Forth or Back?


We all are so often caught in our daily obligations or in the struggles we find in life. Even though we may know that after those struggles there comes the reward but being in the midst of them can affect our whole system, thinking, and feelings.

The longer it takes and the more burdening the situation becomes the harder it is to look beyond the situation. The path towards a goal can hold so many single paths within which are meant to be walked. So many obstacles to overcome. It is like riding a bus. There are several stops until you reach your destination. The road may be bumpy and curvy at times and although you know why you went on that bus sometimes the only thing you feel is the sickness in your stomach which makes it difficult to be joyful because of the destination you are heading to.

It is nothing new that we need to change something or go through changes in order to get to a new place. The more difficult the circumstances are the more we need to remember what we started this journey for. When all is getting harder and harder, when consequences are right in front us which will change life dramatically, when we see that we need to let go of something in order to grab that next liana to swing on then we often ask ourselves if this all is worth the pain. Those reflections are so very important. On one hand, they can tell you clearly what you don’t want to lose. Or they can confirm your decision and give you the power to keep going! You have that chance now and you don’t know if you ever get a new one in case you don’t take this one. Mostly those times when the pressure is building up and we are forced to review everything again is the time when we are the closest to an important change or insight! The increased insecurity feels like standing at an edge and it is either to jump or to turn around.

It can be so difficult when you are standing on that edge because sometimes, either way, there is no way back. But however, even going back holds a change because you need to consider clearly why you are going back and that creates a different attitude. You look differently even to a known situation or to known circumstances. Although it may look like you are not changing anything something did change because you decided to go back for a particular reason. And this is the crucial point! Whatever decision you make when you are standing at that edge, know why you are making it! Don’t do it out of resignation. Do it out of clear intention. You were not led to that edge accidentally but in order to develop clarity and therefore a developed attitude. You are evolving. As I said, those edges can show up several times during the same journey towards one and the same goal. We arrive at many crossroads and need to decide which one to choose. We need to be ready for that goal and all those bus stops help us to grow for it.

We are no superheroes and sometimes even the most longed change can look like the biggest mountain. Take a time-out, meditate, recharge in nature, talk to others, spoil yourself a bit, and do everything that makes you smile. Because the most important thing is to detach from the situation in order to be you and to feel you. Only when you break out of that turmoil of thoughts you can feel yourself again. That is necessary to regain power and connect with yourself in order to hear and feel your inner voice which gave you that first impulse to start the journey. We are only insecure when we lose contact with ourselves. Remember there was a reason why you started the journey. Remember it and feel it again and after all that happened since you went on that path see how far you have come. Whatever you learned, whatever insight you gained is important for you to decide whether you stay on the bus or if you get off and take the next one back! There is nothing bad about getting back because you learned a lot on that trip which already changed something anyway! It is your path and your decision! And it is no one else’s business!

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


I like what you said about making the decision intentionally and not just giving up. I love the idea of standing at the edge and consider your options and what you said about going back. It makes so much sense. We really never go back unchanged. And it will have an affect on how we deal with things. Another great post, Erika. Lots to think about and take on board. If you step over the edge do it intentionally, if you keep walking along the edge do it intentionally. If you go back do it intentionally.

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A very good point you mentioned here too, Sandra: Of course we could walk along the edge for a while too. Yes, all that happens does something with us. So even walking back is a progress and holds its insights! 💖

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Erika, I missed this most excellent post as I back tracked from your post today from the eye of the storm..
You have so many things here which are so brilliantly outlined as we go back and forth within our doubts and insecurities as to our decisions. And to why life throws us these curve balls from time to time..
Its very much like being on a bus.. And often the stops we make are not always scheduled as we are thrown about on the bumpy roads we often travel.
Sometimes when we are faced with the magnitude of a decision you are so right in your last sentence..

Sending You Love my friend.. ❤

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Oh, Sue, I am so glad you took the time to go back to that post. I know your time is limited too and I appreciate it even more. It has a lot of connections to your post about the changing energies too. We are in a carination and that brings so much confusion. A good point, sometimes the bus stops not at the regular stop but somewhere between and we need to see how we get to the next stop. Thank you so much again. It means a lot to me what you said here. It is a message itself and I hope many read it!💖

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You are wonderful! Thank you, Sue! I feel the love you sent very strongly right now! It all is moving towards a good direction and for the first the worst for my inner world is behind me. What comes next is only the natural “working through” process… which is OK!

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Isn’t it sometimes just like that? Often we don’t have enough facts to make a reasonable decision and need to go with our gut feeling… it will work out well because – as you said – it is the journey that makes us develop!

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What a beautiful post, Erika. The pause that you talk about is the one thing that often makes us complete the journey… Perhaps that is the only way we can enjoy the journey we are undertaking 🙂 Something to remember when we are seemingly lost and stranded without direction.

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Inspiring words, Erika! The journey may be short or long, but along the way we need to keep in mind why the journey was started. Like you expressed, going forth or back, we learn a mighty lesson.

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