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This Monday post will be a little different from the usual ones. Many of you know that I am an aromatherapist and that I am running an aromatherapy practice (next to my job as a compliance officer). That means I am working with essential oils in different kinds of ways. Here you can find a post where I explain the different ways essential oils can be used.

So, because of my passion for natural ingredients, I have also checked out ideas for easy and non-chemical body care. I decided to share recipes from time to time which you can easily prepare and for which you might have the ingredients already at home. Perhaps you may be surprised by the amazing effects of common items you are using on a daily basis. The recipes I am sharing are tested by and on myself for a long time already.

Hair mask for strong and soft hairBildergebnis für hair mask photographyA few months ago I was dealing with my annual hair fall again. I tried out different remedies. For example, I used coconut oil and the juice of ginger roots. They all have a wonderfully treating effect on the hair and scalp but I did not like the oily residues in my bathtub and even after washing my hair twice there were times when I still thought there was some oil left. Also, it was a bit time-consuming to prepare the remedy. Here is a recipe with only few ingredients and easy to make.

3/4 cup natural yogurt
1 Tbs lemon juice

Optional for treating hair loss and/or dandruff more intensive:
2 Tbs Green Tea (freshly brewed)
5 drops of Rosemary essential oil (if available)

Mix it all together in a bowl and apply it with a brush directly on the scalp by parting hair in sections. Any leftovers spread over the hair, massage the scalp for a minute and leave it for 30 to 60 minutes. To make sure you don’t soil your clothes, use a shower cap or put a towel around your shoulder. Then wash your hair as usual up to two times to make sure there is no yogurt smell left.

You will notice that your hair is extremely nourished, fluffy, soft, and gets a volume boost. Although I have flat and straight hair I need neither a hair conditioner nor volume foam or spray after using this hair mask. That way I save money on that too!Ähnliches FotoSome facts about the ingredients:

  • Natural Yogurt:
    Very moisturizing, repairs damaged and dry hair, against hair fall, leaves hair conditioned and makes it more manageable
  • Lemon Juice
    strengthens hair follicles thereby reducing hair fall, vitamin C strengthens the hair, against infections and dandruff, clearing scalp of dead cells which improves the nourishing effect, makes hair shiny and soothes frizz
  • Green Tea
    Antioxidant, strengthens the defense forces of the skin, contains caffeine which stimulates hair growth and can stop hair fall, soothes the scalp, balances oily hair
  • Rosemary Essential Oil
    Balances and soothes irritated, itchy, and dry skin, therefore prevents from dandruff, stimulates the blood circulation which activates the roots of the hair, gives a wonderful fresh taste

I am using that mask more or less everytime before I am washing my hair. It is uncomplicated, inexpensive, and quickly prepared. The effect is just amazing with just using some ingredients from your kitchen.

In case you are checking this out, I would love to hear how it worked for you.
However, have fun exploring the power of nature!

Complementary medicine is a great way to support your health. Its techniques can teach your body to heal itself. But there is no guarantee if, how fast, or how comprehensive the effect will be. So, when you are having health problems then see a doctor first. 

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Oh I have ALL of those ingredients in my cupboard Erika.. 🙂 and my hair is thinning in patches, a problem which last year was getting worse, but seems to have settle down since I altered some vitamin intake. But I will be giving your hair mask a try for sure.. 🙂
Have a fabulous day and rest of your week, and thank you for sharing this ❤

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That’s the cool thing. We basically have everything we need at home and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Nature is an affordable treasure box for all we need and for everyone. But whom do I say this? You should definitely give it a try. It is so quickly and simply done. And I was suprised about the nurturing effect. I am doing this almost every time before I am washing my hair.
My pleasure to share and I will come up with more tricks from nature over time 😊

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I came to tell you I tried the recipe out last evening, and was very pleased with the way my hair feels today. I did it then soaked in the bathtub while it took affect. Many thanks again, I will be using this treatment again Erika.. ❤ THANK YOU!

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Thank you for checking it out and giving me your feedback. I am very happy it worked out so well for you. When I tried it out I was surprised by the effect. Again, I am really happy it was a good experience, Sue 💖

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Thank you, I wasn’t sure, if this is more interesting for the female part of the community but it was worth sharing…. haha.
Yes, I agree. I love experimenting with nature which has often even much better effects than chemical products. For sure, there are less side effects and allergic reactions.


It is so easy to make and so quickly applied. While leaving it on I do my ususal things and then go and wash my hair. It is so soft and full of volume at the same time.


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