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Essential oils are the pure and concentrated essences of plants. Used are petals, roots, twigs, leaves, resins depending on the plant. From time to time I am going to share information about specific oils, their effects, and how to use them. Due to its multiple effects, when on the road with the kids I only took a long lavender oil and some band-aids. Due to its disinfectant, healing, and soothing effect, I had a one-in-all aid.


Lavender (e.g. Lavandula angustifolia) 

General information
Lavender is an all-rounder in its scope of application. It is the oil with the least risk of allergic reactions and the only oil you can apply pure on the skin. All other oils need to mixed with a carrier substance before applied.


General Effects
Stops bleeding and itchiness, disinfectant, wound healing, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, lowering blood pressure, calming, anti-depressive, balancing, light burns and sunburns, chases away clothes moths and mosquitoes, sprayed on plants it keeps away leave lice

Scope of application

Depression, anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, nervousness

  • Use as a bath
  • Evaporation (fragrance lamp)
  • Spray on a tissue and sniff it occasionally
  • Mix with distilled water
  • Fill in a pump spray, spray over your pillow and around your bed when going to sleep

Migraine, light burns; sunburn, light cuts, bleeding, insect bites, nausea, intestinal gas, high blood pressure, acne, skin-infection, respiratory problem, bladder infection, gastro-intestinal diseases, chicken pocks (takes itchiness)

  • Apply directly on the skin for treating insect bites, little cuts, light burns, abrasions, bleeding
  • Mix it with a neutral lotion or creme for treating acne, sunburn, dry and itchy skin parts, scratches, cuts, or to chase away mosquitoes
  • Chicken pocks: Mix it with distilled water and fill it in a pump spray. Spray all over the body (always shake well before spraying)
  • Migraine: Apply it directly or mix 2 drops with little vegetable oil and massage the temples or concerned area
  • Colds: Inhaling, taking a bath
  • Mix two drops with some 1 Tsp yogurt or honey and apply it as a face mask. This helps when the skin is irritated or sunburned
Basic measures – Rule of Thumb
  • For 30 ml carrier substance like neutral lotion, vegetable oil, cream, or distilled water take up to 15 drops
  • For a bath mix up to 4 drops with half a cup of milk, honey, or liquid whipped cream (otherwise the essential oil would not merge with the water and can lead to irritations of the mucous membrane), then mix the remedy with the water in the bathtub.
  • Inhaling: mix 3 to 4 drops with hot water and inhale for 10 minutes. Cover head and water with a towel.
About Essential Oils

When you want to apply essential oils to your body, make sure you only buy 100% natural essential oils. This is important regarding allergic reactions. Also, there is no healing effect from artificial oils. The effect comes from the healing power of the plant. But of course, you can use those fragrances for having a nice scent in your room.

Indicators regarding the quality are:

  • The label must say it is 100% natural oil.
  • The Latin name is on the label
  • The price (essential oil of good quality can never be cheap)
  • You know and trust the seller

Use essential oils with care. Don’t overdose! Essential oils can cause allergic reactions. Don’t take essential oils internally before talking to an aromatherapist or doctor.

Complementary medicine is a great way to support your health. Its techniques can teach your body to heal itself. But there is no guarantee if, how fast, or how comprehensive the effect will be. So, when you are having health problems then see a doctor first. 

Photo-Credits: Pixabay

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