Love is the Cause, the Key, and the Result!

Last week I experienced, received, and felt so much love which makes me write about love again. I am most grateful for what we all experience here with each other. It is a constant giving and receiving. We all show an example that differences are not a reason to separate but to unite.

I don’t know how you feel about it. But often times I am so filled with love and gratitude that I don’t know where to put it. Sometimes I know where it comes from and sometimes I don’t.

When the feeling of love gets bigger than we think we are able to hold, then it is a sign that we have opened up the pipeline toward our Source. When we feel this all-embracing love but are unable to capture it with words, then the universal power of love flows through us. Our spirit – our soul – is an inseparable part of this universal energy of love that created all and ended everything. The connection is permanent, whether we know it or not, whether we feel it or not, and even whether we want it or not. Those seeming choices are the only thoughts in our minds which make us believe that we were separated. In moments of unexpected support, of joyful happenings, or miracles we spontaneously feel this overwhelming power of love and grace. We feel important, and loved, and we can impossibly be alone.

Mostly this feeling of being loved and activating the love within happens within our darkest hours. Right, when we are most desperate, sad, and standing at the edge of the bearable there comes this moment when we look up. In that very moment, we see a hand, a smile, a ray of light. We see that there is someone or something that cares. Out of those darkest moments we are most receptive to love. That happening triggered a memory in our hearts and did not pass the mind. In those moments nothing can prevent us from consciously aligning. Those are our breakthrough moments. The moments feel like remembering something we always knew.

It is our inner light which makes us feel the connection. That divine spark carries all the bliss, all the strength, and the inexhaustible potential of creative power. Since that spark is always invisibly connected with all sparks and with the source itself. We are aligned as soon as we let our light shine. In letting our light shine we have access to an unlimited universe of possibilities. We are not only creations we are creators as well. We are made in God’s image which doesn’t mean we look like Him but that we have all his power and magic. The only thing that can prevent us from using and feeling it is our mind. But our mind can never cut the cord. It can only make us believe it was cut.

I believe that with the connecting power of love, we can overcome everything. We can overcome war, injustice, hunger, diseases, crime, and hatred. Love is like light. When you switch on the light there is no darkness anymore. Like darkness and light also fear or hatred cannot exist at the same time as love. It is two different aspects of the same energy. Where there is love there is support, motivation to make it better, innovation, creation, and solution. Imagine: If everyone would let love speak suffering would cease instantly. We would stop to see what separates us but what unites us. And we would understand, that right the differences are the connecting links. Because that is what we all have in common: Uniqueness.

One of the most touching posts that I found on Rob’s blog last week. Here is what he wrote: We’re all the same or very similar.  You might have something different for dinner than I do, and your climate may be different, but we all have the same fears, hopes, and dreams.   So, as my country prepares for its Independence Day, I think that we ought to celebrate our independence from centuries of perceptions about who we are and what separates us.  I am you, and you are me.

Believe your heart, believe that you are love, feel that love, and let it shine brightly. You are the universe within a human body. We all are regardless of appearance, culture, religion, or race. Love is the cause, the key, and the result!

In Love and Light!

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


Breakthrough, Love


Yes that is so true, when we listen to our hearts we are connected and feel fully alive. We are all connected to each other and our creator whether we feel it, believe it or not. God is love. I do believe love is what heals the world. Good post Erika. Have a blessed day<3

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All is well sweet friend. Acutally I don’t want to make a too big deal out of it. But I am glad I went through it in order to share an insight. And of course I wanted to provide a little explanation for my disappearance. All is well. I am really stronger than before and ready for … whatever 😃

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That is nice of you. But there are so many who are facing much harder situations. People who are fighting for their exisitence, women who are struggling daily to feed their children, war, diseases… there is so much more. This is just a little episode life provided. I am happy I can share this with you 💖😊

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Yes, there are many struggles and sadnesses and journeys. I grieve for the sorrows I can’t even imagine. Yet I have been placed on this particular path and it’s not always easy and it’s a blessing when God sends gifts like you to be a strength for those, like me, who may not be feeling so strong. Just want you to know you are an example to me❤️

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Thank you so much. People like you give me the strength. It is the biggest motivation to grow and work on ourselves in order to provide something for others. I thank you so much. Hope you are going to have a good day… here ☕️

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