Don’t fear, just love!

Do you know that? You want something so hard that your thoughts are only circling around that one thing. May it be a certain outcome of a project, or of a decision someone else makes, a job you want, showing up something you want in your life, winning the jackpot, … If something you have dreamed of for a long time is coming closer and closer but has not manifested yet, you could go crazy because you fear to lose it before you even had. There is still excitement about the fulfilling of that dream but the fear of a possible failure is growing more and more. Why?

We all have dreams, visions, longings. Some people are so aligned with and aware of their inner wisdom that they don’t spend a single thought of deciding whether to go or not to go for their dreams. They don’t doubt that it is meant for them. They are so one with themselves, and so centered inside of themselves that they even don’t doubt the outcome. They know that when the flame is burning it has been illuminated from something inside of them. Therefore it is their path. They mostly do it unconsciously. Even if their path may contain some potholes they keep on going because they don’t see that as a sign of failing but only as a challenge along any way. And they succeed! They are having joy on their way to their goal. Because of that joy in their hearts, in their thoughts, in their actions and their words, joy and passion are aligned with their goals. They don’t care about the path. They don’t care about the way of achieving. They only care about their goal and simply take one step at a time. Or do you refuse to get roses because you fear their thorns? You see the rose you love and just accept the thorns as part of the whole. You simply learned how to handle it. What is the secret of the way successful people are handling their dreams? They believe in it. They truly believe in it.

There is a wonderful saying of my favorite author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I don’t remember it literally but it is kind of this: Enlightened people have love inside like everyone. But the difference is that there is nothing else.

Where there is love, fear cannot exist. Check it out! Feel the love inside of you coming up. You will develop a certain strength and power which makes you look totally different at things that scared you.

The cause of fearing the failure of a desired outcome for so many of us lies in a lack of faith, in a lack of belief, in a lack of self-love and therefore simply in a lack of love. When we are told for years or even decades beginning when we were little that we are not able to do or achieve this or that then one day we start believing it. When we have experienced indignity, abusiveness (physically or mentally), oppression we can likely lose the love for ourselves and don’t feel worthwhile anymore.  That’s why at a certain point of the manifestation process we all of a sudden lose trust and become afraid that in the end we won’t get it. Why? Because we are not worthwhile and not able to deal with it. And most of all: Because it never happened before!

That’s the big misunderstanding. Only because something never happened before out of an experience combined with some confirming statements from outside does neither mean we won’t ever get it nor that we are not worthwhile to get it. But believing in a failure makes us fill our hearts, thoughts, actions, and words with fear – instead with passion and joy. Although we wish something so hard we start to believe in what we don’t want rather than in what we want. All of a sudden we stop walking towards our target and turn around. We don’t even dare to look at our big dream anymore because we are afraid to see it falling apart. We take all the energy out of the manifestation and walk back. Everything we built up by then we destroy only because of a disbelief in ourselves. And then we are surprised that it is never coming true. We blame society, our parents, and of course God. But we never blame ourselves until to that very moment when we find out that succeeding or doing another lap depends on our mind-set. We can have it all. It is not a question of where I am today but where I intend to be tomorrow. Success has nothing to do with being worthwhile or not but with the power of your own conviction that it is meant for you. AND IT IS!

There is no single reason why a dream is not allowed to come true. This is what I want you to keep in mind as my last kind post for this year and as a carpet that leads you towards the New Year:

There is nothing you are not worthy for or you wouldn’t even be here. Being here is the proof that you are given the gift of exploring life the way you want. You deserve the best – like everyone – and the best is always around. Your are provided with everything you need in ever situation – may it be thoughts, or the right people. The secret is to be willing to see it. Succeeding or failing is just a belief away. Simply know that a dream born inside of you is a part of yourself. Therefore YOU dream it!

If you make a resolution for the coming year than let it be self-love. When you discover the love for the beautiful you everything else will fall into place anyway!

Because I started loving myself I found all of you! This is one more proof to me that self-love is the key to fill your life with knowledge, inspiration and most of all more love!

Count on you!

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I’ve never thought of success and failure actually being decisions. It’s a fantastic view, though. The implication is that we succeed only if we choose to. I’ve always thought of success and failure, hopes and dreams as chance – happenstance. I really never thought it to be in my control.

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It basically is. Of course we are all interacting and therefor affected by other people’s actions. But if you feel something burning inside of you then it is part of you and meant to be part of your unfolding. We are often afraid of going for those visions since we might have been taught differently, are scared, or whatever. But they are meant to be part of our life’s experience. I believe and experience it over and over again: When you feel that flame and believe steadfastly that it is meant for you, you have even more power to go for it with all your passion and enthusiasm. It did never work when I was scared. It always worked when I believed in it.


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