The Miracle of Liberation!

How do you define miracles? I’d say that usually, we mean an unexpected happening of luck, right? But my personal definition is: Miracles are happenings, encounters, twists, or coincidences which we cause by the way we think, and act and by how we apply our experiences to our lives.

Yesterday I experienced such a miracle. The miracle of breaking free.  Those are my favorite miracles. An experience I already had many times in my life. I was completely under the weather. I was thrown off the track!  Yes, even Mrs. Positive has breakdowns at times. But they are OK. They always come when I am about to shake off an old chain.

Anyway, I was rotating inside a black cloud and not able to escape. I tried to find any tool which could help me to get rid of this pressure.  No way! My desperation held me in its claws. It is this phenomenon that when you are in the midst of this turmoil you only notice this turmoil. I know this and tried to find a way to distance myself from the center. But it seemed that I wasn’t deep down enough yet to get the lesson. What helped me was the knowledge that it will disappear. I knew that something will happen that makes me see the misunderstanding within myself in order to let go of my torturing thoughts. I started to calm down and opened up for the hint. And it came.

I was reading Dyan’s post. The topic actually had nothing to do with what was spinning in my head. But all of a sudden the keywords started flashing in front of my eyes. Did you see L.A. Story? Do you remember the signpost with the messages? It was exactly like that. It was one single sentence: You don’t need to fix anything! I realized that the problem only occurred because I was so focused on fixing something. This sentence was like a wake-up call. I shook my head and it got clear. At that very moment, the heaviness simply fell off, the dark cloud dissolved and I felt like a rocket being fired off into the sparkling night sky. Or like a mermaid jumping out of the water. And when I emerged I saw that there has never been something to be fixed. There was no issue at all. All was simply well. The relief and happiness after were unbelievable.

Later that day a friend posted a song. The first words of the lyrics were: I hurt myself today. It was another little signpost and like a wink that said: “Got it? You only hurt yourself!” It is such a relief to be reminded that something like a problem doesn’t even exist. We just make it to it. Most problems are simply in our heads and we get caught by an old thinking pattern. Most of all when we are trying to always be in control. Not only that I broke out of the claws of those back-breaking emotions. After letting them go and watching everything from a higher perspective I even found myself two steps above. I know that the lesson is learned and that this matter can never be in my way anymore. I have more power than before. I love my life!

I love these moments of liberation and awareness. When we realize that the problem was only an invention of the mind it dissolves.

If something can dissolve then it has never even existed.

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


The common Hebrew word for miracle is nes (נס), which translates as something that is raised up or elevated. For example, a flagpole upon which a banner is raised is also called a nes. So a miracle is an elevated and elevating event. It is something extraordinary that happens, where we see G‑d’s hand clearly

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LA Story is among my favorite films! The black clouds do appear from time to time. Some times they are of our own making, and other times they blow into our lives. It’s up to the individual to first be aware of their existence, then to foster a way to make them dissipate.

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I couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we simply need to be patient until we find out where the existence lies. Therefore we need to distance from the problem. Because “we can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it”.
Really? LA Story is one of your favotites? Mine too! I love how he simply knows by seeing her that she is the one. And he doesn’t give up. But also I love the typical LA cliché… so funny when you can say: Yep, that is kind of true…


Yes, the shootout on the highway was an exaggeration, but the frustration of it was not! I like the way Shakespeare was integrated into the script, too.

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