Get Into Power and Your Channel Will Clear Up

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Lately, I was talking to one of my best friends on the phone. We live about 6000 miles apart but that doesn’t matter since we are friends for 37 years. We haven’t talked to each other for at least 2 1/2 years and only barely texted since both of our lives have become crazily busy. But what is most important in this world? What do we need if we lose everything? Friends! That’s what we both realized when we had some days off over the change of the year. We managed to have a 3 1/2 hour talk. But it was necessary since so much happened in both of our lives and we both needed to update each other.

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My friend told me that his health has suffered from the overwhelming pressure of work and he was very exhausted. But even more important to discuss was something that happened in his life only a few days before and which threw him off track completely.  It was the perfect timing because he needed someone to talk to about it and wanted my opinion and feeling about the situation. In the end, he asked me to pick some oracle cards for him in order to see where the situation might lead.

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The first card was Come into power. It went with a great picture of a woman standing in a ray of light and absorbing that light with all senses. But I could not find the connection to the situation he asked me about and so I picked another card from a different deck. It was Animals and showed St. Francis of Assisi with a dog and a cat. That gave me goosebumps because my friend told me that only recently a cat has been showing up frequently which he started feeding and which is more and more trusting. Now I understood. As always, the cards don’t tell where to go but what to do in order to find out himself where to go. He needs to take care of himself and nature will help him to charge his batteries. In particular, the cat may even have come into his life to support this process. When I put the cards together and turned the pile around I was astounded and knew that the card on top was meant as the result of the two cards before. It said Hearing messages from spirit I am a clear channel from Spirit and it showed letters, feathers, and flowers flying by. Only when he takes care of himself, refills his energy reserves, and finds his balance again, his mind calms down and the channel between his heart and his mind becomes clear. That way, he is open to seeing the signs or simply finding the answer in himself.

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Isn’t it crazy? When we need an answer the most we are mostly in a condition of stress, sadness, hecticness, frustration, disappointment, or anger. When we are occupied with those energies we are unable to find a solution because we close the door to the chamber of wisdom. We are so digging into the problem that we are blind to all the solutions and possibilities surrounding us. We need to clear our channel and therefore we need to find a way to detach from what is blurring the view. Yes, get into your power again, spoil yourself, enjoy yourself, and do something good for yourself. You deserve it so much! And when you are fully back in yourself you feel life’s energy strengthening you again. That way you lift yourself above the problem instead of getting buried by it. You can look at it instead of feeling captive. Perhaps the former problem may not even appear as a problem anymore.

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Well-being is our natural state of being. We need to be in that state in order to be in alignment with our true selves. Then we are in our power, in balance, in peace, and in the awareness that whatever we need to deal with is part of our lives but not of ourselves. Otherwise, we are reacting instead of acting. Then we don’t develop consciously with the happenings in our lives but get pushed around by them and we are constantly busy trying to keep our heads above the water. Whatever happens, can have so many meanings. Don’t always go with the first reflexive thought. That is only what you experienced by now. But life is meant to help you develop. So, grant yourself time and pause before you react. Because it may likely be that there is a different meaning in a situation than you thought and when you recognize it, it will take you to a new place.

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Get into your power in a way that fits you. May it be to go talk to friends, to go out into nature, to go on vacation, to read books, to meditate,… You know, what you need to feel better. And you will be feeling yourself again. Only then you can let your inner light shine again to illuminate the path for you.

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On my new calendar for this year, there are spiritual messages for each month. For January it says:

The vision of your life
What would your absolute dream-life look like? Consciously start to write the script for your life using your imagination and your most beautiful feelings.
Dream and create it.

Isn’t this already detaching and uplifting? Get into your power and think of how and where you want to see yourself. You will find ways to get there because your channel is clear.

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In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


You matter and therefore you need to fill yourself with whatever empowers you mentally and physically! When we are steadfast and confident we are better able to deal with whatever life throws at us! Have a good evening or day… depending on the time you are reading this 😊

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True friendship has staying power regardless of time. This is a powerful message, Erika. Once we allow our channels to become clogged it begins to diminish our life’s energies. Great post!

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I can only agree with all you said here. We should become alerted that a spiritual heart attack is on the way when our spirit feels blurred and our joy for life is dimmed.
Thank you very much, Sylvester!

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I was sure you would, sis! We know it, right? But at times we need to be reminded. We can get off track so quickly when times are hectic and don’t even notice that we need to step back when things become confusing.


This is exactly it!! An achievement starts within and its realization most of all depends on how much we are convinced or its realization. I love the name of your blog which goes fantastically along with this topic.
I am happy to have you hear. Thank you!!


Thank you very much for stopping by and leaving such nice words. I appreciate it a lot, Take care of yourself and make sure you are fiiling you with whatever gives you an inner boost of enthusiasm!


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