How To Live A Successful Life

Last year during the Summer break I wrote a series called How to live a successful life. I am sure that 98 percent of you don’t know about it. Therefore I want to reblog the series for the following 5 Mondays. Here is an introduction with 5 successful inspirations I wrote for a magazine last year. It was the inspiration to do the series:

I am sure that there is no one in this world who doesn’t want to be successful. To see the unfolding of what they are doing and get honored for it. What makes something we do successfully? Is it to follow social rules, go to school, learn a job, get married, buy a house, and raise kids…? Is it to find a way of making a lot of money to live a luxurious life? Is it to show others that you are special in certain things? Is it to develop your skills and become a famous painter, singer, author, manager, or soccer player…? Is it to support social facilities, work for welfare groups or even found and lead them, or go into politics, and get the president of a country? It is all of it!!!

When do we feel successful? To me, it is when we bring joy in doing something we love. It is not measured by the money you make, but by the happiness, you produce – within yourself and others.

5 Successful Inspirations

Believe in you
The secret of all successful people has never been to only make a lot of money and to sell themselves for an idea. Their success has always been lying in believing in their ideas, in loving what they do, in following their conviction, in not giving up when they are struggling at times, and in not believing opinions that don’t agree with their own.

Success is not simply getting approval and a shining figurine for your showcase.
It is to act and unfold your life from a place in your heart, where the potential and power of your self have been lying since you were born into this world. As soon as you act out of the nature of your being, you will be lavished with approval, honoring, and compliments. The difference is that you don’t need it anymore to feel successful since your success has already been felt in simply doing what you are. When you do what you are, you are authentic. Authenticity radiates strength. And this true strength is what people like. When you are authentic and real, then you are transparent, people believe you and get inspired to live their own dreams and get successful in leading a fulfilled life in alignment with who they really are.

Love, what you do!
When am I successful? It is to be grateful and joyful in doing what feels like an eternal flame burning in your heart. Doing something that is joyful to you and simultaneously brings joy in other people’s lives is the greatest fulfillment and success you can have in life.

Don’t doubt but open up your mind!
Success is to live your purpose! Your purpose can change depending on your age, your family situation, and your personal evolution! We have so many purposes in life. And one lived purpose gives you the necessary experiences that lead you to the next one. You don’t need to know what your purpose will be in 10 years. You simply have to live what seems right and important for you now. And the next step will unfold exactly out of that at the right time.

Success is to keep an open mind for whatever you want to accomplish, for whatever dream you want to realize. Believe that this dream or vision only exists because you brought it into this world. It is a reminder of your soul and says: “Don’t forget what you wanted to do. I remind you because it is meant to be. Come on, it’s time now!” There are so many things lying dormant within us to call us when time has come in order to go for this new adventure. When you feel to go about a new project then start to take the first step in that direction. You don’t need to know the whole plan. Just start somewhere. Now keep your eyes, ears, and heart open. Watch the signs of the beginning development and grab them. They lead you to more ideas and after a while, you will see more and more of the whole picture. People will appear in your life, you will see headlines in magazines and newspapers, or you will hear someone talking which gives you right the catchwords you needed.

Follow YOUR dream!
Live is constantly in motion even when we are standing still. The circumstances in our lives are moving which forces us to move too. Therefore standing still is impossible. Don’t wait till you are pushed to be somewhere or someone you don’t want to be only because you are not willing to create your own footsteps. Living other people’s dreams has never brought success but frustration, depression, and illness. It weakens you since it is not your dream, not your potential, and therefore nothing you could give yourSelf. And as Wayne Dyer says: You can’t give away what you don’t have! To be pushed in a direction you don’t feel comfortable with shows you mercilessly that it won’t work since it is not your dream and therefore not meant for you to be.

Look back on your own life. When you look inside yourSelf what would you say was the biggest success in your life? You will see, it was the time when you expanded yourSelf into the outside world.

Being successful is one way of showing your gratitude for what you were provided with to go through this life in your own certain way. If you don’t do it, no one does it!

Next week: The Secret Of Success – Part 1 Believe in you!

In Love and Light!

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