How to live a successful life! Part 5

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This is the last part of the success series. In this part I want you to encourage to faithfully follow your dream no matter if you have to face some struggles on the way, no matter if you already know how the whole plan, no matter how long it might take, and no matter whether someone did it before or not.

Follow YOUR dream!
Live is in a constant move even when we are standing still. The circumstances in our lives are moving which means that we are pushed to move. Therefore standing still is impossible. Don’t wait till you are pushed to be somewhere or someone you don’t want to be only because you are not willing to create your own footsteps. Living other people’s dreams has never brought success but frustration, depression and diseases. It weakens you since it is not your dream and not your potential and therefore nothing you could give from yourSelf. And as Wayne Dyer says: You can’t give away what you don’t have! To be pushed in a direction you don’t feel comfortable with shows you merciless that it won’t work since it is not your dream and therefore not meant for you to be.

Take the first step, have faith in yourSelf, keep up a happy knowing that your dreams are supposed to come true since they have grown out of you, watch the first signs of unfolding, and take the next step in faith again. Following your dreams show your gratitude for what you were provided with to go through this life in your own certain way. If you don’t do it, no one does it!
Believe in you!

Believe in your dreams,
Believe your inner voice.
Believe that you always
Will have your own choice.

Believe in your strength,
Believe you’re unique.
Believe that your power
Is enough to succeed.

Just believe in yourself
Only half as I do
And I give you my promise –
It’s all coming true!

– Erika Kind

Look back in your own life, what would you say was your biggest success? It was the times when you expanded yourSelf into the outside world.

You will never ever lose your path as long as you believe in you, be authentic, love what you do, have an open mind and follow your dreams steadfastly. Your dreams are part of your life’s purpose. Living your purpose creates your heaven on earth. Never forget the greatest power you always have at hands: the divine energy, that you are, called love! Whatever you do with love in your heart will make everything you do a gift to the world.

Success is only a wonderful symptom that occurs out of your authentic way of living in love – flowing through all of your actions.

In Love and Light!

See the previous chapter Part 4 Don’t doubt but open up your mind!

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