The Challenging Point of No Return


Due to the current situation regarding my job, I want to reblog a post from a couple years ago. Sometimes you are chances offered and since you won’t let them pass you take them. You are supported and learn a lot but after a while, it can happen that it doesn’t turn out what you expected it to be. You don’t feel comfortable and actually, it becomes a pain in the neck more and more. Maybe you even get sick from the expectations you cannot fulfill since everything inside you starts rebelling against what you are supposed to do. Instead of getting better over time, it gets worse and worse. You know that a change is inevitable. The tricky point then is to disappoint those who gave you the chances and supported you. Can you let them behind only that you feel better? Can you be so selfish since you know how they rely on you? Sometimes we have to be selfish to move on. Isn’t it actually selfish, too to stay where you are only because you can avoid a conflict with others or with yourself? Perhaps we are taught to make everybody happy but we can’t because there is always this one person being left unhappy: You!


When we are going through life we can find ourselves in situations and circumstances which require our actions. It just happens due to the way we live and also in order to learn and develop from what we experience. Sometimes certain situations not only hold new elements but are simply new and scary all over. We are asked to decide whether staying in the old which we don’t want anymore for a long time already or taking that step into the new completely unknown which feels liberating and deeply scary at the same time. We are aware that we are standing in front of the point of no return.


It can likely happen that we give in again since feeling guilty and perhaps selfish and taking the responsibility for breaking down everything and affecting the lives of others with it can be overwhelming. It is the moment when we need to step aside and reflect. As long as we are in the midst of the emotional stream we will break down physically and mentally at one point. Maybe we really resign because we cannot take it anymore. But that is exactly that point we need to look closer: Do I want to look back and say “I already made it so far but I did not take that last step only because I was too afraid”?


We need to get into an observing and more objective position. We need to remember what brought us so close to that moment of changing our lives. Was it a mood? No, it was an inner conviction. We headed towards that point of no return because of a reason and we need to recall everything. If this recalling fills you again with determination and the knowing that the difficult way again/still feels as the right one then go! Life is more than what was! If we let us direct by our fears or insecurities we will always look at our dreams like at clouds which are blown away by the wind. If we want to live the life we feel as ours inside of us then we need to step up for it. Then we need to take the journey through the thorn bush and risk some scratches. The scratches will heal again but not going through will keep us from ever experiencing the side we already see in our hearts as the life we are supposed to experience.


When a change needs to be made it is normal and actually a good sign that we feel emotional because it shows that what was has a place in our hearts and will always have. Life is change. Life is risking something. If we never risk a change how shall we ever know how it feels to really live? What makes us grow is not the security of our comfort zone but the inspiring fresh air of the world that is waiting behind. Our comfort zone is a small limited space within a universe of possibilities. Yes, it needs a bit courage to step over the limit line but you feel it in your heart when it is time to do it. Reflect, remember why you got at this point and motivate yourself for not backing out again! You don’t need to explain it to anyone. It is enough when you feel it deep inside that it is time to leave for more!


Remember that all you do will lead you towards the destinations you are meant to arrive. The reason you are standing at a turning point is that you have either grown too big or that you learned what you needed and now can continue on the main street again. So, don’t be afraid and take action. Yes, we might disappoint others but as long as we don’t act in deliberately hurting others it is simply life. We are disappointed too and have to learn how to deal with it. Taking responsibility, making that step consciously, and following that path determined will empower you even more because you know that YOU did it. You stepped up for yourself and dared to take action!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


When I lost my fear of being questioned by others when doing “my own thing”, I promised myself that I won’t ever let any chance pass by unnoticed. I will at least try it in order to know if it is something for me. Otherwise, I would be left pondering “what if”. The only thread now is that I really grap every chance that flies by… and that’s a lot… lol!!

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Change is part of living and sometimes we find ourselves in a position where we want make a change to better our life or perhaps it is the need to go into a different direction. When we reach that point, that challenge of the point no return, it is there when we decide if we remain status quo or keep moving forward. A lot can factor into our decisions and it our decision alone. Thank you for the great repost.

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Yes, it is a decision we have to conscioulsy make – resigning is of no use – in order to not look back and move on either way determined and clear in our heart and mind.
Thank you very much for this powerful comment, Sylvester!


I agree with you Erika.. We who aim to please keep taking on more and more, forgetting that little word, ‘no’. Enough is enough..
And because we are willing, and busy, often were are sought after to get the job done.
But there has to come that breaking point. And where we have to make time for ourselves, step back and take stock of our own wellbeing and happiness.

It is so easy for us to get caught up within the guilt of letting others down.. But we are only letting ourselves down.. And sometimes as you say, we have to Put the ourselves First!..
This is not being selfish, it is self-preservation, because if we don’t who will take care of us?

Fear has so many windows, fear of failure, fear of not succeeding,
But then we have to also know we are courageous, and it takes courage to say enough is enough, and courage to take back control when all around you is closing in, as we get less and less time to sit and be still within our own space and thoughts.

It is not until we travel such roads we realise the roughness of the terrain beneath our feet.. Had we never travelled them also, we would always have been wondering if that road led to a better destination..

So no journey is ever a failure, it is an experience whereby we learn and grow, and find within us strengths we never before ever knew existed.

What matters the most is that we are honest with ourselves and stand up for ourselves 🙂

Keep doing just that Erika..
Much love dear friend.. And so pleased you reposted again. ❤

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Your comment made me smile all over my face. You totally spoke to my soul here. Each paragraph had me nodding… I think, it is interesting that we basically know that we are entitled to say no. But for some reason we tell ourselves that it is not right. Then the voice gets louder and one day it is shouting so loud that we have to look into ourselves. We have to admit that the feeling we had is the actual truth and for too long we used excues to not follow it because it takes courage (as you said) to walk into unknown fields and take responsibility for our steps and our “failures”! But once we started we won’t go back anymore because we finally feel ourselves again!
Thank you so much for your comment, Sue 💖

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I really don’t think that most of us are taught to make others happy however, we soon grasp a need to be accepted into our society. That can dictate “people pleasing.”
As for accepting assistance in any form, and then changing ones mind? Like life in general … it is all choices. We can choose to suffer in silence which would be contrary to one’s self-esteem, or we can choose to accept the fact that we made a mistake and move on.
The person who assisted may feel offended (that is their choice), and they may not be so amiable to us in the future (that’s the consequences of our choice).
I love, and totally support, the concept that life is choices as it clarifies so many circumstances and makes moving forward with any situation much easier! 🙂

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Absolutely, life is a string of choices. For many it takes a while until they understand or dare to even think of such an option. That insight after years or decades of living under the control of others is most empowering! It generates the necessary courage to break the spell and lose the fear. It also makes those persons take responsiblity for their lives. Basically, they discover life in a new way!

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All is good, thank you! It is funny how we can fall into the same trap over and over again. But the important part is that we break out of it again once we realize it. And we realize it faster with each approach…. lol! No, life must not be ruled by fear… not healthy and not constructive in the end!
Thank you very much, dear friend!

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So much valuable info to ponder upon…
Its right we take on a lot of excess responsibility despite not needing to sometimes, then the pressure of keeping afloat adds another worry…

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