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Denzel Washington is one of my favorite actors. Right, who cares…lol. And what has it to do with my Monday post? After listening to a song on YouTube I stumbled over a speech of Denzel Washington at the Dillard University. Of course, I had to check it out and was amazed. I had no idea that he was such a fantastic motivational speaker. I am sharing the 8 minutes speech (with German subtitles) below. In general, he is talking about things we basically know but it is in the way he conveys and explains them. He nails everything in a way that reaches heart and mind at once. In point 2 of his speech, he said Fail Big.

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That stroke a chord in me. When we want to realize a dream we cannot only sit and wait until that dream realizes for us. BUT a dream we have is something that has not manifested in our lives yet which means, it is unknown territory. Although we may have a clear picture already painted in our hearts it is not projected on the canvas of the real world yet. We have no experience about how the path to achieving it will be like. It is a new field. We need to take steps forward to bring it more and more into reality. And while walking we will be confronted with all the requirements to make that dream come true.


The crucial point for many who give up on their dreams is because they are afraid of failing. But failing is a normal part of the journey. The don’t say your journey or goal is wrong but that you need to take a different route. Failings are stepstones in checking out how to reach our goals. Yes, some people may find out faster and some need more attempts. But it is not about the number of attempts. It is about how interested, excited, and determined you are to learn how to reach your goal. A failure doesn’t feel like a failure when you are passionately following the signs. Failures are like signposts. They help to find out what doesn’t work or what may work better. It is a journey on which we get our backpack packed to make ourselves ready for the goal. Don’t be afraid of failing. In fact, success after failing adds quality and value to the achievement.

Bildergebnis für motivational quotes

In order that you don’t become discouraged break your big goal down into several little goals. Like chapters in a book. Take the journey chapter by chapter and you will have several successful moments which only fuel your passion and enthusiasm about keeping up the journey. Each success confirms that it is worth to take the challenge and the possible sacrifices on the way.

Bildergebnis für motivational quotes

To pursue a dream means taking a step into an unknown area. So don’t demand too much from yourself. Be patient but keep moving. Again, how fast and in which way you achieve your goal is part of the individual you. Look at others in order to see that the seemingly impossible is possible or get inspired by how it may work. But don’t look at them and compare their way, their success, their failures, or their pace on achieving it with you!

If you have the time please check this video out. This speech is amazing!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Erika, in a terrific business book called “Built to Last,” this data driven story focuses on nineteen admired companies and contrasts them to their number one competitor. Over time, their performances dwarfed that of the next best company in their business. They noted several similarities in these nineteen companies, but one was many failed in their first business endeavor. Yet, they built a culture of self-improvement and went on to success.

As Denzel notes, we all fail. It is what we do next that matters most. Keith

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Yes, success builds up on failure! That is very interesting what you shared here.
It is! Not what happens but what how we go from there matters!!
Thank you very much, Keith!


I recently read a book written by the outstanding German scientist Prof. Harald Lesch. In one chapter he wrote that the progress of manhood was constantly based on failings – from the beginning until now. It’s not so much the success that lets us move foreward, he said, but the variety of failings and disappointings. 😉

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I absolutely believe so. Lots of inventions happened by failing.
Our heart knows our plan and it will lead us to the experiences we need in order to arrive where we are meant to. Sometimes we need to fail in order to fulfill that plan, take a detour, and learn what we are supposed to. Often what we are learning from a “failure” is something completely different. Again, so many inventions happened “by accident”.
Also, why should we bother to become better when everything runs smoothly? We only get in motion when life kicks us in the butt.
Sorry, I may have digressed here but your comment was very inspiring.
Danke dir und hab noch einen schönen Abend😊


Oh wow I needed this. I’ve failed big so I guess that means something good is coming my way. I totally believe this! I always put God first so I know good things are coming. Amen Erika thank you for sharing this today! You’ve inspired me. Much love and hugs to you ❤

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Michelle, I am so happy it spoke to you. Yes, me too. Failing big is my second name or at least it feels that way. But then again I see that only when things break down there is room for new things which we are meant to discover, explore, and experience. We never see the greater context when in the midst of a snowstorm but once the sky clears we may look at everyting from a higher perspective and with a load of experience to welcome the new.
Stay on your path, Michelle. Your heart leads. It can never be wrong even when the mind thinks so. But the heart already sees the world behind the snowstorm.
Blessings to you, dear Michelle 💖


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