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This is the website of my therapy practice. I am offering physical and energetic treatments, and I am also selling self-made all-natural skincare products. I would love you to take a look at my site.Even if you don’t speak German, you will get an idea.

In Love and Light

Health & Beauty – Hair Mask


This Monday post will be a little different from the usual ones. Many of you know that I am an aromatherapist and that I am running an aromatherapy practice (next to my job as a compliance officer). That means I am working with essential oils in different kinds of ways. Here you can find a post where I explain the different ways essential oils can be used. Read more ›

Learn more about my practice for Aromatherapy and Self-Development


All of you who have followed me over the past weeks and months know already that I am writing books and also do my own songs (sample can be found here). But since I was so busy and happy writing about my latest book and all the beautiful things related to it I missed to introduce you to what I already did before I published books. Read more ›

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