With God All Things Are Possible!


Sometimes we find ourselves in front of a mountain. We know that we have to pass it. Walking back is no option. We are clear that once we made it behind that mountain a world is waiting in which the sun is shining.

It may look threatening and overwhelming and we know that the path might be narrow and scary at times. There may be obstacles on the way to overcome. At times we might feel caught because we don’t see where to take the next step. Sometimes it feels like getting lost. That’s when we need to sit down when the night brings darkness and wait until the next day to regain power and to see that path again in order to move on. Whatever happens along the way we know that there is no turning back once we started the journey. Even if we don’t know what to do on some days we must always remember why we started the journey and know for sure that one day we will arrive on the sunny side. That mountain only appears so dark, because we are standing in its shadow.

We all have such mountains in front of us at times. It looks as if there was no way around them … or is there? Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves by only looking at the mountain instead of looking around, to the left and to the right. Perhaps we don’t need to climb the whole height of the mountain in order to reach the other side.

There is not only one way.  There is not only one direction. As everybody is unique and everybody has their individual lives and histories, so everybody has an individual way to walk from A to B. We all have different tasks to achieve on our journeys through life. Only because others have to go through hell in some situations doesn’t mean that we have to cross the same canyon. But in watching them and expecting the worst too we will experience the worst – within us! Because we set ourselves so much under pressure with things that did not happen yet instead of just making one step at a time and seeing how our trip will be. We will never know it in advance but the more detached we walk it the smoother it will become. Because the biggest obstacles are those we throw ourselves in the way.

Yes, it is not easy to walk a path that is so strange and unknown and the only thing about it we know are the experiences of others. But you know what? Surround yourself with people who made it. Who can look back and say: “Yes, it was worth it!” Talk to positive people who crossed that mountain and can give you constructive advice. Talk to people who listen to you, encourage you, motivate you, and support you. And overall, you know that whatever you have to go through is definitely part of your own amazing and unique path of development and growth. The more challenging some times may be the more God says: “You are ready!” He believes in you. He knows that you can make it. And He is definitely by your side. You are not alone and you will find out when you see the many hands and incidents happen to always find the right grip on that rock wall. But you need to keep your heart and mind open to see it and hang in. Take the hands reached to you and the chances open up. Sometimes they are the elevators that make you relax for a bit while they take you upwards effortlessly.

Don’t only stare at that mountain. Look at all sides and see that around that mountain is a bright flair. Always follow that flair because it keeps you on track and gives you the strength and motivation you need to keep going until you are blinded by the sunlight. One step at a time and you will make it.

I am not sugar-coating it. I wrote this post as a reminder for myself too! It will all be well because I know that God is not only by my side but He is even the core of who I am. The bigger the mountain might appear the more I need to silence the voices in my head in order to align with my divine core. It is the power and wisdom that have led me through life from day one. It is what made me reach the point where I am today when God says that I am ready. It is the force to make the impossible possible because with God all things are possible.

In Love and Light

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The purpose of my blog is to inspire and shine a light on the beauty and power of the wonderful being inside your body. You came into this world to share what only you can give. Remember who you really are, conquer the world the way you always wanted to, and become the blessing to us all that you were meant to be.


That is an awesome statement in many ways, Robert! When we are at our lowest points, there are always those people who carry us when we cannot walk by ourselves and they give us the strength to hang in and move on!

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I know those mountains. There are whole ranges of them. And since I’ve been a gypsy all my life, I’ve gone over, around and through many. I learned to love the mountains and the path gets easier.Once upon a time I thought the mountain was there to test me, now I know it’s to make the trip more interesting. Great post. There is a magnet on my fridge that says “If you are going through hell, keep going”. You sure don’t want to stay there.

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From where I stand–and no offense is meant–God is the excuse we use to believe in ourselves. Whether we are born of divine creation, or just born from the soil, we arrive with all we need to survive and succeed, needing only to learn the unsubtle art of putting one step beyond the last.

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I absolutely agree!!! Completely and fully. We already have all we need for our life’s journey already within us. As I wrote in the end we have this all within, whether we call it God or anything. What we really are is spirit, wisdom, and creative power! That is a wonderful comment. Thank you very much!!!


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