The secret of success and fulfillment: Be who you feel you are!

Last weekend in Europe the Eurovision Song Contest took place. It turned out as a victory for tolerance, respect, and acceptance! My home country Austria sent a singer blessed with an amazing voice and talent and with a wonderful song, called Rise like a Phoenix. The topic of everything is that years ago she was known as Thomas (Tom) Neuwirth. Three years ago he created Conchita Wurst, who has beautiful, expressive brown eyes and… a beard! He still is Tom but Conchita is an aspect of his being.

You can imagine what he had to go through after his outcome of being gay. But Tom knew that the only way to live a life where he has his place only leads to breaking free of old antiquated beliefs and of how others think he had to be. Conchita has become an icon for tolerance for people that don’t fit into the crowd showing others that they are entitled to be who they want to be.

Sure there were offensive and homophobic comments towards her and people in a similar situation. BUT: Not only whole Austria but also the participating countries paid her the greatest respect. In fact, her appearance has given the song and her performance the strongest base and platform and the highest authenticity you could ever imagine. Conchita won a landslide victory. She is pure, she is real, and she is the living proof that living in alignment with who you feel you are on the freeway to fulfill your dreams and fill your life with the joy you deserve!

In one of her first interviews after winning the trophy, she was asked if she also feels some kind of gratification after all she had to go through because of the broadsides of other people. She said: I don’t feel anything like gratification. The people that raised their voices against me and broadsided me don’t have an idea how much I grew on them. They don’t know what a favor they did to me. Without that challenge, I would have never grown as strong as I am standing here today. I don’t feel gratification. The only thing I feel is a joy!

Tom knew that the only way he can live happily, in the end, is to become all over who he felt he is. With Conchita, he is about to conquer the world – not only for himself but also for the world.

There is a beautiful saying: Life is not about finding yourself it is about creating yourself. Don’t be afraid of critics or offense. Only you know who you are and who you want to be. It is impossible to make everybody happy. That’s not your purpose. Your purpose is to be who you want to be. Authenticity gets respect, tolerance, and acceptance. Because authenticity is the pure alignment with your soul, with who you truly are, and therefore with the divine power that flows through everything you think and do. Authenticity radiates a certain strength. This way you live your personal fulfilled life. In giving what is lying dormant within you you are gifting everyone with the only you in this world. Become an extension of your inner potential to the outside world. We are waiting for you! Don’t be afraid! See the examples everywhere. Be another example for others, that everything is possible. Be who you feel you are and you are unstoppable! Like Conchita, you will Rise like a Phoenix!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


They were sweet indeed. I don’t know either which country it was. I loved the Italian song. But I simply love the combination of classic and Rock/Pop :D! Thank you, Australia, for being such a wonderful guest and highlight!

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It was great this year when it took place in my home town. But also very emotional when my country won last year! I felt like reblogging my post since nobody saw it back then… I just started with WordPress last May.


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This was my second post I did on WordPress. Regarding yesterday’s happenings in Europe I felt like reblogging it. Since almost nobody saw this post by now I don’t think it hurts. Btw. I posted this one exactly one year ago!


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