“Wrong” Decisions

How often do we think back and ponder if this or that decision was right? Or we look back and consider a decision as wrong. But was it that really?

One of the big irritations when it comes to decisions is that we think we could make a wrong decision. But that can never be. Whatever decision we make is the one that fits exactly the state of consciousness we are in at that moment and the path we have to walk in order to get our lesson. Yep, and that is what we would like to avoid. We don’t want to be challenged by a lesson. Therefore we always hope to make a smart decision that keeps us from painful or tough lessons. But I can assure you, whatever decision you make you will get your lesson – this or that way. In the end, the decision is only about if you want it in green or in blue. You will be led to the stations you wanted to pass before you came into this physical life.

The good (or bad) news is that if you decide on A you will never know how B would have turned out. Once we go with A we got the direction of path A. I give you a little example: A marriage is about to fall apart.

Decision A: The couple gets divorced.Β  Desperation in the beginning. But the break makes them clear their minds. Perhaps both find a new love and start a new and happy life. Perhaps only one does and the other one suffers even more. Perhaps the break makes them see that they still love each other and even start over.

Decision B: The couple tries to fix the marriage. Both work on it and they really make it and start over new. Perhaps they find out that there is no love anymore and they get divorced anyway after a time of frustration and pain. Perhaps one falls in love with someone new, the other one suffers and they get divorced anyway. Perhaps even both fall in love with another person and they part peacefully.

You see, both decisions still carry all options. What is meant to be will be! The important part in making decisions is, to simply decide from the place you are now, what seems right for you now. It makes no sense to ponder if any time in a not existing future this or that unfolding might take place. You have to make the decision in this very moment out of these very conditions.

It might be that looking back we would decide differently.Β  But that doesn’t mean that the decision made back then was wrong. Because it definitely took you to the important educational steps and places you were meant to arrive. We develop and we learn – most of all through “wrong” decisions – and hopefully, we would decide differently in particular situations today. I love this sentence: We don’t make mistakes, we gain experience. Edison said: I know thousands of ways how a light bulb doesn’t work. So whatever seems a failure is only another gained knowledge.

In the end questioning decisions we made once also affects our ability to make decisions now and in the future. The doubt about the rightness of past decisions can be paralyzing or frightening. Even not making a decision is a decision. We tend to do that when we don’t want to take responsibility for the decision and rather blame others for the outcome. But that doesn’t work. It is always in our responsibility but we simply leave it up to others. I quote myself here: Making a decision means moving the circumstances. Not making a decision means being moved by the circumstances.

Don’t ever worry about making the wrong decision. Decide from the place you are now, get all the information you have, perhaps to pro and contra lists, and decide what feels better for you now. Once the decision is made and you passed the point of no return then stand behind it. See where it carries you and what might develop in your life. What is meant to be, will be – no matter what decision you made.Β  What is not meant to be, won’t be – no matter what decision you made. It is more about the path to how we reach our destinations.

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Great post and very timely! I have recently made a decision about my future, a big one, that carries risk and I have wondered if it’s the ‘wrong’ decision. Thank you for bringing a new perspective on this πŸ™‚

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It sure is never easy and we still will think a lot before making dramatic decisions. That is important since we also learn a lot during the process of deciding. But in the end whatever decision we make cannot be wrong. I truly believe that we always get to the stations we are meant to. Perhaps not from the left but from the right. I am glad the post spoke to you. And I am happy I posted it at just the perfect time for you!

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Dear Erika

This is another post that I really really pay attention to read because it worths!

Here are the simple though I could remind.

Freedom is when you have so many choices. Responsibility is when you have no choices but take the result of what you have chosen.

However, with “awareness”, no matter how many choices you have already chosen, you still have the choices.

Thank you for reminding me πŸ™‚

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I always love how you extend my posts or quotes. Your comments are so welcome, Jade. It is great how you summed it all up. I love the point with taking responsibility. Thank you, Jade!!!

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