Miracles Are Not Depending On Heaven!

I just finished writing my latest book which is about miracles. I thought I write a little about this today. What is a miracle? How and why do miracles happen? We all wished for a miracle at times and I know that some of my friends are doing it right now.

What is the definition of a miracle? I’d say it is a surprising, unexpected, sometimes strongly wished occurring happening, turn, encounter, or “coincidence”.Β  Of course, we only talk about a miracle when it shows a positive result. If we experience a negative happening we talk about bad luck, karma… But in the end negative like positive has the same root with two different outcomes.

Miracles seem like grace to us. When we wish for a miracle we start praying to God and hope for his goodwill. But God doesn’t decide whether we are worth a miracle or not. He doesn’t actively wave his magic wand. No, he laid this wand in our hands.

As I said, miracles can happen in desired or undesired ways. We are creating every day, every hour, and every single moment! We are creating our own little space of life but we are also co-creating with others the life on this planet. We are influencing each other, we are motivating and inspiring each other. Every thought has energy, and every feeling created by our thoughts has even more energy. In the end, the energy we radiate through what we feel aligns with the energy around us. In joining this energy we make it stronger. Therefore mass prayers, wars, and media influence have enormous co-creative power! The more people truly believe in something the more energy flows into its manifestation of it. Together we are definitely stronger in any way!

Whatever we experience in this life, is a reflection of what we carry inside. Whatever we believe in life or of ourselves will show up in life. Therefore we can very well relate this present moment to what we believed in before. Most happenings are co-created. We cannot control what happens in the world. But we have a clear influence on our individual lives. Our attitude is responsible for how we start projects, how we deal with co-created happenings, and what we build off the debris others left for us. That’s our way of creating miracles.


We are not depending on a higher force when it comes to the blessings of life. We are not depending on a higher force when it comes to changes and turns. We are not, because WE ARE THIS FORCE! Every one of us is a Jedi! Every one of us is a Yoda! We have the power. We only need to get aware of it. Yes, there are things that are meant to be, which cannot be changed because they are an inherent part of our life plan. But I am not sure that when we believe absolutely free of doubts in the divine power and force we are carrying inside that even that could be affected.

That way my personal definition of a miracle is: Miracles are happenings, turns, encounters, or coincidences that we induce through our orientation and hence our vibrations.

We create miracles every day without knowing about them in any way. But when we know about it we can create miracles consciously. We can heal ourselves and we can heal others. Miracles can happen. Let’s stick together and believe that suffering, corruption, torture, war, hunger, disease, hatred, crime, fear, and poverty can end. Let’s believe that there are ways found which make the right people in important positions hear their call and go for it. Gandhi did, Martin Luther King did, Mother Theresa did, Nelson Mandela did … Let us all do our own little steps we are able to in order to nurture the energy towards our desired outcome! Let’s talk about it, and motivate and inspire others for going for their dreams. We can do miracles!


In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I love the inspiration behind miracles Erika. It is so important to believe in the magic that is within each and every one of us! Your book sounds wonderful. ❀ I can't wait to read it!

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I love to write about these things. To me it was the greatest blessing and actually breakthrough to figure out that my happiness and all I want from life for my happiness lies within me and my hands!


Even the small and simple things can imprint the world. I love this “when we know about it we can create miracles consciously. We can heal ourselves and we can heal others.”

Whatever you choose and do, do it consciously. To be conscious is to abandon the ready-made answer. Choose the actions you would like to take from consciousness.

That is miracle happens. Just the little drop of water can make you fresh all day. It is all about the quality. πŸ™‚

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I remember reading about a coach in pro sports, and how he responded to the accusation that his team was lucky. He responded by saying that you have to be good enough to have luck work in your favor. It’s like miracles in lots of ways. You have to be receptive to them for miracles to work. Wonderful post, Erika.

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Totally agree! I used to coach long distance running (to Marathon distance) and luck has very little to do with it. Completing a marathon involves understanding what is expected from your body, and preparing it accordingly. That’s easy for most people to understand, but yet they have difficulty applying it to their life!

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That is wonderfully captured, Rob! I also think with our rational minds, the better we prepare ourselves for something the more we are able to believe in it. Sports is a good example because you have to prepare your body to have a chance on luck. That’s a great example! And yes… we have to be receptive. How many people turn away right in the moment when the miracle is about to happen… sometimes they are even scared about them coming true!

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Great philosophy and understanding of miracles. I have corrected so many people who (contrary to my belief) pray to God for a miracle and then wait for it to happen. I explain that as “upward delegating”. Try doing that to your boss at work! God has given us all the tools we require to live a happy and fulfilling life. He also gave us a working brain to assist in the inevitable life decisions. πŸ™‚

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Oh, thank you for reading, Trini!!! I am so glad you liked it. It is wonderful to know that we have an influence in our life. But that also means we have no excuses… πŸ˜‰


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