put my foot on. Isn’t it the greatest wish of all of us, to leave something in this world in order to make ourselves an important or unforgettable part? Isn’t it the greatest fulfillment to complement the world with something only the individual hast to give?

Therefore it is so important not to be someone others want you to be. Because if you try to give something that is not part of yourself, you will get frustrated, disappointed by yourself and feel failing because you don’t meet the expectations of what you think is asked from you. You could never get it done, since you can only give away what you have. But there is not only something, there is so much you have to give – so much only you have to give. Think of musicians. Music is something that accompanies us all the time; in our happy days, at sad times, when we celebrate something. When we hear a certain song we remember episodes or chapters in our lives. Music and the people who deliver this music do a great job for us. And although there are so many musicians in the world, every single one of them has a certain style or way of making music.

It doesn’t matter what you brought into this world, whether it is the wish to heal, to build houses, to invent things, to raise kids, to save the environment, create furniture, fly an airplane, or whatever. It contains a part of you, which makes it unique and incomparable although others might also fly a plane, raise kids, heal, or build houses. Whatever you give as something you brought into this world has your unique touch and leaves your footprint in this world. If you don’t do it, it will be missing.

Show us what you carry inside. Share your abilities and passion with us. Be a role model for others and unfold your being. You not only will experience the greatest fulfillment but you will also succeed. Because you only carry inside what you are meant to give away. You intended to make yourself visible, that’s your purpose. Do it your way! In doing it your way you set something very important free: Enthusiasm, joy, passion, love. You will experience deep satisfaction and happiness combined with a peaceful mind. Because in giving your gift you let it flow on a stream of who you are. And who you are is pure love including happiness, enthusiasm, joy, passion.

Make it like a dandelion and spread your seeds. Take a deep breath and blow your spirit into the world. We live forever. And in leaving a part of our creative and loving power we can even become kind of immortal in this world of change.

In Love and Light!

Chained Hands!


Do you know this? Someone dear, a relative, or a close friend is about to head into disaster. You can literally see and feel it. But you can’t do anything but watch him suffer. I experienced this a few years ago.

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As I began to love myself…


I just stumbled again over these beautiful words. Charles Chaplin delivered this speech on his 70th birthday. Probably you all know it already. But every time I read it, it moves me! It goes so deep and leaves me with wet eyes all the time. So much wisdom and experience are lying in these words, reminding us that we can lift the curtain of illusion in order to find the beauty, love, and all the answers we have been looking for.

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Freedom means feeling good!


Freedom means feeling good no matter whether others like it or not! – Erika Kind I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!  Take a look at the preview when clicking on the link above!

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If you can imagine it, you can be it!


I am always amazed when I look at an invention we use every day without even thinking about it. It is normal; it has been always there – for us! But at times I stop and think, what was before! What was before the telephone (or the telegraph) was invented? And I am not talking about cell phones but the real beginning. What was before we had electricity? And how did someone get the idea of inventing it? What happened to make someone think of inventing electric light? How did someone get the idea of taking photos? I mean how do you get the idea of something no one knows or has seen or heard of before?

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Ignorance – a helpful Characteristic!


During my workout, I heard the song Naughty Boy – Lalala. It reminded me of a chapter of my book The Principle of Duality – The Duality within different Characteristics. In this chapter, I write amongst others about ignorance and other characteristics which have a negative touch. Hearing that word most people might think of negative intolerant behavior. Actually, it simply is a characteristic that too often appears in a negative way.

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How other people treat me is their path…

… but how I react is mine! – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer


I have to admit that I was raised very strictly and I was supposed to fulfill certain expectations. Also, I was bullied when I was 9 until the age of 11. I did not understand why others were treating me that way and why who I am was not sufficient. Behind my wall, I felt secure … but also lonely!

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I would do it again!

In addition to my blog post from Monday I want to share a very fitting poem of my collection with you.

The following poem is part of my poem book Enjoy Life! The content is kind of my story – from darkness to light, from hiding to breaking free – from fear to conquering life! This poem also contains the basic lyrics of my song I would do it again!, which I performed at my book presentation of the German version of I’m Free.

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When you stop judging you liberate your heart!


From early childhood on we are told what is right or wrong. We are punished or rewarded for our behavior. We observe how other people declare what they like or don’t like, what they think is beautiful or ugly, what they think is good or bad. As a little child we already learn to divide things in categories and we learn to judge. We learn it in a way that over the years we are convinced that everything has to be categorized and so we automatically judge whatever we see, hear and experience.

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How to live a successful life! Part 5

130706 - 130726 KALIFORNIEN mit Bruno,Rikki,Vanessa,Jason,Joe 331

This is the last part of the success series. In this part I want you to encourage to faithfully follow your dream no matter if you have to face some struggles on the way, no matter if you already know how the whole plan, no matter how long it might take, and no matter whether someone did it before or not.

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How to live a successful life! Part 4


In Part 4 of the success series (see part 3 Love what you do) I am talking about banishing your doubts while working on your project or personal development. Instead open up for insights, tools and signs which are coming up in the process of walking towards your goals.

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I’m Free – German

ImFree_Cover Vorderseite

I found out that there are lots of German speaking bloggers on WordPress. Therefore I wanted to introduce you to my German book I’m Free. If you like my posts, you will love I’m Free no matter which version!

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A list of Gratitude


One of my chapters in my book “I’m Free” is about Gratitude. I found out what an enormous powerful, transforming effect gratitude has. It is one of the easiest basics to change your life into a direction of love, happiness, contentment and success.

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Keep connected with the signs of beginning changes!


In my last blog “You can’t expect something to change without changing something!” I wrote that the circumstances in life can only change when we allow it  through changing something within us in first place.

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Interview with Loretta McNary

I just finished the interview and it was awesome! Thank you, Loretta, for this wonderful talk!

Loretta McNary

Here is the link to listen to the interview on the Loretta McNary Live  show.

The secret of success and fulfillment: Be who you feel you are!

Last weekend in Europe the Eurovision Song Contest took place. It turned out as a victory for tolerance, respect, and acceptance! My home country Austria sent a singer blessed with an amazing voice and talent and with a wonderful song, called Rise like a Phoenix. The topic of everything is that years ago she was known as Thomas (Tom) Neuwirth. Three years ago he created Conchita Wurst, who has beautiful, expressive brown eyes and… a beard! He still is Tom but Conchita is an aspect of his being.

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